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Bellaphon Records

Ludwigstra├če 33-37
Frankfurt am Main, Hessen,
Phone number:
069/2712- 0
Specialised in:
Founding date :
November 25th, 1963
Bacillus Records
Online shopping:

Bellaphon Records Website    ed/nohpalleb//remeor

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Independent record company with full service structures including art design, recording and distribution. Founded by Branco (Branislav) Zivanovic.

Bellaphon became very popular in the late 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. They first released some of the most favorite beat records in Germany (e.g. Casey Jones & The Governors) and records by Joan Baez. The company worked with Lippmann & Rau releasing the legendary blues records from the "American Folk Blues Festivals 1962-1985".

During the mid-seventies they released "Krautrock" and progressive records on Bacillus Records, their sub-label. They were also successful in releasing records by Wolfgang Ambros and Die Flippers.

In the 1980s Bellaphon distributed some of the most popular labels from the U.S., such as Casablanca, Scotti Brothers, Boardwalk, Fantasy, and Motown Records.

After Branco Zivanovic passed away, his widow Jutta Zivanovic-Riedel led the company. Unfortunately she didn't have a good hand for this business and lost the distributed labels and nearly all the artists over the years. Only a few German schlager artists (e.g. Gaby Baginsky, Michael Morgan) and a few international artists (Olivia Newton-John, Graeham Goble) were left to distribute.

During this time the jazz branch of Bellaphon records with its distributed labels Concord and Enja Records MW were highlights of the catalogue.

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