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Dying Art Productions

Li Xu
BeiJing FengTai YangQiaoBeiLi XiaoQu 36-1-303
China 100077
Phone number:
Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Industrial
Founding date :
CCCP, Dying Legion, Human Recycle, TIC
Online shopping:

Dying Art Productions Website    moc/liamtoh//snoitcudorptragniyd

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Owned by Murk.

Dying Art Productions covers the genres of black/dark ambient, industrial, martial, ritual, neo classical, neo folk etc. There are sub-labels of Dying Art Productions:

Dying Legion covers the genres of black/thrash/doom/satanic old school death metal etc.

Pulsar covers the genres of dark electronica, trip hop, abstract, psychedelic, space etc.

Tic covers the genres of power electronics, death industrial, harsh noise etc.


Chinese name: 垂死艺术

Releases not covered in M.A.:

BN series:
BN 001 IHVHLXXII - Shemhamphorash (non-metal)
BN 003 Legousia Hybrida - Les nuits larmoyantes (non-metal)
BN 004 IHVHLXXII - Dtzenioutha (non-metal)
BN 008 Enemite - 巫怨 (non-metal)
BN 009 M.O.T.T - Silent Accuser (non-metal)
BN 011 M.O.T.T - History Of Iron & Blood (non-metal)
BN 013 V.A - Dying for 5 Years (DVD)
BN 014 Eltan Renaxy - Weird Ballads in My Town (non-metal)
BN 015 Songs Over Ruins - The Evil Influence Lingers On (non-metal)
BN 017 M.O.T.T - Nan King (non-metal)
BN 018 祝融 - 火神之怒 (non-metal)
BN 021 The Whisper of Tears - Into the Night (non-metal)
BN 026 V.A. - Thrash till Death #1 (2 DVDR)
BN 027 Zaliva D - SM Collection 2005-2008 (non-metal)
BN 029 Buried in the North - Buried in the North (non-metal)
BN 030 Somber Poetry for Dying Thee - The Beauty of Scenery Resides in Its Sorrow (non-metal)
BN 032 Desolate - Trace In The Ghost's Night (non-metal)
BN 033 V.A. - Rapidfire Weapons - Live (DVDR) (non-metal)
BN 039 Nous (Chn) – Dark Palace (non-metal)
BN 041 Buried in the North – II (non-metal)
BN 044 Nous (Chn) - Holy Mountain (non-metal)
BN 045 张天然 - To Where Tengger Leads Me (non-metal)
BN 047 Hell City - Chaos Has Never Stopped (non-metal)
BN 050 Desolate - 魑魅魍魉 (non-metal)
BN 052 Fu Liang - My Brave Son (non-metal)
BN 053 Mabonona - Iteration Space (non-metal)
BN 054 Summoned Ravens - Fleeting Strangers OST (non-metal)
BN 057 九婴 - 风葬 (non-metal)
BN 058 Nous (Chn) - Golden Bough (non-metal)
BN 061 Arnodel - Temple of Ocean (non-metal)
BN 063 英水帝江 - 出 觉 行 风 (non-metal)
BN 064 Bad Tailor - Aardvark

Demo series:
DEMO 2 祝融 / Enemite - 祝融 / Enemite (non-metal)
DEMO 4 Gol Dolan - Flowing Lights (non-metal)
DEMO 5 Somber Poetry for Dying Thee - Bury Ye (non-metal)
DEMO 9 An Evil Omen - Doom Advent (non-metal)
DEMO 11 Keemo – Keemo Is a Cat (non-metal)
DEMO 13 AA-Long – About a Psycho (non-metal)

TIC series (noise music)
TIC 001 Anti XXX - Dionysia Hysteria
TIC 002 Anti XXX - Affective Psychosis
TIC 003 Zaliva D - Chemical Climax
TIC 004 M.O.T.T / Ofanim - The Source of Degeneration
TIC 005 Madness & Civilization - 198964
TIC 006 Madness & Civilization - Civilization and All Its Created
TIC 007 Torturing Nurse - Fade Away But Not Ending (non-metal)
TIC 008 S.C.O.D. - Speak Chinese or Die (non-metal)
TIC 009 HUNTUO - Kick Out (non-metal)
TIC 010 D-Crash - We Abhore the War (non-metal)
TIC 011 Disanxian - The Greatest Outrageous Famine (non-metal)
TIC 012 D-Crash - Doom of Authority (non-metal)

Special releases of foreign bands:
BNXX3 Stahlmantel - Satan Snuff Machine (non-metal)
BNXX4 Dead Man's Hill - Esoterica Orde de Dagon (non-metal)
BNXX5 Rosegarden Funeral of Sores - Novnna (non-metal)
BNXX6 Tscheljabinsk 65 - The Demons of Iron & Titan Woods / Ancient Forest (non-metal)
BNXX7 Amygdala - Momento Mori (non-metal)
BNXX8 Ataraxia (Ita) - Os Cavaleiros do Templo (non-metal)
BNXX9 Umbra (Pol)- Ater (non-metal)
BNX10 Voice of Morrigan - Orgetos (non-metal)
BNX11 Ashram (Ita) - Gathered Under Shining Silver Skies (non-metal)

CCCP Series:
CCCP 04 Lonely Planet & Lost Stars
CCCP 05 英水帝江 - 挂碍关 伽蓝影
CCCP 06 Nous (Chn) - Special Chapter Of Dark Trilogy
CCCP 07 Desolate - Untitled
CCCP 08 The Pilgrim Soul In You - In Midnight Silence
CCCP 09 Ayahuasca - Ayahuasca

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