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Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:04 pm 

I am looking for stuff that i want to listen too, i have way too many cds and never listen to many of these. Looking for older metal mainly that i would listen too, would offer multiple cds for older hard to get stuff. Not very rare but looking for these King Diamond Picture cd 1999 Massacre and Eric Steel-Eric Steel Retrospective Records. Will also take multiple carboard promos and spv jewel case promos for a cd of mine. PM with your list and see if we can get a deal going. Like i said the more rare a cd being offered in a trade, the more i would offer :) Not particularly looking for black metal or death metal but send a list anyways if interested. Most cds are in excellent shape, many of the open cds i have maybe played a couple of times. Any problems are usually listed. Please no bootlegs. Cheers

Underlined = recent cd put on cd List.

*** On Hold

New Still Sealed

Aina-Days Of Rising Doom The Metal Opera LTD ED. 2003 Transmission 2 CD + 1 DVD Still Sealed
Amy Grant-Amy Grant Remastered 2007 EMI Still Sealed
Astral Doors-Evil Is Forever 2005 Locomotive Still Sealed
At Vance-Chained 2005 AFM still Sealed
Axehammer-Windrider 2006 Sentinel Steel Still Sealed
Ayreon-Timeline 2008 Inside Out/SPV 3 CD + 1 DVD Boxset Brilliant Still Sealed
Bloodbound-Tabula Rasa 2009 Blistering Still Sealed
Burning In Hell-Believe 2006 Encore Records Still Sealed
Burning In Hell-Burning In Hell 2004 Encore Records Still Sealed
Cyberya-Mind Control 2001 Breaker/SPV Still Sealed
Cyper Seer-Awakening Day 2007 Sentinel Steel Still Sealed
D.C. Lacroix-Crack Of Doom/Livin By The Sword 2008 Reissue Retrospect Still Sealed
Dark Nova-Sivilla 2005 Black Lotus Still Sealed
Dokken-From Conception Live 1981 Rhino Still Sealed
Domine-Dragonlord (Tales Of The Noble Steel) 1999 Metal Blade/Dragonheart Still Sealed
Dream Evil-United 2006 Century Media 2 CDs (Has a Bonus CD) Still Sealed
Eighteen Visions-Eighteen Visions 2006 Trustkill/Epic Still Sealed
Eyefear-The Unseen 2009 Dockyard 1/Locomotive Still Sealed
Funeral For a Friend-Tales Don't Tell Themselves 2007 Atlantic Still Sealed
Goldfinger-Disconnection Notice 2005 Maverick Still Sealed
Griffin-No Holds Barred 2003 VME Still Sealed
Grimmstine-Grimmstine 2009 Metal Heaven Still Sealed
Hammerfall-Threshold 2006 Nuclear Blast Digipk Still Sealed
Him-The Kiss Of Dawn 2007 Sire Records Hot Topic Exclusive 2 Track Still Sealed
Hollow-Modern Cathedral 1998 Nuclear Blast Still Sealed
Jet-Dirty Sweet EP 2003 Elektra Still Sealed
Legion-Shadow Of The King 2006 Majestic Rock Still Sealed
Lizzy Borden-Appointment With Death 2000 Metal Blade Still Sealed
Luca Turilli - Demonheart Still Sealed
Marshall Law-Power Game 2008 Reissue Krescendo Records Still Sealed
Memorized Dreams-Theater Of Life 2004 Sound Riot Still Sealed
Mest-Photographs 2005 Maverick With Bonus DVD Still Sealed
Metal Church-A Light In The Dark 2006 SPV Still Sealed
Metatrone-The Poertful Hand 2006 Scarlet/SPV Stell Sealed
Moon'Doc-Get Mooned 1996 Saraya/Koch Still Sealed
No Warning-Suffer Survive 2012 Warner Bros.Still Sealed
Operator-Soulcrusher 2007 Atlantic Still Sealed
Panzer X-Steel Fist 2006 Metal Mind Still Sealed
Phantom Planet-Raise The Dead 2008 Atlantic Still Sealed
Primal Fear-Horroscope 2001 Nuclear Blast Shaped CD Still Sealed
Ravage-The End Of Tomorrow 2009 Metal Blade Still Sealed
Requiem-Requiem Forever 2005 Scarlet Still Sealed
Rosa Ignea-Ancient Eyes 2006 Erpland Still Sealed
Sammy Hagar And The Wabos-Livin It Up 2006 Rhino Still Sealed
Simple Plan-MTV Hard Rock Live 2005 Atlantic Still Sealed
Skylark-Gate Of Heaven Divine Gates Part 2 Underground Symphony/SPV Still Sealed
Squealer-Under The Cross 2002 Limited Edition Digipak AFM still Sealed
Star One-Live On Earth 2003 Inside Out 2 CD Set Still Sealed
Steel Assassin-War Of The Eight Saints 2007 Sentinel Steel Still Sealed
Suffocation-The Best Of 2007 Roadrunner Still Sealed
Team Sleep-Team Sleep 2005 Maverick Still Seale
The Company-Awaking Under Dogs 2002 Still Sealed
Therion-Live Gothic 2008 Nuclear Blast 2 CD + 1 DVD Boxset Still Sealed
Tipton, Entwistle And Powell-Edge Of The World 2006 Rhino Still Sealed
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog-Come Poop With Me 2003 Warner Bros. With Bonus DVD Still Sealed
Vhaldemar-Fight To The End 2002 Arise/SPV Still Sealed
Viron-N.W.O.G.H.M. 2006 Sonic Age Still Sealed
Wizards-The Kingdom 2002 Encore Still Sealed
XYZ-Letter To God 2003 XYZ Music Still Sealed
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force-Marching Out 1985 Polydor Still Sealed Made In West Germany
Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force-ST 1984 Polydor Still Sealed Made In West Germany
Yngwie J. Malmsteen-Trilogy 1986 Polydor Still Sealed Made In West Germany
Majesty-Hellforces 2006 Massacre Ltd. Ed. Digipak Sealed
Redrum-Power Corrupts 2007 Evil Legend Records Reissue/Remaster with Lots Of Bonus Still Sealed

The Good
2preciious-2preciious 1996 L.M.D. Lee Aaron side project
3 Inches Of Blood-Fire Up The Blades 2007 Roadrunner
48 Crash-Some Like It Hot 1990 Fortune Records
Abraham And The Tribe 1993 Empire/Long Island
Agressor-Deathreat 2006 Season Of Mist Digipak with Bonus DVD
Amaran-Pristine In Bondage 2003 Listenable Ltd Ed with slipcase and bonus track
Anarion-Unbroken 2006 Majestic Rock with Bonus DVD
Angra-Fireworks 1998 Lucretia/Rock Brigade
Angra-Freedom Call 1996 Digipak Rising Sun/LMP
Apophis-Heliopolis 1999 Pavement
Arachnes-Primary Fear 2003 Scarlet Digipak
Arachnes-The Goddess Temple 2001 Scarlet Digipak
Arkhe-Arkhe 1997 Underground Symphony
Armada-Don't Give Up The Ship 1992 Oceana
Armored Saint-Revelation 2000 Metal Blade
Athena-Inside The Moon 1995 Pick Up Records
Avantasia-The Flying Opera 2011 Nuclear Blast Digipak Boxset 2 DVD Set + 2 CD Set (4 Disc In Total)
Axenstar-The Inquisition 2005 Arise
Bad Sister-Heartbreaker
Bad Wizard-Sky High 2005 Howler Records
Bates Motel-TOOM (Tales Of Ordinary Madness) 196 Tomcat
***Bathory-Jubileum Volume 1 2003 Reissue Black Mark
Beto Vázquez Infinity-Beto Vázquez Infinity 2001 Nems Enterprises
Bitch-Be My Slave/Damntion Alley 1997 Reissue Metal Blade
Black Sabbath-Live At Last 2001 reissue Power Sound
Blizzard From Oz-A Tribute To Bob Daisley 2008 CMRRA Features Miel Murray,Joe Lalonde, Dario Mollo, Rolf Munkes, Bobby Rondinelli
Bloodlust-Guilty As Sin/Terminal Velocity 2007 Reissue Old Metal
C.O.E.-Metal 2000 Shark/Point
Cans-Beyond The Gates 2004 Noise Digipak
Carl Dixon-Into The Future 2001 MTM/SPV
Cathedral-Hopkins The Witchfinder General 1995 Earache
Centvrion-Arise Of The Empire 1999 Scarlet/SPV
Chastain-The 7th Of Never/The Voice Of The Cult 2004 Remaster Leviathan
Children Of Bodom-Tokyo Warhearts 2002 Repress Spinefarm
Circle Of Pain-Paradox Of Destitution Digipak Progressive metal 2001 MTM/SPV
Confessor-Sour Times EP 2005 Season Of Mist
Contraband-Contraband 1991 Impact
Crimson Glory-Astronomica 200? Metal Mind Reissue 2 CD Set Ltd Ed # 0122 Of 2000 Digipak
Crossfire-See You In Hell/Second Attack 2002 Mausoleum Mausoleum 20th Anniversay Series
Cryonic Temple-In The Power 2005 LMP
Crystal Ball-Virtual Empire 2002 Nuclear Blast
Dark Age-Dark Age 2004 Remedy Records Special Edition with Bonus DVD and Comes In A Slipcase
Dark Lord-The Metal Years 1982-1985 2005 Remastered Steelheart
Dawnrider-Fate Is Calling (PT. I) 2005 Massacre
Deadly Blessing-An Eye To The Past 2005 Hellion
Deadriver Wasteland-They Die We Fight 2007 Indie Brilliant Death Thrash
Dedication-Reflections Of Time 2004 Underground Symphony Digipak
Deep Purple-Abandon 1998 CMC/BMG
Deliverance-The Ultimate Revenge 1993 Griffin
Delpht-Screams Of Ice 2001 Die Hard
***Dio-Holy Diver Live 2006 Eagle 2 CD Set
Divine Regal-Ocean Mind 1997 Metal Blade/SPV
Domine-Emperor Of The Black Runes 2004 Dragonheart/SPV Digipak
Domine-Stormbringer Ruler 2001 Dragonheart/SPV Digipak
Drakkar-Quest For Glory 1998 Dragonheart Digipak ring that holds cd in place is broken
Dustsucker-Diabolo Domination 2008 LMP
Eden-Open Minds 2006 Majestic
Elwing-Immortal Stories 2002 Cult Metal Classics
Emerald Rain-Broken Saviours 1997 Point/Frontiers
Emotion-Emotion 2006 Retroactive Special Edition
Entombed-Hollowman 1993 Earache/Columbia
***Exoristoi-Wrath Of Zeus 2006 Sonic Age Records
First Strike-Agony Pit 2006 Reissue MCD Retrothrash Records
Flames-Last Prophecy/Summon The Dead 2001 Reissue Unisound
Flames-Made In Hell 2001 Reissue Unisound
Flames-Merciless Slaughter 2001 Reissue Unisound
Forte-Division 1994 Massacre
Frehley's Comet-Live + 1 1988 Megaforce/Atlantic Wavy Back
Gardenian-Two Feet Stand 1997 Listenable
Gillan-Second Sight 2005 Snapper 2 CD Set
Godiva-Godiva 2003 LMP
Graven Image-People In Hell Still Want Ice Water 2005 Rob Rockhaus Records Pro CD-R From The Band
Grief-Come To Grief 1994 Century Media
Gun Barrel-Outlaw Invasion 2008 LMP
GZR-Ohmwork 2005 Sanctuary/EMI
Halford-Metal God Essentials Vol.1 2007 Metal God With Bonus DVD
Headline-Voices Of Presence 1999 NTS
Heimdall-The Temple of Theil 1999 Elevate/Point
Hellrazor-Feel The Sting 2006 Hellrazor
Helltrout-Vandingfondle 1993 Shock Tone Records
Hittman-Viva Machina 1993 Steamhammer/SPV
Hysterica-Metalwar 2009 Crong Records
Iced Earth-Night Of The Stormrider 2002 Century Media
Impending Doom-Signum Of Hate 1998 Perverted Taste/SPV
Inquisition-Anxious Death/Forever Under 2006 Nuclear War Now
Insania (Stockholm)-World Of Ice 1999 No Fashion
Iommi-Iommi 2000 Divine recordings
Iron Maiden-Dance Of Death 2003 EMI
Isengard-Crownless Majesty 2001 Hemisphere Digipak
Jaguar-Archive Alive Volume 1 2006 Majestic Rock
Jarra-Test Of Faith 2000 Lion Music
Jeff Paris-Smack 1997 USG
Judas Priest-Demolition 2001 Steamhammer
Judas Priest-Meltdown '98 Live 1998 CMC 2 CD Set
Juggernaut-Black Pagoda 1994 Noise
Kick Axe-Rock The World 2005 Reissue Elfin
King Karma-King Karma 2003 Indie
Kingcrow-Something Unknown 2001 Videoradio Distribuzioni
Kings X Ty Tabor, Jerry Gaskill Two In One Boxset-Safety/Come Somewhere 2006 Inside Out/SPV
Kittie-Funeral For Yesterday 2006 Caroline/EMI With Bonus DVD
L.A.Guns-Vicious Circle 1994 Polydor/BMG Direct
Laaz Rockit-City's Gonna Burn ???? Old Metal
Labyrinth-No Limits 2005 Arise
Labyrinth-Timeless Crime 1999 Metal Blade Tab Indents
Lalu-Oniric Metal 2005 Lion Music
Landguard-Eden Of A Parallel Dimension 2004 Underground Symphony Digipak
Last Empire-Last Empire 2004 Underground Symphony Digipak
Last Hard Men-ast Hard Men 2001 Reissue Eage Rock
Leaves Eyes-We Came With The Northern Winds 2009 Napalm Boxset 2 DVD + 2 CD
Lions Share-Entrance 2001 Massacre
Lizzy Borden-Master Of Disguise 2007 Metal Blade 25th Anniversay Edition With Bonus DVD And Slipcase.
Machine Head-The More Things Change...1997 Roadrunner
Malhavoc-Get Down 1994 Cargo
Maniac-Maniac + Look Out 2009 Koch Records Reissue
Master Fister-Third Prophecy 1999 Lost Horizon
Masters Of Reality-Deep In The Hole 2001 Brownhouse/Mascot
Medicine-Shot Forth Self Living Def 1992 American
Mercenary-The Hours That Remain 2006 Century Media With Bonus DVD
Mercy-Swedish Metal/Mercy 2003 TPL Productions Messiah Marcolin From Candlemass on Vocals
Mercy-Victory March 2003 TPL Productions
Metallica-Death Magnetic 2008 WB Digipak
Metallica-Load 1996 WB
Metallica-St. Anger 2003 Elektra Digipak With Bonus DVD
Midryasi-Midryasi 2005 Iron Tyrant Limited to 1000 Copies
Mindscape-Dismantling Evolution 2002 Indie
Monster Voodoo Machine-Burn 1992 Epidemic
Mutiny-Muted 2000 Steel Gallery
Mystery Blue-Claws Of Steel 2006 Mausoleum
Napalm Death-Harmony Corruption 1990 Earache
No Other Way-Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump 2010 No Other Way
Nokturnel-Fury Unleased 2001 Nokturnel Eclipse
Once And Future King-Part 2 2003 Frontiers Digipak
Opeth-The Roundhouse Tapes 2010 Peaceville Boxset 2 CD + 1 DVD
Order Of Nine-Season Of Reign 2004 Nightmare
Overdrive-Angelmaker 2001 Lion Music
Overlorde-Return Of The Snow Giant 2004 Sonic Age Records
Paul Dianno And Killers-South American Assault Live 1994 Magnetic Air
Petra-This Means War 1987 Star Song
Phantom Lords-Temple Of Metal 2005 Steelheart
Piledriver-Metal Manifesto 2008 Northern Storm With Bonus DVD
Pink Cream 69-Food For Thought 1999 Massacre
Planet Gemini-SuperGod DevilMan 2003 Gemini
Pod People-Doom Saloon 2002 High Beam Music
Point Of Power-It's About Time 1992 BEI/MCA
Power-Justice Of Fire 1996 RTN
Prey-The Hunter 2005 Mausoleum
Pylon-The Eternal Wedding Band 2005 Quam Libet Recordings
Queensryche-Queensryche 1988 EMI/Capitol
Raise Cain-Stench 1995 Mascot
Raven-Raw Tracks 1999 Metal Blade
Raven-Stay Hard 1998 Mayhem Reissue
Raven-The Pack Is Back 1998 Mayhem Reissue
Reckless-Reckless 2004 MTM Classix/SPV
Rekuiem-Time Will Tell 2006 Majestic Rock
Requiem-The Arrival 2002 Sound Riot
Revenge-Sticked To Your Back 2003 Nasty/Wagram
Rust-Shoot Them Higher 2003 Reissue Unisound #536 Of 1300
Sabbath Crosses-Tributo A Black Sabbath 2004 Delanuca Great song GReat Bands songs from all Eras Of B.S. Digipak Corners a Little Rough
Sabbat-History Of Time To Come 2000 Reissue Noise
Sacred Reich-Heal 1996 Attic/Metal Blade
Saigon Kick-Water 1993 Atlantic
Saint Vitus-Heavier Than Thou ???? Repress SST
Sanctity-Road To Bloodshed 2007 Roadrunner
Savatage-Dead Winter Dead 1995 Atlantic
Savatage-Edge Of Thorns 1993 Atlantic
Savatage-Handful Of Rain 1994 Atlantic
Saxon-Beast Of Rock 20?? Euro Trend Records
Scorn-White Irises Blind 1997 Earache
***Scorpions-Alien Nation 1993 Mercury CD Maxi Single
***Scorpions-Eye To Eye 1999 East West/Warner
Section VIII-Not Of Sound Mind 2004 Sound Mind Music
Shadows Of Steel-Heroes 2000 Underground Symphony MCD
Silent Rage-Don't Touch Me There 2001 Reissue Z Records
Sinner-The End Of Sanctuary 2000 Nuclear Blast Digipak
Sircle Of Silence-Suicide Candyman 1995 Koch Records
Spittin Jonah-Louder Tha Hell 2000 Brofus Records
Steel Prophet-Shallows Of Forever 2007 Steel Legacy Only 1000 Copies
Stormhammer-Lord Of Darkness 2004 Mausoleum
Stormwind-Legacy 2004 Massacre 2 CD Edition
Stormwind-Reflections 2001 Massacre
Strapping Young Lad-Tour EP 2003 Century Media
Strike-Strike 2006 Reissue Retrospect MCD
Stryper-Can't Stop The Rock 1991 Hollywood/A&M
Tattoo Rodeo-Rode Hard Put Away Wet 1991 Atlantic
Tenacity-Broken Silence 1995 Indie
Tenacity-Tenacity 1993 Indie
Testament-The Legacy 1987 Atlantic
Testament-The New Order 1988 Megaforce/Atlantic
The Accused-Straight Razor 1991 Nastymix
Therion-The Miskolc Experience 2009 Nuclear Blast Boxset 2 CD + 1 DVD
Tidal Force-Will To Power 1993 Atico Records
Tiger Cult-Cold And Terrible 2004 Die Hard
TKO-In Your Face And Up Your Ass 2000 Metal Mayhem Reissue 2 CD Set
Torian-Dreams Under Ice 2005 Underground Symphony Digipak
Treponem Pal-Aggravation 1991 Roadracer
Treponem Pal-Treponem Pal 1989 Roadrunner
Tristania-Tristania 1997 Napalm/SPV
Tristania-Widow's Weeds 1998 Napalm/SPV
Trouble-Warrior 2005 Reissue SMA Swedish Band Only on Vinyl 1985
Turisas-Battle Metal 2004 Century Media
Tyrant-King Of Kings 2009 Old Metal Re-issue with 5 Bonus Tracks US Band
Tyrant-Mean Machine 2008 Battle Cry Records Remaster with Bonus Tracks German 80s Band
Tyrant-Ruling The World 2008 Battle Cry Records Remaster with Bonus Tracks German 80s Band
Tyrant-Tyrant 2009 Steel Legacy 2 CD set NWOBHM Band Ltd To 1,000 Copies
Tyrus-Masters Of Revenge 2001 Iron Glory
Ultimatum-The Mechanics Of Perilous Times 2000 Indie
VA-Discharged (various Bands From Discharged Records) 1992 Progressive
VA-Metal Masters 4 CD Set 1993 Castle Communications 60 Songs Of NWOBHM Motorhead,Pink Fairies,Excalibur,Raven,Groundhogs,Artillery,Crucifixion
Vanden Plas-Far Off Grace 1999 Inside Out/SPV/LMP
Verbal Deception-AURUM AETUS PIRATICUS 2006 Scarab Indie Death/Folk And Power Metal Mix
VersOver-House Of Bones 2003 Mausoleum
Vhaldemar-I Made My Own Hell 2003 Arise
Vice Human-Vice Human/Metal Attack 2003 Reissue Unisound
Vicious Circle-Fine Line 1996 Bidageriro Music
Viking Skull-Chapter One 2003 Grand Union
Virgin Steele-The Book Of Burning 2001 Noise
Voivod-Infini 2009 Sonic Unyon Digipak
Voivod-Katorz 2006 The End Records
***Von Groove-Von Groove 1992 Chrysalis
Vyper-Prepared To Strike2008 Reissue Retrospect
WASP-The Crimson Idol 1998 Snapper 2 CD Set
Wild T And The Spirit-Love Crazy 1991 WEA
Witchburner-Blasphemic Assault 1998 Undercover Records
World On Edge-Against All Gods 1993 Virgin
Black Sabbath-Black Mass 1999 Pilot Enhanced CD with Blood Pack Slipcase
Burnt By The Sun 2009 Relapse
***Europe-Out Of This World 1988 CBS
Firehouse-Firehouse 1990 CBS
Frozen Ghost-Nice Place To Visit 1988 WEA
Fudge Tunnel-In a Word 1994 Earache
Hanger-Inside Your Soul 2001 Die Hard/Rock Brigade
Iron Maiden-A Real Live Dead One 1998 EMI EnHanced CD Still Sealed 2 CD
Iron Maiden-Live At Donnington 1998 EMI EnHanced CD Still Sealed 2 CD
Jacknife-Moment Of Reckoning 2006 Zero Sum
Lordian Guard-Lordian Guard 1995 Prior Russian Press
Megalomaniax - Information Overload 1992 Vertigo
Ozzy Osbourne-Ozzmosis 1995 Sony
Roko-Think about Tomorrow 1994 Long Island
Sacred Oath-A Crystal Vision 2001 Sentinel Steel
Sigue Sigue Sputnik-Flaunt It 1986 EMI
Tearabyte-Embrace Oblivion 2002 Screaming Ferret Wreckords
Twisted Sister-Come Out And Play 1985 Atlantic
Twisted Sister-Love Is For Suckers 1987 Atlantic
VA-King Of The Witches Black Widow Tribute 2000 Black Widow Has some Killer Death SS tracks
Venom-The Court Of Death 2000 Receiver Records
White Skull-Public Glory, Secret Agony 2000 Breaker/Nuclear Blast
Whitesnake-Good To Be Bad 2008 SPV Limited Edition 2 CD With Outer Slipcase

Japan Releases With The OBI Strip
Alice Cooper-The Eyes Of Alice Cooper 2003 Spitfire/Victor Japanese With OBI
Amorphis-Chapters 2003 with Bonus DVD Victor Japan with Large OBI small Saw Cut
Carmen Gray-The Portrait Of Carmen Gray 2007 BMG Japanese With OBI
Falcon-Chartscraper 1998 Teichiku Records With OBI
Octavia Sperati-Winter Enclosure 2006 Asian Alliance/Candlelight Japanese With OBI
Rattlesnake Remedy-Magic Man 2007 Bem/Vinyl Junkie Japanese with OBI
Robby Valentine-The Magic Infinity 1994 Polydor Japanese With OBI
The Black Crowes-Lions 2001 V2 Japanese With OBI
The Cult-Born Into This 2007 Roadrunner Japanese With OBI
The Toll-Sticks & Stones & Broken Bones 1991 Geffen/Victor Japanese With OBI

Japan Releases WITHOUT The OBI Strip
Captor-Drowned 1997 Avalon Japanese With NO OBI
Dirty Trashroad-Dirty Trashroad 1994 Japanese With NO OBI

The Bad
Music Club CDs
Will Trade Multiple CDs for 1 good cd of yours (also will trade for Cardboard slipcase Promos)

Bachman-Any Road 1992 Columbia House
Mother Love Bone-Mother Love Bone 1992 Mercury 2 CD Set Columbia House Edition
Steve Vai-Fire Garden 1996 Sony/Columbia House
Steve Vai-Passion And Warfare 1990 Relativity/Columbia House
Testament-The Ritual 1992 Atlantic/Columbia House
Black Sabbath-Paranoid 1994 Issue Warner Bros BMG Direct
Yes-Open Your Eyes 1997 Beyond/Columbia House

Known Boots Silvers
Make An Offer-Will trade Multiple copies for a good CD.
Attakk-Attakk 2005 Strike Force
Attila-Rolling Thunder 2006 VH
Blacksmith-Blacksmith/The Fire Within
Carrie-Carrie 2005 Time Warp Still Sealed
Fist-Danger Zone 2005 Rock It
Fist-Hot Spikes 2005 Rock It
Grinder-Dead End (Very good Russian Copy I suspect. Every thing looks really good including Matrix, but the color scheme is off on cd. Cd is all a purplish color instead of Blue Grinder and Black Writing)
Megadeth-Oakland 1992 Live Storm 1992
Osiris-The Hand Of Fate 2006 Strike Force
Stepchild-No Chrome 2006 Time Warp Still Sealed
Victim-Power Hungry 2005 Rock It

The Ugly
The "what was i fucking thinking" pile of CDs i purchased or got free from friends!
Could Trade Mutiple CDs for 1 good cd of yours (also will trade for Cardboard slipcase Promos)

Alias-Alias 1990 Capitol Classy AOR/Hardrock
Alice Cooper-Freak Out Song 1994 Retro Music
Andrew W.K.-The Wolf 2003 Island
Arcade-A/2 1994 Epic/Sony
Blind Melon-Blind Melon 1992 Capitol
David Drew-Safety Love 1988 MCA
Degarmo & Key-Go To The Top 1991 Benson
Degarmo And Key-The Pledge 1992 Star Song
Drivin N Cryin-Smoke 1993 Island
Drop Acid-Making God Smile 1991 Restless
Enuff Znuff-Strength 1991 Atlantic
George Lynch-Furious George 2004 Shrapnel
***Glass Tiger-Diamond Sun 1988 Capitol
Guano Apes-Dodel Up 2001 Gun/BMG Maxi Single
***Haywire-Don't Just Stand There 1987 Attic
Haywire-Nuthouse 1990 Attic
Heavy Pettin-Lettin Loose 2003 Reissue Majestic Rock
Jeff Martin-Exile And Thy Kingdom 2006 Nevada/Koch
Journey-Raised On Radio 1986 Columbia
Lenny Kravitz-5 1999 Virgin
Lenny Kravitz-Circle 1995 Virgin
Lenny Kravitz-Let Love Rule 1989 Virgin
Mr. Mister-Welcome To The Real World 1985 RCA
National Velvet-Courage 1990 Capitol
Neil Young-Mirror Ball 1995 Reprise
Nirvana-Nevermind 1991 Geffen
Offspring-Smash 1994 Epitaph
Pixies-Planet Of Sound 1991 MCD Vertigo
Pornosonic-Cream Streets 2000 Virgin Monk Muzik
R.A.W-First 2004 MTM/SPV
Red Kross-Visionary 1993 CD Maxi Single
Richard Marxs-Repeat Offender 1989 Capitol
Rik Emmett-Ipso Facto 1992 Duke Street/MCA
Rose-Crazy Little World 1994 Intense
Saigon Kick-Water 1993 Atlantic
Sponge-Rotting Pinata 1994 Chaos/Sony
Steve Vai-The Elusive Light And Sound Vol. 1 2002 Favored Nations in 3D Black Box
Sun Red Sun-Sun Red Sun 1995 Repress Sun Red Sun
The Call-Let The Day Begin 1989 MCA
The Drowned-If Happiness Is Water 1994 Indie Folk
The Lost-The Lost 1991 Sony
Triumph The Insult Comic Dog-Come Poop With Me 2003 Warner Bros. With Bonus DVD Still Sealed
Van Halen-Women And Children First 2000 Remaster Warner
Vinnie Moore-Time Odyssey 1988 Squawk Records/Mercury
Violent Femmes-New Times 1994 Elektra
Zappacosta-Innocence Ballet 1995 FRE

Hole Punch, Drill Hole, Saw Cut and Other Damage
Will Trade Multiple CDs for 1 good cd of yours (also will trade for Cardboard slipcase Promos)

Armed Forces-Take On The Nation 1991 Bizarre/Straight Records Small sawmark That Only Affects Back Cover
Channel Zero-Unsafe 1994 Metal Blade Hole Punch On Front Cover
Dio-Killing The Dragon 2002 Spitfire Hole Punch Through UPC Code
Dry Kill Logic-The Darker Side Of Nonsense 2001 Roadrunner Hole Punch
Entombed-DCLXVI To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth 1997 Music For Nations Limited 2 CD Digipak ooklet is Wavy and the Digipak is a little Rough
Fairyland-The Fall Of An Empire 2006 Napalm Small Drill Hole Through UPC Code
Falcon Scream-Falcon Scream 1994 Indie Wavy Front Cover
Flotsam And Jetsam-When The Storm Comes Down 1990 MCA 2 Small Drill Holes On Back Cover
Hand Of Doom- Live In Los Angeles - Black Sabbath Tribute 2002 Idaho Music (Front Cover has some small creass
Kick Axe-IV 2004 Elfin Hole Punch On UPC Code
Kragens-Kragens 2001 CVS Indie aHole Punch Through Front Cover
Law And Order-Guilty Of Innocence 1989 MCA Small Drill Hole On Front Cover
Leaves Eyes-Into Your Eyes 2004 Napalm Maxi Single Damaged CD Case
Living Sacrifice-Inhabit 1994 Rex Small initial on inside front cover
Metal Church-The Weight Of The World 2004 SPV Drill Hole Through UPC but still sealed
Narnia-Awakening 1998 Nuclear Blast Small Drill Hole
Nocturnal Rites-Tales Of Mystery And Imagination 1998 Century Media Both Inserts Wavy
Orion Riders-A New Dawn 2003 Lion Music Felt Pen Line Through Barcode and A Couple Creases On Back Cover
Osaka Popstar And The Legends of American Punk 2006 Rycodisc With Bonus DVD Hole Punch On UPC (jerry Only and marky Ramone)
Reverend-World Won't Miss You 1990 Charisma/WEA Small Saw Cut On Spine
Rondinelli-Our Cross Our Sins 2002 MTM/SPV Saw Cut
Shy England-Misspent You 1990 MCA Small Drill Hole on UPC Code
Sound Barrier-Total Control 19?? Old Metal Records Reissue with Born To Rock EP as Bonus Front and Back Inserts are Photo Copies
The Cult-Heart Of Soul 1992 Maxi single Beggars Banquet Front Had some Creases
The Quill-Voodoo Caravan 2001 SPV Saw Cut
The Storm-The Storm 1991 Interscope/Atlantic Small Wavy On The Front Cover
VA-The Keepers Of Jericho A Tribute To Helloween 2000 Arise Sawcut
Violent Storm-Storm Warning 2007 Gold Storm Records Small Drill Hole
Animosity-Animal 2007 Metal Blade Hole Punch
April Wine-Greatest Hits 1991 Aquarius Scratched But Plays Fine
Baton Rouge-Shake Your Soul 1990 Atlantic Saw Cut
Chinchilla-Madtropolis 2003 Metal Blade Hole Punch
Destruction-Mad Butcher/Eternal Devastation 1986 SPV/Steamhammer Scratched To Shit But Plays Fine
Enuff Znuff-Enuff Znuff 1989 Atco/BMG Direct Saw Cut
Fiona-Heart Like a Gun 1989 Atlantic CD and Back insert Are Nice/Front Page Of Booklet is severely Damaged
Hall Aflame-Guaranteed Forever 1991 IRS Sawcut
Love Hate-Blackout In The Red Room 1990 Columbia/CBS Water Damage to Inserts, but CD Is Nice
Masters Of Reality-Masters Of Reality 1990 Delicious Vinyl Lots of Scuffs and Scratches But it does PLAY
Overkill-Fuck You And Then Some 1997 SPV Hole Punch
Overkill-Killbox 13 2000 Spitfire Scratched to hell But plays Fine
Overkill-Years Of Decay 1989 Atlantic Scratched to hell but plays fine
UFO-Ain't Misbehavin 1988 Enigma/Metal Blade Sawcut

Missing Bookel or Insert or Both The Booklet and Insert
Anvil-Plugged In Permanent 1996 Metal Blade/Hypnotic Only with Photo Copy of Front And Back Inserts
Atheist-Piece Of Time 1990 Death/Caroline Cd and Front Insert only, Back Insert Is a Very Good Photo Copy
Black Sabbath-Live Evil 198? WB 2 CDs Only with Photo Copy of Front And Back Inserts
Carbide-Spiral Termination 1994 Independency Cd and Back Insert only, Front Insert Is a Very Good Photo Copy
Confessor-Condemned 1991 Earache/Relativity Cd and Back Insert only, Front Insert Is a Very Good Photo Copy
Destruction-Metal Discharge 2003 Nuclear Blast Only with Photo Copy of Front And Back Inserts
Fisc-Handle With Care 1988 Musidisc Only With Very Good Scans Of Front And Back Inserts
Grave Digger-Rheingold 2003 Nuclear Blast Cd and Back Insert only, Front Insert Is Photo Copy
Headhunter-Parody Of Life 1990 Teichiku Japanese Only Comes with Lyric Booklet
Joe Lynn Turner-Under Cover 1997 Shrapnel Cd and Front Insert only, Back Insert Is a Very Good Photo Copy
Judas Priest-Metal Works 73-93 Sony 2 Cds, Only With Very Good Scans Of Front And Back Inserts
Leeway-Born To Expire 1996 Moshroom Only with Photo Copy of Front And Back Inserts
Loudness-Disillusion 1993 Denon Japanese Cd and Front Insert only, Back Insert Is a Very Good Photo Copy
Megadeth-KillingIs My Business 1999 Century Media Only With Very Good Scans Of Front And Back Inserts
Overkill-Coverkill 1999 CMC/BMG Cd and Front Insert only, Back Insert Is a Photo Copy
Quiet Riot-QR III 1986 Pasha/CBS Cd and Back Insert only, Front Insert Is a Photo Copy
Savatage-The Dungeons Are Calling 1994 Metal Blade Only with Photo Copy of Front And Back Inserts
Saxon-Rock N Roll Gypsies 1989 Enigma Cd and Back Insert only, Front Insert Is a Very Good Photo Copy
Sepultura-Schizophrenia 1987 Roadrunner Cd and Back Insert only
Soothsayer-Have A Good Time 1989 Restless Cd and Back Insert only, Front Insert Is a Very Good Photo Copy
Suicidal Tendencies-Join The Army 1987 Caroline Cd and Back Insert only, Front Insert Is a Very Good Photo Copy
Tigertailz-Banzai! 1991 Sony Japan Cd and Front Insert only, Back Insert Is a Very Good Photo Copy
Victory-That's Live 1988 Rampage CD Only, With Scans Of Front And Back Inserts

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 4:54 pm 

These are gone

Defyance - Transitional Forms
Gamma Ray - Powerplant
Wild Steel - S/T
Arthemis-Golden Dawn 2003 Underground Symphony Digipak
Absolute Steel - Womanizer
Dark Moor - Shadowland
Impellitteri - Pedal to the Metal
Racer X - Street Lethal
Silent Force - Worlds Apart
Skylark - The Princess Day
Vanden Plas - Colour Temple
Dark Moor - Hall of Olden Dreams Hole Punch
Heaven's Cry - Food for Thought Hole Punch

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:24 am 

These are gone

Falcon-Falcon 2004 Falcon
Medieval Steel-The Dungeon Tapes 2005 Medieval Steel Music Pro CDR from The Band
Lorenguard-Of Tales To Come 2005 Indie MCD
Ensiferum-Victory Songs 2007 Drakkar/Spinsfarm Dual Disc (one side is CD with Bonus, Other side is DVD with Bonus material on it)
Spittin Jonah-Sphere Of Resistance 2005 Brofus
Petra-Come And Join Us 1977 Repress Word
Power Quest-Wings Of Forever 2006 Reissue Majestic Rock Special ED. With Bonus DVD
Ultimatum-Puppet Of Destruction 1998 Rowe Productions
Custard-Wheels Of Time 2005 Mausoleum Still Sealed
DragonHeart-Vengeance In Black 2005 Hellion Still Sealed
Emerald-Hymns To Steel 2007 Pure Steel Still Sealed
Last Empire-Last Empire 2004 Underground Symphony Digipak
Sacred Oath - Darkness Visible
Ken Tamplin-We The People 1995 Rugged
Michael Sweet-Michael Sweet 1994 Benson

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:22 pm 

More Put On Hold

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:21 pm 

These are now gone

Anthrax-Volume 8 The Threat Is Real 1998 Ignition Records/Columbia House
Arcade-Arcade 1993 Epic/Sony
Blackston Gang-Kiss Reality Goodbye 1994 Spinner Records Hole Punch On Front Booklet
Girlschool- the legacy
Iron Maiden-Virus Maxi CD Single CD 1 with Slipcase and 5 Post Cards 1996 EMI
Jani Lane-back down to one
Junkyard-Junkyard 1989 Geffen/Columbia House
Kik Tracee-No Rules 1991 BMG Small Drill Hole On Spine
King Diamond-The Spiders Lullabye 1995 Attic/Metal Blade/BMG Direct
L.a. Guns-Tales from...
Loud N Nasty-Teaser Teaser 2005 Perris
Loudness-Soldier Of Fortune 1989 ATCO Small Hole on Front Spine
Megadeth-London, England 1987 (Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England 03/06/1987.
Mercyful Fate-In The Shadows 1993 Metal Blade
Metallica-Detroit Bad Boys Deep Records 1992 2 CD Fat Box(Live At The Palace,Auburn Hills, MI 03/11/1991)
Metallica-Texas 1989 PostScript/Redline 1992 (live At Veterans Memorial Austin Texas 02/02/1989)
Metallica-The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited + 9 Bonus Tracks Lots of Scratches but plays Fine
Motley Crue-Saints Of Los Angeles 2008 Motley Records
Paul Black's L.A. Guns-Black List 2005 Black City Records
Roxxlyde-LOng Time Comin 1996 Paradise
Slick Toxik-Doing The Nasty 1992 Columbia House
SteelHeart-Steelheart 1990 MCA
Steelheart-Tangle In Reins 1992 MCA
Trixter-Trixter 1990 MCA

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 7:56 pm 

These are now gone

Triumph-Thunder Seven 1984 MCA
Honeymoon Suite-Honeymoon Suite 1984 Sire/WB
Tower City-All Or Nothing 1998 MTM/IRS
Harlan Cage-Forbidden Colors 1999 MTM
Yngwie Malmsteen-Trial By Fire: Live In Leningrad 1989 Polydor
Death Angel-Act III Geffen 1990
Sepultura-Arise 1991 RC/Columbia House
The Four Horsemen-Nobody Said It Was Easy 1991 Def American Small Wavy on Front Cover
Bad Company-Holy Water 1990 ATCO
Honeymoon Suite-Monsters Under The Bed 1991 WEA
Danger Danger-Screw It Epic/Sony Columbia House
WASP-The Neon God Part 1 The Rise 2003 Sanctuary/EMI
WASP-The Neon God Part 2 The Demise 2004 Sanctuary/EMI Still Sealed Saw Cut BUT does not look like it goes thru the case spine.
Pink Floyd the wall

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 2:38 pm 

These are gone now

Helstar-The King Of Hell 2008 AFM Still Sealed
Virgin Steele-Visions Of Eden 2006 Sanctaury Still Sealed
Annihilator-King Of The Kill 1994 Music For Nations
Damien Thorne-The Sign Of The Jackal 2003 Reissue High Vaultage
Hazzard-Hazzard 1994 Mausoleum Classix
Living Death-Vengeance Of Hell 1994 Mausoleum Classix
Rumble Militia-Stop Violence And Madness 1991 Century Media Tab Indent
TT Quick- Metal Of Honor 1986 Megaforce/Caroline
Virgin Steele-The House Of Atreus Act I 1999 Noise
Virgin Steele-The House Of Atreus Act II 2000 Noise 2 Cd Set
Warhead-Speedway 1994 Mausoleum Classix
Edwin Dare-My Time To Die 1998 Marmaduke Small Factory Flaw at bottom Of Front Booklet

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:48 pm 

These are gone

White Spirit-White Spirit 2 CD reissue 2005 Neat Records/Castle (Janick Gers 1st Band)
Power Quest-Magic Never Dies 2005 Majestic Digi with Outer sleeve + Bonus DVD
Symphony X-V The New Mythology Suite
Spirit Web-Spirit Web
saint Vitus-Born Too Late ???? Repress SST
Saint Vitus-Mournful Cries ???? Repress SST
Obsession-Marshall Law 199? Metal Blade/SPV
Nasty Savage-Nasty Savage 1994 Metal Blade
Dream Child-Reaching The Golden Gates
Ostrogoth-Ecstasy And Danger/Full Moon Eyes
Agent Steel-Alienigma
Metal Church-This Present Wasteland 2008 SPV Still Sealed

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:28 pm 

these are gone

Equilibrium-Turis Fratyr
Exorcist-Nightmare Theater
Metalucifer-Heavy Metal Chainsaw
Metalucifer-Heavy Metal Drill
War Babies-War Babies
Possessed-Byond The Gates Seven Churches
Possessed-Seven Churches

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 10:23 am 

These are gone

Witchfynde-Lords Of Sin/Anthems 2002 Mausoleum Mausoleum 20th Anniversay Series Still Sealed
Chastain-Ruler Of The Wasteland 2008 Reissue Digipak With Bonus Shrapnel
Tyrant-Fight For Your Life 2008 Battle Cry Records Remaster with Bonus Tracks German 80s Band
Riot-Sons Of Society 1999 Attic/Metal Blade Canadian Edition
Atlain-G.O.E (Guardians of Eternity) 2005 Reissue With Bonus Sonic Age
Overkill-I Hear Black 1993 Columbia House

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:14 pm 

These are gone

Hanger-Inside Your Soul 2001 Die Hard/Rock Brigade
Krokus-Round 13 1999 Angel Air

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:22 pm 

These are gone

Seasons Of The Wolf-Seasons Of The Wolf 1996 Indie
Silver Mountain-Roses & Champagne 200? Metal Mind Reissue
Falconer-Among Beggars And Thieves 2008 Metal Blade
Spellbound-Incoming Destiny 2005 Armageddon Music Still Sealed
Pathos-Hoverface 1997 Black Mark
Warhead-Warhead Communique 1995 Members Of Warfare, Tank, Motorhead
Mallet Head-Yeah Yeah Yeah 1990 Frontiers
Warbringer-One By One The Wicked Fall 2006 Indie EP Pro CD-R from Band
Seyminhol-Northern Recital 2002 Brennus

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:48 am 

Excellent trade with CHONGeYeD!
The best trader in the world :-)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:02 am 

Updated as of Jan. 11/2013

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:47 pm 

These are gone now

Hellhound-Anthology 2008 Stormspell With Bonus DVD
Morningstar-Heretic Metal 1996 Moonlight
Witchkiller-Days Of Saxon 199? Metal Blade Still Sealed
Reckless Tide-Repent Or Seal Your Fate 2005 Armageddon With Bonus DVD Digipak
Sabbat-Dreamweaver 2007 Expanded Edition With Bonus tracks Noise/Sanctaury
Reaper-Fairies Return Kathargo 2012 Still Sealed
Silver Mountain-Breakin Chains 200? Metal Mind Reissue with Bonus Ltd Ed # 0987 Of 2000 Still Sealed
Silver Mountain-Skakin Brains 200? Metal Mind Reissue with Bonus Ltd Ed # 0965 Of 2000 Still Sealed
Silver Mountain-Universe 200? Metal Mind Reissue with Bonus Ltd Ed # 0611 Of 2000 Digipak
Abigor-In Memory 2000 Napalm EP
Falconer-Falconer 2001 Metal Blade
Holocaust-Live(Hot Curry And Wine) 2000 Reissue Edgy
Primal Fear-16.6 Before The Devil Knows You're Dead 2009 Digipak with bonus songs
Tyrant-Running Hot 2008 Battle Cry Records Remaster with Bonus Tracks
Vincent Beck Group-The Chasm 1992 West Viginia Records/SPV
Katatonia "The Black Sessions"

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:53 pm 

I will add more cds for trade soon, bunch more to add

These are now gone

Angel-White Hot 1992 Repress Mercury
Autograph-Sign In Please 1984 Victor/RCA
Gary Moore-After The War 1989 Virgin/Capitol
Genesis-Live 1973 Atlantic
Hawkwind-The Elf and The Hawk 1998 Black Widow Records
Husker Du-Metal Circus 1983 SST
Kiss-Hotter Than Hell 1989 Casablanca
Kiss-Love Gun 1989 Casablanca
Kiss-Rock And Roll Over 1989 Casablanca/Polygram
Magnum-Progressive Classics 1999 Purple Pyramid
Night Ranger-Live In Japan 1990 MCA
Nightwing-A Night Of Mystery Alive Alive 2000 Remastered Zoom Club
Nirvana-Singles Boxset 1995 Geffen 6 MCDs Box In aLittle Rough Shape Mainly Corners.
Sabbat-History Of A Time To Come 2007 Expanded Edition With Bonus tracks Noise/Sanctaury
Samson-Burning Emotion The Best Of 1985-1990 1996 Magnum America
Samson-The Masters 1998 Eagle Rock 2 CD Best Of
Savatage-From The Gutter To The Stage 1996 Concrete/Edel 2 CD Set
Slayer-Eternal Pyre 2006 American CD Single
Sonata Artica-Live In Finland 2011 2 CD + 2 DVD Digi Pak 4 Disc Total
Stryper-In God We Trust 1988 Hollywood Repress
Stryper-To Hell With The Devil 1986 Hollywood Repress
Supertramp-Crime Of The Century 1974 A & M
Sword-The Best Of 2006 Aquarius
Tora Tora-Wild America 1992 A & M
Trance-Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 1993 World OF Trance/Long Island
Van Zant-Get Right With The Man 2005 Columbia
Wallop-Metallic Alps 2008 Reissue Sonic Age Records 7 Bonus Tracks

Japan Releases With The OBI Strip
Nelson-After The Rain 1990 MCA/Victor Japanese With OBI
Nelson-Imaginator 1996 Victor Japanese With OBI

Japan Releases WITHOUT The OBI Strip
Megadeth-Wake Up Dead 1993 Toshiba Japan CD 1 Only of The Megadeth Megabox
Shy-Welcome To The Madhouse 1994 Meridian/Nippon Phonogram Japanese With NO OBI

Music Club CDs
Blue Murder-Blue Murder 1989 Geffen/Columbia House
Bon Jovi-Bon Jovi 1984 Columbia House
Sepultura-Beneath The Remains 1989 Roadrunner/BMG Direct
Winger-In The Heart Of The Young 1990 Atlantic/Columbia House

Known Boots Silvers
Metallica-Download The B-Sides
Rose Tattoo-Rock N Roll Outlaw/Assault and Battery believe this 2 for 1 is a bootleg because no date or record company is given. Although the packaging and cds looks very pro.
Torch-Electrikiss 2003 Time Warp Records With 1 Bonus Track

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:06 pm 

great trader for the second time!

Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 4:18 pm 

Hello Mr. CHONGeYeD,
I would be interested on Your Helltrout cd, if You would like I am willing to buy it from You.
Please, let me know if You Have it yet or it's gone already!
Thank You so much!

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