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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:21 am 


Feel free to ask me for trades. I'm interested in CDs and tapes in various genres of metal and metal related music.

DNR 034: Signist - Of Worlds, Endtimely Enshadowed CD Dark Metal / Melodic Death Metal
DNR 032: Devilgroth - Морена CD Black Metal
DNR 027: Abhoth - Abhoth mCD Death Metal
DNR 026: Necroheresy - Divine Betrayal mCD Death Metal
DNR 024: Adfail - Is it a Game? CD Death Doom Metal
DNR 020: Meat Cutting Floor – Rectal Quest CD Brutal Death Metal
DNR 019: Necrotic Effect - Black Box CD Thrash Metal
DNR 017: Sculptor - Pact with the Doomed Digi-CD Funerary Death Doom Metal
DNR 017: Ka Mmen - The Sands Digi-CD Avant-Garde Dark Rock
DNR 016: Disolvo Animus - Aphesis CD Occult Death Metal
DNR 015: VA – Disguised Masters of Pain CD Extreme Metal
DNR 013: Shturm - Karmaruna Digibook CD Extreme Prog Metal
DNR 012: Atra Hora - Via Combusta CD Ethno Dark Metal
DNR 010: Blood Covenant - Sign Of Time CD Extreme Sympho Metal
DNR 008: Revelation – Осознание CD Gothic Metal
DNR 007: NeverDie – The Source of Black Water CD Extreme Gothic Metal
DNR 006: Lost Conception - Paroxysm of Despair CD Technical Death Metal
DNR 005: All I Could Bleed - Burying the Past [CD, 2nd press] Modern Death Metal
DNR 003: Sacratus - Paradise for Two CD Death Doom Metal
DNR 001: Atra Hora – Lost In The Depths CD Atmospheric Death Metal
PTM 001: Nubiferous - Mana A5 Digifile Ritual Ambient / Drone Folk

(drama) - Zastor Tisine CD Death Doom Metal
...of Celestial - Virgin Blood CD Melodic Death Metal
777 Babalon - Dosebazostúpenie Digi-CD Black Metal / Noise / Orchestral
A Dream of Poe - An Infinity Emerged Digi-CD Death Doom Metal
Abigail / The True Endless / Catacumba / Taekaury - Region of the Underworld CD Black Metal
Absenta ‎- Eel CD Black Metal
Abyssgale - Hegemon CD Black Metal
Acheronte - Ancient Furies CD Black Metal
Acid Cøma - Prayers To Mirrors CD Sludge Metal
Acoustic Anomaly - Dominvs. Tinea CD Post Metal
Ad Noctem Funeriis - Satan's March Black Metal CD Black Metal
Akral Necrosis & Marchosias - interSECTION CD Black Metal
Alley - The Weed CD Progressive Death Metal
Anarcotici - Iride CD Noise Post Metal
Ancient Spheres ‎- In Conspiracy With The Night CD Black Metal
And Harmony Dies - Flames Everywhere CD Avantgarde Black Metal
Animals Killing People - Kentucky Fried Killing CD Brutal Death Metal
Antefatti - Agisci CD Pop Punk
Antiquus Scriptum - ... Outrora, Quando as Águas Choravam... 2CD Pagan Metal
Antiquus Scriptum - Ars Longa, Vita Brevis... CD Pagan Metal
Aornos - Orior CD Black Metal
Arallu - Satanic War in Jerusalem CD Black Thrash Metal
Arcanum Sanctum - Fidus Achates CD Melodic Death Metal
Artificum Nex - Epitaph For Life CD Black Metal
As Light Dies - Ars Subtilior From Within The Cage CD Progressive Metal
Assailant / Ubiquitous Realities - Bringers Of Delusion CD Death Metal
Astarium - Nekrocosmo: Nocturnal Kali Yuga Digi-CD Symphonic Black Metal/Ambient
Astarium ‎- Wyrm Of Melancholy CD Black Metal
Astarot - Raw Sensation Of Nostalgia And Nihilistic CD Black Metal
Atrum Extemplo ‎- L'ira Dell'arcano Manto CD Black Metal
Bad Blood - Worn Out CD Stoner / Post Punk
Bastarth - Смрад сплетения кровей CD Pagan Black Metal
Benighted in Sodom - Reverse Baptism CD Black Metal
Bestial Deform - Severed To Pieces CD Black Metal
Beyond Light - Paintings In The Hall CD Depressive Black Metal
Birth Through Gore - The Culmination Conquest CD Brutal Death Metal
Black Cult - Neo​-​Satanism CD Death Metal
Black Depths Grey Waves - Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart Digi-CD Dark Ambient
Black Lord - Black Ritual Forest CD Raw Black Metal
Black Mad Lice - It's Going Deeper Digi-CD Death Metal
Black Shadow - Ада возмездие лжепророчным тварям CD Black Metal
Black Whispers - Shades Of Bleakness CD Depressive Black Metal
Bleiburg - Open Wound - Live In Kassel, Germany 23.06.2007 Sleeve DVDr Industrial, Neofolk
Bleiburg - Way Of Crosses Sleeve CD Industrial, Neofolk
Blindeath - Into the Slaughter CD Thrash Metal
Borow - The Pnakotic Manuscript CD Death Metal
Bottlekopf - Absolutely Nothing CD Death'n'Roll
Broken Down - First Spit Digisleeve CD Industrial Metal
Burtul - Bottom Astral CD Death Metal
Camel Of Doom ‎- Terrestrial CD Doom Metal
Carcharodon - Roachstomper CD Sludge Metal / Death'n'Roll
Castrensis ‎- Hierarchies CD Brutal Death Metal
Catastrophic Evolution ‎- The Origin CD Brutal Death Metal
Chain Reaction - Cutthroat Melodies CD Thrash Metal
Chamaeleon - Evil is Good Digi-CD Aggrotech
Chiral - Abisso CD Progressive Black Metal
Codeina - Quore (Hidalgo Picaresco) CD Stoner / Post Punk
Cold Grave - Infernal CD Black Metal
Coldblooded - Noise In Your Head Digi-CD Hardcore
Colemesis - Vivisección CD Death Metal
Colloquio - Io E L'Altro CD Darkwave
Contaminated - Your Ashes Are Nothing CD Death Metal
Crown of Autumn - The Treasure Arcane - Transfigurated Edition CD Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Cyberpork - 100 Wasted Falls CD Hardcore
Dagor Dagorath - Yetzer Ha'ra CD Black Metal
Dalkhu - Descend​.​.​. Into Nothingness CD Death/Black Metal
Dark Plague - Perverse Devotion CD Black Metal
Dark Plague - When the Last Christians Die​ CD Black Metal
Darktrance - Pessimum CD Black Doom Metal
Death Vomit - Death Vomit CD Death Metal
Defiance of Decease - Suicide CD Death Doom Metal
Dehydrated - Duality of Existence CD Death Metal
Diamond - Fuck Your Opinion CD Death Metal
Diminished - Regurgitating Rotten Semen CD Brutal Death Metal
Distorted World - Shadow Empire Digi-CD Harsh EBM
Divine Souls ‎- The Bitter Selfcaged Man CD Melodic Death Metal
Divinity - Allegory CD Death Metal
Dominance - Echoes Of Human Decay CD Death Metal
Doom Architect - Sententia Prima CD Death Doom Metal
Dor Feafaroth - Истребление духовной проказы CD Black Metal
Downpetersons - Downpetersons CD Punk Rock Hardcore
Drain of Impurity - Into the Cold Crypts of Dead Planet CD Death Metal
Drain Of Impurity - The Seventh Planet Of The Infected Cygnus System CD Brutal Death Metal
Drama / Perdition Winds CD Black Metal
Drown in Blood - Addicted to Murder CD Death Metal
Edain - Of Those Who Worship Fire CD Progressive Death Metal
Educated Scum - The Chaos Complete: From Chaos To Disorder Re​-​Visited CD Grindcore
EDxKEMPER - Cut Her Head And Love Her CD Grindcore
Eibon - II Digi-CD Sludge
Embrace Damnation - Glory of a New Darkness CD Death Metal
Emerge - Hiding Place CD Ambient
Encono - Existential Embryos’ Playground Digi-CD EBM
Endlos - Im Fallen Verlaufen CD Black/Doom Metal
Epidemia - Leprocomio CD Death Metal
Everto Signum - Synergy CD Black Metal
Evil Madness - Bastards Get Rotten CD Thrash Metal
Exegutor - Embassy Of Hell CD Grindcore
Exterminas - Dichotomy CD Black Metal
Fatal Castration - Perishan Grinder CD Brutal Death Metal
Fatal Error - Skoto-Otbrasivatel CD+DVD Death Metal
Fatum Elisum - Fatum Elisum CD Death Doom Metal
Fatum Elisum - Homo Nihilis CD Doom Metal
Fecund Betrayal ‎- Depths That Buried The Sea CD Funeral Doom Metal
Feeble Minded - The Perfect Suicidal Act CD Brutal Death Metal
Fimbulvinter - Начертаны резы древних заклятий CD Black Metal
Fly'S Battle - Finish or Begin CD Skate Punk
Formis - Mental Survival CD Death Metal
Fortíð ‎- The Demo Sessions CD Black Metal
Fragile Existence - Departing The Damned CD Death Metal
Frailty - Melpomene CD Death Doom Metal
Frigus Et Obscurum ‎- Vol. 1 CD Black Metal
From The Vastland - Blackhearts CD Black Metal
Funebria - Dekatherion: Ten Years Of Hate & Pride CD Black/Death Metal
Funeral Tears / Поезд Родина - Frozen Tranquility CD Funeral Doom Metal
G.E.N. - No Ink For A Self Portrait Digi-CD Gothic Metal
Garth Arum - The Dawn Of A New Creation CD Avant-Garde Metal
Germanen Blut - Wandelnd in der Einsamkeit abgrundtiefer Gedanken CD Pagan Metal
Gmork - Death Spells Erotica CD Black Metal
Goatpsalm - Downstream CD Death Doom Metal
God Destruction ‎- Redentor Digi-CD Industrial
Goholor - In Saeculis Obscuris CD Black Death Metal
Gôr Mörgûl - Heresy CD Blackened Death Metal
Goreмыка - Боян CD Death Metal
Grace Disgraced - Enthrallment Traced CD Death Metal
Grace Disgraced - The Primal Cause: Womanumental CD Death Metal
Granada - PrisionEgo CD Thrash/Groove Metal
Graven Dusk - Graven Dusk CD Black Metal / Funeral Doom Metal
Green Arrows - The Earth CD Hardcore
Grimfaith - Preacher Creature CD Progressive Metal
Grimorium Verum - Relict CD Symphonic Black Metal
Grond - Cosmic Devonian mCD Death Metal
Grumo - Fallimento CD Grindcore/Death Metal
Gutted Alive ‎- Consumed By Carnage CD Brutal Death Metal
H.E.W.D.A.T. - Blackest Empire of Satan CD Black Metal
Halberd ‎- Remnants Of Crumbling Empires CD Death Metal
Hamhleypa - Созерцание Digi-CDr Atmospheric Black Metal
Hatebomb - Hatebombs From Hell CD Black metal / Punk Hardcore
Hatecrowned - Newborn Serpent CD Black Metal
Hateful - Epilogue of Masquerade CD Technical Death Metal
Haulin' Ass - Towards Which Future CD Hardcore
Heimskringla - Vikingløypa CD Epic Funeral Doom Metal
Hell:on - Age of Oblivion CD Thrash Metal
Hisstonend - II CD Atmospheric Black Metal
Holdaar - Времена, уходящие в небо CD Black Metal
Horde Casket ‎- Bloodfiends CD Brutal Death Metal
Horizon... ‎- Don't Let The Time Pass You By CD Electronic
Horrific Disease - Outbreak CD Death Metal
Hulduefni / I Am Esper / Paleozoic / Satanath - Aliens VS Dinosaurs 2CD Ambient
Hyperial - Sceptical Vision CD Death Metal
Hypnotic - Taken of the Sea CD Death Metal
Hyponic - 前行者 Digisleeve CD Death Doom Metal
Ildverden - Темніч чорна йде за мною CD Black Metal
Illness - Trvmna CD Black Metal
Immensity - The Isolation Splendour CD Death Doom Metal
Imodium - ...and so: Dodgem Songs CD Post Punk Hardcore
In Silentio Noctis - Disenchant the Hypocrites mCD Gothic Black Metal
In Tenebriz - Autumn Constellation CD Ambient Black Metal
In Thousand Lakes - The Memories that Burn CD Melodic Death Metal
Incineration, Paroxysmal Butchering, Abdicate, Catatonic Rigidity, Goemagot ‎- Horrendous Forms Of Human Ruination CD Brutal Death Metal
Into Darkness ‎- Sinister Demise CD Brutal Death Metal
Iscarioth - I Am The Arm CD Experimental Black Metal
Isgärde - Jag Enslig Skall Gå CD Black Metal
Islay - The Angels' Share CD Melodic Death Metal
JeFF - Torment Digipak CD Psychedelic / Electronic
Kaluman - The Anthem of Blasphemy CD Brutal Death Metal
Karmiciel Wszy - Torre Bert CD Ambient
Karsten Hamre / Vlad Jecan - Enter Inside CD Dark Ambient
Khashm - Dark Path to His Throne CD Black Metal
Korium & Evil - Smutné Tiene Do Dolín Schádzajú & Empty Graves (Split)  CD Depressive Black Metal/Black Metal
Kraworath - Instinct to Kill CD Death Metal
Kraworath - Purification Through Pain CD Death Metal
Kreuzer & Surma - Viltis Sleeve CD Industrial, Military
L`Alba di Morrigan - The Essence Remains CD Post Rock / Alternative Metal
Landscape of Strange Images - This Side A5 Digipak Post Rock
Last Scattering - Eidolon CD Progressive Metal
Lorelei - Угрюмые волны студёного моря CD Death Doom Metal
Luther Blissett - Narcoleptic Surfers CD Stoner / Heavy Rock
Lysergene - Critical Mass CD Power Electronics
Mabthera - On The Infernal Path CD Black Metal
Macabre Demise - Homicidal Parasites CD Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Madness - Essence of the Death CD Death Metal
Majestic Downfall - The Blood Dance Digi-CD Death Doom Metal
Majestic Downfall & Ansia - Split CD Death Doom Metal
Malamorte - Devilish Illusions CD Black Metal
Maleficarum - Trans Mysterium Digi-CD Black Metal
Manatark - Chaos Engine CD Blackened Extreme Metal
Manipulation - Ecstasy CD Death Metal
Meneapneontes - Promachos CD Epic Black Metal
Mental Home - Mirrorland CD Doom Metal
Mental Illness - Откровение CD Black Death Metal
Mental Torment - On the Verge... CD Funeral Doom Metal
Michel Garrido - Sangre de Trauko CD Heavy Metal
Miel Noir - Der Honigflügel Sleeve CD Industrial, Neo-Romantic
Misanthropic Art - The Streams Of Terror 2CD Black Metal
Missa Mortvm - Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis​.​.​. CD Black Metal
Mlekra - 0105 CD Black Metal
Monastery Dead - Black Gold Appetite CD Death Metal
Moñigo - La Avanzada Pestilente (The Shit Alliance) CD Brutal Death Metal
Montes Insania - Absurdum CD Black Metal
MoonWay - My 7even CD Doom Metal
Morth - Towards The Endless Path CD Black Metal
Mortuus Caelum / Enoid / Dizziness - Impetum in Tenebris CD Black Metal
My Darkest Fury - Hectic Existence CD Death Metal
My Indifference to Silence - Horizon of My Heaven CD Death Doom Metal
Mysteria Mortis - Наше время CD Folk Metal
Mystica - Dreams In Real Forms CD Progressive Metal
Nakka - Человек​-​Завод CD Death Metal/Grindcore
Nakka - Электродофреник CD Death Metal/Grindcore
Nebula VII - Dawn Of A New Era CD Drone/Space Ambient
Necromental - I CD Ritual Ambient
Need Her Liver - Gigante CD Heavy Rock
Nefas Terra - Жизнь в темноте CD Black Metal
Nervous Impulse - Enough for Dementia CD Death Metal
Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus - Madness Incarnate CD Ambient Black Metal
No-Kode - Differences mCD Groove Metal
North Syndrom - Seek What We Lost CD CULT Thrash Metal
Nowen - Nothing but Hate CD Death/Thrash Metal
Noxious - И хлынет кровь CD Black Metal
Nyx - Hairesis CD Black Metal
Of Spire & Throne - Sanctum in the Light Digi-CD Doom/Sludge Metal
Ogino Knaus - Ogino Knaus CD Noise Post Punk
Oktor - Another Dimension of Pain CD Death Doom Metal
Old Pagan - Ogdrun Jarhar CD Black Metal
Ophis - Withered Shades CD Death Doom Metal
Opus Inferii - Ancient Mysteries Unveiled CD Black Metal
Ordinul Negru - Sorcery of Darkness CD Black Metal
Our Transfixion - Our Transfixion mCD Metalcore
Paediatrician - Pregnant Pathology CD Brutal Death Metal
Pancratio - The Tale CD Pop Punk
Panopticon Death ‎- Eternity In Madness CD Death Metal
Pest - Nekrolog 2CD Black Metal
Plague Angels - Reign in Terror CD Thrash Metal
Pletypus - Bloody Mary CD Punk'n'Roll
Praesepe - Vesperae CD Progressive Black Death Metal
Protest - Have a Rest, Please CD Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
Punkrobbers - Punk is Dad CD Punk Rock
Pus Lactation - Клетка для мозга CD Death Metal
Putrefy - One Nation Under Gore CD Brutal Death Metal
Ragnell - Consumed By The Eternal Darkness CD Black/Death Metal
Re:aktor - Zero Order CD Industrial Groove Metal
Refuse To Die ‎- Collection Of Agnostic Flies Sleeve CD Industrial, Experimental
Regicide Decease ‎- Anatomy Of Sickness CD Death Metal
Religion Malediction - The Rituals of Invocation Remains Child CD Black Metal
Restless Oblivion - Sands of Time CD Death Doom Metal
Reviled - Hateful And Blooshed CD Brutal Death Metal
Rexor - Nox Obscura Sortis mCD Black Metal
Rigorism - The Source of Suffering CD Death Metal
Roadkill XIII ‎- Triskaidekaphobia CD Death/Thrash/Groove Metal
Rotting Repugnancy ‎- Path Of The Diminished CD Brutal Death Metal
Sacrilegious Impalement - First Three Nails CD Black Metal
Santo Rostro - Santo Rostro CD Stoner Metal
Satanath ‎– Deep Universe Vacuum CD Space Ambient
Satanic Assault Division - Kill The Cross CD Black Metal
Satarial - Lunar Cross CD Folk Black Metal
Schaliach - Sonrise Digi-CD CULT Death Doom Metal
Screaming Forest - Holy Satan CD Black Metal
Screaming Forest - Jesus=Whore CD Black Metal
Sektor - Alpha CD Blackened Death/Thrash Metal
Septic Mind - Начало CD Funeral Doom Metal
Serpentine Creation - The Fiery Winds Of Armageddon CD Black Metal
Shallow Rivers - Nihil Euphoria CD Death Doom Metal
Shallow Rivers - The Leaden Ghost CD Death Doom Metal
Shattered Hope - Waters of Lethe CD Death Doom Metal
SickMorgue ‎- Wings Of The Desolated Morgue CD Brutal Death Metal
Sidus Mortuorum - Coffin Slaves CD Death Metal
Skullthrone - Biomechanical Messiah CD Blackened Death Metal
Slamophiliac ‎- Aborted Into Absolute Inexistence CD Brutal Death Metal
Slaughter Brute - Systematic Transmutations CD Death Metal
Soijl - Endless Elysian Fields CD Death Doom Metal
Solitude Project, Vita Odiosa - De Miseria Humanae Conditionis CD Depressive Black Metal
Somnia - Above Space And Time (Limited Edition) 2CD Black Metal
Sorfeum - Ancient Rocks CD Dark Ambient
Sorrowful - In the Rainfall CD Death Doom Metal
Soulinpain - El Origen del Miedo CD Death Metal
Spilling Entrails - Humanity's Final Hour CD Brutal Death Metal
Styxian Industries ‎- Zero​.​Void​.​Nullified {Of Apathy And Armageddon} CD Industrial Black Metal
Suicidal Anorexia - MHIIMB|MSBFAR CD Ambient/Depressive Black Metal
Surma ‎- Allocutio Sleeve CD Industrial, Military
Survivors Zero - CMXCIX CD Death Metal
Taekaury - Spirit of Koguryo CD Black Metal
Tales of Dark... - Perdition Calls CD Death Doom Metal
Tanator ‎- Possessed by Madness, Possessed by War CD Black Thrash Metal
Tears of Mankind - Memoria CD Death Doom Metal
Tenochtitlan - Сотворение мира CD Folk Doom Metal
Terdor - Levi II CD Black Metal
The Camp Hours - Wise as a Tree CD Indie Rock
The Cold Existence - Sombre Gates CD Melodic Death Metal
The Dark Prison Massacre - A Blood Clot Ejaculation CD Brutal Death Metal
The Extinct Dreams / Unsaved - Metamorphosis CD Funeral Doom Metal
The Eyes Of Desolation - Awake In Dead CD Dark/Gothic Metal
The Hell - Welcome To​.​.​. CD Death Metal
The Magik Way - Materia occulta CD Black Metal
The Morningside ‎- Letters From The Empty Towns CD Dark Metal
The Nosebleed Connection - Hate for Free CD Thrash Metal / Hardcore
The Undergrave Experience - Macabre - Il richiamo delle ombre CD Funeral Doom Metal
The Unhuman Thorn - Sacro​-​Kvltus Dementis CD Blackened Death Metal
Throes - This Viper Womb Digi-CD Avantgarde Black Metal
Torrens Conscientium - All Alone with the Thoughts CD Death Doom Metal
Torturer - Infinity of Illusions CD Black Death Metal
Tragodia ‎- All Our Miseries CD Gothic Metal
Tudor - Bloody Mary CD Thrash Black Metal
Un-Kind - Hurts to the Core CD Hardcore
Unlucky Buried - Blast from the Underground CD Death Metal
Upcoming Devastation - Trilogy of Human Decay mCD Brutal Death Metal
Urskumug - Passover Digi-CD Black Metal
VA - ...Where Tattered Clouds Are Stranding Sleeve 2CD Industrial, Experimental
VA - A Tribute To Possessed: Seven Burning Churches CD Death Metal
VA ‎- Impulsive! Unmixed CD Jazz
VA - The Beginning of the End [Split] CD Black Metal
Vaginal Kebab - El Amor de una Madre es Incomparable CD Brutal Death Metal
Vanad Varjud - Dismal Grandeur In Nocturnal Aura CD Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Vein of Hate - Dualist CD Death Metal
Vistery - Sinister Prophecy CD Death Metal
Vistery – Sinister Prophecy CD Old School Death Metal
Vitam et Mortem - IV - Historias de Tirania (500 Anos de Dominacion) CD Folk Death Metal
Wangelen - Demonio del Mediodía Digi-CD Pagan Black Metal
Warstorm - Goatspel CD Thrash Metal
Wendigo - Anthropophagist CD Thrash Black Metal
When Love Finishes - Destruction Technique of an Established Order CD Thrash Metal / Hardcore
Wild Onions - Sweet'n'sour Romance CD Street Punk
Wizard's Beard - Four TIred Undertakers CD Sludge Doom Metal
Zardens - Blackness Unfolds CD Blackened Death Metal
Zørormr - Corpus Hermeticum CD Black Metal
Амезарак - Diabolical Finale Mortum CD Melodic Black Metal
Анклав Снов - Дорога в неизбежность CD Gothic/Doom Metal
Аркуда - Под покровом веков CD Folk Metal
Гул Таоса - Агония Солнца CD Black Metal
Екклесиаст - Холод CD Death Doom Metal
Люди Осени (ex-Autumn) - Восстание CD Gothic Death Doom Metal
Навья - Водокрес CD Pagan Metal
Откровения Дождя - Обманчивая добродетель CD Death Doom Metal
Откровения Дождя - Откровения Дождя CD Death Doom Metal
СатанаКозёл - Солнце мёртвых CD Folk Metal
Стены льда - Белое Безмолвие CD Post Metal
Темноврат - Грань бесконечности CD Black Metal

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