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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:15 pm
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 10:17 pm 

Firstly, I am bassethornmusic. My old login hasn't worked since 2 weeks ago, so I had to register again.

Let me know if you got any Therion CDs or DVDs.

For Trade: All are CDs in excellent condition, unless noted:

Abusiveness - Hybris
Almighty Sathanas/Blasphemophagher/Tyrants Blood - Tyrannous Mutations Of Sathanas
Anatolian Wisdom - Promo
Anthrax - Among the Living
Anti-Flag - Die for The Government
Apophis - Heliopolis
Arise - King of a Clone Generation
Artep - Fires of Mortal Deception
Axamenta - Ever-Arch-I-Tech-Ture
Bathtub Shitter - Lifetime Shitlist
Black Angel - From the Darkness
Blessing the Hogs - The Twelve Gauge Solution
Bloodhammer - Post-Apocalypse Trilogy
Cenotaph - Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium
Cenotaph - Puked Genital Purulency
Cenotaph - Voluptuously Puked Genitals
Children of Bodom - Stockholm Knockout Live
Chthonic - Seediq Bale
Claw - Claw (free w/trade)
Darkest Hour - Undoing Ruin
Deathwitch - Violence Blasphemy Sodomy
Deceased - Up the Tombstones!!! Live 2000
Deeds of Flesh - Reduced to Ashes
Defeated Sanity - Prelude to The Tragedy
Defeated Sanity - Psalms of The Moribound
Demonic Resurrection/Dusk/Severe Dementia/Helmskey - Rise of the Eastern Blood
Descention - Goat War Incantations
Despised Icon - The Ills of Modern Man
Destruction - Mad Butcher/Eternal Devastation
Devastation Inc. - Promo 2007 (free w/trade)
Devastator - Nuclear Proliferation
Devastator - Conjuring Evil
Devourment - 1.3.8
Devourment - Butcher the Weak
Devourment - DVD 1
Devourment - DVD 2
Devourment - Molesting the Decapitated
Dimension F3H - Reaping the World Winds
Down From the Wound - Agony Through Rituals of Self Purification
Drogheda/Intense Hammer Rage - Drogheda/Intense Hammer Rage
Embolism - Mindchaos
Emeth - Insidious
Fleshtized - Divide & Conquered
Gnostic - Bloodwars of Heretic Supremacy
Gnostic - Hatewar 666
God Forbid - Determination
Golgotha - New Life
Gomorrah - Night of the Blackened Pentagram
Grimfist - Ghouls of Grandeur
Hammerwhore - Hammerwhore
HatePlow - Everybody Dies
Hellveto - Visions from the Past/Stony Fathers of Winter
Hellveto - Galeon And Hellveto
Heresi - Psalm II
Holocaustia - The Sacrament Seed
Hypocrisy - 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion
Illogicist - Subjected
Iron Maiden - Powerslave
Impaled - Death After Life
In Thy Dreams - Highest Beauty
Infernal Torment - Man's True Nature
Inquisition - Anxious Death/Forever Under
Insidious Decrepancy - The Inerrancy of Profanation
Insidious Omen - Upon This Throne of Waste and Decay
Insision - Beneath the Folds of Flesh
Internal Bleeding - Driven to Conquer
Internal Bleeding - Voracious Contempt
Intestinal Alien Reflux - Demo 2007 (free w/trade)
John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Kataklysm - Shadows & Dust
Kathaarian - Cryptic Temples of the Ancient Cult (free w/trade)
Koldbrann - Nekrotisk Inkvisition
Kreator - Tribute to Kreator
Lamb of God - Killadelphia
Legacy of Blood - Infernal Cult of Blood
Lividity - Fetish for the Sick
Lividity - The Age of Clitoral Decay
Lugubrum - Live in Amsterdam - Trampled Brass/Midget Robe
Mangled - Ancient Times
Manticore - For Rats and Plague
Masacre - Imperio del Terror/Cancer de Nuestros Dia
Masquerade of Silence - Reaching Through Death's Veil
Matricide - Holy Virgin
Meshuggah - Destroy Erase Improve
Metal King - Any Warrior Dies Without Honour
Mind Propaganda/Ismark - Naturgewalten
Misfits - American Psycho
Moker - Translating the Pain
Moker/Outcast - Outcast vs Moker
Moonblood - Supreme Black Force of German Steel
Moonblood/Deathspell Omega - Sob A Lua Do Bode/Demoniac Vengeance
Mortal Decay - Cadaver Art
Motorhead - No Remorse
Motorhead - The Best Of
Motorhead - 1916
Napalm Death - Bootlegged in Japan
Necrophagia - Death is Fun
Necrophagia - Cannibal Holocaust
Necrophagia - The Divine Art of Torture
Necrovomit - Demo 2007 cassette
Niden Div. 187 - Towards Judgement
Nightingale - Alive Again
Nocturnal - Unholycraft - Blood for Glory of Satan
Obscenity - Demo Niac
Occult - Of Flesh and Blood
Ocultan - Profanation
Oppressor - Solstice of Oppression
Overkill - W. F. O.
Paganizer - Death Forever - The Pest of Paganizer
Pantera - The Great Southern Trendkill
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell
Psychotogen - Perverse and Unnatural Practices
Psychotogen - The Calculus of Evil
Rampage - Bellum Infinitum (free w/trade)
Rampage - Monolith to an Abandoned Past (free w/trade)
Rebaelliun - At War
Resuscitator - Cursed Visions From His Infernal Realms
Resuscitator - Iniciation
Riot - Thundersteel
Rotting - The Forgotten
Rotting - Crushed
Sadistik Exekution - K.A.O.S.
Sadiztik Impaler - Sadiztik Syonan – To Supremacy
Sanatorium - Internal Womb Cannibalism
Sangraal - Unearthly Night cassette
Sarcophagus - Requiem to the Death of Passion
Slayer - Reign in Blood
Satanic Funeral - Night of the Goat
Sathanas - Entering The Diabolic Trinity
Sathanas - Flesh For The Devil
Secrets of the Moon - Antithesis (free w/trade)
Silent Winter - The Lost Wisper
Soilent Green - Sewn Mouth Secrets
Strapping Young Lad - Alien
Strapping Young Lad - City
Strapping Young Lad - Strapping Young Lad
Suppository/Agathocles - Raised by Hatred/Hunt Hunters
Taetre - The Art
The Accused - Grinning Like an Undertaker cassette
The Accused - Straight Razor cassette
The End 666 - Terror Inside
The End 666 - The Ultra Violence
Toxic Holocaust - Hell on Earth
Trollech/Heiden - Trollech vs Heiden
Tundra - In Cold Dimness
Tyrants Blood - Tyrants Blood
Vanquished - Black Northern Storm
Venom - The Best Of 1981 - 1994
Venom - New Live & Rare
Vomit - Still Rotting
War - Insanity of Faith
War - Holy War
War - We are War
West Wall - 3 Song Sampler (free w/trade)
Within Y - Extended Mental Dimensions

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