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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Wed May 07, 2008 1:46 pm
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 7:58 pm 

Title say it all , i'm looking to buy or trade it.

Size Medium/ small for the Longsleeve

and Medium /Large for the Hoodie


Absurd -Totenlierder
Accersitus - Lamps of the Concealed Shrine
Accersitus - In the Walls of Eryx
Ossea Cyphus / Accersitus
Assymetry - A Strange Grease
Assymetry - Ashes into Wood
Arizmenda - Without Circumference Nor Center (128/200)
Astaroth - s/t
Ancestor- demo II
Âmes Sanglantes - the sun of your disarray
Axnaar - Anart
Archgoat - The light devouring darkness
Bilskirnir -For Victory We ride (#349)
Bone Awl - Almost dead man
Caverns - s/t (86/100)
Circle of Ouroborus - Three of Knowledge
Cosmic Church - Arcana Dei I - Pimeyden Valo
Cosmic Church - Arcana Dei II - Tuliset Siivet
Cosmic Church - Arcana Dei III - Totuuden Portit
Curved Blade - Be like Death
Discharge - 1977 Demo bootleg
Disclose - Demo compilation bootleg
Damages - demo & live
Forgot - Mysanthropy
Fullmoon Rise - The End of Life's Age
Grinning Death's head - Demo (dubs)
Grinning Death's head - Black Sun Rising
Grinning Death's head - Golden Dawn
GG Allin - Tortured by his own savagery
Hiver Noir - Errence sur les chemins de l'éternité
Karmic void -Armageddon sun
Leviathan - Demo Two thousand
Looks of Love - The Midnigth Hour
Malveillance - L'appel du Néant
Maléfice - Povr le sang
Mefitic - Signing the servants of god
Moonblood - Rehearsal 9 - Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust (not sure if it's an original or not ...)
Neckhold - Last Exit
Nuit Noire - Dans la nuit (probably dubs)
Nuit Noire / Arkham
Nuit Noire - L'Appel De La Nuit (probably dubs)
Min Kniv - Av Aske
Ossea Cyphus - Stench Of Ungodliness
Prostitue-toi au Diable -Compilation (5/100)
Reuben Son - s/t
Rayos X - Mi Desorden
Raspberry Bulb - RB Tries Again
Raspberry Bulb - Finally Burst
Ride at Dawn - Demo
Sylvus - The Beating of Black Wings
Satanhartalt - Carcernþéostru
Satanhartalt - Féondscipe
Satanhartalt - Déaþscufærgewinn
Satanhartalt - Hæðenfolc
Satanic Warmaster - Carelian Satanist Madness
Satanic Warmaster - Revelation ... Of the Night
Sombre Chemin - Notre héritage Ancestral
Sump - Autumn Blood
Sump - Cursed Means
Sump - Old Butchery
Sump - VII: Ways To Pass Into Death
Sump - Demo III
Sump - aken Dead
Sex Wound / Sump
Typhus - Studio live 28/11/80 (dubs)
Tristess - Funérailles Patriotique (10/25)
Torture Chain - Montain of Hate
Uno Actu - Inexistence
Vanyar - Noldorin Of Vanyarin Blood
Verivala - Kiirastulen Vangit
Void Meditation Cult - Sulfurous Prayers
Vegas Martyrs - Vancouver Missing Women
Venus Star - Son Of Venus Destroyer
White Medal / Caina
Wince / Grain Belt
Wince - s/t
Wince - Vasovagal Syncope
Ziel Bevrijd - s/t


Silencer - death-Pierce Me (Pic LP)
Excrement of War / Deformed Conscience
Sexdrome - Grown Younger
Circle Of Ouroborus - Unituli
Circle Of Ouroborus - Old Ghost
Teitanblood - Purging Tongue
Ashdautas/Bone Awl +7"


Kruel Kommando / Forbidden Citaldel Of Spirit
Wrathprayer - In Utter Darkness
Nuit Noire - Delïrant Fantäesy
Russian Tsarlag/Lesson Lesson
Crooked Cross - s/t
Infernal Stronghold/Gatt
Church Whip - s/t
性交 - s/t

Necro Hippies -Have Fun
Taylor Bow - Thin Air


Akitsa - La grande Infamie (M)
Nuit Noire - Fäerical Blasting Punk (S)
Nyogthaeblisz - Hoodie (M)
Forteresse - Crepuscule d'Octobre Longsleeve (M)
Bathory - In Memory of Quorton (S)
Ephemer (M)
Angantyr - Endeløs (Longsleeve) (M)
Miserere Luminis (M)
Leviathan -Bootleg logo shirt (M)
Thorr's Hammer (M)
Vberkvlt 's "The Thing" shirt (M)

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:57 am
Posts: 2
PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:28 am 

Wow! great stuff you are looking for. I like what I have experienced. Mare Hoodie can be availed at the Alternative Hoodies. Best collection of long sleeves hoodies can be found. :thumbsup:

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