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Blood Music

Kallio, Helsinki
Phone number:
Black/Folk Metal, Progressive/Technical Metal, Synthwave/Electronic
Founding date :
April 2011
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Blood Music Website    moc/cisum-doolb//tcatnoc

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Blood Music is a non-profit label.


Founded in an attic in Tampere, began operating as a fully active label in Helsinki, October 2011.
The logo was designed by Christophe Szpajdel.

Blood Music also published the indie point-and-click cyberpunk adventure game "VirtuaVerse", developed by Theta Division Games.

Co-released albums:

Releases not listed:
BLOOD-024 Unknown
BLOOD-044 Cloudkicker - "The Discovery" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-045 Cloudkicker - "EPs" (Comp) [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-057 Cloudkicker - "The Discovery" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-058 Cloudkicker - "EPs" (Comp) [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-059 Perturbator - "Dangerous Days" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-060 Perturbator - "Dangerous Days" [CD] (non-metal)

BLOOD-062 through BLOOD-064 Unknown
BLOOD-068 and BLOOD-069 Unknown
BLOOD-081 Unknown

BLOOD-084 Perturbator - "Dangerous Days" [Cassette] (non-metal)
BLOOD-085 Corpo-Mente - "Corpo​-​Mente" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-086 Corpo-Mente - "Corpo​-​Mente" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-087 Gost - "Behemoth" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-093 Perturbator - "I Am The Night" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-094 Perturbator - "I Am The Night" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-095 Perturbator - "Terror 404" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-096 Perturbator - "Terror 404" [CD] (non-metal)

BLOOD-100 through 114 Unknown

BLOOD-119 Corpo-Mente - "Corpo​-​Mente" [Cassette] (non-metal)
BLOOD-120 Gost - "Behemoth" [Cassette] (non-metal)
BLOOD-121 Gost - "Behemoth" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-122 Perturbator - "I Am The Night" [Cassette] (non-metal)
BLOOD-123 Perturbator - "Terror 404" [Cassette] (non-metal)
BLOOD-124 Dan Terminus - "The Wrath of Code " [Cassette] (non-metal)
BLOOD-125 Dan Terminus - "The Wrath of Code " [CD] (non-metal)

BLOOD-134 through 136 Unknown

BLOOD-138 Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One - "Space Metal" [Vinyl]
BLOOD-139 Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One - "Victims of the Modern Age" [Vinyl]

BLOOD-140 through 142 Unknown

BLOOD-143 Perturbator - "Night Driving Avenger" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-144 Perturbator - "Nocturne City" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-145 Perturbator - "Sexualizer" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-146 Perturbator - "Night Driving Avenger" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-147 Perturbator - "Nocturne City" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-148 Perturbator - "Sexualizer" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-149 Carbon Based Lifeforms - "Hydroponic Garden" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-150 Carbon Based Lifeforms - "Hydroponic Garden" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-151 Carbon Based Lifeforms - "World of Sleepers" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-152 Carbon Based Lifeforms - "World of Sleepers" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-153 Carbon Based Lifeforms - "Interloper" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-154 Carbon Based Lifeforms - "Interloper" [CD] (non-metal)

BLOOD-155 through 159 Unknown

BLOOD-160/161 Perturbator - "The Uncanny Valley" [Vinyl] (non-metal)
BLOOD-162 Perturbator - "The Uncanny Valley" [CD] (non-metal)
BLOOD-163 Perturbator - "The Uncanny Valley" [CD, Deluxe Ed.] (non-metal)
BLOOD-164 Perturbator - "The Uncanny Valley" [Cassette] (non-metal)

BLOOD-165 through 171 Unknown

BLOOD-172 Rïcïnn - "Lïan" [CD] (non-metal)

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