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Ba Zuulizx Karoth
Metal newbie

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:41 pm 

Hey! If anyone is interested in trading CD's or Cassettes, message me. I'm interested in material fromForbidden Citadel of Spirits, Vetala, Mons Veneris, Black Cilice, Harvest, Les Legions Noires demos, and any thing else similar.

I could trade you copies of my band, Wolfs Spell (black metal), or projects my friends and I are involved in, like Dvloev Rexoetre (black noise), Ba'Zuulizx (ritualistic black ambient), Karoth Azul (depressive black noise).

CD's for trade or Mail Order (prices in Canadian
Dollar and do not include shipping):

ARYAN BLOOD-Through Struggle to Victory $20
BA'ZUULIZX-Rehearsal I.-Unzr Aryzkreiche $10
BEHEMOTH-...And the Forests Dream Eternally $20
BEHEMOTH-Evangelion $20
BEKHIRA-Demo 1996 $10
BETHLEHEM-Dictius De Necare $15
BLACK SABBATH-Master of Reality $10
BURZUM-Burzum/Aske $20
BURZUM-Filosofem $20
CELTIC FROST-Morbid Tales $20
DARKTHRONE-Frostland Tapes $10
DARKTHRONE-Preparing For War $10
DEMONAZ-March of the Norse $10
EMPEROR-Live Inferno $10
GEHENNA-Seen Through the Veils of Darkness (The Second Spell) $10
GRAVELAND-Carpathian Wolves (does not come with booklet CD and case only) $20
IMMORTAL-All Shall Fall $10
PESTE NOIRE-La Sanie des Siècles - Panégyrique de la Dégénérescence $15
SAD/SAPTHURAN-Black Winter of Desolation $15
SATANIC WARMASTER-Strength and Honour $25
SATYRICON/ENSLAVED-The Forest Is My Throne/Yggdrasill $10
SEIGNEUR VOLAND/CHEMIN DE HAINE-Céremonie Chaotique...Pour Une Monde Mourant - Acte I & II $25
SLAYER-South of Heaven $10
TORGEIST-Devoted to Satan $30
VLAD TEPES-Black Legions Spirit $35
WATAIN-Rabid Death's Curse $15
WEAKLING-Dead as Dreams $30
WOOD OF YPRES-Independent Nature 2002-2007 $10
XASTHUR-Funeral of Being $15

Cassettes for trade or Mail Order $10 each:

BA'ZUULIZX-Vahtykkan Vyhrd Fuullyn (limited to 10 copies)
BILSKIRNIR-In Flames of Purification
DVLOEV REXOETRE-In Misty Woods Where Belial Reigns (limited to 10 copies)
DROWNING THE LIGHT-An Alignment of Dead Stars (limited to 300)
EMPIRE OF HATE/MORTHOND-split (hand numbered copy 12)
FOREST-Like A Blaze Above the Ashes
IMMORTAL HAMMER-Immortal Past (limited to 500)
ORTHANC-7 Ans De Reflexion
SKUGGEHEIM-Vinterrikets Konge
THA-NORR-Wolfenzeitalter (number 245 of 300)
WOLFS SPELL-Black Hordes Metal (limited to 33 copies)

North America $15 shipping
South America and Europe $20 shipping
Rest of the World $30 shipping
For orders of $60 or more only $15 shipping
Message me for more info.

Thanks for your time and have a good'r!

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