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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Sat Oct 06, 2012 1:59 pm
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Location: United States
PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:00 pm 

I sent a submission to let us be on this website. I hope we can be, and be friends with you guys here, as long as you aren't ignorant 'tards like most metalheads are on the internet. And by the way, we have a seething hatred for Mallcore and pretty much any kind of -core metal except Grindcore and Crossover Thrash.

we're DIY as phuck and give our cds out to anyone who wants one. we hate commercial douchebags, and ones who would not like our music because we don't sound like every other band out there and don't play right or use the right instruments. all of our albums are different genres, but we're a metal band at the core and all of our songs have elements of metal, punk, and noise. "experimental" and "outsider music" are good labels for our band. we make our own CD's. we don't believe in "talent", we believe that practice makes you better, and enjoying creating your own music, instead of being a rich fuck, is what makes you a good musician. we hate Metalcore and Nu Metal, and find it very annoying. Our most influential bands are Bathory, Death, Black Flag, and Husker Du, along with many other punk, rock, and metal bands, and bands of many other genres including jazz, ska, blues, and even electronic. We started as a joke, making noisy metal songs on electronic software like LMMS and Wavepad, but we now use real guitars, basses, vocals, random objects, and whatever sounds good for a song. We also do many genre fusions, like black metal and ska, hardcore punk and rock and roll, and much more. You might consider us more of a punk band than a metal band because of our DIY ethics and our lack of funds/polished music and a hatred for arrogant metalheads, but I think we deserve to be on this website, among many other websites, we are trying to spread our message and be known by fans of all genres of music. Our music is usually met with rejection, due to the fact that we aren't very good musicians, and we really aren't by the standards that most people have. We're looking for someone to see something in our music. We want to enlighten people, especially people of our age (we're 13), that music is not about popularity or sticking to "normal" music and that music is an art and not a profession, and that money and looks should not be what tell you if a band is good or not. Right now, our only way of getting more known is giving out cd's and posting on forums, which usually results in angry idiots who don't like us because of our age or think we aren't "real" metal/punk/rock insulting us and deleting our thread. Though we kind of expect it, since we're really not that good. We want people to be able to enjoy music by musicians who don't care if they can play "properly", but who just want to have a great time playing and care about the people who like their music. Music is no longer something to create or something to express feelings with, but just a cash hog and we want to change that.


Joined: Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:31 pm
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:00 am 

holy shit man use paragraphs, that was annoying as fuck to read.
I'll listen to a track or two if you gimme a link...
I mean what are you even promoting here? "hi blahblah I make music blahblahblah" ok great. where is it? I'm not trying to sound like an ass or be a minimod, I'm just sayin'.

A lot of people on this site are open-minded people, I'm sure if you don't suck shit (kinda noisey/sloppy/lofi etc does NOT mean the music is bad!) you'll get some fans.. or at least some constructive criticism.

so anyways, yeah gimme a link and I'll check your shit out :)
Tumblr / Last.fm
Xa'ligha - Lovecraftian Dark Ambient
CorpseFister wrote:
Also, that vocal recording pic confirmed what I suspected: SLK records shirtless in a sweaty caveman-like delirium. You can almost hear the man stink in the recordings.

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