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Make an offer...

18 VISIONS-lifeless EP
ACCUSED,THE-martha splatterheads maddest stories ever told(1988 we bite/relativity)
ACCUSED,THE-splatter rock(1992 nastymix, hole punch)
ACCUSED,THE-straight razor
ACRIMONY-tumuli shroomaroom
ADX-weird visions (French speed/power metal, OOP Noise first press 1990)
AGNOSTIC FRONT-cause for alarm/victim in pain(1986 relativity)
ANGELICA-s/t (Christian melodic metal, featuring Rob rock on vocals, Impelliteri/Joshua etc)
ANGELICA-walkin in faith
ANTHRAX-spreading the disease(1985 island)
ARTENSION-into the eye of the storm(US prog/power, John west from Royal Hunt vocals)
AVANTASIA-the metal opera pt. II (euro power metal, features micheal kiske, kai hanson, tobias sammet, rob rock, etc)
AVENGER OF BLOOD-complete annhilation
AVENGER OF BLOOD-death brigade
B*TCH-a rose by any other name
BLIND GUARDIAN-the forgotten tales
CONDEMNED-live and heavy(1992 sounds of seattle)
CORONER-punishment for decadence(1988 Noise)
CRIMSON GLORY-strange and beautiful
CRIMSON GLORY-transcendence(MCA/roadracer OOP 1988)
CRO MAGS-alpha omega
CRUCIFIED,THE-nailed/take up your cross (early hardcore demos from the crucified)
CRUCIFIED,THE-s/t(1994 Tooth and nail reissue)
CRUCIFIED.THE-pillars of humanity (Original Ocean press, probably one of the best Christian thrash albums ever released)
DARK ANGEL-darkness descends(1986 combat/relativity)
D.B.C-universe/dead brain cells(RARE 1989 Rough justice/Relativity)
DEAD HEAD-kill division(1999 cold blood)
DEAD HEAD-the feast begins at dawn(1991 bad taste)
DEATH-spiritual healing(1990 Combat/relativity)
DEATH-scream bloody gore(1987 combat/relativity)
DEFIANCE-void terra firma(1990 roadrunner jap press OBI)
DESTRUCTION-release from agony(1987 SPV/steamhammer)
DESTRUCTION-mad butcher(1987 SPV/steamhammer 'picture CD')
DETENTE-recognize no authority
DETERIORATE-rotting in hell(1993 JL america)
DEVASTATION-idolatry(1991 combat/relativity, signed by whole band)
D.R.I-4 of a kind
DRIVE-characters in time(killer US power with progressive touches, OOP 1988 cut out)
EXCEL-seeking refuge
FEAST ETERNAL-prisons of flesh (Christian death metal, a little bolt thrower esque at times)
FREEDOM CALL-stairway to fairyland
FREEDOM CALL-the circle of life
GALACTIC COWBOYS-space in your face (Christian groovy, thrashy, funky..whatever)
GANG GREEN-older budweiser
GOMORRAH-reflections of inanimate matter(1995 black mark)
HEAVENS FORCE-aggressive angel (Christian thrash metal, think Slayer 'show no mercy' or Venom 'welcome to hell' or anything else nwobhm influenced that came out in 84'. christian thrash that predates Deliverance/VR. Really cool. )
HED P.E-s/t
HELLOWEEN-walls of jericho w/ judas LP(OOP Noise 1988)
HELLOWEEN-keeper of the seven keys part 2(bonus track "save us" first press 1988 Noise)
HELLOWEEN-kepper of the seven keys part 1(first press Noise 1987)
HELSTAR-a distant thunder(US Power, metal blade 1988)
HIRAX-el rostro del muerte
HIRAX-chaos and brutality EP
HIRAX-new age of terror
HIRAX-not dead yet
HIRAX-assassins of war
JACOBS DREAM-s/t ( Christian Queensryche-ish US power metal)
KAZJUROL-dance tarantella(1990 active)
KIX-blow my fuse
KREATOR-endless pain(1988 Noise)
KREATOR-violent revolution
KREATOR-cause for conflict
LABYRINTH-timeless crime EP
LABYRINTH-return to heaven denied
LEVIATHAN-deepest secrets beneath
LICH KING-necromantic maelstrom
LOUDNESS-soldier of fortune
LOUDNESS-on the prowl
MEANSTREAK-roadkill(US speed metal, OOP Mercenary 1988)
MEGADETH-peace sells..
METALLICA-kill em all(1983 sony japan press)
METALLICA-and justice for all
MORBID SAINT-spectrum of death(1992 grindcore)
MORTIFICATION-Post momentary affliction(I have both the 1993 Intense press and the Nuclear blast press)
NECRONOMICON-apocalyptic nightmare(1991 Maze)
ORDAINED FATE-s/t (Christian female fronted thrash metal, think Sentinal beast, meanstreak, etc)
OVERKILL-feel the fire(1987 megaforce)
PESTILENCE-consuming impulse(1989 roadrunner)
RAZOR-shotgun justice(1990 fringe)
RHAPSODY OF FIRE(RHAPSODY)-triumph or agony (Italian power metal)
RUNNING WILD-gates to purgatory(OOP Noise/SPV)
SACRAMENT-testimony of apocalypse (OOP original REX issue, technical-ish Christian thrash metal, my favorate of the two.)
SACRILEGE(UK)-behind the realms of madness(1990? Metalcore)
SARDONYX-majestic serenity (Christian US power metal with some progressive influence, ultra rare and classic album)
SAVATAGE-edge of thorns
SAVATAGE-hall of the mountain king
SAVATAGE-power of the night
SAVATAGE-streets: a rock opera
SEPULTURA-schizophrenia(1987 cogumelo/roadrunner)
SEPULTURA-arise(1991 roadrunner)
SEPULTURA-beneath the remains(1989 roadrunner)
SEPULTURA-morbid visions/bestial devastation(1986 cogumelo/roadrunner)
SEVENTH ANGEL-the torment(Original Edge press, Christian doom/thrash)
SEVENTH ANGEL-lament for the weary(my personal fav, Original Edge press)
SKATENIGS-what a mangled web we leave
SKATENIGS-stupid people shouldnt breed
SLEEP-holy mountain
SOLITUDE AETURNUS-through the darkest hour
STONE-s/t( 1988 MCA/mechanic)
STORMWITCH-stronger than heaven
STORMWITCH-the beauty and the beast
STORMWITCH-eye of the storm
STORMWITCH-walpurgis night
STORMWITCH-dance with the witches
STORMWITCH-tales of terror
STORMWITCH-war of the wizards
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-how can I laugh tomorrow..
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-lights camera revolution
SYMPHONY X-the new mythology suite
TESTAMENT-the new order(1988 atlantic)
TOURNQUET-stop the bleeding (Christian speed metal, similar to early megadeth at times with some ridiculous king diamond screeches)
VENGEANCE RISING-released upon the earth (first press)
VENGEANCE RISING-human sacrifice (ULTRA RARE no 'vengeance' version, first press Intense)
VENGEANCE RISING-once dead (first press)
VENGEANCE RISING-destruction comes (first press)
VICIOUS RUMORS-welcome to the ball
WARRIOR SOUL-space age playboys
WASTED YOUTH-black daze(1988 Medusa)
WRATHCHILD AMERICA-climbin' the walls(2008 wounded bird reissue)


ONCE DEAD-return with a vengeance
HIRAX-thrash and destroy live


THE LEAD-return fire( 1985 Three equals one original demo)
THE MOSHKETEERS-the downward spiral(1992 Connection records original demo)
ULTIMATUM-fatal delay demo(1993 Exit music original demo SEALED!).

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