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Cavity Records

3443 141st St
Toledo, OH 43611
United States
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Rock, Metal, Indie Rock, Pop, Post-Rock
Founding date :
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Cavity Records Website    moc/sdrocerytivac//nad

No bands are currently signed on Cavity Records.
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Cavity Records started in late 2007 by two people who had been helping out other labels in one way or another for years. Fully aware of the dire state of the industry, Cavity decided to move forward anyway with stellar releases from Giants, North, Year of No Light and Nanda Devi right off the bat. Although releases have been and will probably continue to be centered around the general rock genre, have already dipped into metal, post-rock, pop and indie rock. Be on the look out for many more records in the years to come from these Ohians.

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