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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:53 am 

Hi, below is my trade list. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have an interest in any record. Email: jc_grinder@hotmail.com Thanks

Good Traders :

Albert luebbing, Tommas svendsen, Jan Svestrup, Chris Reynier, Bob Suren, Fabricio Rocha, Paulo Cazella, Vote Vasko, Dave Hyde, Marcel Schilpizan, Tony Pellman, Phillip Smeh, Jean Sylvan, Bill Skoulas, Horst Firmanty, Francisco A Ortega, Armagedom Label, Arnaud daudin, Hauke Sas, Guido Ratti, Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Armagedom Label, Jiri Barvak, Tom (power it up), Jan agx, Obliteration Records, Emetic Records, Sandro Gesser, Crimes against humanity Records, Flat earth Records, Six weeks Records, Paul Synhanvsy, Carsten Sommer, Redrum Records, Razorback Records, Vulgar Records, Dr strange Records, Chris Johnson, Mikeal Vancleave, Henke Liljegren, Charlie Infection, Bob barreda, Grindmind Records, Robotic Records, NFL Records, PFC Records, Scott Bentz, Eric Calbow, Harris Greenwood, Jennifer Records, Neven Fitnic, Erik Ahlberg, Josh Britton, Michael Harrison, Max Gutfeld, Matt (ecocentric Records), Vien To, Brian Skell, Alexandre marron, Joseph di Porto, Lionel Touze, Taku/Nat Records, Pukenvomit Records, Gonzalo valle, Antonis Ginnakakis, Jonathan Dixon, Annie E-Cameron, Hohnie Records, Tino karnath, Marc Lueten (BOD Records), Yumikes (MCR company), Roland (Black Flash Records), Carlos Marreiros, Mario (Rock Lion Records), Mauricio Mazo d ´affonseca (noise band), Mat Munchsmeier, Mike Scheined, John Williams, Jim (Size Records), Henke Smit, The Records (Brazilian Shop), Terroten Records, Fabio ( Dischi Storti), Fabio Mozine ( Laja Records), Rado Uhlik, Antti Oionen, Daniel Lupton (Sorry State Records), Paul Hetherington, Tim Letten, Cassiano (Industrial Holocaust), Rivelino (Industrial Holocaust), Bobby Egger (Headcount Records), Giulio ( FOAD Records), Marco Ferrero, Evan Passion, Jan Kuster, Cinque Records, Angela ( Necrose), Jake French, Stephan Tschöpe, etc…


Harrison DeBord
515 E. Newport Road
Lititz, PA 17543




Levi critchifeild-725 filkins road apartament c newark, ny 14513 USA OR Levi Critchfield
11814 Pinewood Drive Wolcott, Ny 14590


7 “EPs:

Anti cimex victims of a bombraid EP (REPRESS)
Anti social behavior / Legion of doom split EP
Avulsion / Forced expression split EP
Dead – dead – Gore records, 1989
Dr kultz trio "gomines a la” EP
Espamodicos “ recomendado para molestar EP (repress yellow wax)
F “ are you an EP? ” (rare bootleg)
Fear Of God "born blind” EP (first press)
Final Conflict – in the family EP (Reflex Records, 1983 – original – insert)
Global Holocaust "no more" EP
Global holocaust / Urban trash Split EP
Greenscab "kill precede rampage" EP
INTENSITY “ ruttna bort “ EP (swe)
La resistance "el primer ataque de......." EP
Larm “ extreme noise terrorism “
Noise / EAC Split EP
Noise – s / t EP
Odio “ solidão e conflito EP
Renneraev "s/t “ EP
Sarcasm “ your funeral my party “ EP 92
Sea Sick “ rache” EP
Slaughter “ bloody carnage “ EP (from demo 1984)
State of the Union “ s/t “ EP
Suppression "s/t “ EP (chaotic noise, 94)
Time X "end it up” EP
V/a:Apathy is no excuse for failure(Skol, what´s wrong, Phillippé, Petrograd)
V/a:Apathy is no excuse for failure(Skol, what´s wrong, Phillippé, Petrograd)
V/a:Le garage(sea sh ard, ivich, human alert, firger print, abolition)
V/a: Straight Outta Concord EP (the dread, total fucked, the aborted, anal mucus)


BLOOD dysangelin Picture LP M
BURZUM - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss LP
CELTIC FROST – to mega therion LP ( w/ poster)
CEREMONY - Tyranny From Above LP NM /M
CROSSED OUT – 1990- 1993 discografy ( Slap a ham, white wax, booklet & original) NM/M
ENTOMBED - wolverine blues LP NM/M
MX – simoniacal LP (original) VG+ / VG+
NUNSLAUGHTER – Hells Unholy Fire LP H.H. Records Ltd 500 Beer / Black vinyl- Gatefold + Poster NM/M
OBITUARY – cause for death LP VG+/VG+
OVERDOSE‎– You're Really Big! LP Cogumelo Records, 1987 EX / EX
QUILL / SHORT HATE TEMPER / HARSH (3 way 10 LP) pink vinyl
SEPULTURA – Arise - Rough Mixes Limited Edition For Rock In Rio ( the rare edition original) VG+ / EX (on hold)
SEPULTURA – beneath the remanis Orig. EX / EX
SEPULTURA – chaos A.D LP ( First Press Original) NM / M
SEPULTURA – schizophenia ( Cogumelo records, 1987 - First Press Original) EX / EX (on hold)
SODOM – expurse of sodomy LP NM/M
TAURUS – trapped in lies LP NM/M
TERRORIZER – world down fall LP VG+ / EX
TROUBLE “ psalm 9:9 LP 1984 VG+ / EX


BLOODRED BACTERIA"kiss the goat" (ger)
BOXED IN"2001-2005" (uk)
CAUSE FOR EFFECT"fast material" (fin)
CONFLICT"There Is No Power Without Control"
DEAD CONSPIRACY"gore prenched legacy" (usa)
Din-Addict “ music for opened minds
EU´S ARSE “sdrondenade arcor
GOVERNMENT ISSUE"complete history volume one" (usa) Cd duplo
GORVENMENT ISSUE"complete history vol 2" CD duplo
GORVENMENT ISSUE"strange wine" (usa)
ICONS OF FILTHY"Onward Christian Soldiers
KONTROVERS s/t (swe)
MASTIC SCUM"mind" (aus)
MESRINE"i choose murder" (can)
ROACH MOTEL"wortest hits" (usa)
UNHOLY GRAVE/PLAGUE RAGES (split Cd) (bra/jap)
V/A:RUD RAT vol 6 CD DUPLO (Rot, 7mon, Anal massaker, Dahmer, Praparation h, etc)
WADGE - the road to hana

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