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Hypnotic Dirge Records

#18 111 St. Lawrence Crescent
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1H3
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Depressive Black, Doom, Experimental
Founding date :
October 20th, 2008
Online shopping:

Hypnotic Dirge Records Website    moc/liamtoh//sdroceregridcitonpyh

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Founded and owned by N. Skog, Hypnotic Dirge Records is an underground non-profit black metal record label that was created in the city of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada in the fall of 2008.


Missing catalog numbers:
HDR-002 Ancient Tundra ‎– Requiems Of A World Lost (non-metal)
HDR-006 Immundus ‎– Haunted Memories (non-metal)
HDR-009 Old Forgotten Lands / Ancient Tundra ‎– Equinox (non-metal)
HDR-010 Neige Et Noirceur ‎– L'Abîme Des Jours, L'Écume Des Nuits (non-metal)
HDR-012 Symbiosis / Ancient Tundra ‎– These Engulfing Winds Never Die (non-metal)
HDR-021 Old Forgotten Lands - Primal (non-metal)
HDR-022 Stroszek ‎– Sound Graveyard Bound (non-metal)
HDR-034 Stroszek ‎– Wild Years Of Remorse And Failure (non-metal)

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