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PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:09 am 

March 31st 2013

++++ OUT NOW ++++

Solace135 - Kaevum "Natur"
Solace136 - Kaevum "Kosmos Erwache"
SolaceTS06 - Kaevum "North" Front Back

Natur is the record that reminded me why I was here and made me love black metal again. 5 years in the underground has been more then worth it to bring their music to the world. No bullshit, no buying frenzy, no item hording, no "free-thinking" music just the sound that brought us all here untouched by the modern garbage you all call black metal. The tapes (Natur & Kosmos) are each made in a run off 500 pro tapes with imprinting and high quality glossy covers so there is no reason to panic and starve till payday to get these. This isn't a collectors item and they will stay in print for a long time. The shirt is also done in a higher number then other WS products and will only be available here.

Copies of the tapes will eventually be going to these labels listed below. Beyond that due to almost $2,000 USD being invested in this there will not be trades or wholesale.

Official distributors (eventually they will get copies and be resupplied in the event of a sell out)

Infernal Kommando (France)
Merchant of Death/Darker than Black (Germany)
Sabbath's Fire (France)
Werewolf Promotion (Poland)

If there is a need for a South American distributor spam Dark Hidden Productions until he imports copies.

Solace141 - Frost "Ame Trouble"

Very prolific, this tape seems to be the last stop of the train. Taking fast pagan music music akin to Absurd, fusing it with the rocking riffs of 80's epic metal then running it through an analog 4-track adding in elements of D-Beat punk distortion and an improvised aesthetic this release sits on an odd perch among the rest of his works. Fans of his other projects such as Der Misanthrope, Usurpateur and his new project Sights of War will find this to be a good connection point into this world of his music.

++++ New on stock ++++

I'd advise everyone to mindlessly buy the Order of the Death's Head tape listed below from Sword prod, aggressive NSBM from France with members of Celestia, I'd actually pay full price for this tape if I didn't have a label. Also in stock from Sword Prod is his other new release Misty Forest/Krajiny Hmly "Keď Padnú Hmly"

I have a very very limited restock of the 88 Pro CD "Ultimate Aryan Warfont" that compiles all their material into one release. Once again stocked without the help of the label that released it. He can still take his "oh we don't care about tapes yet release bands who are known because of tapes, but do wholesale" offer and shove it up his ass.


Winter Solace has stockpiled many new releases from Werewolf Promotion in Poland. This update is massive, I think we have in stock almost 50 new titles from there an as organized as possible summary is below. I obviously haven't listened to all of these yet, so people are highly encouraged to apply some thought and click through the sample links to search on their own.

Iberian black metal such as Briargh reissues. Pagan black metal for those up Cripta Oculta, Ostots and more recently Beltain way. Willpower which is a new project from that country with a rougher sounding edge.

From Ukraine such bands as Svyatogor, Thunderkraft which fuse Slavic Pagan metal with noise/industrial music which I think would be obviously recommended from here.

Middle Europe: Gratzug (split with finnish Virvatulet) and tape of Old Pagan (Saarland black metal, Corneus, Pogromnacht, Grausamkeit & Entwertung) from Germany. New splits of Wacht & Hatesworn from Switzerland too.

Numerous polish stuff such as tape version of the albums: "Ales Stenar" by Lord Wind, split of Stworz & Fall, Evilfeast "Wintermoon Enchantment", Stara Piesn (old polish folk music similar to Piorun), Retra (Slavic viking metal featuring members of late nineties Polish scene), Now (live album and full length, Majestat (Collection of old demos from 98 & 05) and an extremely limited restock of the Flame of War full length "Transcendence"

New tapes of Sivyi Yar & his other project Jassa. I had to pass on co-releasing these at the time because of low funds, but this Sivyi Yar is one the best new projects out of Russia right now.

Among other things from there is tape full lengths from bands such as Blood of the Moon, Acherontas, the Elegies of Endless Horizons split (featuring Perterricrepus of one the best bands from Slovakia), Akashah and other demos from Europe.

To see designs for the Kaevum T-Shirt, hear samples of the releases and full listing of new distro stock check


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