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Frozen Dawn Records

1921 Auburn Hills Drive,
Benton, Arkansas
United States
Phone number:
(501) 982-6073
Specialised in:
Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore
Founding date :
Online shopping:


No bands are currently signed on Frozen Dawn Records.
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Independent label owned by David Sroczynski. Logo designed by Rocky Gray.


Previous address: 809 Towering Oaks, Jacksonville, Arkansas, 7276

Additional discography:

FDR-02: Various Artists - "Frozen Dawn Compilation II", CD, 1997:

Copsodomy: "Race War", "Limbaugh Limbless", "Clone"
Eternal Suffering: "Promises Unfulfilled", "The Warmth in Her Torment"
Violent Fury: "Decapitate the Nazarene Son", "Malefic"
Crankbait: "Witt", "Prey"
Death of Millions: "Death Is a Love Drug", "The Feasting of Flesh", "Hopeless Death", "Ritual Killing"
Repudilation: "Decay of Humanity", "M.S.O.", "Eternal Depredation"
Soul Embraced: "Crucified"

FDR-03: Various Artists - "Frozen Dawn III", CD, 1997:

Drogheda: "Black God's Shadow", "Destination Extreme", "Devastating Hate Bomb", "Die in Pain", "Blowout"
Violent Fury: "Occult Ritual", "Channeling the Satanic Hordes", "Religions Denial"
Goliah: "Once I Was", "Condition"
Exceed: "Impunity", "Systematic Elimination"
Vials of Wrath: "Labor", "Gutcheck"
Seminal Death: "Low Sacks", "They Take the Head", "Ultimate Sitdown", "Unicorn Foo Foo", "Secretions", "Army of Sperm", "Colons with Ketchup", "Have a Nice Jizz", "Worms", "A** Cheerios", "Dead Body Love", "Poop", "Thickend with Vol", "Sperm Bath", "Melons Vol. 17"
Shredded Corpse: "Dismemberment Erodes", "Ejaculate on the Soul"

FDR-04: Various Artists - "Frozen Dawn IV", CD, 1998:

Morbid Entree: "Chitterlingus", "Carnagecopia"
Burning Human: "As Good as Dead", "Tormented Mind"
Arctic Symphony: "The Sound of Smashing Bones", "Euphony", "Eternal Hypocrisy"
Wake: "Adado", "Nebula", "Insectial Dieism"
Corpsicle: "Life Sentence", "Slayed", "Evil or Insanity"
Hollow Point: "Tainted Blood", "R.I.D.", "Cotton Mouth", "Left Behind"
Shredded Corpse: "Hate Device", "In the Flesh"

FDR-05: Various Artists - "Frozen Dawn Compilation V", CD, 1999:

Skinless: "Extermination of My Filthy Species", "Milk and Innards", "Bobbing for Heads"
Death of Millions: "Majestic Black", "Ceremonial Rites"
Khisanth: "The Dawn of Evil", "Chaos Through Serenity"
Disciples of Berkowitz: "I Hate", "Mr. Johnson", "Anal Septic Date Rape"
Lead: "Rejoice to Our Sickness", "Walls of Statuary", "Life Cycle"
Fallen Empire: "Story of Faith", "Eternal Suffering"
Shredded Corpse: "The Last War"

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