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Axa Valaha

c/o Mihai "Coro" CaraveŇ£eanu str. Victoriei, bl. M4, sc. D, ao. 11, Turnu Magurele 145200 TR
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Death, Black, Thrash Metal
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Axa Valaha Website    moc/oohay//666axa

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Started more than a decade ago, as a small underground label releasing demo materials in tape and CDr formats, also booking shows and small tours in Romania. The label grew up fast starting from 2002-2003, when Axa Valaha Productions was taking care about the booking and management of one of the oldest Romanian death metal bands, Avatar, and started organizing monthly concerts in clubs from Buchar...est, the capital of Romania. From 2006, Axa Valaha Productions owner was involved in founding and managing one of the most successful booking agencies from Bucharest, Hatework Booking, organizing under this banner concerts with big acts like Cannibal Corpse, Sinister, Dismember, Rotting Christ, Suffocation or Misery Index until late 2007, when he quit. In the meantime, starting from the same year 2006, Axa Valaha Productions started to release albums in professional CD format, five different CDs or MCDs being released for Satanochio (evil metal - Romania), Sincarnate (doom / death metal - Romania), Krow (death / thrash metal - Brazil), Eufobia (death metal - Bulgaria) and Spiritual Ravishment (grindcore / brutal death - Romania), the last three titles being out in 2010. New titles are in progress of being released for 2011, beside the debut MCD of the German death metal band Casus, Axa Valaha Productions will release also its very first official material pressed in vinyl, a 7"EP of the Brazilian band Krow, one of the biggest revelations from South America in the death / thrash metal area. Moreover, after almost ten years, the label will put out a release in tape format, which is actually the tape version of the latest album of the Belgian legendary grindcore mincecore band Agathocles, together with a new material of the band, recorded live at the 4th edition of Satan Klaus Metal Party club-festival, the festival that Axa Valaha Productions is organizing every December since 2007.

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