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Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:28 am
Posts: 47
Location: Serbia
PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:32 am 

Hi folks,if there are some good souls who wants to sell these goodies,please pm with offers and scans of cd`s with a description about conditions.Please,do not offer me Bootlegs!Thanks for reading and god bless you all!


3.Incursion Dementa-All this is...
4.Gaschamber-Gaschamber (unknown American thrash metal masterpiece)
5.Deathrow-Life beyond ( i accept and second press with different cover)
6.Possessed-Seven Churches (Combat press 1985)
7.Agnostic Front-United blood 7 (Not on label press)
8.Prestige-Selling the Salvation
9.Deathcorp-Soldiers of death lp
12.Infamous Sinphony-Beef Kurtin
13.Dover Trench –Exhibition of Speed
14.Drop Dead-Death by fusion
15.Dementia-Dementia 1995
16.Innerfear-Same 1992
17.Hard Ground-Same 1993
18.Burial-Relinquished souls
19.Ice age-Demo discography
20.Magnus-I was watching my death
21.Holy terror-Terror and Submission (Pony canyon press)
22.Cryptic slaughter-Convicted (Metal blade press)
23.Sacred reich-Ignorance (Metal blade press)

Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:34 am
Posts: 95
PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 7:19 am 

:nazi: Check your inbox :nazi:

Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:28 am
Posts: 47
Location: Serbia
PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 7:34 am 

Update want list!Please,let me know if there is anyone out there who is willing to sell something from my want list!I am a real customer,not a time waster,many collectors can testify about that!Just make me an offer and we shall work out something,i guarantee!

MY want list!

1.Drop Dead - Death By Fusion (Hipswervy - none) cd
2.Demigod / Necropsy - Unholy Domain / Untitled (Seraphic Decay Records - SCAM 028) only LP
3.Crypt - Crypt (Not On Label (Crypt (5)) - CCD9999) cd
4.Nopresion - Sobre Fosas Y Vampiros (SMD Records (3), Hard Vinyl Records - NOC-033, none) cd
5.Arbitrater - Darkened Reality (Cyclone Records (5) - Cyclone 2)
6.Gangrena - Infected Ideologies (MTM - MTM009)
7.Parusie - ...In Silence (Not On Label - none)
8.Statue - Comes To Life (Power (2) - POWCD13) cd , NOT a recent bootleg
9.Deathrow - Towers In Darkness (Metal Machine Music - none) 7 inch
10.Malpractice - Malpractice (Alchemy Records (7) - none) MCD
11.Phossatery - Obscure Feelings (Darkover Records - DARK001) lp
12.Drinking Skull - The End Of Decade (Full Metal Jacket - FMJ - CD 004) cd
13.Caustic - Malicious (Phonag - P 81082) cd
14.The Dead Goats - Path Of The Goat (Instant Classic - ClassiCD002) cd
15.Anesthesy - Just Married (Not On Label (Anesthesy Self-released) - ORTVORK 001) cd
16.Telepathy - Legions Of Frustration (Telepathic Music - 201742649) MCD
17.Abracadathrash-F.T.W. demo tape 1989

Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:28 am
Posts: 47
Location: Serbia
PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 9:19 am 

I got Malpractice cd!Anyway,in the list below,you will find old demos which i am looking to buy,only original ones,not dupes.Please get in contact with me if you have anything for sale!

Zyklon-B-Mass aspyxiation 1988
Wreckage-Experiment in fear 1986
Wreckage-From the ashes 1987
Witches-Agressive soap 1989
Wargod - Total armageddon 1985
Violemosh-Of the dead 1989
Unexpected-Tales of the unexpected 1991
Treachery-Innocent bystanders 1989
Traumatic-The process of raping a rancid cadaver
Transilience-Threatened fears 1988
Tormentor-Iron Gibbet 1990
Tirant sin-Desecrations of the graves
Tirant sin-Mutant supremacy
Threshing sledge-Apathetic death 1990
Thresher-Totally Possessed 1989
Syranax-Battalion of death 1985
Subjugator-Hatred principle 1990
Subjugator-Death by natural causes
Strychnine-Pull the plug 1987
Stonecrow-Island of sorrow 1990
State of mind-Mass persecution 1990
State of confusion-Rituals of reality 1990
Spithead-Necromantial rites 1991
Spithead-Indolent infected death 1992
Sorcerer-Living of blood 1987
Slasher-No one`s home 1989
Sintillion-Nation in pain
Sinister - 1988 demo
Sinister-1989 demo
Sinister-Up from the abyss 1988
Silo-No ones home 1989
Shades of grey-Under the skeptics eye 1991
Shades of grey- 1989 demo
Severe warning-Death to false metal 1987
Sepulchral death-Praising death 1986
Santa claus-Here comes santa claus 1986
Sanctus-Accept the blessing 1988
Sadistic rage-No more games 1988
Sacrament-Presumed dead 1989
Roadkill-Call it what you will 1990
Rigid domain-Death`s just another whore 1990
Rigid domain-Futile existence
Resistence-Veil of mystery 1987
Recalcitrance-Fragmented reality 1990
Putrefaction-Painful death 1989
Purulence-Atrocities execration 1991
Psychopath-Soul personification 1990
Process revealed-Rites of hatred 1988
Powered by pride-Jersey style
Pontius prophet-Rites of hatred 1988
Plague allegiance-Demo 1990
Piranha - Demo 1988
Persecution-Tortured existence 1989
Pendulum-Atrocity sin 1990
Pedifile-Die a violent death 1986
Nuclear crucifixion-Torture of humanity
Necropolis-Future kill 1987
Necrophagia-It began with a twisted dream 1987
Necromansy-Cremation 1986
Necromancy-Destruction within the mind 1988
Mourner-Welcome to my house 1987
Moshlim-The end of the innocence 1991
Mortal remains-Crawl 1989
Molest-Looney tunes from Insania 1990
Molecular repulsion-Veil of deception 1991
Militia-Demo 1989
Militia-Demo 1990
Mercynary-Plagues of death 1989
Mercenary- Demo 1986
Mercenary-Demo 1987
Mental decay-Demo 1987
Menacer-Slave to the stein 2006
Mayhemesis-Dead from the skyroom 1989
Massacre-Mortal remains 1989
Mass genocide-Demo 1987
Martyr-Death is death
Mantus-Lord of the dead
Malignant terror-Demo 1989
Malfeitor-Demo 1987
L.S.N.-Fall to the reich 1987
Lankhmar-Prejudiced 1989
Lezion-Crippling elements 1990
Lethal dossage-S/T 2006
Lethal militia-Recreational violence 1987
Lethal presence-Unholy alliance 1989
Legion-Under the influence 1985
Lycantrophy-Sickness revealed
Krucix-Say what you will 1992
Koven-False messiah 1987
Kronix – Demo 1991
Inferno-Terror strike 1986
Insurgency-Demo 1985
Hatred-Welcome to reality 1988
Hellpreacher-Resurrection 1986
Giornesto-Virgin eater 1987
Fatal aggression-Nation of chaos 1991
Fatal aggression-Termination of life
Fifty lashes-Pain 1990
Entownizer-Cycloptical vision system
Epitaph-A portrait of horror 1987
Erebus – Demo 1989
Experiments in fear-Demise-the petting zoo 1989
Damnability-Demo 1989, 1990,92
Desmatron-Theological void 1987
Desexcult-Sodfoaf 1987
Damnage-Harsh reality
Damnakleez - Angel of evil
Deadly aggressor-Anything from their demos
Chemikil-Impending doom 1989
Chemikil-Consumed by hate
Betrayel-Helpless soul 1986
Attaxe-Demo 1987
Attaxe-Unit g demo 1988
Attaxe-Displaced 1989
Aftermass-Demo 1989
Abracadathrash-F.T.W. 1989

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