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Metal newbie

Joined: Fri Feb 29, 2008 8:45 pm
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Location: United States of America
PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:30 pm 

I'm looking at getting a setup to basically record anything I want through my computer. Figured I'd get suggestions on what is worth my money and what isn't before I go and waste money. I want something that records fairly decent, you can do "decent" production work with it, etc...I've done some searching but with all the variety figured I might be better going through here for recs first.

1) A program that can easily be recorded with. Ideally, something that just installs and then could say plug-play a mixer or something. The easier to use the better, I want something that is simple but has the options to become a decent song producer.

2) Something decent to record through. A mixer, something that I basically plug my guitar into after amp/PA that I can hook to the computer and then use said program to record. If I can avoid using mics for the guitar that would also be a plus, I'd rather plug into something and listen through headphones

That should basically be it I imagine. Essentially, I'd just like something I can get good quality recordings from, be able to edit the production a little, and be relatively easy to use. I'm also considering using this for a little drum recording in the future, so something that could handle the inputs for that as well would be incredible.

A fairly vague post, I know. But my TonePort which I used to record with and it's associated programs refuse to install on Vista and I figured I might as well spend my money wisely then just getting some cheap piece of crap that won't last through a GUI update...Thanks in advance for all suggestions. .
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Joined: Sun Jun 11, 2006 9:57 pm
Posts: 2910
PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2008 4:24 pm 

1) Reaper recording software
2) Presonus Firepod, or MOTU 8pre
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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:02 pm
Posts: 15
Location: Norway
PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:19 pm 

I'm using a Echo AudioFire 4 for recording my guitar and vox. You can setup a mixer with it so I suggest the AudioFire 4. Check it out!


Joined: Thu Jul 10, 2008 8:39 pm
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Location: Antarctica
PostPosted: Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:34 pm 


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