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PostPosted: Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:23 am 

Here a list of stuff I trade or sale..let me know if you're interested..

Moondark "The Shadowpath" CD-R Old School Death Metal
Nemesis Throne “Garden Of Hate” CD-R grim and “dissonant” black metal like Abruptum..pro factory pressed CD-R
Throne Of Katharsis “Unholy Holocaustwinds” CD-R Raw Black Metal
Nostalgya/Nordavind “split” cd-r dark ambient
Fragment. "Monolith" CD-R
Agmen "Damnation" CD
Lifelover "Erotik" CD
Gheestenland/Grim Funeral "split" CD
Hierophant "The Tome" Funeral Doom
Abigail/Ironfist/Deiphago "Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters" CD Black/Thrash Metal/Thrash Metal/Black/Death Metal


Eternity "Funeral Mass" digipack limited to 99 copies
Agalloch "The White" Dark Metal
Zemial "For The Glory Of Ur" Epic Black Metal 1st press (Hypervorea Records)


Skeeltron "Black Clouds" Black Metal like Paysage D'Hiver
Falstad "Innerspering I" black/doom metal limited to 57 copies
Deep-pression "The critical state of loneliness" Depressive Black Metal limited to 57 copies
Austerity "Perpetua Nox Dormienda Est" Funeral doom metal
Manik Thorns "demo" Raw Black Metal limited to 19 copies


Marduk “Fuck Me Jesus” t-shirt XL
Sadistic Intent “Eternal Darkness” front/back XL
Mortuary Drape “Into The Drape” front/back XL
Baphomet’s Blood “Blood, Vomit and Satan” front/back XL

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