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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Wed Feb 19, 2003 8:56 pm
Posts: 8
Location: United States
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:57 pm 

Hail everyone. Here are some cd's that I'm trading. Below them is my want list. If you have any questions or picture requests, please let me know. Thank you.

My Trade List
Accu§er- The Conviction
Accu§er- Who Dominates Who? 1989 Atom H
Agent Steel- Skeptics Apocalypse 2010 Del Imaginario Discos
Agent Steel- Unstoppable Force 2010 Del Imaginario Discos
Akercocke- Words That Go Unspoken 2006, CD + DVD, Earache Records
Anthrax- Live: The Island Years 1994 Island Records
Anthrax- The Greater of Two Evils 2004 Nuclear Blast
Anthrax- Worship Music 2011 Nuclear Blast (Digipak)
Anthrax- For All Kings 2016 Megaforce Records
Arch Enemy- Black Earth 1996 Wrong Again Records
Arsis- A Celebration of Guilt 2005 Earache Records
Artillery- Through the Years 2007, 4CD, Metal Mind Productions
Assassin- The Upcoming Terror 1998 Axe Killer Records
Assassin- Interstellar Experience 2007 Axe Killer Records
Atheist- Unquestionable Presence 1991 Death Records
Austrian Death Machine- Triple Brutal 2014 Artery Recordings
Autopsy- Mental Funeral 1991 Peaceville Records

Beyond Fear- Beyond Fear 2006 Steamhammer
Black Sabbath- Dehumanizer 1992 Reprise Records
Blind Guardian- Nightfall in Middle-Earth 1998 Virgin Records
Bruce Dickinson- The Best of Bruce Dickinson 2001, 2CD, Metal-Is Records

Carcass- Reek of Putrefaction 1994 Earache Records
Carcass- Symphonies of Sickness 1989 Combat Records
Charred Walls of the Damned- S/T 2010 Metal Blade Records (Digipak)
Charred Walls of the Damned- Cold Winds 2011 Metal Blade Records (Digipak)
Convulse- World Without God 2010 Relapse Records
Coroner- R.I.P. 1989 Noise Records
Coroner- Punishment for Decadence 1991 Noise Records
Coroner- No More Color 1989 Noise Records
Crumbsuckers- Beast on My Back 1998 Century Media Records
Cynic- Focus 1993 Roadrunner Records

D.R.I.- Crossover 2010 Beer City Records
D.R.I.- 4 of a Kind 1988 Metal Blade Records
D.R.I.- Thrash Zone 1989 Metal Blade Records
D.R.I.- Definition 1992 Rotten Records
DBC- Universe 1989 Rough Justice
Death Angel- Archives & Artifacts 2005, 3CD + DVD, Restless Records
Decrepit Birth- Diminishing Between Worlds 2008 Unique Leader Records
Demons & Wizards- Demons & Wizards 1999 Steamhammer (Digipak)
Demons & Wizards- Touched by the Crimson King 2005 Steamhammer
Destruction- Infernal Overkill
Destruction- Release from Agony 1987 Steamhammer
Destruction- Live Without Sense 1989 Steamhammer
Destruction- All Hell Breaks Loose 2000 Nuclear Blast
Destruction- The Antichrist 2001 Nuclear Blast
Destruction- Metal Discharge 2003 Nuclear Blast
Destruction- Inventor of Evil 2005 AFM Records
Destruction- Thrash Anthems 2007 AFM Records (Digipak)
Destruction- D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. 2008 Candlelight Records
Destruction- The Curse of the Antichrist 2009, 2CD, AFM Records
Destruction- Day of Reckoning 2011 Nuclear Blast
Destruction- Spiritual Genocide 2012 Nuclear Blast (Digibook)
Dethklok- Dethalbum II 2009 Williams Street Records (Digipak)
Dethklok- Dethalbum III 2012 Williams Street Records (Digipak)
Disharmonic Orchestra- Not to Be Undimensional Conscious 1992 Nuclear Blast
Disillusion- Back to Times of Splendor 2004 Metal Blade Records
DoomSword- My Name Will Live On 2007 Dragonheart Records (Digipak)
The Duskfall- Lifetime Supply of Guilt 2005 Nuclear Blast
Dying Fetus- Infatuation with Malevolence 2000 Blunt Force Records
Dying Fetus- Purification Through Violence 1996 Pulverizer Records
Dying Fetus- Killing on Adrenaline 2000 Blunt Force Records

Eluveitie- Evocation I 2009, CD + DVD, Nuclear Blast (Digipak)
Enslaved- Below the Lights 2003 The End Records
Enslaved- The Sleeping Gods 2011 Scion Audio Visual (Cardboard sleeve)
Entombed- Out of Hand 1994 Earache Records
Exciter- Heavy Metal Maniac 2005 Megaforce Records
Exciter- Violence & Force 2004 Megaforce Records
Exciter- Long Live the Loud 2005 Megaforce Records
Exciter- Unveiling the Wicked 2005 Megaforce Records
Exhumed- All Guts, No Glory 2011 Relapse Records
Exodus- Good Friendly Violent Fun 1991 Relativity Records
Exodus- Force of Habit 1992 Capitol Records
Exodus- Let There Be Blood 2008 Zaentz
Exumer- Possessed by Fire 2012 End of the Light (Digipak)
Exumer- Rising from the Sea 2012 End of the Light (Digipak)

Fear Factory- Genexus 2015 Nuclear Blast America
Fight- K5: The War of Words Demos 2007 Metal God Entertainment
Fight- Into the Pit 2008, 3CD + DVD, Metal God Records
Flotsam and Jetsam- No Place for Disgrace 1988 Elektra
Flotsam and Jetsam- The Cold 2011 Nuclear Blast

Gorefest- Mindloss 1993 Pavement Music
Gorefest- The Ultimate Collection Part 2 2005, 2CD, Nuclear Blast
Gorefest- The Ultimate Collection Part 3 2005, 2CD, Nuclear Blast

Hail of Bullets- ...of Frost and War 2008 Metal Blade Records
Halford- Live Insurrection 2001, 2CD, Metal-Is Records
Halford- Crucible 2002 Metal-Is Records (Slipcase)
HammerFall- Always Will Be 2001 Nuclear Blast
Hate- Cain's Way 2002 Blackend
Hate- Awakening of the Liar 2004 CD-Maximum
Hate- Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel of Malice & Hatred
Hate Eternal- Phoenix Amongst the Ashes 2011 Metal Blade Records
Heaven & Hell- The Devil You Know 2009 Roadrunner Records
Heaven Shall Burn- Antigone 2004 Century Media Records
Holy Moses- Queen of Siam 2006 Locomotive Records
Holy Moses- No Matter What's the Cause 1994 Steamhammer
Holy Moses- Master of Disaster 2001 Century Media Records
Holy Moses- Strength Power Will Passion
Holy Moses- Agony of Death 2008 Wacken Records (Digipak)
Holy Moses- In the Power of Now 2012, 2CD, Steamhammer
Holy Moses- Redefined Mayhem 2014 Steamhammer
Hypocrisy- 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion 2001, 2CD, Nuclear Blast
Hypocrisy- Catch 22 V2.0.08 2008 Nuclear Blast

I.N.C.- Razorback 1988 Giant Records
I.N.C.- The Visitor 1988 Giant Records
Iced Earth- Box of the Wicked 2010 Steamhammer
Iced Earth- Festivals of the Wicked 2011 Century Media Records
Iced Earth- Dystopia 2011 Century Media Records (Digipak)
Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills 2002 EMI
Iron Maiden- The Number of the Beast (Single) 2005 EMI
Iron Maiden- The Trooper (Single)
Iron Maiden- Be Quick or Be Dead 1992 EMI
Iron Maiden- A Real Live One 1993 EMI
Iron Maiden- A Real Dead One 1993 Capitol Records
Iron Maiden- Live at Donington 2002, 2CD, Metal-Is Records (mini-LP)
Iron Maiden- Best of the Beast 1996, 2CD, Castle Records
Iron Maiden- Ed Hunter 1999, 3CD, EMI
Iron Maiden- The Wicker Man (Single) 2000 EMI (Part I)
Iron Maiden- Out of the Silent Planet (Single) 2000 EMI (Digipak)
Iron Maiden- Edward the Great - The Greatest Hits
Iron Maiden- Eddie's Archive 2002, 6CD, Legacy (US, blue velvet)
Iron Maiden- Wildest Dreams (Single) 2003 EMI
Iron Maiden- Rainmaker (Single) 2003 EMI
Iron Maiden- No More Lies 2004 EMI (cardboard box)
Iron Maiden- The Essential Iron Maiden 2005, 2CD, Sanctuary Records
Iron Maiden- Death on the Road 2005, 2CD, EMI
Iron Maiden- The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg 2006 Sanctuary Records
Iron Maiden- Different World (Single) 2006, CD, Sanctuary Records
Iron Maiden- Somewhere Back in Time 2008, CD, EMI
Iron Maiden- Flight 666 2009, 2CD, UMe
Iron Maiden- From Fear to Eternity 2011, 2CD, UMe
Iron Maiden- Maiden England '88 2013, 2CD, EMI

Judas Priest- Priest... Live! 1987 Columbia
Judas Priest- Ram It Down 1988 Columbia
Judas Priest- Nostradamus 2008 Columbia (Hardcover)

Kingdom of Sorrow- Kingdom of Sorrow 2008 Relapse Records (Digipak)
Kingdom of Sorrow- Behind the Blackest Tears 2010 Relapse Records (Digipak)
Kreator- Endorama 1999 Pavement Music
Kreator- 1985-1992 Past Life Trauma 2000 Noise Records

Lamb of God- Sacrament 2006, CD + DVD, Epic Records
Lamb of God- Wrath 2009 Epic Records (Digipak)
Lamb of God- Hourglass - The CD Anthology 2010, 3CD, Epic Records
Lamb of God- Resolution 2012, 2CD, Roadrunner Records (Digipak)
Life of Agony- River Runs Red 1993 Roadrunner Records

Manowar- Metal Warriors 1992 Atlantic Records
Manowar- The Sons of Odin 2006, CD + DVD, Magic Circle Music (Digipak)
Manowar- Thunder in the Sky 2009, 2CD, Magic Circle Music
Manowar- Battle Hymns MMXI 2010 Magic Circle Music
Manowar- The Lord of Steel Live 2013 Magic Circle Music
Manowar- Kings of Metal MMXIV 2014, 2CD, Magic Circle Music
Megadeth- Foreclosure of a Dream 1992 Capitol Records
Megadeth- Hidden Treasures 1995 Capitol Records
Megadeth- Cryptic Writings 1997 Capitol Records
Megadeth- The World Needs a Hero 2001 Sanctuary Records
Megadeth- Rude Awakening 2002, 2CD, Sanctuary Records
Megadeth- The System Has Failed 2004 Sanctuary Records
Megadeth- That One Night 2007, 2CD, Evolution Music
Megadeth- United Abominations 2007 Roadrunner Records
Megadeth- Warchest 2007, Boxed Set, Capitol Records
Megadeth- Endgame 2009 Roadrunner Records
Megadeth- Th1rt3en 2011 Roadrunner Records
Megadeth- Dystopia 2016 Tradecraft
Metallica- S&M 1999, 2CD, Elektra
Misery Index- Overthrow 2001 Anarchos Records
Misery Index- Dissent 2004 Anarchos Records
Morbid Saint- Spectrum of Death 1992 Grind Core International

Nevermore- Dead Heart in a Dead World 2000 Century Media Records
Nile- In Their Darkened Shrines 2002 Relapse Records
Nocturnal Rites- Afterlife 2000 Century Media Records
Nocturnus- The Key 1990 Combat Records

Obituary- Don't Care 1994 Roadrunner Records
Onslaught- Power from Hell 2011 AFM Records
Onslaught- The Force 2008 Candlelight Records
Opeth- Still Life 2003 Peaceville Records (Digipak)
Opprobrium- Discerning Forces 2000 Nuclear Blast
Opprobrium- Mandatory Evac 2008 Metal Mind Productions
Origin- Antithesis 2008 Relapse Records
Overkill- I Hear Black 1993 Atlantic Records
Ozzy Osbourne- Speak of the Devil 1987 Jet Records
Ozzy Osbourne- Bark at the Moon 1983 CBS
Ozzy Osbourne- The Ultimate Sin 1986 CBS

Pantera- Cowboys from Hell 1990 Atco Records
Paradise Lost- Lost Paradise 1990 Peaceville Records
Pestilence- Consuming Impulse 1989 R/C Records

Rainbow- On Stage 1987 Polydor
Razor- Executioner's Song 2009 Attic Records (Digipak)
Razor- Evil Invaders 2006 Attic Records
Razor- Custom Killing 1987 Fringe Product
Razor- Violent Restitution 1988 Steamhammer
Razor- Shotgun Justice 1990 Fringe Product
Re-Animator- Condemned to Eternity
Rigor Mortis- Rigor Mortis 2003 Rigor Mortis Records
Riot- Fire Down Under 1999 Metal Blade Records

Sabbat- History of a Time to Come 1988 Noise Records
Sabbat- Dreamweaver 1989 Noise Records
Sacrifice- Torment in Fire 2005, 2CD, Marquee Records
Sacrifice- Forward to Termination 2005, 2CD, Marquee Records
Sacrifice- The Ones I Condemn 2009 Sonic Unyon Records
Sadus- Illusions (Chemical Exposure) 2007 Displeased Records
Sanctuary- Refuge Denied 1988 Epic Records
Sepultura- The Roots of Sepultura 1996, 2CD, Roadrunner Records
Sepultura- Blood-Rooted 1997 Roadrunner Records
Sepultura- Under a Pale Grey Sky 2002, 2CD, Roadrunner Records
Six Feet Under- Live with Full Force 2004, DVD + CD, Metal Blade Records
Six Feet Under- A Decade in the Grave 2005, 4CD + DVD, Metal Blade Records
Slayer- Soundtrack to the Apocalypse 2003, 4CD + DVD, American Recordings (Ammo box)
Sodom- Ausgebombt (Single) 1989 Steamhammer
Sodom- The Saw Is the Law (Single) 1991 Steamhammer
Sodom- Aber bitte mit Sahne! (EP) 1993 Steamhammer
Sodom- Marooned Live 1994 Steamhammer
Sodom- Ten Black Years 1996, 2CD, Steamhammer
Suffocation- Effigy of the Forgotten 1991 R/C Records
Svartsot- Ravnenes saga 2007 Napalm Records (Digipak)
Svartsot- Mulmets viser 2010, CD, Napalm Records (Digipak)
Svartsot- Maledictus Eris 2011 Napalm Records

Testament- First Strike Still Deadly 2001 Spitfire Records
Testament- Live at Eindhoven '87 2009 Prosthetic Records
Twisted Sister- Still Hungry 2004 Spitfire Records
Týr- Valkyrja 2013 Metal Blade Records (Digipak)

Unearth- The Oncoming Storm 2005, CD + DVD, Metal Blade Records
Unearth- III: In the Eyes of Fire 2006, CD + DVD, Metal Blade Records
Unearth- The March 2008, CD + DVD, Metal Blade Records (Digibook)
Unearth- Darkness in the Light 2011 Metal Blade Records
Unearth- Watchers of Rule 2014 eOne
Unleashed- Midvinterblot 2006 Steamhammer
Unleashed- Hammer Battalion 2008 Steamhammer
Unleashed- Immortal Glory 2008 Century Media Records (Boxed set)
Unleashed- As Yggdrasil Trembles 2010 Nuclear Blast (Digipak)
Unleashed- Odalheim 2012 Nuclear Blast
Unleashed- Dawn of the Nine 2015 Nuclear Blast

Vader- Lead Us!!! 2008 Regain Records
Vader- XXV 2008, 2CD + DVD, Regain Records (Digipak)
Vallenfyre- A Fragile King 2011 Century Media Records
Vallenfyre- Splinters 2014 Century Media Records
Venom- Welcome to Hell 2002 Castle Communications (Slipcase)
Venom- Black Metal 1988 Combat Records
Venom- At War with Satan 1984 Combat Records
Venom- Prime Evil 1990 Kraze

W.A.S.P.- Inside the Electric Circus 1986 Capitol Records

My Want List
Angelus Apatrida- The Call 2012 Century Media Records
Angelus Apatrida- Hidden Evolution 2015 Century Media Records

Blood Tsunami- Thrash Metal 2007 Nocturnal Art Productions
Blood Tsunami- Grand Feast for Vultures 2009 Candlelight Records
Blood Tsunami- For Faen! 2013 Fono Ltd.
Bolt Thrower- ...for Victory 1994, 2CD, Earache Records

Chronosphere- Envirusment 2012 Athens Thrash Attack
Chronosphere- Embracing Oblivion 2014 Punishment 18 Records

Death Angel- Frolic Through the Park 1988 Enigma
Deathraiser- Violent Aggression 2011 Xtreem Music
Deicide- When Satan Lives 1998 Roadrunner Records
Dust Bolt- Mass Confusion 2016 Napalm Records

Game Over- For Humanity 2012 My Graveyard Productions
Game Over- Burst into the Quiet 2014 Scarlet Records
Game Over- Crimes Against Reality 2016 Scarlet Records
Gorefest- Soul Survivor

Harlott- Origin 2014 Punishment 18 Records
Hatriot- Heroes of Origin 2013 Massacre Records
Hatriot- Dawn of the New Centurion 2014 Massacre Records
Havok- Pwn 'Em All 2007
Hypocrisy- Inferior Devoties 1994 Nuclear Blast America

Lich King- Necromantic Maelstrom 2007 Stormspell Records
Lich King- Toxic Zombie Onslaught 2008 Stormspell Records
Lich King- World Gone Dead 2010 Stormspell Records
Lich King- Super Retro Thrash 2011 Stormspell Records
Lich King- Born of the Bomb 2012 Stormspell Records
Lost Society- Fast Loud Death 2013 Nuclear Blast

Napalm Death- Leaders Not Followers: Part 2 2004 Century Media Records
Nausea- Crime Against Humanity 1991 Wild Rags Records
Nervosa- Agony 2016 Napalm Records (Digipak)
Nuclear- Heaven Denied 2006 Koventry
Nuclear- Ten Broken Codes 2008 Koventry (First edition)
Nuclear- Jehovirus 2010 Australis Records
Nuclear- Formula for Anarchy 2015 Candlelight Records

Repulsion- Horrified 1989 Necrosis Records

Slasher- Pray for the Dead 2011
Slasher- Katharsis 2014

Tormenter- Pulse of Terror 2010 EBM Records
Tormenter- Prophetic Deceiver 2014 EBM Records
Toxic Waltz- Decades of Pain 2014
Toxic Waltz- From a Distant View
Trallery- Catalepsy 2013 Xtreem Music

Ultra-Violence- Privilege to Overcome 2013 Punishment 18 Records
Ultra-Violence- Deflect the Flow 2015 Candlelight Records (Digipak)
Untimely Demise- City of Steel 2011 Sonic Unyon Metal
Untimely Demise- Systematic Eradication 2013 Punishment 18 Records
Untimely Demise- Black Widow 2016

Vader- Future of the Past II - Hell in the East 2015 Witching Hour Productions

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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri May 23, 2014 8:53 am
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Location: USA
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:19 pm 

Vinyl :

Dark Moor- Ars Musica (Vinyl)

Necronemesis-Nightmares in R'lyeh
Sacrilegio-Thrash Clash Volume
Falgar- Crepusculum
Falgar- La dama de alba
Ominous-Obssession (RARE , but ill trade)

Hello, im interested in Anthrax- Workship Music, Exciter , Venom and Twisted Sister.

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