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Explosion Records

333 Yamabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Heavy / Speed / Thrash Metal
Founding date :
Elephant Records
Online shopping:

No bands are currently signed on Explosion Records.
Band Genre Country #
Band Album Type Year Catalog Format Description


Operated under the name 'Explosion Works' until approximately 2009, and is active under the names 'Kagurazaka Explosion' and 'Ikebukuro Cyber'

They also list the following bands as having been associated with their label at some point:
Rose Rose
X Japan

Other releases that contain the label's heavy metal/hard rock tag in their catalog number:
Groovy Heels - Groovy Heels (1988) (12" vinyl) (cat # EXP-HM286034)
Insomnia - Human Cybernation (1990) (cassette) (cat # EXP-HMC95264)
Grand Slum - Party Hard Rock n' Roll (1990) (cassette) (cat # EXP-HMC95873)
Bad Boys - Bad Boys (1990) (cassette) (cat # EXP-HMC95974)
Zinx - うつりゆく時の中で (1990) (cassette) (cat # EXP-HMC 95177)
Zinx - Irreplaceable XXX (1992) (CD) (cat # EXP-HMD-257097)
Zinx - Empty (1993) (CD) (cat # EXP-HMD-231104)

Heavy Metal Force (1984) (Featuring Anthem, Sniper, Veil, 十二単, Medusa, Sabbrabells and Brody) (cat # EXP-HM252)
Heavy Metal Force III (1985) (Featuring Casbah, Jurassic Jade, X Japan, Yokosuka Saver Tiger, Mephistopheles, Jewel and others) (cat # EXP-HM-282)
Heavy Metal Force V (1988) (Featuring Passion Rose and others) (cat # EXP-HM291037)
Neo Hard Shock (1985) (cat # EXP-NH-281)
Skullsmash (1988) (12" vinyl) (cat # EXP-HM191038)
Power Of Explosion (1991) (CD) (cat # EXP-HMD-201092)
Demo-9401 (1994) (CD) (cat # EXP-251111)
Demo-9402 (1994) (CD) (cat # EXP-101114)
Demo-9403 (1994) (CD)
Demo-9404 (1994) (CD)
Demo-9405 (1994) (CD)
Demo-9501 (1995) (CD)

"Rock Video Circuit" VHS releases:
Heavy Metal Force Vol. 1 (1989) (cat # EXP-RVCHM331047)
Skullsmash Vol. 1 (1989) (cat # EXP-RVCSS333049)
Rock Video Circuit Special - Band Catalog 100 (1989) (cat # EXP-RVC334053)

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