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Blast First

429 Harrow Road
London, England
W10 4RE
United Kingdom
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Alternative Rock, Grunge, Punk Rock
Founding date :
Parent label:
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Blast First Website    moc/hcetbiletum//knabetum

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Sublabel of Mute Records that was operated by Paul Smith with assistance from Patricia Naylor and her sister Liz Naylor. The label was founded in approximately 1985 to release Sonic Youth albums in the UK, a band that Paul was working closely with at the time. Blast First went on to include a more hardcore/punk-focussed musical portfolio than its parent company Mute, which was predominantly oriented around synthpop. Among the bands Blast First worked with were Butthole Surfers, Band of Susans, Sonic Youth, and Head of David (#invalid band link ID#).

The label's name is taken from the first issue of the Vorticist journal Blast magazine, published in 1914 by Wyndham Lewis. His manifesto opened with the words "BLAST First (from politeness) ENGLAND".


Smith also runs an entirely independent label called Blast First Petite for records he likes but Mute/EMI choose not to release.

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