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9th Meridian Records

PO Box 1592
Longmont, CO 80502
United States
Phone number:
Specialised in:
Black Metal, Dark Ambient
Founding date :
Online shopping:

9th Meridian Records Website    moc/oohay//sdrocernaidiremhtnin

Band Genre Country
Band Genre Country #
Band Album Type Year Catalog Format Description


9MR-001: Moloch, "Humane Too Sheeps", 2009, CDr reissue
9MR-002: Saturn Form Essence, "Pure Saturn Emptiness", 2009, CDr
9MR-003: Deafest, "Eroding Peaks", 2009, CD
9MR-004: Deafest/Livimorket, "Split", 2009, CD split
9MR-005: Tomhet/Throudos/F.I.N., "Architectes", 2010, CD split
9MR-006: (((O)))/Overhaul in Damnation, "Droneral", 2010, CD split
9MR-007: Picture Ann, "Blaspheme 2009", 2010, CDr
9MR-008: Lux Serpent of Eden, "Art of the Evil", 2010, CD
9MR-009: Modern Dark Age/Zebulon Kosted, "Split", 2010, CD split
9MR-010: Ouroboros, "Somnium", 2011, CDr
9MR-011: Úden, "Úden", 2011, CDr
9MR-012: Ordo Templi Orientis, "Paganatum/The Doll/A Forgotten", 2011, CD split
9MR-013: Auspicium, "Infinite Lights of Greater Stars", 2011, CDr
9MR-014: Sagntid, "The Undisciplined Heart of Sagntid", 2012, CD
9MR-015: Modern Dark Age, "Under the Burial Mound", ????
9MR-016: Deafest, "Earth Turned Skyward", 2010, CD digipack

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