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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:06 pm
Posts: 7
Location: Austria
PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 4:39 pm 

I want to get rid of all this stuff, some of it is available multiple times.
All of it is in mint condition.

Thus there is the following offer:
5 CD's for € 35
10 CD's for € 50
If you order for at least € 100, postage is for free!


5:45 (Ger) – Notwehr 9 €
Raw Black Metal in the best german traditions.

Aasgard (Hellas) – Nyx MCD 6€
Totally grim and cold Black Metal with razorsharp sound and true attitude!

Abigail/Barbatos (Jap) – Street Metal Alcoholocaust 10€
The title says it all... Last copy!

Altar Shadows (Lithuania) - Altorių Šešėliai 8 €
Fucking great atmospheric black metal from Lithuania, a real surprise!!! If you are into Drudkh, Obest or Anubi get this!! Released by Todestrieb Records and highly recommended!!
Sample: http://mp3.todestrieb.co.uk/altarshadows_track2.mp3

Anal Vomit (Per) – Demoniac Flagellations 9€
Totally perverse cult Black/Death from South America! This horde exists since 1992!

Apolion (Ita) – Hungry of Souls 10€
Finally available the debut CD. Previously released as full-length Tape through BYLEC-TUM Prod., „H.O.S.“ features 11 tracks of nothing but Harsh, Bastard, Grim Impudent Black Metal with Necro black’n’roll approach. For those into Darkthrone of „Ravishing Grimness“, „Plaguewielder“ and „Total Death“, but in a rawer own direction. No fucking keyboards, no homosexual choruses, no guitar heroes! Pure Hateful black madness, cold & raw in your ass! This CD features 1 new exclusive bonus track, unavailable on the previous Tape, and it comes with an 8 pages-booklet filled with Hatred, black sarcasm & gloomy artwork, regular jewel-case with black tray.

Argenraza/Grafvolluth/Stormlüst (Argentina/USA/France) – Split Pro-CDR 6€
Very rare split of these 3 very raw bands. US Import from Desastrious Records.

Argentum/Sigvegr (Arg/Bra) – Black Sun is rising CD 8€
Sigvegr is Pagan Ambient, inspired by heathen acts such a Lord Wind, Burzum, Hunok and Vond. Argentum is Martial/Industrial/Power Electronics. A very interesting release with beautiful designed artwork, recommended for everyone who is not just into metal!

Ars Diavoli/Irae/Penitencia/Thy Black Blood – Black Throne of Disease 9€

Aryan Art - … and despite all, Bulgaria will survive! MCD 7 €
Excellent stuff from one of the best bands nowadays! Cold black metal with high pitched screams, highly recommended!

Aryan Art - ...I Berem Plodovete Na Nasheto Nehajstvo 10€
New release of this bulgaryan cult act, very enjoyable as always!

Aschefall (Ger) – Fäden gen Unendlichkeit CDR 6€
Fantastic german Black Metal released by Metallkatharsis! Great looking layout, with printed CDR.

Axis of Advance (Can) – Obey 7€
High quality Elitist War Metal with member of Conqueror/Revenge! Check this out!

Axis of Advance (Can) – The list 7€
High quality Elitist War Metal with member of Conqueror/Revenge! Check this out!

Bergthron (Ger) – Uralte Gedanken MCD 7€
Bergthron (Ger) – Jagdheim 10€
Bergthron (Ger) – Verborgen in den Tiefen der Wälder 10€
Great releases from the mid-nineties of this german cult pagan black metal band.

Bestial Holocaust (Bolivia) – Final Extermination 9€
South American Black Metal madness! Great!

Black Crucifixion (Fin) – Promethean Gift 11€
It would be an understatement and a shame to call Black Crucifixion' s "Promethean Gift" a black metal cult release as nowadays everything recorded in the nineties is supposed to be of value. But consider this: The original four song mini-album was recorded in 1992 and has been sold out ever since! This full length special edition comes with four previously unreleased bonus tracks from the band's early career, including a majestic demo recorded in of their first rehearsals in 1991! This may be the first black metal release that started to take the genre forwards! This is where dark metal was spawned! This is PROMETHEAN GIFT!

Blodfest/Wolfslair (Den) – I Kamp til Döden 9€
Danish heathen black metal, ultra heavy and fast, close to early Immortal and In Battle.

Branikald (Rus) – To Kampf 10€
Branikald (Rus) – Stormheit 10€
Cult russian Black Metal in the best nordic traditions.

Branstock (Ger) – Branstock MCD 7€
Great heathen Black Metal, in the vein of NORDREICH! Recommended release!!

Burzum – Lost Freedom 10€
A TRIBUTE to Burzum by russian and ukrainian bands! Includes Sokyra Peruna, Svarga, Kroda, and so on.. Last copy!

Carthaun (Ger) – Blutt und Threnen 9€
Good german Black Metal with very decent artwork!

Cold Grave (Ger) – Infernal 8€
Absolutely cold, razor sharp and twisted Black Metal! In the vein of Urgehal, Darkthrone, etc..

Crux Dissimulata (Fra) – Les Lauriers sont Coupes Digi 9€
Raw Pagan Black Metal from France, with some great melodic parts! Released by Christhunt Prod.!

Daemonlord/Lux Ferre/Malleus/Mortinatum (Por) – Acerbus Mortis 9€
Killer release with 4 Spanish & Portuguese raw Black metal bands!
Includes a razor blade to use while listening!!!

Dark Fury (Pol) - The Price of Treason 10€
As always a very good release from DF!

Dapnom / Kenji Siratori (Fra/Jap) - Nhir-otkiv Yima'k 9€
A brand-new split album featuring two cult and revered figures worldwide. From the dark vault of French underworld, Dapnom unleashes 3 tracks of Ritual Ambient with mystic and necro soundscapes.
Kenji Siratori, a noted cyberpunk writer from Japan, offers Hyper Modern Harsh Electronics with ton of harsh noise that leads everything to total catastrophe.
This is another new-age musical apocalypse for all perverse ears of mal du siecle.

Decayed/Xerión (Por/Spa) – Split 8€
Amazingly good split, a very worthy effort!

Demiurg (Pol) – Unholy War (Sword of Rebellion) 9€
Great polish Black Metal with member of Moontower!

Deofel (Belarus) – Aposni Rytual 8€
New album of one of the strongest underground forces from Belarus. Perfectly executed & recorded Nihilistic Black Metal. Limited to 999 copies.

Dolentia/Tumulum (Por) – Da Terra Que Comungamos 10€
Portuguese underground Black Metal strikes once again! Very recommended split release!

Dub Buk (Ukr) - Rus Ponad Wse 10 €
Cult Pagan Black Metal from Ukraina, their latest output from 2003. Everyone who is seriously interested in eastern european movement must have this in his collection!!

Dunkelheit (Hun) – Frozen in Eternity 9€

Elffor (Spa) – Son of the Shades 8€
Medieval Black Ambient art, very majestic and mystical. Recommended!

Elisabetha (Ger/Aut) – Über das Prinzip der Unschuld DigiCD 10€
Awesome golden digi CD, with great recordings from this horror-ambient band. Limited to just 500 copies!

Enfeus Lodge (Fra) – S/T 9€
A new band of Xaphan, known for bands as Blessed in Sin, Seigneur Voland and so on.. Enfeus Lodge has the same high quality as all of his projects, totally recommended!

Ereshkigal – Ten years of Blasphemy 7€
Fucking old South American band, existing since 1994. This CD gathers their demo ’95, ’97 and ’00! Limited to 500 copies.

Eternal Helcaraxe (Ire) – To whatever End 7€
Blistering epic Irish Black Metal assault! Great atmospheric MCD from this promising horde!

Evil (Bra) – Arktogäa MCD 7 €
Great Black Metal from this southern cult band, unlike their older material this time more in the Burzum-vein. With Widar of BILSKIRNIR on vocals as well. Recommended release!

Feuersturm (Ger) – Apokalypse 8€
“One hour of amazing german and High Caliber Black Metal . Pure 90's Black Metal style . After a demo and a first album, here is the second FEUERSTURM assault . with raw atmosphere slow and fast drum and killer riffs plus hateful vocals .”

Fimbulvet (Ger) – Kriegerwahn 10 €
Epic German Pagan Metal.

Flame of War (Poland) – Europa; or the Spirit among Ruins 9€
Elite Black Metal from Poland! 6 anthems to the Ancient Values, in the best old polish traditions!

Folkvang (Rus) – On the Wings of Destiny 10€
Grim Russian Black Metal inferno, released by Ancient Nation Prod.! Recommended release!

Fourth Monarchy (Ita) – Amphilochia Digi 9€
Conceptually ambitious stuff from this Italian black metal band. Great looking digi!

Godless Cruelty (Ger) – Gott… im Chaos gestorben 10€
Black fucking primitive Black Metal from Germany.. with titles like “Gottes Hure”, “Misanthropie” or “Necrophilia” you know what to expect!

Gräfenstein (Germany) – Death Born 10€
Gräfenstein’s second album. Brutal high speed mutilation is joining pure unholy hatred to desecrate the dead born! Germany’s finest trashing Necro Black Metal.

Grom / Wulfgravf (US) - Fullmoon Warfare CD 9€
Two times US Black Metal, very nice release!

Gonfanon (Fra) – Call to Arms 9€

H. Nachtigall (Ger) – In the Ashes of the promised Land 8 €
Raw german Black Metal!

Hordagaard (Nor) – Made in Norway 8€
Great folk inspired Norwegian Black Metal, played in the absolutely best traditions.

IAD (Ger) – Penitentiam Agite! MCD 6€
Brilliantly and with every fibre nastily the spawn of hell IAD strikes once more. This is Black Metal. This MCD contains a 8-asided booklet.

Impious Havoc (Fin) – Dawn of Nothing 9€
Killer Black Metal in the Nordic vein. Very underrated band, absolutely recommended!

Impious Havoc (Fin) – Maleficium 9€
See above.

Insidious Omen (Can) – Upon this Throne of Waste and Decay 10€
“More than 50 minutes of excellent Black Metal in a fucking personal way! Imagine the darkest moments of JUDAS ISCARIOT and the strength of ORDER FROM CHAOS together with the unique style of this horde! Including bonus material!”

Inverno Eterno (Por) – Póstumo 9€
Melancholic black metal with a post mortem atmosphere. Limited to 500, absolutely recommended.

Karaczun (Belarus) – Hamorlivasc 9€
Cruel and absolutely cold Black Metal, totally hypnotizing and trance-inducing. Project of a member from STURM/PAGAN, originally performed in the year of 1997.

Karpathia/Sirin (Slo) - Vznesenej Krvi Zrodeny 6€
Raw Pagan NSBM bands teamed up on this split CD! Good one!

Korgüll the Exterminator/Morbid Yell (Spa) – The Black Legions march over the killing Fields 8€

Korgonthurus (Fin) – Marras 10 €
Totally evil Black Metal with members of HORNA and TOTALSELFHATRED! Recommended!

Kosa (Ukraina) – Evilabsorption 9 €
“One more “out of the scene” formation, with strong effective music but offensive and irritated behaviour. With the same attitude and understanding, in full isolation from nowadays “black metal scene”, no gayspace, no “official site”, no hobby side-projects, no chatter or forums, without cover songs and other human shit. Only concentration on own egoistic Black Art.
Evilabsorption is an album born in real pain. There is no place here for cheap “suicidal” shows with cutting veins. After the musician broke his both arms, he still found the strength to go on and finish what he had started..”
Raw and ugly black metal!

Kosa (Ukraina) – Yarost 7€
First album of KOSA, raw Slavonic black metal with it’s own personality. Imagine great bands like VENEDAE mixed with straight forward Black Metal without compromises. This album has been released through Morbid Winter Records and is limited to 300 copies. Really recommended!!

Kyla (Swe) – Glory of Negativity 10 €
Slow suicidal black metal, good release by Northern Sky Productions! Member behind Kyla is also in LIFELOVER and HYPOTHERMIA!

Legacy of Blood (Pol) – Infernal Cult of Blood 8€
Brutal polish Black Metal assault!

Legion of Sadism (Ger) – The great World of Satan Digi 10€
Great german Black Metal, released by Christhunt Prod.!

Lucifugum (Ukr) – Sectane Satani 9€
“13th cup of Poison from Dictators of Black Order. Created in the basis of fundamental egoism,pathologic arrogance and frenetic aggression in every venomous exhalation. CD comes with 12 paes booklet with absolutely fantastic design created directly by the band: no nature landscapes and other shit of human admiration, just incarnation of sick substance. Don’t touch if not sure!”

Lutomysl (Ukr) – Catharsis 10€
Killer brutal black metal, very good riffs which have melodic and aggressive atmosphere at the same time, still with typical "slavic" hysterical feeling especially in the vocals (they sound like old Nokturnal Mortum for example). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Malveillance (Can) - L'appel du Neant / Le Froid du Nord 8€
Canadian Black Metal D-Beat!!! A compilation CD featuring his killer
2 demo tapes originally released in 2005-06, and some bonus tracks.
Minimal punkish beat crashes against harsh guitars & vocals to bring
about the wall of blasphemous noise. Yes, the nightmare continues.

Misanthropic Path (Ger) - A bluntly description of the present 8€
Strong german black metal, limited to 277 copies!

Moder (Ger) – Ewiger Tod 8€
Old School Death Metal in the vein of ASPHYX, old DEATH and UNLEASHED with German and English lyrics!

Mortualia (Fin) – Mortualia 10 €
Project of Shatraug of Horna! Slow depressive black metal, released by Northern Sky Prod.!

Mortuus Caelum/Winds of Malice (Hellas/USA) – Split CD 8€
Hellenic Black Metal teamed up with true Nietzschean Black Metal from the US! Raw release!

Mountain King (Swi) – Gotos Antichristus 10€
A cult release by this bizarre helvetic horde! Last copy!

Mournful Congregation(Oz) - The June Frost 10€
3rd full-length album of Australian mournful doom god. "Layered mournful melodies","Extremely slow rhythm", "Well-constructed song structures", their music is still on the same way of "The Monad Of Creation" album, but they expand their musical horizon a little bit. Emotional melodies become more emotional, majestic heavy riffs become heavier and heavier. This is another masterpiece of doom!!!!! On previous album, they deliver only 4 long songs but this time they deliver 8 songs mixing long songs and short songs including some instrumental tracks.
Munruthel (Ukr) – Oriana’s Tales 10 €
Ambient/Metal project of this ex-Nokturnal Mortum member! Really interesting stuff with lot’s of keybords, you will either love it or hate it!

Necromantia (Hellas) – Ancient Pride Digi 8€
Original first press in noble digipak! Very hard to get nowadays, only 2 copies left! Don’t hesitate to get this essential underground classic!

Necro Ritual (UK) – Pure Satanic Slaughter 8€
Showcasing their virtuosity & versatility spanning styles as blistering, malicious, traditional Black Metal reminding at times to the more darker days of MAYHEM, to more harmonic NWOBHM-influenced BM and at times bordering on medieval hymns - all dedicated to the destruction and assault of the Christian empire.
Also includes a complete re-recording of their now sold-out "self-titled" 2004 demo.
Over 45 minutes and 9 weapons of Satanic conflagration! Limited to 500 copies.

Torturous Funeral Doom. Invoking agony & hate and the pleasure in reflecting them towards the humanity - the lethal injection of planet earth - the two lenghty tracks manage to be cruel and mesmerizing and yet still somewhat beautiful in their crudeness. A giant leap after their demos towards the torch bearers of Finland's Funeral Doom genre. Imagine a mix of eerie funeral doom with the ugly crushing sludge attitude and you're somewhere close to the sound of this release.

Nordavind/Nostalgya (Nor) – The Nihilistic Wood of Isolation 7€
Unholy misanthropic ambient or Funeral katatonic ambient as this Norwegian bands say themselves! However you want to call it, this is some really fucking impressing stuff! Here we have the Demo 2003 and the Demo 1999 on one disc. The textbook is made of finest paper and really nice to look at. Limited to 333 copies!

Objekt 4 (Swe) – Shades of Night 8€
The 6th full length composition from Swedish based artist, Anders Peterson has yet again delivered another unique approach to “musical ambience” of which OBJEKT4 has swiftly become known for. An expanse of cinematic sound design wed with hybrid sound recordings, re-defining the approach to audial ambience.

ODAR (Bos) – Zavjet Dalekom Snu – Oath To The Old Dream CD 8€
Raw, devastating oldschool black metal from Bosnia & Herzegovina
in the vein of Burzum, Immortal, The Stone, Dissection, Satyricon...

On Horns Impaled (Ger) – Total World Domination 9€
Hateful and fast played raw German Black Metal in the vein of old swedish acts from the 90s!!

Pagan Hellfire (Can) – Voices of Centuries away 10€
One of the best canadian Black Metal albums, get this!

Permafrost/Menneskerhat/Annihilation 666 – Split
No comment needed, straight forward german/Austrian Black Metal!

Perverse Monastyr (Bul) – 10 Years of Perversion 3€
Totally blasphemous, perverse Black Metal from this Bulgarian horde! Unfortunately booklet and back-inlay are damaged by water, thus the special price!!

Piorun (Pol/Ukr) - Stajemy Jak Ojce 10€
Pagan Folk Metal mit Nokturnal Mortum Members!

Prayer of the Dying (Malta) – From the mouth to the passing 8€
Obscure Death/Black Metal hailing the old days! Great release! Limited to 500 copies!

Riddle of Meander (Hellas) – Orcus 9€
Pure Black Metal from the vaults of the underground. A sonic ritual performed with diabolic passion.

S/Cold Despair (Ger) – 8 €
Cold and desperate ambient from both projects! Good background music for some somber hours.

Salute (Eng) – Above the Law 10€
Eight slabs of undiluted heavy metal rock ‘n’ roll fuelled by cheap alcohol and easy women. Musical influence comes from the old guard - Motorhead, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Discharge, Thin Lizzy - injected into a band that has totally found their sound, with fresh energy and a unique approach.
Above the Law is a true diamond in the ocean of meaningless, stale shit that manages to pass as Heavy Metal these days.
Outlaw rock ‘n’ roll, Hellish grooves and Iron fists! BE WARNED!!

Sathanas (USA) – Cruentus Diabolos 8€
Cult Death/Black from the states!!

Seclusion (Eng) – Skies veiled in Black 8€
Great Black Metal with strong ambient influence from England! Slow, heavy, atmospheric, really worthy to purchase!

Seelengreif (Ger) – Jenseits der Schatten 8€
German Black Metal with members of ODAL, ERHABENHEIT and STERBEND BESUNGEN! Last copy!

Selbstmord (Pol) – Dawn of a new Era 10€
New output of this polish cult band! Totally recommended!

SOMBRE LABYRINTHE (BEL) - Heptagram rising 8€
Debut album from Sombre Labyrinthe. Seven songs orchestrated for a
conspiracy against humanity. Seven tops constituting the rise of this
anti-human ritual. Kathaarian Black Metal with raw wrathful hymns and
hateful evokations. Limited to 500 copies.

Sinpularctos (UK) - The Voidance of Man 10€
Anti-humanist Blackened Doom Metal from England. This album features
a "de-mixed" version of "The Voidance of Man" CD, which was
originally released in 2005, plus an additional track.
Total atmospheric & beheading soundscapes with noisy guitars,
agonizing vocals, and howling feedback drone for fans of depressive
black metal bands like Nortt, or doom/drone bands like Khanate

Skjold – Fourteen years of Hell!! 9€
Good Pagan Black Metal from this old band, comes in digi format!

Sombré Chemin (Fra) – Hétérodoxie: Opus I 7€
French cult act! Recommended!

Surrender of Divinity – Oriental Hell Rythmics 9€
Christ beheading Black Metal Holocaust!! Japan import.

Svafnir (Ger) – The Heathen Chapters 9 €
German heathen folk metal with excellent production!

Svartnatt (Swe) – Vargold har Kommit 9€
Swedish Svartnatt brings atmospheric nordic Black metal craft of winter, night and coldness in the vein of old SATYRICON and KVIST, early TAAKE and DIMMU BORGIR.

War Industrial Antimusic inspired by hate, war and nationalistic values.
Very interesting album for people whom looking for some strange, noisy and untypical music in underground. Strictly limited to 500 copies!

Tavaron (Ger) – Architektur des Schmerzes 10 €
Perverse Black Metal with some rock parts, total killer release!!

Teratism (US) – Pure Unadulterated Hate 10€
Great satanic Black Metal, with Dagon (Inquisition) on guest vocals!

Thallium (Bra) – Armanenschaft 10€
After many years and 2 demos,THALLIUM strikes back with debut album. 8 new songs of Hatred Metal in it´s purest form! A solitary journey into the unknown plans performed full of arrogance and primitivism.

Thesyre (Can) – Exist! 7€
You just got to have this. Maybe the lyrics will change your life the better… and if they don’t, the music is still awesome!

The True Endless (Ita) – A year in Black 9€

Thorns of Evil (Bra) – Old Souls of Destruction 9€
Violent and thundering Pagan Black Metal from Brazil!

Thunderbolt (Pol) – The Sons of Darkness 10€
Fantastic album, one of my absolute favourites when it comes to polish Black Metal! Totally atmospheric, evil, majestic and raw! Totally recommended!!

Thy Worshipper (Pol) – Signum 10€
Cult Death/Black Metal from one of the oldest polish bands! Co-founded by CAPRICORNUS! Last copy!

VA – Dawn of the Antichrist 10€
Great german compilation featuring Heretic, Kirchenbrand, Blutrache, Todfeind, Epithalium, Amalek, Permafrust, Antiphrasis and many more. Very recommended!!

Werdard (Ger) – Ein Leben in der Ewigkeit 8€
Bleak german Black Metal. Depressive and ice cold. For fans of Nargaroth, Wigrid, and so on..

Wilk (Pol) - Na Rozkaz Krwi 7€
Violent aryan War Black Metal!

Winds of Malice (USA) – Snakes shall breed under this Ruins MCD 6€
True Nietzschean Black Metal! Comes with a completely black CD, looks awesome!

Wolfnacht (Hellas) – Dawn of Heathens 10€
Last copy!

Wolfskraft (Germany) - Wortgefecht 10 €
RAC/Metal mix, quite good and nice lyrics.

Wolfsschrei (Ger) – Toture of a human Soul 8€
Excellent german Black Metal, with Taaken of ODAL.

WOJNAR - Z Najg³êbszych Borów Pie¶ni Wam Niosê 9€
Ambient / Folk music inspired by ancient slavonic times, folklore and heathen traditions of Europe.

Würm (Can) - Aux portes de l´agonie CD 10€
Vinlandic/Canada depressive Black Metal in the vein of old BURZUM and ABYSSIC HATE, Ancient atmosphere featuring live drumming, less fuzz and less distortion from strummed guitars which sound like amplified (electrified) acoustic-guitar to possibly approximate the sound of lute or balalaika in the vein of TEMNOZOR or newer folk-oriented DRUDKH. 5 Long and diverse songs with Total playing-time of 54:32 limited to 999 units

ZENITH - Aedipus – Rimotion of the Fragment 23 9€
“The music of Zenith collects Black Metal,Dark, Ambient, Noise and Doom influences blending them with a perverse and sick idea of musical sound” is how the band describe their sound and I can’t say it any better. Leans heavier on the experimental side of very dark and unique strangeness. Limited to only 500 copies.

Zofos (Hellas) – Lore Unfolds 10€
Great Hellenic Black Metal, solo-project from Athalwolf of WOLFNACHT! Last copy!

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:06 pm
Posts: 7
Location: Austria
PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:52 am 


Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:06 pm
Posts: 7
Location: Austria
PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:28 am 


Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:06 pm
Posts: 7
Location: Austria
PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:50 am 


Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:06 pm
Posts: 7
Location: Austria
PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:58 pm 


Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Aug 23, 2005 6:06 pm
Posts: 7
Location: Austria
PostPosted: Tue Nov 01, 2011 5:33 am 


Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:18 am 

There are still available?

Karpathia/Sirin (Slo) - Vznesenej Krvi Zrodeny 6€
Raw Pagan NSBM bands teamed up on this split CD! Good one!

Wilk (Pol) - Na Rozkaz Krwi 7€
Violent aryan War Black Metal!

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