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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon Nov 15, 2004 6:08 pm
Posts: 14
PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:27 pm 

Hi everybody,
Here is my current trading and want list. If you see something interesting, you can send me a PM or write to: sublevel68@yahoo.es
Best regards,

1. -AVULSED (Spain): Gorespattered suicide + 2 bonus tracks + video. 2006. American line. (Death gore).
2. -BIG WRECK (Canada): The pleasure and the greed. 2001. Atlantic records. (Grunge).
3. -CHANGIN ATTITUDE (Canada): Changin attitude. GFX/Graphics. (Power crossover).
4. -DEIVOS (Poland): Hostile blood. 2003 + Praised by generations EP 1999. Butchery music. (Technical death).
5. -DISRISPECT (Germany): Hit the ceiling. 2000. Diehard music. (Hardcore).
6. -DITCHWATER (USA): Snap inside. 2001. (Modern-metal).
7. -EPIDEMIC CAUSE (Japan): Far East. 1996. Shadow of Michaelangelo productions. (Industrial metal).
8. -FORRESTER (Germany): All the wrong things. 2001. Twah records.
9. -GREEN DAY (USA): Shenanigans. 2002. Reprise. (Alternative punk rock).
10. -HARUSPEX (USA): Modify. 1996. Cellar records. (Thrash metal).
11. -IMAGO MORTIS (Brazil): Images from the shady gallery. 1998. Megahard records. (Progressive doom metal). Reserved.
12. -KILLER DWARFS (Canada): Dirty weapons. 1990. Epic. (Heavy metal). (Original first pressing).
13. -LADY LUCK (USA): Life in between.2000. (Punk-pop alternative).
14. -MARTYRIUM (Malta): The carnage lit by darkness. 2004. Witchcraft Records. (Black metal).
15. -MEDIUM (Cuba): Blinder. 2001. American Line. (Brutal death-grind).
16. -NOZZLE (Germany): Winter. Lucky seven records. (Alternative rock).
17. -PAIN (Sweden): Pain + 3 bonus tracks. 2002. Stockholm Records. (industrial death thrash metal)
18. -P.O.D. (USA): Satellite. 2001. Atlantic. (Modern metal).
19. -POISON (USA): Poison´s Greatest hits 1986 – 1996. Capitol Records Inc. (Heavy metal).
20. -PUNISHED EARTH (Belgium): Frankenstein. 2000. Uxicon records. (Brutal death).
21. -REPUGNANCE (Spain): Maximum perversum. 1999. Uxicon records. (Deathcore).
22. -SCORPIONS (Germany): Gold. The ultimate collection. 1996. (Heavy metal). (Malaisyan edition).
23. -SLAVESTATE (USA): Defy. 1996. (Death metal).
24. -TERMINUS (USA): Victim culture. 1995. (Industrial death).
25. -THE DEFACED (SWEDEN): Karma in black + 1 bonus track. 2000. Soundholic. (Melodic death-thrash). (Japanesse edition).
26. -WHITE ZOMBIE (USA): Supersexy swinging sound. 1995. Geffen records. (Techno metal).

1. -CRACK UP: From the ground. Nuclear blast (Death metal). CD only
2. -D.E.M.: Maxt. 1997. Diamond records. (Alternative). No booklet.
3. -GROPE (Denmark): Primates. 1994. DIEHARD. (Powerful industrial metalcore). No back cover.
4. -LUCRETIA (France): Lucretia. Brennus. (Modern heavy speed melodic metal). No booklet.
5. -MEGADETH (USA): Cryptic writings. 1997. Capitol records. (thrash metal). No back cover.
6. -NILE (USA): Ramses bringer of war. 1997. Visceral production. (brutal death). 2000 ltd edition. CD only.
7. -NEPAL (Argentina): Manifiesto. (Thrash metal). No booklet.
8. -PAT BOONE (USA): In a metal mood: no more mr. nice guy. 1997. Hip-O-Records. No back cover.
9. -RADAKKA (USA): Requiem for the innocent. 1998. Century media records. (Heavy metal). CD only.
10. -RESURRECTURIS (Italy): Nocturnal. 1998. Diamond records. (Death-black). No booklet.
11. -SOCIETY´S BURDEN (USA): Society’s Burden. 1998. Elmergod records. (Death metal). No booklet.
12. -SOLUS (Canada): Slave of mind. 1996. Skinmask production. (Technical power death). CD only.
13. -TALES OF DARKNESS (Russia): Endless sun fall. 1997. (Death metal). No back cover.
14. -TERMINUS (USA): Toxic iron. 1996. Retaliation records. (Industrial death metal). CD only.
15. -THORIUM (Poland): Ocean of blasphemy. 1999. DIEHARD. (Death metal). CD only.
16. -YEAR ZERO: Creation. 1995. Hellhound. CD only.

1. -COMA STAR: Headroom of conscience. 2003. Locomotive music. (Power grunge).
2. -DISMAL (Spain): The new bomb. 1999. Division House. (Thrash metal).
3. -FAR N´HIGH (France): Far n´high. 1999. Brennus music. (Progressive heavy metal).
4. -GOOSEFLESH (Sweden): Welcome to suffer age.1998. Goldtrack. (Thrash metal).
5. -HOT LINE (France): The mark of evil: 2000. Brennus music. (Heavy metal).
6. -I.R.A. (Colombia): Entre amigos. Tekagaste records. (Punk).
7. -KOBAL (France): Massive outcry. 1998. (Death metal).
8. -ILLUMINATE: 10 x 10. 2003. Gallery records. (Gothic metal).

1. GUNS AND ROSES: Use your illusions Tour I. Live in Tokyo. 1992.
2. GUNS AND ROSES: Use your illusions Tour II. Live in Tokyo. 1992.

All cds are the original ones and and they are in very good condition.

1. TEARS OF EUPHONY: In natura. 1999.
2. SCARVE: Translucence. 2000 or 2005 reissued.
3. MESHUGGAH: Obzen. 2008.
4. MESHUGGAH: Koloss. 2012.
5. DAATH: The hinderers. 2007.
6. DAGOBA: What hell is about. 2006.
7. MNEMIC: Mechanical spin phenomena. 2003.
8. SYBREED: Antares. 2007.
9. FREDRIK THONDERDAL´S SPECIAL DEFECTS: Sol niger within. 1997 or 1999.
10. BEHEMOTH: Evangelion. 2010.
11. FEAR FACTORY: Mechanize. 2010.
12. FEAR FACTORY: The industrialist. 2012.
13. PAIN: Dancing with the dead. 2005.
14. DIABLO: Renaissance. 2002.
15. DIABLO: Eternium. 2004.
16. BIOMECHANICAL: Eight moons. 2003.
17. STRAPPING YOUNG LAD: Heavy as a really heavy thing (2006 reissued).
18. THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND: Accelerated evolution. 2003.
19. DEVIN TOWNSEND: Ocean machine: Biomech. 1997.
20. SOLUTION 45. For aeons past. 2010.
21. SOILWORK: Sworn to a great divide. 2007.
22. CLAWFINGER: A whole lot of nothing. 2001.
23. METAL CHURCH: The dark. (remastered).
24. METAL CHURCH: Metal church. (remastered).
25. HELLOWEEN: Keeper of the seven keys. Part I. (remastered).

For references:
Puddle of monkey, Violent scimitar, Evil Edith, Metaldementia, Wrong tale, Jeremiah, JWT, Death metal satan, Anders Malkomson, Jason, Blueginn, DJZH, Sean Kennedy, Stefan Carlsson, A pleasant entropia, Mngoc 81, Sickened G, King lawnmower, Loiro, Evanft, Eternal agony, Atomizer, Son of X-51, Foshuggah, Lifebreddry, Andrius, PK 1825, Slayed by cannibal, PWD, Endtyme, Rock n roll jesus, Holy Mary, Tyrannorabbit, Choke of flesh, Azagthoths, Tinieblas, Steelwarrior, Narod, Doomster, Dweeb, Demonomania, Taz, Saxon 1500, Speedyk, destructSEAN, Iluvu, Invocator2k, Megatherion76, Ralfman.

Thanks for looking.

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Mon Nov 15, 2004 6:08 pm
Posts: 14
PostPosted: Thu Dec 06, 2012 2:10 pm 


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