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Masters of Metal Productions

United States
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Death, Black, Power, Thrash, Progressive, Electronic
Founding date :
December 10th, 2011
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Masters of Metal Productions is a new age internet label that focuses on low cost home recording and its community. Bands on the MOMP roster release all or most of their material for free via the MOMP forums, and in most cases distribute physical releases for a small fee or donation. As well, they tend to exchange musicians frequently and help each other out with any aspect of the music they can. The idea spawned from the band Vermiform, which is a project of two of the MOM forum admins, when they put up their first album for free download on the forums and then decided to take things to a more organized level.

The label closed its doors April 8, 2015.


This label was founded and is run by Bryan Edwards and other members of the Masters of Metal forum.

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