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Immortal Frost Productions

Reynsberg 24
3290 Diest
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Black Metal
Founding date :
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Immortal Frost Productions Website    moc/liamtoh//snoitcudorptsorflatrommI

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Immortal Frost Productions is a Black Metal Record Label which was founded mid 2009 in Australia by Josh Young. In early 2010 Surtur from Belgium joined Immortal Frost Productions to give more breath to the record label. Quickly after joining forces, Immortal Frost Productions brought life to its first releases.

In mid 2010 Immortal Frost Productions moved all inventory to Belgium and ever since then Surtur has been handling all distribution work. Not much longer Immortal Frost Productions recruited a new staff member: Moornebheym, handling all design and graphic works within the record label.

In 2011 Josh Young decided it was for the best to no longer participate in the label’s business and left it due to personal reasons. With Josh Young leaving Immortal Frost Productions, it was time for a whole new perspective.

Late 2011, Surtur & Moornebheym started working towards a bunch of new ideas concerning a makeover of the label’s appearance, for example the logo, website, webstore, layout, etc… Still up to this day, both are constantly working to improve the quality and image of the record label.

Early 2012 the new website & webstore where finally launched online and ever since the label’s roster and distro catalog have been growing and growing.

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