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Dark Descent Records

P.O. Box 18056
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80935
United States
Phone number:
Death, Black, Doom
Founding date :
Umbra Dei, Unspeakable Axe Records
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Dark Descent Records Website    moc/liamg//sdrocertnecsedkrad

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Independent underground metal label & mailorder focusing on death metal, black metal & doom metal founded by Matt Calvert & Cory Richards. Shortly after the label’s initial release, Cory left, leaving the label to be run solely by Matt Calvert.


Unlisted releases
DDR001: Cosmic Atrophy - [Unknown title; lost]
DDR023: Undergang - Hævntørst (co-release w/ Me Saco un Ojo Records)
DDR091: Undergang - Søm til din ligkiste (co-release w/ Me Saco un Ojo Records)
DDR104: Binah - A Triad of Plagues (co-release w/ Me Saco un Ojo Records)
DDR106: ZOM - Flesh Assimilation (co-release w/ Invictus Productions)
DDR164: Spectral Voice / Phrenelith - Split release (co-release w/ Iron Bonehead Productions)
DDR168: [Unknown]
DDR194: [Unknown]
DDR195: [Unknown]
DDR212: [Unknown]
DDR235: [Unknown]

DDR001 was meant to be a Cosmic Atrophy album, which was never finished and has never seen the light of day as much of the original recorded material for it was lost in a hard-drive failure; the number goes unused because of that.

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