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Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:20 am
Posts: 48
PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:39 am 

Hello all.

I am new to this forum, but definitely not new to the Metal Archives. I've been glued to this site for about 4 years now, constantly.

Heard that this is an excellent trading forum, so here goes, my trade list.

PM me or reply to the thread if anything interests you.


AGMEN – Damnation
(Excellent black metal with some heavy-metal tendencies from the Czech Republic!)

AHNENSTAHL – Zwischen Tod und Leben
(Brilliant epic black metal from Austria)

ANIMUS HERILIS – Recipere Ferum
(Screeching, blasting, take no prisoners black metal from France)

ANTHRAX – State of Euphoria
(Underrated album from thrash legends)

ARCTIC CIRCLE – Forcing the Astral
(Excellent Canadian Black / Thrash metal)

(pre-Maniac, cold and unfriendly black metal. One of Toronto’s finest!)

AUTUMN MYST – Black Fucking Demo
(Extremely dark and ugly, excellent demo from one of Canada’s finest)

BARASTIR – Under the Banner of Hate
(Hateful German Black metal. Best material from this revered horde!)

BEHEADED LAMB – A Grave to this World
(Extreme, deadly old-school black metal from Spain, featuring a member from Akerbeltz!!)

(Excellent true misanthropic Black Metal from Germany)

** BENIGHTED – Harbringers of the Victorium Aeternus
(Harsh, well executed, fast-paced black metal)

(Misanthropic Canadian black metal, lim. to 1000 copies)

** BLACK CRUCIFIXION – Faustian Dream
(Depressing dark metal from Finland)

BLACK TRINITY – Devil Worship
(Excellent black metal from Northern Ohio)

BURIAL – Enlightened with Pain
(Brutal death metal of high caliber. Scored 9/10 in Unrestrained! Issue #15)

** CAEDES – Seelenharmonie
(Superior and utterly totalitarian black thrash Kraut masters! Strictly limited to 1000 copies!)

** CAMULOS / AINSHVAL split – Verwesender am Kreuz / Demo ‘02
(Camulos play superior mid-paced black metal with touches of Doom. Highly enjoyable, extremely original, one of the best bands coming out of Deutschland. Ainshval play proud, snotty Scottish pride Pictish Black Metal, excellent demo recording!)

** CANNIBAL CORPSE – Hammer Smashed Face
(Another rare EP, suitable for die-hard collectors!)

** CENTURION – Choronzonic Chaos Gods
(Long sought-after debut from these Dutch legends. For fans of Angelcorpse, Hate Eternal, and Krisiun)

(Ultra rare Displeased Records split release. A split that collects two obscure, old style Death Metal bands. An underground gem!)

DARK FAITH – Storm of Hatred and Anger
(Sophomore release from one of Spain’s deadliest black metal bands!)

DARK LEGIONS - Satänic Deströyer
(Totally evil and retro black thrash, the way it was always meant to stay! Features guest vocals by Kutcheck Gorealis of Misantropical Painforest and Legacy Unchain fame!)

(Ultra tight epic death metal from India! One of Asia’s top bands, featuring the guitarist from Reptilian Death)

DEMONTAGE – Madness Disease
(Debut demo from the black sheep of Canadian metal bands. True black / heavy metal!)

DEMONTAGE – Sacrilege ‘n Miscreancy
(Old-style Black/Heavy metal like the devil in you likes it! Featuring ex-members of Gaurhoth, Necronotnyce, Azog, Maniac, Feral Horde, Autumn Myst)

** DETERIORATE – The Senectous Entrance
(Rare, high quality US black metal release)

ENOID – Dodssyklus
(Brutal, face-rippingly heavy and fast Black metal from Switzerland. Strictly limited to 1000. Highly recommended!)

GNOSTIC – Hatewar 666
(Pure Black fucking War Metal! Contains the “Bloodwars of Heretic Supremacy” EP, re-recorded demo songs and other previously unreleased material from 1997-2002)

GODLESS TRUTH – Desperation
(Rare as hell debut release from one of the Czech Republic's most venerated old school death metal outfits)

GROMM – Happiness – It’s When You are Dead…
(Old-style black metal from the Ukraine)

HEIDENREICH – Trance of an Unholy Union
(Experimental, avant-garde black metal featuring Peter K. from Abigor!!)

(Local Toronto industrial wizards)

HYSTERIA – Abyssal Plains of Chaos
(Brutal yet melodic French death metal with members of Himinbjorg and Eternal)

** ICED EARTH – The Dark Saga
(The album that made the band a household name)

INFERUS – Cult to the Lord of the Evil Light
(Occult Brazilian Black metal)

** IRHMGAAR – Sado Terrorist (ugly Devil’s Worshipper)
(Raw French anti-christian Black metal, highly recommended. Featuring members of Striid, Lugubre and Armaggedon)

IT IS I – Evolve
(Massive, heavy, dark sludge-core, reminiscent of early Neurosis and Godflesh)

** KING’S-EVIL – Deletion of Humanoise
(Ultra tight and technical thrash mixing with the guitar sensibilities of the mid-era Scandinavian death metal sound, one of the BEST bands to ever come from Japan. Featuring two members of Ritual Carnage)

KLUDDE/WANHOOP – De Verdoken Waarheid/Elegy of Despair
(Elite Belgian split. Kludde play excellent black metal that focuses on the folk tales of their native Flanders, while Wanhoop plays a destructive style of black/doom that will guarantee blade marks on your wrists!)

** LEVIATHAN – The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide
(Debut from the top of the pack in depressive, droning USBM. Do not miss!)

LIBER SPIRITUM - …Frugativi et Appellativi
(Occult Death/Black from Ecuador)

MAGOG – s/t
(Hateful German black metal that destroys posers with every fucking note!)

MALVEILLANCE – Insignifiance
(Sophomore release of dirty, ugly, utterly hateful punk Black Metal from Quebec!!)

MÄNIAC – s/t demo
(Old school black-thrash Bathory worship)

MÄNIAC – Hell on Hogtown
(Live recording, official demo preceding the Fast and Deadly album)

MÄNIAC – Fast and Deadly
(Old German-styled thrash mixed with DRI and Suicidal Tendencies styled crossover, from Toronto Canada. Recording features ex-members of Geimhre, Autumn Myst, Grim Winter and Feral Horde, and current members of Demontage)

METALLICA – Ride the Lightning
(Sophomore record from thrash legends)

** MORBOSIDAD – Cojete a Dios por el Culo
(Devastating Black/Death metal from the true US underground!)

MORT – Godless Dominion
(Raw Hateful Black metal from former Ungod and Baxaxaxa member)

MORTHOND – Paths of Desolation
(USBM done in the old Norwegian way. Excellent for fans of mid-era Burzum and Dakthrone’s Transilvanian Hunger)

MYOPIA – Concentration of Suffering
(Totally amazing Brutal Death metal from Canada, completely underrated but deserving of high praise)

NATTSVARGR – Morbid Night of Melancholy
(Excellent Cold and Frozen black metal demo from true US horde)

** NECROLOGY – Malignancy Defined + Cold Skin
(Mandatory Dutch death metal brutality, includes a copy of their long-deleted MCD)

** NORTHERN FROST – Ewige Kälte
(Well-executed second-wave influenced Black metal from Germany)

** OLD FOREST – Into the Old Forest
(Rare as hell UK black metal. True underground gem!)

THE ONE – Guardians Inhuman
(From the genius behind Macabre Omen and Razor of Occam, comes this disgusting, low-fi, and totally old-school slab of Greek black metal)

** OVERKILL – I Hear Black
(Another excellent record from the legends)

PAGAN - …and Darkness is Above All
(Minimalist raw black metal from black land of Belarus!!)

** PANDEMIA – Spreading the Message
(Phenomenal and menacing death metal from the Czech Rep!!! Throat ripping vocals, drums that are as rapid and deadly as a drive by with an uzi and guitars that sever like a circular saw!)

PROFANE SOLITUDE – Awakening in Emptiness
(Pre-Lutomysl Ukranian hateful black metal, rare and out of print release)

POGROM 1147 – Black Metal Complete
(Ultra grim and face-melting black metal from Poland)

PROJECT: FAILING FLESH – A Beautiful Sickness
(An eclectic mix of industrial, trash, and Voivod-style weirdness. Lineup includes famed producer Kevin 131 of While Heaven Wept and Twisted Tower Dire fame, along with former Voivod vocalist Eric Forrest)

** PURGATORY – Bestial
(Devastating German death metal!)

** REPTILIAN DEATH – Total Annihilation
(Brutal death metal from India!!)

ROSSOMAHAAR – Imperium Tenebrarum
(Important record from Russia’s oldest black metal band. Featuring current members of the Russian ARKONA)

RÖT - Hell Cosmic Space Thrash
(Dirty USA thrash metal featuring Vic from the mighty SAURON!!!)

SABBAT/GORGON – Sabbatical Gorgonslaught split
(Cult live split CD from legendary Japanese thrashers Sabbat along with epic Japanese true Heavy metal band Gorgon)

SACRED SIN – Mastery of Holy Imperial Art – A Decade of Extreme Metal Music ’92-‘02
(One of the oldest and most cult Portuguese Death metal legions formed in the glory days of the genre. This release of 20 songs showcases music from their decade long career, with their early material easily holding its own amongst more well known Northern European and American contemporaries)

** SAPFHIER – Under Eternally Grey Skies
(Fantastic black metal from Sweden, in the vein of old Limbonic Art, early In the Woods, along with the guitar fury of early Enslaved. Very highly recommended)

** SARGATANAS REIGN – Euthanasia… Last Resort
(Important release from Sweden’s potent death machine. A must for all true underground death metal fans!)

** SEPHYROTH – The Winter Kingdom
(Noisy and harsh Canadian Black metal from Quebec, with members of V.A.C.K., Nocturnal Blasphemy, and Evil Wrath)

SINOATH – Forged in Blood
(Cult occult Black/Death metal from Italy, circa ‘90/’91. From the golden era of Italian occult metal, that spawned legendary acts such as Mortuary Drape and Evol)

** SINTURY – Disgorging the Dead
(Good luck finding this gem anywhere! Texan death metal that I can guarantee you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else)

SLAYER – Undisputed Attitude
(Slayer does covers of old school punk / hardcore bands!)

** SLAYER – Hell at Last – A Tribute to Slayer
(Featuring potent acts such as Diabolic, Nephasth, Deteriorot, etc.)

SUFFERING DOWN – Misanthropic and Nihilist Dharma
(Extremely potent Spanish Black/Death masters)

(Elite Estonian Pagan Black metal)

TIME OF DEATH… - The Last Breath of the Dying
(Over the top, fantastic release from local Toronto label Bloodbucket Productions)

TUMULUS – Winter Wood
(Excellent progressive folk metal from Russia)

TUNDRA – In Cold Dimness
(Debut recording from this respected Italian horde, originally released on Eclipse productions in limited 350 copies, this is the None More Black re-release at 1000 copies)

** TWILIGHT IS MINE – When the Twilight Coverst the World
(Debut recording of elite Russian black metal lords. Oskorei Music re-release, limited to 1000 copies)

VEDIOG SVAOR – In the Distance
(Rare French avantgarde, progressive black metal. Must be heard to be believed!)

VOKLEINBLUCHT – To Consume the Darkness Whole
(Crushing posers the entire way through, important release from venerable US Label Graveless Slumber Records)

WEDARD – Eiskrieg
(Elite depressing German black metal, HIGHLY recommended!!)

WOLFHORD – Realm of Pagan Storms
(Eerie Acoustic / Neo-folk from Brazil, transporting the listener back in time to an era of honour and pride)

** WOLFSSCHREI – Torture of a Human Soul
(Excellent old-school black metal with members of Aske, Odal, and Barastir)

** ZAHRIM – Liber Compendium Diabolicum (The Genesis of Enki)
(Truly elite Northern European black metal. Compilation of both the 96 and the 03 demos, as well as the 06 EP. Featuring members of Exmortem and Angantyr)

ZYGOTE – Vortex
(Raw yet melodic Finish Black metal)

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 7:32 am 

You have a PM!
Caïna - 2004-death - http://www.facebook.com/cainaband

Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:20 am
Posts: 48
PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:49 pm 

Thanks to everyone who sent me a PM. I'll have to go through them tonight to see what the offers are... I have to go back to work now.

Because I got quite a few responses, I am going on a first-come first-serve basis, the only exception being if there is nothing on your own tradelist that I want.

Thanks and talk to you guys soon.

Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:20 am
Posts: 48
PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 7:59 pm 


Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:20 am
Posts: 48
PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:51 pm 


(CAEDES is now on hold)

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