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PostPosted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 9:08 am 

I'm mostly interested in whether anyone knows who he has been influenced by, and for those who have good theoretical knowledge of music and have a good ear, what types of chords he uses. I know he is(was since the accident) an amazing drummer, and talk about that is also very welcome, but for now I'm focusing on guitar and bass lines.

I've been writing my own music for a while, but have always felt something missing in the translation of expressing what I hear in my head to what I tab and write out. I started listening to jazz and could hear fragments of the sounds I was looking for in some of the music. I then started learning theory so that I could analyze the music more accurately, but alas a good ear is almost the most essential tool even with a theoretical background. When I started listening to Voivod and Virus I found exactly what I was looking for, and since then I have realized that Carl-Michael Eide is a master of the style that I'm desperately trying to incorporate into my own song writing. Everything he does has a touch of that style(Aura Noir, Ved Buens Ende, etc etc).

So what I'd like to know is what are his influences, if anyone knows? Are those dissonant chords that are so characteristic of him jazz chords? I know he uses lots of inversions of minor chords, and possibly quite a bit of diminished chords, but does he use the 7th varieties of those? Is it possible that the chords come off sounding a little stranger because he tends to tremolo pick them as opposed to strumming the chord? I'm familiar with quite a bit of terms for pretty much all your standard instruments(guitar, drums, bass), but I only play keyboard so I'm not very well versed with the more technical aspects of each instrument.

I've tried to analyze all the tabs I could find of his bands, which is where most of my conclusions are derived from, but the songs that have the real effect I am looking for aren't tabbed, and I just can't get my ear to get my finger on it :-P . I'm not trying to make a Virus clone band at all, but I would certainly like to expand on this style and experiment with it. For instance I'm planning on adding lots of subtle synth leads and ambience in my music, which I think could fit quite well, and I tend to interplay rhythmic changes quite often. I'm also not so adamant on sticking within the confines of any particular genre which is something that I think has worked for Virus and Ved Buens Ende in particular as well.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated, also don't hesitate to recommend other music which you think would fit the bill. Thanks.

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