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Blackstar Crosses Productions

Buenos Aires
Phone number:
Heavy, Power, Thrash, Death
Founding date :
December 14th, 1999
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Blackstar Crosses Productions Website    moc/3ratskcalb//ofni

No bands are currently signed on Blackstar Crosses Productions.
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Owner: Fernando Serani.


Started as Blackstar 3.

Unlisted releases:

- Doble Fuerza / En Las Calles -STAR3 006, 2001- (punk rock).
- Europe / Live! At Shepherd´s Bush, London -STAR 027, 2011- (Digipack, CD+DVD argentinian release version together with 2M Producciones). Includes signed poster.
- Chickenfoot I / Chickenfoot I -STAR 028, 2012- (Argentinian release version together with 2M Producciones).
- Chickenfoot III / Chickenfoot III -STAR 025, 2011- (3D digipack with 3D googles, argentinian release version together with 2M Producciones).

Tribute/Compilation albums:
- SUEÑOS PURPURA: Homenaje a Deep Purple -STAR3 003, 2001- (Slipcase. Recorded by musicians from Renacer, Lörihen, Divididos, Rata Blanca, Imperio, Magika, Malón, Hermética, Horcas, OConnor, Magnos, Jeriko, Almafuerte, Barilari). Released in the USA by DLN in 2003 with one bonus track by Renacer.
- PIECE OF MADNESS: En Honor a Iron Maiden -STAR3 008, 2003- (Bands performing: Humanimal, Miguel Roldán, Selidor, Carnarium, Magika, Arkanus, Daniel Telis Project, Quemar, Demencia, Jason, Dösgenh, Buffalo, Helker, Jeriko, Lörihen). Released together with Soundhouse R.
- SABBATH CROSSES: Tributo a Black Sabbath -STAR 010, 2004- (Deluxe slipcase. Bands performing: Nativo, Barilari, Plan4, Magika, Rata Blanca & Glenn Hughes, Sauron, Horcas & Andrés Giménez, OConnor, Beto Vázquez Infinity, Los Natas). Released in the USA by DLN in 2005 (digipack); and in Europe by Walboomers also in 2005 (slipcase).

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