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December 18th 2012

The majority of the website overhaul is now complete. The about section has been expanded including a better worded label history honoring all the elitist warriors that defend the scene from apparent fake people like myself. Also in this area is a section that clears up hopefully all of the numerous misunderstandings that have made about myself & the label due to incorrect internet sources.

A new youtube channel has been created here as the old one can't be accessed anymore. I've uploaded some samples of Warmoon, Negativum, Hermitage and some CDs that were exceptional in regards to what came in for distro stock.

Changes have again been made to the trading policy. I will now trade physical tapes for CDs or other items. Get in touch to figure out some kind of exchange.

+++ OUT NOW +++

Solace108 – Moloth “Scent of Blood /Rehearsal 2003 A.B” Limited to 300
Solace109 – Moloth “By the Wing of Black” Limited to 300
Solace110 – Moloth “Sturm (live)” Limited to 300
Solace111 – Moloth “Unbreakable Faith” Limited to 300

In Russia there is the city of Tver which is the lesser known outpost of Russian NSBM. Active in the early zero's decade that town gave the world such bands as Endlosung, Morbus Mundi, Stella Arja and Eisigwald. Most of those people have simply gone the way most NS bands do, by simply disappearing one day for no reason. Moloth (or M8L8TH) however have stuck around to become the forgotten NSBM kings of Tver. Unlike their comrades is Moscow (home to Stellar Winter) and Volgograd (where Armor Get Dawn reigned supreme) Moloth have still remained quite isolated over the years.

“By the Wing of Black”, “Scent of Blood/Rehearsal 2003 A.B” and the “Sturm” (live recording from a concert in 2003) tape all contain material from the bands early recordings made almost 10 years ago. These releases showcase a blistering fast and absolutely psychotic band that is simply unlike anything that has came from the Russian region, past of present. Maniac riffs, blasting drums and NS lyrics shrieked with the level and intensity many “tormented” vocalists only dream of reaching. Sounding akin to Nachtkult and a faster early Graveland without keyboards, these releases are the violent chaos that many bands only wish they could create.

About 5 or 6 years after the above recordings were made Moloth recorded their second full-length “Unbreakable Faith” and unleashed it upon the world. The down time enriched their sound greatly and this album is far more complex and technical then the above recordings. The maniac psychotic vocals are complemented with Russian style clean vocals similar to Temnozor, Arkona and Butterfly Temple. The guitars are more melodic with a crisp clean audible mixing melodic black metal parts with tremolo riffs akin to US death metal like Morbid Angel or Suffocation. This maelstrom is backed up by the militant drumming that has the level of precision that numerous bands attempt to make with a drum machine (the drummer is human on this) but fail epically at.

The psychotic forgotten scourge of the Russian NS scene have come back to haunt political correctness and the modern world once again. Complex black metal with an actual attention to detail and songwriting, not mindless Darkthrone worship from wanna be skinheads. All of these are printed in editions of 300 copies for underground beggars and those who live only in the “fuck off to compact disc” lifestyle.

Samples can be found on the website

Solace142 - Runes' Whisper "Runes' Whisper"
Solace143 - Runes' Whisper "Eternal Winter"

Runes' Whisper is an experimental acoustic based Slavic folk music project by A. Thuleseeker and it is the basically the other side of the coin. Both of these tapes have distinctly different sounds and neither have been given an English releases existing only in Russia as CD-r.

The first self titled album is an all acoustic recording with just the guitar and two vocalists. Taking a deep nod to campfire side atmosphere's with a slight touch of medieval sounds this is music feeling and emotion. This isn't meant to be sad music sung by a steam punk whore or forced folk music with aims to still be black metal, this is a true passion for the past and a world forgotten. Musically similar to the works of Russian folk singers such as Venya Drkin and Elena Frolova.

Eternal Winter is a different thing entirely as a more expansive ambient touch is layered upon their original sound. This recorded has added an electronic instrument such as a theremin (or synth) and a glockenspiel venturing into the realm of Russian experimental music (not electronica) and ambient music. Slavic lore is fused with a really really mellow Death in June and a dash of the ambient soundscapes of the eighties.

Both tapes are done in an edition of 300 copies with pro artwork. For those who've come to love the strange industrial side of Winter Solace.

Samples can be found on the website

+++++ Updates about upcoming releases ++++

It was reported on the last posting that I was to release a demo by an industrial project called ASPE. That release has been cancelled.

Announced in the upcoming section now is a new EP by Canadian black metal band Nachtkrieger. This band has released on full length already along with a split with the band Der Misanthrope (both of which are in the distro now) and is a welcome edition to the Winter Solace roster.

Also announced is a tape version of the Jewish Juice full length entitled "Fourth Reich" which is a continuation of the work started on their demos and has them further advancing towards a violent aggressive sound similar to Dark Fury, Capricornus and other such hard hitting polish hordes.

+++++ Updates about new distro stock +++++

+ New Tapes +

Apparently somebody else in Europe decided to walk down the pathway that bands like 88, Via Dolorosa, Flammentod, Totenkopf Kommando and Blackmoon Warrior 88 to be "the NSBM." this time they are French. I give you the newest tape spitting beast of blackend noise, Tank Genocide! An onslaught of 10 tapes (all in stock for the US maniac's here) released by one the most underated and unknown underground labels in the world. Infernal Kommando in France has been the longest running WS contact and I am proud to be able to promote these here. For fans of only the most primitive and blackened noise similar to ZBT, TK, BW88, 88, AK88 and others. Also in stock from that label is the new demo of Zagharos, psychotic rocking dutch NSBM similar to Flammentod and Holocaustus with some more melodic and 80's american style heavy metal parts. Numerous samples of Tank Genocide can be listened to here

+ New CDs +

The new Demonic Forest CD, Night on Frozen Land is in stock now. Unlike everything else from the absolute failure that is the Mexican black metal scene, this release is worth caring about. Rocking majestic pagan style black metal with a massive injection of the old black metal spirit. Bitch all you want about modern black metal, some places still seem to have it figured out. Sample can be found here

Also in stock is the debut album of the band Catacumba from Brazil entitled "Kratos". This is violently fast black metal without a massive amount of the death/blakkk-I_LOVE_PENIS lifestyle. Considering white metal musicians are still get death threats if they go down there, Brazil it still seems is a home to the psychotic anti-christian hatred of early black metal.


Hierophante "Monument" (Drone/Doom) Sample
Moloth “Scent of Blood /Rehearsal 2003 A.B” Sample
Moloth “By the Wing of Black" Sample
Moloth “Sturm (live)” Sample
Moloth “Unbreakable Faith” Sample
Norman Shores "Return to the Norman Shores" Sample
Runes' Whisper "Runes' Whisper" Sample
Runes' Whisper "Eternal Winter" Sample
Tank Genocide/1389 "Fuck you all, We are the NSBM!!!!"
Tank Genocide/Whispersorrow "Misanthropie et Reve"
Tank Genocide "Antichrist Supertrash"
Tank Genocide "Desir Funebre"
Tank Genocide "Devil Temptation"
Tank Genocide "Fuck the Vatican"
Tank Genocide "Honor and Blood"
Tank Genocide "Le diable veindra frapper a l'aube"
Tank Genocide "Morbid Sensuality"
Tank Genocide "Sex, Violence & Blasphmey"
Warmoon "As We Hail the Night"
Yele Solma "Bokor" Sample Medly of all tracks. Voodoo Ambient
Zagharos "Demo 2012"


Catacumba "Kratos"
Demonic Forest "Night on Frozen Land"


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