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Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:42 pm
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:10 am 

Well then, here's my reviews, sorry i'm a bit late.
I have to say I had fun doing this, probably the listening and reviewing part more so, this is a really nice bunch of songs here.
Looking forward to the next challenge.

Corps fister - four forty

Excelent, I think this one is my favourite, the music matches the picture perfectly. The slow tormented beat and tune makes the clock feel like its in just as much agony as the dead person in front of it.
The vocals strengthen this feel of torment and even though I don't know what the lyrics are it really dosent matter, the picture and music itself tell the whole story.
I really love the idea that we know the very moment that the clock and the person died.
The synth sounds lovely, I think its the strongest point of the song, although I think it might be a little to prominent over the guitars but this might just be my personal preference.

Shaolin Lamb Killer - Serpent

This one is very good considering the picture, you can defiantly feel the slow sliding curl of the snake in the guitars, beat and vocals. The style of music was definitely the right choice.
I think what really enhanced the listening and viewing experience was reading your breakdown of the song explaining all the parts and relating them to the picture, you have definitely thought about relating the song to what you can actually see in the picture, theres a good story in the music.

White Goul - La Fin du Monde

This song is quite filthily nice, especially if you consider actually fucking the person in the picture on her period, the sound is raw which matches the raw black and white ink drawing well.
The only thing im not sure about is the vocals in the second part sound a bit sloppy? I guess, not sure if thats what you were going for.
The hi-light of this song is definitely the lyrics, especially the line "we can fuck on your period"

Zodijackyl, IX Leviathan and Metantoine - Dandyish Ignorance of Morbidity

Unfortunately the thing that most stands out at first is that the volume levels seem to be all out of whack, it sounds like the vocals need to go down a bit and the drums way up, at the end I think I can hear some cool sounding bass riffs but I just cant hear them.
The picture that you guys got is one that I was really hoping I didn't get, also reading how a lot of things seemed to stuff up during the whole thing really is misfortunate and I have to say you did a good job sticking with it.
The actual song is good, especially the guitar and french poem at the slow part at the end, I also enjoy the story the lyrics portray.
Some very nice riffs in the slow half of the song.

RageW - The Naiad

This song is amazing, I can really tell you did a lot of work on it, the parts that have the folk-like harp and flute perfectly match the picture.
Some very nice powerful vocals that are enhanced with the riffs to give a real flying feel.
The story telling lyrics really match the picture well.
Not sure what else to say as this song is very enjoyable and there really isn't anything out of place.

Nyarlathotep Music - Modern Rhapsody

The vocals are great, it fells like thats what the eye is yelling at the lady through the beam. The various chaotic elements in the song such as the acoustic bits and the distorted saxophone solo really match the randomness very well.

I actually think the metal styles really enhance the conflict foreground to this painting and the calm acoustic parts really enhance the almost breezy orange feel in the background atmosphere.

I don't really like the drums in the slow last part, they don't seem to match but I think thats just my taste.

Guitar Theist - The Sailing Room

This one is a nice one to sing along to, I like the lyrics and the way you sing them matches the picture well.
There are some very nice effects you've used on the guitars at the start that set the scene nicely.


Joined: Mon Apr 21, 2008 2:07 pm
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:36 pm 

Thanks man- better late than never! :)

King Asshole

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:33 pm 

Thanks Flesh, I appreciate the review!!
A bunch of mp3s is not a collection of anything.
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Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:32 am 

Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was lazy throughout the reviewing process but I finally have it done! Good job to everyone to participated, and take note before reading that no matter what I say about your song, you took the challenge and my band didn’t, so you still get participation bonuses.

This DSBM piece was very similar to what I had in mind when I was looking at all of artwork, and the sample of the clock at the beginning was a very nice touch. This song is simple, but at times a bit too simple overall and I feel that it needs more to it. For what it had though it was still good. It made good use of a simple structure by building up a main theme that overall is quite enjoyable to hear, and it became more powerful later throughout the song. Vocals are very characteristic of DSBM, and the drums overall I feel could have done something a lot more interesting. With slower tempos like that you can have more room for little bits of finesse here and there, and you can play around with subtle intricacies. The piano part helped the song a lot, it was simple, yes, but in this case less is more. Overall a good song, I'd rate it total as a 7/10.

Normally I'd make a comment about the production, but considering that this isn't like a professionally done recording or for anything serious, I won't let that affect the review. The guitar riffs were ok, they seemed to be going for that type of middle eastern/arabic feel that bands like Nile and Melechesh utilize so flawlessly, but in this case they didn't seem to be thought out that well. Of course it's hard to compare to the aforementioned bands, but the whole product just seemed uninspired. Overall the song was lacking creativity. The structural ideas were very basic in the sense that the song only really seemed to have only have 2 distinct movements, and both of them seemed too simple and that much more could have been added to them. For example, it's very easy to think of a constant blast beat for a fast part and a simple 2/4 beat for a slower groove. One thing I will definitely give credit for though is that it definitely did have that type of feel displayed in the picture, but it just needed more time put into it. 3/10

This one really took me by surprise. It was maybe because I was expecting something along the lines of Shrinebuilder or Neurosis, but what you did here was actually quite enjoyable. The intro was really cool. It had a dark feel but it suited the rest of the song and was good at building up the rest. The singing fit the music very well, and the harmonies were a very cool touch. The drumming was overall basic but effective for the rock feel of the song, and there were some subtleties that made them exciting. Plus, the bridge makes good use of off beats and other complexities, giving the song a good progressive edge. The guitars were probably the highlight of the song, starting off basic but then as the song goes on they play the same riffs but in different fashions giving each part a slightly different feel. For example, playing the verse riff with tremolo picking was a really cool touch as it made the song build up in intensity, and then adding the intricate leads in the chorus makes that section a hell of a lot more interesting than it would be if it was just the rhythm riffs. That brings me to the structure, which overall I'm not a big fan anymore of the verse-chorus structure, but for the type of song it is I'll let it slide as it works just fine. It did a great job overall of building and climaxing, but one thing I find wrong is that it overall just...ends. It's be cool if there was a cool sort of ending movement rather than just ending at the last note of the chorus. Definitely keep this song though, with a few tweaks here and there it could become even better. 8/10

This is very similar to what I had in mind for this picture, minus the vocals. However that's not a bad thing, as the vocals actually remind me a lot of Blut Aus Nord. What I had in mind was a bit of a darker version of newer Opeth, but your song is a pleasant surprise because of its thick and raw edge. It makes use of a more complex song structure, builds and abstract playing without it sounding too forced. To comment on the instruments is hard, because like most progressive metal each instrument is very complex in what is being played, but you did a good job of making the whole thing flow seamlessly without it sounding like technical wankery. You achieved in giving the song a futuristic but chaotic atmosphere which is very similar to what's in the picture, and in doing so you created a song that will stick with people. Also the addition of that saxophone was very interesting. From the dial-tone at the beginning (which by the way was a very wicked touch) to the very tasteful progressive ending, the song pulls you in and makes you not want to let go. I think you should write more stuff like this, because if this song was this good then I can only imagine what other songs would be like. I think you could probably get some good notability (and I think you should use this picture as your album cover). In conclusion, you did what the contest asked you of, and you did it with style. I listened to this song a couple times out of pure enjoyment before actually reviewing it because it is absolutely flawless. 10/10

I’m not particularly a fan much of power/speed metal, but this I find is quite well done. It’s catchy without being too cheesy, and it doesn’t consist of the constant noodling of a band like DragonForce (forgive my ignorance, I’m not too familiar with power metal as a genre). The song is very aggressive while still being melodic and drawing you in. You also did a good job at keeping the song interesting throughout. Rather than it being 8 minutes of solid dragon battles you kept things interesting with a cool acoustic section around the 4:30 mark which let me take a few breaths before the ripping guitar solo that follows stole all of it away. By the way, those guitar solos kick ass. Tasteful, elaborate and flashy without becoming technical wankery. THAT is how it’s done. The vocals are what I expected with this style; it comes with the territory and they are well done, they just need a bit more practice to hit those glass shattering highs like after the acoustics at 4:30. Obviously those notes are hard to hit, and I’m not one to talk since I’m not the best singer myself, but work on keeping the power and strength in your voice as you go for those notes and I’m sure the problem will solve itself. One more thing I’d like to point out is that the bass should be turned up a bit; I think it’ll give the song a ballsier sound with extra punch. Overall the song wasn’t really what I was expecting for the picture. When I first saw it I thought immediately of Burzum’s Fallen record (just look at the art) and imagined something similar to that, but it’s relieving to know that there was something different for you in mind, and now that I listen to the song again I can picture it fitting the art very well, especially for the acoustic sections. Like Nyarlathotepmusic, a job well done. 9/10

Very unexpected considering the picture, it’s not what I had in mind at all. It’s an interesting form of death, doom and drone metal, but overall much of it sounds rather awkward. This is mainly in the melodies and particular note changes, I think some revising over the guitar riffs would help this song shine a little more. It seems to be one of those types of songs that have really abstract sounding chords giving the song a very obscure and dissonant feel, but it can be hard to write songs like that which pull you in, as if you do those types of chords wrong they can be bothersome to listen to. The majority of the riffs you have in this song aren’t that bad though, there are just some parts of it that make me feel uneasy and confused, and not in that awesome Blut Aus Nord way. Around the 4:05 mark the song picks up tempo and the instrumentation sounds very heavy-wait scratch that, absolutely crushing. It came at the right time, as if the preceding section were to go on longer it would have started to become overly repetitive, but you brought in the faster section at the right time. Which brings me to the structuring, which is actually pretty good. Some death/doom and drone metal can get incredibly repetitive, but you did a good job at mixing it up and making the song flow. Nothing really seemed out of place. The drums overall did a good job at mixing it up and keeping things interesting, but towards the end I think it needed a bit more flare; the odd fill would have helped. Lastly for the vocals, you (I’m assuming you’re on vocals) have a very good growl, it reminds me a bit of a cross between Yob and early My Dying Bride, although the higher screams I think need work. They were overall pretty distracting, especially towards the last 2 minutes as it kinda sounded like you were throwing up. Practice them though and I’m sure it’ll be better. As a whole the song is interesting, but it definitely needs some revising in order to become better. 6/10

Man I feel sorry for you for getting such a fucking ugly picture hahaha it’s my least favourite of the pictures. However whether I like the picture or not isn’t what this review is about. What you did is basically what I had in mind when I scrolled upon this picture. This sort of groovy death-grind can be incredibly boring, but you did an exceptional job at keeping it interesting through catchier riffs and more creative drumming. Those brief mid-speed breaks in the first minute and a half (between the aggressive movements) offered a nice change of pace to catch your breath before diving back into the furious tremolo riffs. In fact the overall structure is quite decent. It wasn’t a usual burst of blast-beats for 2 minutes with the intention of creating gory grindcore explosion; there is clear evidence that effort was put in to create a structured song with an actual flow. The drumming as I mentioned before was more creative than I expected for this type of song, in particular I like the part around the 2:18 mark, but I still feel that overall more could have been done to spice up the whole product. I’m not saying you have to be like Brann Dailor (his style is perfect for Mastodon but it doesn’t work for everything), but feel free to be a bit more creative and elaborate with the beats. In any case you did better than what I imagined for this picture. The vocals suited the song well, in fact the main bands I thought of when hearing it for the first time were Phobia and Maruta, and with the accompanying music it works perfectly, and a better recording would have made them sound even better. The guitars were decent and catchy, but I still feel at times that they were still generic for the style being played. There was a bit of variation with the groovy palm muting riffs which were refreshing to hear, but overall I found that the constant tremolo riffs got tiresome to listen to over time. Try revising some of the riffs, experimenting or even making variations of the same one to add extra character to what you write. Overall I think the song was good for what it was, and for the picture you were given I don’t really think you had much to work with, but for what you were able to accomplish I’d say it was a fairly decent effort. 7/10

Not what I was expecting from the picture at all (I was thinking something similar to the Dillinger Escape Plan), but this was a nice surprise. I like this song overall, I found it was quite catchy for the vast majority of the 4 minutes and it’s mainly because of the guitars. There are many creative and well constructed riffs and they got stuck in my head rather easily. This is especially around the 1:50 mark where that lead comes in over the droning chords. A very well written part in general, and from there you do a great job at building the part towards the end with that French poem and the other lead that came in. I can tell there was some good thought put into this, and it paid off because this was one of the catchiest moments on this whole compilation I’m reviewing. There are still things about this song that I have beef with though, and it’s that the song seems kind of thrown together in terms of structure. The first minute is a good with the intensity, but I think it should have gone on for longer and transitioned to the next slow movement (1:00 and onward) in a better fashion because it seems like all of a sudden the next part just sort-of happens. Sometimes that can work very well and this wasn’t totally weird at all but I know that it could have been done much better. Also towards the end after the poem where the lead comes in, that part should definitely have continued on much longer. It’s one of those parts that bands like Drudkh or Neurosis love to milk so much, because they are so addicting to listen to and with each repetition you love it so much more, and especially with the high-end lead; that could have turned into a WICKED solo. In terms of drumming, I could barely make out what was being played because it was so quiet in the recording. For what I was able to comprehend though, I think the drumming could have been much more diverse and elaborate, as from what I could make out it was way too basic for what the guitars were doing. When guys like Vlad and Jason Roeder (of Drudkh and Neurosis fame, respectively) are given parts like that, they do a phenomenal job of experimenting and letting their imagination flow to make those sections much more exciting and heart pumping, even if it’s a slower, doom or drone movement (listen to the second half of Drudkh’s “Eternity”, Neurosis’ “A Season In The Sky” or “From The Hill”, or ANY Neurosis song for that matter). As for vocals, they fit surprising well but were a bit too loud in the mix. They reminded me a bit of a death metal version of Roman “Thurios” Blagih from Drudkh, but I feel that some practice would make them sound much better as on this recording they sounded very airy and windy. With practice a roar like that could really make songs like this come alive. Overall aside from the problems I mentioned above I actually enjoyed this song very much. Incredibly catchy guitar riffs and good sense of build, I feel that with some revising and a much needed addition of length this song could really shine. 8/10

Nyarlathotepmusic, Zodijackyl, Ragew, are you guys in bands at all? I wouldn’t mind hearing more of your stuff.

Big Beautiful Frenchman

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:43 am 

RageW is the leader of Prajna: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFTVEs4bL2I

Me and some mates from MA (including RageW) are in a project together, we've been reworking Zodijackyl's song, I'll change the lyrics a bit though and it's like 10 mins! (BTW, these are my vocals if you didn't know)
Metantoine's Magickal Realm

Metal Sloth

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:30 pm 

Was just thinking back on RageW's power metal awesome from the last challenge. I really liked that song! Also, looking forward to the re-work, guys. I thought it had a lot of promise, and I'm glad you kept at it.
Thunderwarrior91 wrote:
Quorthon's riffs are fucking bastard

Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:04 pm 

Metantoine wrote:
RageW is the leader of Prajna: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFTVEs4bL2I

Me and some mates from MA (including RageW) are in a project together, we've been reworking Zodijackyl's song, I'll change the lyrics a bit though and it's like 10 mins! (BTW, these are my vocals if you didn't know)

Awesome, I'd like to hear it when it's finished, if there is a way you can send it to me!

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