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Metal newbie

Joined: Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:25 am
Posts: 31
Location: Netherlands
PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:19 pm 

i’ve got a mixed bunch of black metal patches that i’m not using right now, so i figured i’d see if they could make someone else happy, and put them up for trade. if you’re interested, take a peek. or if you know someone excited about trading patches, let them know. i’m looking for death metal patches in return, at the moment. check the cut. ask for pictures if you wanna see any specific patch.

embroidered patches:

marduk - logo
luror - logo
volahn - logo
azaghal - logo (strip)
pestilential shadows - logo (back patch)
aeternus - logo (back patch)

printed patches:

tukaaria - logo
glossolalia - logo
the haunting presence - logo
grinning death’s head - logo
rhinocervs - logo (black on white)
taut - logo (black on white)
grand mood - logo (black on white)
ash pool - old logo (black on white)
raspberry bulbs - logo (pink on black)
yellow eyes - logo (yellow on black)

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Dec 14, 2004 2:31 pm
Posts: 2
Location: Peru
PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:04 pm 

EMAIL: dapkult@yahoo.com

1349 (nor)
44 Magnum (jpn)
5X (jpn)
Abattoir (usa)
Abhorer (sin)
Abhorrence (fin)
Abigail (jpn)
Abigor (aut)
Abomination (usa)
Abominator (aus)
Abruptum (nor)
Abscess (usa)
Absu (usa)
Abyssic Hate (aus)
Accept (ger)
Accuser (ger)
Acheron (usa)
Acid (bel)
Acid Reign (uk)
Acid Storm (bra)
Acridity (usa)
Adramelech (fin)
Aeternus (nor)
Agathocles (bel)
Agent Steel (usa)
Agony (swe)
Agressor (fra)
A-II-z (uk)
Akira Takasaki (jpn)
Alastis (swi)
Alastor (pol)
Alcatrazz (usa)
Altar (hol)
Amebix (uk)
Amon Amarth (swe)
Amorphis (fin)
Amputation (nor)
Anaal Nathrakh (uk)
Anacrusis (usa)
Anal Cunt (usa)
Anathema (uk)
Anatomy (aus)
Ancient (nor)
Ancient Rites (bel)
Angel Dust (ger)
Angel Witch (uk)
Angelcorpse (usa)
Angeles del Infierno (spa)
Annathema (ser)
Annihilator (can)
Antaeus (fra)
Anthares (bra)
Anthem (jpn)
Anthrax (usa)
Anti-cimex (swe)
Antidote (fin)
Antitese (bra)
Anvil (can)
Anvil Bitch (usa)
Aragorn (uk)
Archaic Torse (ger)
Archgoat (fin)
Arcturus (nor)
Arkangel (ven)
Armagedda (swe)
Armagedom (bra)
Armored Saint (usa)
Armoured angel (aus)
Artillery (dnk)
Asgard (ger)
Assassin (ger)
Astaroth (aut)
At the Gates (swe)
At War (usa)
Atheist (usa)
Atomic Aggressor (chl)
Atomica (bra)
Atomizer (aus)
Atomkraft (uk)
Atrocity (ger)
Atrophy (usa)
Attacker (usa)
Attentat Rock (fra)
Aura noir (nor)
Aus Rotten (usa)
Autopsy (usa)
Avenger (uk)
Averse Sefira (usa)
Avskum (swe)
Avskum (swe)
Axatak (aus)
Axe Witch (swe)
Axis of Advance (can)
Azaghal (fin)
Azhubham Haani (swe)
Azhubham Haani (swe)
Azul Limão (bra)
Bad Religion (usa)
Badana (spa)
Baltak (aus)
Banzai (spa)
Baphomet (usa)
Baptism (fin)
Barastir (ger)
Baron Rojo (spa)
Baseline (uk)
Bathory (swe)
Battleaxe (uk)
Bazzah (mys)
Beastcraft (nor)
Behemoth (pol)
Beherit (fin)
Belketre (fra)
Bella Bestia (spa)
Benediction (uk)
Bestial Mockery (swe)
Bestial Summoning (hol)
Bestial Warlust (aus)
Bewitched (swe)
Bitches Sin (uk)
Black Flag (usa)
Black Funeral (usa)
Black Sabbath (uk)
Black Shepherd (bel)
Black Witchery (usa)
Blackwych (irl)
Blasphemy (can)
Blasphereion (bel)
Blazemth (spa)
Blessed Death (usa)
Blind Guardian (ger)
Blinder (uk)
Blitzkrieg (uk)
Blizard (jpn)
Blood (ger)
Blood Feast (usa)
Blood Money (uk)
Blood Storm (usa)
Bloodcum (usa)
Bloodhammer (fin)
Bloodlust (usa)
Bloodshed (mys)
Bloodthorn (nor)
Blowin Free (aut)
Bolt Thrower (uk)
Bow Wow (jpn)
Brocas Helm (usa)
Broken Hope (usa)
Brujeria (mex)
Brutal Truth (usa)
Buffalo (uk)
Bulldozer (ita)
Bullet (ger)
Burner (uk)
Burning Vision (aut)
Burzum (nor)
Cacophony (usa)
Cacumen (ger)
Cadaver (nor)
Cancer (uk)
Candlemass (swe)
Cannibal Corpse (usa)
Carbonized (swe)
Carcass (uk)
Carnage (swe)
Carnivore (usa)
Carpathian Forest (nor)
Casbah (jpn)
Celtic Frost (swi)
Cenotaph (mex)
Ceremony (hol)
Chakal (bra)
Christ Agony (pol)
Christian Death (usa)
Chykle (arg)
Cianide (usa)
Circle Jerks (usa)
Cirith Ungol (usa)
Cockney Rejects (uk)
Conqueror (can)
Convulse (fin)
Coroner (swi)
Corpse Molestation (aus)
Count Raven (swe)
Coven (usa)
Covenant (nor)
Cradle of filth (uk)
Craft (swe)
Crazy Lazy (mex)
Cristal Y Acero (mex)
Cro-Mags (usa)
Cronos (uk)
Crossfire (bel)
Crumbsuckers (usa)
Cryptic Slaughter (usa)
Crystal Knight (dnk)
Cyclone (bel)
D.A.M. (uk)
D.B.C. (Dead Brain Cells) (can)
Damien (usa)
Danzig (usa)
Dark Angel (usa)
Dark Funeral (swe)
Dark Tranquillity (swe)
Darkness (ger)
Darkthrone (nor)
Dead (ger)
Dead Kennedys (usa)
Deadhead (hol)
Death (usa)
Death Angel (usa)
Death SS (ita)
Death Yell (chl)
Deathrow (ger)
Deathstrike (usa)
Deathwish (uk)
Deathwitch (swe)
Decadence (bel)
Decayed (por)
Deceased (usa)
Deeds of flesh (usa)
Deep Purple (uk)
Def Leppard (uk)
Defiance (usa)
Defleshed (swe)
Deicide (usa)
Dekapitator (usa)
Demigod (fin)
Demolition Hammer (usa)
Demon (uk)
Demon Pact (uk)
Demoncy (usa)
Demonic (nor)
Demonic Christ (usa)
Desaster (ger)
Desolation Angels (uk)
Despair (ger)
Destroyer 666 (aus)
Destroyers (pol)
Destruction (ger)
Destructor (usa)
Detente (usa)
Deteriorate (usa)
Dethrone (fin)
Devastation (usa)
Devil Doll (slo)
Devil Lee Rot (swe)
Diamond Head (uk)
Dimmu Borgir (nor)
Dio (usa)
Discharge (uk)
Disfear (swe)
Disharmonic Orchestra (aut)
Dismember (swe)
Dissection (can)
Dissection (swe)
Dodheimsgard (nor)
Dokken (usa)
Doom (jpn)
Dorsal Atlantica (bra)
Dragon (pol)
Dragonslayer (uk)
Dream Death (usa)
DRI (usa)
Driller Killer (swe)
Dropdead (usa)
Dying Fetus (usa)
Earthshaker (jpn)
Ekhymosis (col)
El Dragon (arg)
Elektradrive (ita)
Elixir (uk)
Embalmer (usa)
Emperor (nor)
English Dogs (uk)
Enslaved (nor)
Enthroned (bel)
Entombed (swe)
Equinox (nor)
Esoteric (uk)
Eternal Dirge (ger)
Evil Dead (usa)
Evil Sinner (bel)
Evo (spa)
Excess (fra)
Exciter (can)
Executer (bra)
Exhorder (usa)
Exodo (spa)
Exodus (usa)
Exorcist (usa)
Explicit Hate (bra)
Expulser (bra)
Exterminator (bra)
Extinction of Mankind (uk)
Extreme Noise Terror (uk)
Exumer (ger)
Ezo (jpn)
Ezy Meat (irl)
Factory (uk)
Faithful Breath (ger)
Fimbulwinter (nor)
Fist (uk)
Flames (grc)
Fleshcrawl (ger)
Fleurety (nor)
Flotsam & Jetsam (usa)
Fongus (mex)
Forbidden (usa)
Forgotten Woods (nor)
Fuck Off (spa)
Funeral Nation (usa)
Gammacide (usa)
Gehenna (nor)
Gehennah (swe)
General Surgery (swe)
Ghoul (usa)
Gillman (ven)
Girlschool (uk)
Glory Bell's Band (swe)
Goat Semen (per)
Goatlord (usa)
God Dethroned (hol)
God Macabre (swe)
Gogmagog (uk)
Goliath (spa)
Gorefest (hol)
Gorgon (fra)
Gorgoroth (nor)
Gorgoroth (nor)
Gorguts (can)
Gospel of the Horns (aus)
Grand Bite (ven)
Grave (swe)
Grave Digger (ger)
Graveland (pol)
Grim Reaper (uk)
Grinder (ger)
Guillotine (swe)
Hades (nor)
Hades (usa)
Hallows Eve (usa)
Hamlet (spa)
Handful of Hate (ita)
Havohej (usa)
Hawaii (usa)
Heathen (usa)
Heavy Load (swe)
Helheim (nor)
Hellhammer (swi)
Helloween (ger)
Hellraiser (rus)
Hellwitch (usa)
Helstar (usa)
Hermetica (arg)
Hetsheads (swe)
Hexenhaus (swe)
Hexx (usa)
Highway Chile (hol)
Hirax (usa)
Hiroshima (swe)
Hoax (fra)
Hobbs Angel of Death (aus)
Holocaust (uk)
Holocausto (bra)
Holocross (usa)
Holy Death (pol)
Holy Moses (ger)
Holy Terror (usa)
Horcas (arg)
Horna (fin)
Hypnosia (swe)
I Shalt Become (usa)
Iced Earth (usa)
Ildjarn (nor)
Immolation (usa)
Immortal (nor)
Immortal (nor) - Old Logo
Impaled (usa)
Impaled Nazarene (fin)
Impaler (usa)
Impetigo (usa)
Impulse Manslaughter (usa)
Impurity (bra)
In the Woods (nor)
Incantation (usa)
Incarnator (nor)
Incubus (uk)
Incubus (usa)
Infernal Majesty (can)
Infernum (pol)
Inquisition (col)
Insanity (usa)
Intruder (usa)
Invocator (dnk)
Iron Angel (ger)
Ironcross (fin)
Isengard (nor)
Isvind (nor)
Jag Panzer (usa)
Jaguar (uk)
Judas Iscariot (usa)
Judas Priest (uk)
Jurassic Jade (jpn)
Kaamos (swe)
Kat (pol)
Katatonia (swe)
Katharsis (ger)
Keep of Kalessin (nor)
Khafra (mex)
Khold (nor)
Kick Axe (can)
Killer (swi)
Killers (fra)
King Diamond (den)
Korrozia Metalla (rus)
Korzus (bra)
Kraken (col)
Kreator (ger)
Krieg (usa)
Krisiun (bra)
Kryptor (cze)
Kvist (nor)
Laaz Rockit (usa)
Legend (uk)
Legend (usa)
Leprosy (mex)
Lethal (arg)
Levifer (per)
Liege Lord (usa)
Lions Pride (bel)
Living Death (ger)
Lizzy Borden (usa)
Loudness (jpn)
Ludichrist (usa)
Luzbel (mex)
Maceration (dnk)
Mactatus (nor)
Magnus (pol)
Magus (usa)
Malevolent Creation (usa)
Maltese Falcon (dnk)
Mandator (hol)
Manes (nor)
Maniac Butcher (czech rep)
Manilla Road (usa)
Manowar (usa)
Mantas (usa)
Marduk (swe)
Marino (jpn)
Massacra (fra)
Massacre (usa)
Master (rus)
Master (usa)
Master´s Hammer (czech rep)
Mayhem (nor)
Mazo (spa)
MC5 (usa)
Mefisto (swe)
Megadeth (usa)
Mekong Delta (ger)
Melechesh (isr)
Meliah Rage (usa)
Merciless (swe)
Merciless Death (pol)
Mercyful Fate
Mercyful Fate (dnk)
Merrimack (fra)
Messiah (swi)
Metal Church (usa)
Metal Inquisitor (ger)
Metallica (usa)
Metralion (bra)
Minor Threat (usa)
Minotaur (ger)
Molested (nor)
Monstrosity (usa)
Moonblood (ger)
Moonblood (ger) - Blut & Krieg
Moral Crusade (irl)
Morbid (swe)
Morbid Angel (usa)
Morbid Saint (usa)
Morbid Scream (usa)
Morbosidad (usa)
Morfeus (bra)
Morgoth (ger)
Morgul (nor)
Morpheus Descends (usa)
Morta Skuld (usa)
Mortal Sin (aus)
Mortem (nor)
Mortem (Per)
Mortician (usa)
Mortuary (mex)
Motörhead (uk)
Municipal Waste (usa)
Muro (spa)
Mutiilation (fra)
Mutilator (bra)
Mx (bra)
Mystifier (bra)
Mythic (usa)
Napalm (usa)
Napalm Death (uk)
Nargaroth (ger)
Nargaroth (ger) - Black Metal ist Krieg
Nasty Savage (usa)
Nausea (usa)
Nebiros (col)
Necrodeath (ita)
Necrodeath (ita)
Necromancia (bra)
Necromantia (gre)
Necromass (ita)
Necronomicon (ger)
Necrophagia (usa)
Necrophobic (swe)
Necrovore (usa) (Kult logo)
Necrovore (usa) (Rare logo)
Negazione (ita)
Nehemah (fra)
Nergal (grc)
Neurosis (usa)
Nevermore (swe)
Nifelheim (swe)
Nightmare (fra)
Nihilist (swe)
Nile (usa)
No Mercy (usa)
Nocturnal Breed (nor)
Nocturnus (usa)
Nofx (usa)
Nuclear Assault (usa)
Nuclear Death (usa)
Nuclear Simphony (ita)
Num Skull (usa)
Nunslaughter (usa)
Obituary (usa)
Obscurity (swe)
Obtained Enslavement (nor)
Obus (spa)
Old Funeral (nor)
Old Wainds (rus)
Omen (usa)
Ondskapt (swe)
Onslaught (uk)
Opeth (swe)
Order from Chaos (usa)
Original Sin (usa)
Orquidea Negra (bra)
Overdose (bra)
Overdrive (swe)
Overkill (usa)
Oz (fin)
Ozzy Osbourne (uk)
P.U.S. (bra)
Pagan Altar (uk)
Pagan Rites (swe)
Panic (bra)
Panzer (spa)
Parabellum (col)
Paradise lost (uk)
Pariah (uk)
Paul Chain (ita)
Pedro Botero (spa)
Pegazus (aus)
Penance (usa)
Pentacle (hol)
Pentagram (chl)
Pentagram (usa)
Pergament (ser)
Pest (swe)
Pestilence (hol)
Picture (hol)
Piledriver (can)
Poison (Ger)
Poison Idea (usa)
Poltergeist (swi)
Possessed (usa)
Power Metal (Idn)
Powermad (usa)
Prestige (fin)
Primigenium (spa)
Profanatica (usa)
Prong (usa)
Protector (ger)
Psychic Possessor (bra)
Pungent Stench (aut)
Pyracanda (ger)
Quartz (uk)
Queensryche (usa)
Quo Vadis (pol)
Rage (ger)
Ragnarok (nor)
Ramones (usa)
Rator (mys)
Ratos De Porao (bra)
Raven (uk)
Raw Power (usa)
Razor (can)
Reactor (ger)
Re-Animator (uk)
Reckless (can)
Reencarnacion (col)
Repugnant (swe)
Repulsion (usa)
Resistencia (ven)
RetroSatan (arg)
Revenge (can)
Riff (arg)
Rigor Mortis (spa)
Rigor Mortis (usa)
Riot (usa)
Ritual Carnage (jpn)
Rok (aus)
Root (cze)
Rosa Negra (spa)
Rose Rose (jpn)
Rotting christ (grc)
Running Wild (ger)
Rust (grc)
Rytmihairio (fin)
Sabbat (jpn)
Sabbat (uk)
Sabbrabells (jpn)
Sabotage (ita)
Sacred Reich (usa)
Sacred Steel (ger)
Sacrifice (can)
Sacrilege B.C. (usa)
Sadistic Intent (usa)
Sadistik Exekution (aus)
Sadus (usa)
Saint Vitus (usa)
Salem (isr)
Samael (swi)
Samson (uk)
Samurai (uk)
Sanctuary (usa)
Santa (spa)
Sarcófago (bra)
Sarcofagus (fin)
Sargeist (fin)
Satan (uk)
Satan Jokers (fra)
Satanic Warmaster (fin)
Satyricon (nor)
Savage (uk)
Savage Grace (usa)
Savatage (usa)
Saxo (mys)
Saxon (uk)
Scanner (ger)
Scavenger (bel)
Schizo (ita)
Scorpions (ger)
Seikima-II (jpn)
Sepultura (bra)
Setherial (swe)
Sex Pistols (uk)
Sextrash (bra)
Sextrash (bra)
Shah (rus)
Shining (swe)
Sigh (jpn)
Silver Mountain (swe)
Sinister (hol)
Sinner (ger)
Six Beer (mex)
Slaughter (can)
Slaughter Lord (aus)
Slayer (usa)
Sledgehammer (uk)
Sniper (jpn)
Sobredosis (spa)
SOD (Stormtroopers Of Death) (usa)
Sodom (ger)
Solhverv (dnk)
Sorhin (swe)
Sound Barrier (usa)
Spitfire (grc)
Steel Angel (fra)
Steel Assassin (usa)
Steel Crown (ita)
Steve Sylvester (ita)
Storm (nor)
Stormwitch (ger)
Strappado (can)
Strattson (fra)
Stress (bra)
Strid (nor)
Su Ta Gar (spa)
Suffocation (usa)
Suicidal Tendencies (usa)
Surrender of Divinity (tha)
Sword (can)
Syron Vanes (swe)
Taake (nor)
Tank (uk)
Tankard (ger)
Taramis (aus)
Tarantula (por)
Target (bel)
Tarot (fin)
Tarzen (spa)
Taurus (bra)
Terminator (cze)
Terrorizer (usa)
Testament (usa)
Tha-norr (ger)
The Accused (usa)
The Adicts (uk)
The Exploited (uk)
The Misfits (usa)
The Mist (bra)
Therion (swe)
Thor (can)
Thorns (nor)
Thornspawn (usa)
Thors Hammer (pol)
Thou Art Lord (grc)
Thrust (usa)
Tiamat (swe)
Tigres (spa)
Tinieblas (ven)
Titan (fra)
Titanic (cze)
Tokyo Blade (uk)
Torch (swe)
Torgeist (fra)
Torgeist (fra)
Torment (ger)
Tormentor (hun) (Letters)
Tormentor (hun) (Old Kult Logo)
Torr (cze)
Torrent (ger)
Torturer (chl)
Toxicshock (ger)
Toxik (usa)
Toxodeth (mex)
Traitor Gate (uk)
Trance (ger)
Transgressor (jpn)
Treblinka (swe)
Trelldom (nor)
Trespass (uk)
Triarchy (uk)
Tröjan (uk)
Troll (nor)
Trouble (usa)
Tsjuder (nor)
Tulus (nor)
Turbo (chl)
Turbo (pol)
Twisted Sister (usa)
Tygers of Pan Tang (uk)
Typhon (col)
Tyrant (ger)
Tyrant (uk)
Tytan (uk)
Ulver (nor)
Ulysses Siren (usa)
Unholy Archangel (grc)
Unholy Death (usa)
United (jpn)
Unleashed (swe)
Urchin (uk)
Urgehal (nor)
Usurper (usa)
V8 (arg)
Vader (pol)
Vanadium (ita)
Vanexa (ita)
Varathron (grc)
Vardis (uk)
Vendetta (ger)
Venom (uk)
Vice Human (grc)
Viking (usa)
Vio-Lence (usa)
Violent Force (ger)
Virus (uk)
Vital Remains (usa)
Vlad Tepes (fra)
Vodu (bra)
Voidd (jpn)
Voivod (can)
Von (usa)
Vondur (swe)
VooDoo (pol)
Vulcain (fra)
Vulcano (bra)
War (swe)
Warfare (uk)
Wargasm (usa)
Warhead (bel)
Warlock (ger)
Warlord (usa)
Warning (uk)
Wasp (usa)
Wasp (usa)
Watchtower (usa)
Weapon (uk)
Wehrmacht (usa)
Weltmacht (usa)
Whiplash (usa)
Windir (nor)
Witch Cross (dnk)
Witchfinder (uk)
Witchfynde (uk)
Witchhammer (Bra)
Wolf (jpn)
Wolf (uk)
Woods of Infinity (swe)
X-Creta (bel)
Xentrix (uk)
Xibalba (mex)
X-Ray (jpn)
Y Diawled (uk)
Zarpa (spa)
Zemial (grc)
Zero Nine (fin)
Zhelezny Potok (rus)
Zoetrope (usa)
Zorn (ger)
Zyklon-B (nor)

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