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Archaic North Entertainment

346 Leslie Street Unit 4
Sudbury, Ontario
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore, Thrash Metal, Atmospheric, Folk
Founding date :
February 2nd, 2001
Online shopping:

Archaic North Entertainment Website    ac/oohay//htronciahcra

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Archaic North Entertainment was essentially founded in 2002, when Mark Howitt decided to book a local show in Sudbury, Ontario for the band Fleshcraft in which he was vocalist and lyricist. After doing a few more shows he decided to help other touring bands out by booking shows for them as well. It wasnt until 2004 that ANE was doing shows on a regular basis in Sudbury. Archaic North also founded the annual Sudbury Metal Feast event which has become a Northern Ontario tourist attraction since its conception. In 2005, the first tours were booked for Fleshcraft and many new contacts were made, however in 2005 Fleshcraft was put on hold due to personal problems and a new band was formed from its ashes in the form of Wolven Ancestry.

Since then, Wolven Ancestry has toured the US and Canada with more stops intended for the future. It was during this time that the birth of Archaic North Records began. With their main band and several side projects from Mark and Darren including Fractal Generator, Darkblood, Aastyra and Amaranth, it was decided that a record label was needed to bring the masses this Northern art. In August 2007, Archaic North Entertainment released its first album, Wolven Ancestry - The Wrath of Gaia. The album was praised in many nations as being a solid black metal effort and the band is releasing its follow up album in 2009. In 2008, a second band was signed to ANE in the form of Empyrean Plague. Quite possibly Ontarios longest running active black metal band, their debut ANE release "Ancestral Embers Shall Burn" shows the band using strong folk elements amidst their unique black metal sound. With both artists planning a mass scale attack for 2009, there is no doubt that the wrath of Archaic North is upon us.


Label disbanded in 2013 but still ships merchandise

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