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PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2008 2:32 am 

Give Me Your Offers


Trade with Old Rare Death Metals (Only CD)


Abomination „Abomination” Nuclear Blast 028 (LP)

Abomination „Tragedy strikes” Nuclear Blast 050 (LP) NB/orig. Sticker

Aborym „Kali yuga bizarre” Scarlett 005-1 (PIC) Limited Edition 333

ABSU „The temples of offal” Gothic Records 003 (LP) purple Vinyl / 7” / ULTRARAR

ABSU „The sun of tiphareth” Osmose/SPV (LP) Gatefold-Sleeve

ABSU „The third storm” Osmose/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Absurd „Fada loquuntur” No Colors 007 (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Aertenus „Shadows of old” Hammerheart 052 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Afflicted „Rising to the sun” Nuclear Blast 063 (LP) Limited Edition 1000 / yellow Vinyl / 7”

Agathocles/Averno „Split-LP” Warmaster Records 5 (LP)

Agathocles „Humarrogance” Morbid Records 037 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Agathodaimon „Blacken the angel” Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Agressor „Neverending destiny” Noise (LP)

Amon Amarth „Sorrow throughout” Metal Supremacy 005 (PIC) original Envelope

Amorphis „The karelian isthmus” Nuclear Blast 072 (LP) green Vinyl / Original Silver Production

Amorphis „The karelian isthmus” Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Amorphis „Tales from the tousand” Nuclear Blast (PIC)

Amorphis „Tuonila” Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition 2000

Amorphis „Black winter day” Releapse Records (LP) 10” / Doors-Cover „Light my fire”

Amorphis „Elegy” Nuclear Blast 141 (LP)

Amortis „Memories of an ancient” Last Epsiode (LP) 7” / Limited Edition

Ancient Rites „Dark ritual” Painkiller Records 003 (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Andras „Die Rückkehr” Last Episode (PIC) Limited Fanclub-Edition

Angel Dust „To dust you will decay” Disaster (LP)

Angel Dust „Enlighten the darkness” Century Media (PIC)

Angelus „Kneel down and pray” Hellhound Records (LP)

Anorexia Nervosa „Drudenhaus” Osmose 094 (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Arcane Art „The spiritual dance” Prophecy Records (PIC) 10”

Arcturus „Aspera hiems synfonia” Misanthropy Records (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Armored Saint „Raising fear” Chrysalis (LP) Cut-out

Armored Saint „Saints will conquer” Metal Blade (LP)

Asgard „Dark horizons” Metal Enterprise (LP) ULTRARAR

Assassin „The upcoming terror” Steamhammer (LP)

Assassin „Interstellar experimente” Steamhammer (LP)

Assassin „Interstellar experimente” Steamhammer 32 (PIC)

Astharoth (Pol) „Gloomy experiments” Metalmaster (LP)

At the Gates „The red in the sky is ours” Deaf Records 010/Vile (LP) ULTRARAR

Atanatos „The oath of revenge” Last Episode (LP) Limited Edition 500 / Gatefold-Sleeve

Atanatos „Assault of heaten forres” Last Episode (PIC)

Atavistic „Vanishing point” Deaf Records 003/Vile (LP)

Atheist „Piece of time” Active Records 008 (LP)

Atomkraft „Queen of death” Neat Records (LP)

Atrocity „Hallucinations” Nuclear Blast 038 (PIC)

Atrocitiy „Todessehnsucht” The all blacks/Roadrunner (LP)

Atrocity „Die Liebe” Massacre Records 069 (LP) Limited Edition

Atrocity „Willenskraft” Massacre Records 099 (PIC) Limited Edition

Atrocity „The hunt” Massacre Records 112 (LP) 10”

Atrocity „Blut” Massacre Records (LP) 2-LP

Autopsy „Mental funeral” Peacville Records (PIC)

Autopsy „Severed survival” Peacville Records (PIC)

Autopsy „Fiend for blood” Peacville Records/Vile 29 (LP)

Autopsy „Acts of the unspeakable” Peacville Records/Vile 33 (LP) Gatefold-Sleeve

Autumn Tears „Love poems” Red Stream (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Baphomet „No answers” Massacre Records 001 (LP)

Baphomet „Latest jesus” Massacre Records 007 (LP) yellow Vinyl / limited 1000 coloured / Nr. 0765

Baphomet „Latest jesus” Massacre Records 007 (LP) blue Vinyl / limited 1000 coloured / Nr. 0391

Baphomet „The dead shall inherit” Peacville/Vile 31 (LP)

Bathory „Blood, fire, death” Under One Flag 026 (LP) Gatefold-Sleeve

Bathory „Twilight of gods” Black Mark 666 (PIC) Original Picture

Behemoth „Satanica” Avantgarde 041 (PIC) Limited Edition 10”

Believer „Dimensions” Roadrunner (LP)

Benediction „Transcend the rubicon” Nuclear Blast (PIC)

Benediction „The grand leveller” Nuclear Blast 048 (PIC)

Benediction „Return to the eve” Nuclear Blast 048 (PIC) 7” RAR

Benediction „Dark ist the season” Nuclear Blast 059 (LP) Nuclear Blast America

Benediction „Wrong sides” Nuclear Blast 073 (PIC) 7”

Benediction „The grotesque” Nuclear Blast 088 (PIC)

Bewitched „Hell comes to Essen” Osmose/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Blasphemy „Gods of war” Osmose 008/SPV (LP) incl. ´89-Demo: „Blood upon the alter”

Blind Guardian „Imaginations” Virgin (PIC) ULTRARAR

Blind Guardian „Nightfall” Virgin (PIC) Limited Edition 2000

Blind Guardian „Live” EMP (Box) Limited Edition 3000 / 3-LP / Poster / exclusive EMP

Blood Feast „Face fate” New Renaissance 35 (PIC) Limited Edition

Blood Feast „Chopping black blues” Flametrader (LP)

Body Count „Born dead” RSR (PIC)

Body Count „Necessary evil” Virgin Records (PIC)

Bolt Thrower „Realm of chaos” Bootleg (PIC) Bonustrack „Prophet of Hatred”

Bolt Thrower „Warmaster” Bootleg (PIC) Bonustrack „Destructive Infinity”

Bolt Thrower „Eternal war” Headache (PIC) Live 12.01.1991

Bolt Thrower „Realm of chaos” Earache Rec./Mosh 013 (LP) Gatefold / limit. 2000 Splatter / ORIG.

Bolt Thrower „Warmaster” Earache Rec./Mosh 029 (LP) Gatefold-Sleeve

Bolt Thrower „For victory” Earache Rec./Mosh 120 (LP)

Bolt Thrower „Mercenary” Metal Blade/SPV (LP) Gatefold-Sleeve / Free-Poster

Borknagar „Borknagar” Malicious Records (PIC)

Borknagar „The olden domain” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition 750

Borknagar „Quintessence” Century Media (PIC)

Brutal Truth „Need to control” Earache Rec./Mosh 110 (LP) / RARE

Brutality „Screams of anguish” Nuclear Blast 075 (LP) yellow Vinyl

Bundeswehra/Nergal „Split-LP” Warmaster 003 (LP) / Free-Poster (2)

Burzum „1992 – 1997” Hammerheart 040 (Box) Limited Edition With Poster
6x Pictures: Burzum / Aske / Det som engang var / Hvis lyset tar oss / Filosofem / Daudi baldrs

Callenish Circle „Graceful yet forbiddung” Painkiller Records 007 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Candlemass „The day of retribution” Active Records 15 (LP)„Nemesis” + 2 Demos

Candlemass „Ancient dreams” Active Records 07 (LP)

Candlemass „Nightfall” Collectors PDS 004 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Candlemass „Tales of creation” Music For Nations (PIC)

Cannibal Corpse „Born in a casket” Headache Records (LP) blue Vinyl / Live-Bootleg 1990 Toronto + Demo 1998

Carnal Forge „Firedemon” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition

Cathedral „In memorium” Rough Trade Records (LP)

Cathedral „Statik majik” Earache Records (LP)

Cathedral „Hopkins” Earache Records (LP) 10”

Cathedral „The carnival bizarre” Earache Records/Mosh130 (LP) 10” / 2-LP / Limited Edition

Celtic Frost „I won´t dance” Noise Int. 094/SPV (LP)

Celtic Frost „Emperor´s return” Noise Int. 024/SPV (LP) original / ULTRARAR

Children of Bodom „Hatebreeder” Nuclear Blast 387 (PIC) Limited Edition 2500

Cirith Gorgor „Onwards the spectral” Osmose 081 (PIC)

Clawfinger „Warfair” MVG Records (PIC) 7”

Clawfinger „The truth” MVG Records (PIC) 7”

Comecon „Megatrends in brutality” Century Media (LP)

Convulse „Live in pain” Magan Records 001 (LP) 7”

Coven „Blessed is the black” Ever Rat Records 12/3 (LP)

Covenant „Nexus polaris” Nuclear Blast 301 (PIC) Limited Edition 1500

Cradle of Filth „Demos” Clit Records 666-1 (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Cradle of Filth „Dusk and her embrace” Collectors PDS 011 (PIC) Limited Edition

Creation of Death „Purify your soul” Under One Flag 062 (LP)

Crematory „Just dreaming” Massacre IRS/Sylvian (LP) green Vinyl

Crematory „Illusions” Massacre Records 080 (PIC) Limited Edition

Crematory „Deutsch” Massacre Records 092 (PIC) Limited Edition

Crematory „Awake” Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition

Crematory „Act seven” Edition Drakkar (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Crematory „Believe” Nuclear Blast 509 (PIC)

Crematory „Denial” M.B.R./Mangled 4 (LP)

Crown of Thorns „The burning” Black Sun 005 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Crown of Thorns „Eternal death” Black Sun 010 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Cryptic Slaughter „Speak your peace” Metal Blade/Zorro 6 (LP)

Cryptosy „And then you`ll beg” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition

Cursed „Rhapsody” Vendetta Records (LP)

D.A.M. „Human wreckage” Noise (LP)

D.A.M. „Inside out” Noise (LP)

Daemonarch „Hermeticum” Century Media (PIC)

Dark Millenium „Ashore the celestial burden” Massacre Records 010 (LP) green Vinyl / limit. Editon coloured

Dark Millenium „Diana red peace” Massacre Records 022 (LP) red Vinyl / limit. Editon coloured

Dark Tranquillity „The gallery” Osmose 033 (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Dark Tranquillity „Haven” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition

Darkthrone „Soulside journy” Peacville Records (PIC) original Press

Darkthrone „Under a funeral moon” Collectors PDS 012 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Darkthrone „Ravishing grimnes” Moonfog 023 (PIC) Limited Edition

Dead World „The machine” Nuclear Blast 089 (LP) blue Vinyl

Deadhead „The feast begins at dawn” Bad Taste Record (LP)

Death „The final gigs” Arminius/Revision (LP) red Vinyl / Live-Bootleg

Death „Sound of perseverance” Nuclear 337 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Death „Death-Box” Century (Box) Limited Edition With Poster
5x PIC: Scream bloody gore / Leprosy / Spiritual healing / Human / Individual thought patterns

Death Strike „Fuckin´ death” Nuclear Blast 044 (LP) original Inlet / Nuclear Blast

Deathcore „Spontaneous underground” Nuclear Blast 034 (LP)

Deceased „Luck of the corpse” Releapse Records (LP)

Deceased „The 13 frigtened souls” Releapse Records (LP) green Vinyl

Defecation „Purity dilution” Nuclear Blast 018 (PIC)

Defleshed „Under the + Bonustrack” Invasion 040 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Deicide „Legion” Roadrunner Records (PIC) Limited Edition

Deicide „Amon: feasting the beast” Roadrunner Rec, (LP) Amon-Demo´s „Sacrificial” + „Feasting the beast”

Deicide „Once upon the cross” Roadrunner (LP)

Demolition Hammer „Epidemic of violence” Century Media (LP) Nuclear Blast

Demon „Taking the world storm” Sonic LP 008 (LP) Gatefold-Sleeve

Demons & Wizards „Demons & Wizards” SPV (PIC) Limited Edition / Bonus track

Demoniac „Stormblade” EOR 005 PIC (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Demoniac „The fire and the wind” Osmose 082 (PIC)

Denial of God „Klabautermanden” Hammerheart 019 (PIC) Limited Edition 10”

Desekrator „3 x 7” Hammerheart 020 (PIC) 3 x 7”

Despair „Decay of humanity” Century Media (LP)

Destruction „Sentence of death” SPV (LP)

Destruction „Infernal overkill” Steamhammer 029 (LP)

Destruction „Eternal devastation” Steamhammer 046 (LP)

Destruction „Cracked brain” Steamhammer (LP)

Destruction „Relese from agony” Steamhammer PD 15 (PIC)

Dethrone „Let the day begin” Under One Flag 041 (LP)

Detritus „Perpetual defiance” Under One Flag 055 (LP)

Devastation „Sign of life” Under One Flag 044 (LP)

Diabolique „Wedding grotesque” Black Sun 011 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Dimmu Borgir „Godless + Bonustrack” Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition 2000

Dimmu Borgir „Enthrone darkness Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition

Dimmu Borgir „Spirtitual black” Nuclear Blast 349 (PIC) Limited Edition 2000

Dimmu Borgir „Puritical euphoric” (LP) 2-LP / coloured Vinyl / Gatefold-Sleeve

Dischange „Seeing feeling bleeding” Nuclear Blast 085 (LP) red Vinyl / Gatefold-Sleeve

Disharm. Orchestra „Expositionsprophylaxe” Nuclear Blast 037 (LP) Nuclear Blast

Disharm. Orchestra „Not to be undimiensional” Nuclear Blast 062 (LP) Nuclear Blast

Disincarnate „Dreams of the carrion” Roadrunner (LP)

Dismal Euphony „All little devils” Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Dismember „Skin her alive” Nuclear Blast 047 PDS (PIC) 7”

Dismember „Pieces” Nuclear Blast 060 (LP) Nuclear Blast

Dismember „Pieces” Nuclear Blast 060 (PIC)

Dismember „Skin her alive” Nuclear Blast 047 (PIC)

Dismember „Indecent & Obscene” (?) Nuclear Blast 077 (PIC)

Dismember „Massive killing capacity” Nuclear Blast 123 (PIC) Limited Edition 1500

Dissection „The past is alive” Bootleg (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Dissection „Storm of the ligth´s bane” Necropolis Records (PIC)

Dissection „The somberlain” Nuclear Blast (PIC)

Dodheimsgard „Monumental passion” Malicious Records (PIC) Limited Edition 666

Dragon „Fallen Angel” Under One Flag 048 (LP)

Dread Zeppelin „Un-led-ed” IRS 1042 (PIC) RAR!

Ebony Tears „Tortura insommiae” Black Sun 012 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Edguy „Hellfire club” Nuclear Blast 1244-1 (LP) 2-LP / Gatefold + Bonus-EP-Songs

Edguy „Rocket ride” Nuclear Blast 1600-1 (LP) 2-LP / Gatefold + Guest Vocals Michael Kiske

Einherjer „Far far north” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition

Einherjer „Odin owens ye all” Century Media (PIC)

Electro Hippis „Live” Peacville/Vile 013 (LP) white Vinyl / Limited Edition 3000

Eminenz „The heretic” (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Emperor „Reverence” Candlelight 100/Tanglade (LP)

Emperor „Emperial Vinyl-Box” Candlelight 052 (PIC) Limited Edition 3000 / Nr. 1979

5x PIC: IX Equilibrium / Anthems / Nigthside eclipse / Wrath of the tyrant / Emperial live (Exclusive)

Empyrium „A wintersunset” Prophecy Records (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Enslaved „Frost” Osmose 025 (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Enthroned „Skullthron of Satan” CDP 023 (PIC)

Enthroned „Armoured bestial hell” Displeased 94/Blackend (PIC)

Entombed „Left hand path” Earache Rec./Mosh 021 (LP) white Vinyl / Limited Edition 2000 Splatter Vinyl

Entombed „Left hand path” Earache 21 P (PIC)

Evil Dead „The underworld” Steamhammer (LP)

Exciter „Blood of tyrants” Osmose 089 (PIC)

Exhumed „Gore Metal” Relapse Records (PIC)

Exhumed „Slaugthercult” Relapse Records 007 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Exodus „Fabulous disaster” MFN 090 P (PIC)

Exumer „Rising from the sea” Disaster/SPV (LP)

Eyehategod „Southern dicomfort” Magic Arts Publ./Zomba (LP) white Vinyl

Falkenbach „En their med riki fara” No Colors 008 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Fallen Angel „Faith fails” Massacre Records 003 (LP)

Fetish 69 „Antibody” Nuclear Blast 087 (LP) blue Vinyl

Fifth Angel „Fifth angel” Roadrunner Records (LP) with original Coversticker

Forbidden „Forbidden evil” Under One Flag 027 (LP)

Forte „Stranger than fiction” Massacre Records 004 (LP) red Vinyl / Include Text + Photos / limited Nr. 700

Funebris „Retaliation” Last Episode (LP) 7”

Gamma Ray „Sigh no more” Noise Records (LP)

Gamma Ray „Somewhere out space” Noise Records (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Gamma Ray „Powerplanet” Noise Records (PIC)

Gates of Ishtar „At dusk... + Bonustrack” Invasion 041 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Gathering, The „Mandylion” (PIC)

God Dethroned „The Christhunt” Vinyl Collectors 017 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Godess of Desire „Let us win this war II” Copy-Nr. 484 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Gorefest „Mindloss” Nuclear Blast 087 (LP) white Vinyl / Back-Cover NB 086 /

Gorefest „The eindhoven insanity” Nuclear Blast 091 (LP) clear Vinyl / incl. Free-Poste

Gorefest „False” Nuclear Blast (PIC)

Gorgoroth „Under the sign of hell” Nuclear Blast (PIC)

Gorgoroth „Antichrist” Malicious Records (PIC) Limited Edition 666

Gorgoroth „Destroyer” Nuclear Blast (PIC)

Gorguts „Considered dead” R/C Records (LP) Include Text

Grave Digger „Heavy metal breakdown” Noise (LP)

Grave Digger „The reaper” G.U.N. Records (LP) Limited Edition 1.000

Grave Digger „Knights of the cross” G.U.N. Records 162 (PIC)

Grave Digger „Tunes of war” G.U.N. Records (PIC)

Grave Digger „The dark” G.U.N. Records (PIC) Bonus track

Graveworm „Engraved in black” Nuclear Blast 1042 (PIC)

Grinder „Nothing is sacred” Noise (LP)

Haemorrhage „Inferno + 2 Bonustrack” Morbid Records (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Hammerfall „Heeding the call” Nuclear Blast (SHAPE) Ultrarar!

Hammerfall „Always will be” Nuclear Blast (SHAPE)

Hammerfall „Glory the brave” Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition

Hammerfall „Legacy of Kings” Nuclear Blast 335 (PIC)

Hammerfall „Renegade” Nuclear Blast 511 (PIC)

Hammerfall „Crimson thunder” Nuclear Blast 1031-9 (PIC)

Hammerfall „Chapter V” Nuclear Blast 1375-1 (PIC)

Hammerfall „Hearts on fire” Nuclear Blast (LP) orange Vinyl

Hammerfall „Natural high” Nuclear Blast 1730-1 (LP) 10” Gatefold

Heavens Gate „In control” No Remorse Rec. 1005 (LP)

Heavens Gate „Open gate and watch” No Remorse Rec. 1012 (LP)

Heavens Gate „Livin´ in hysteria” Steamhammer 008 (LP)

Hecate Enthroned „The slaughter” CDP 022 (PIC)

Hekate „Sonnentanz” Connected (LP)

Helloween „I want out” Noise Int. (SHAPE)

Helloween „Judas” Noise Int./SPV/WDR (LP)

Helloween „Walls of jericho” Noise Int./SPV (LP)

Helloween „Future world” Noise Int. 0083/SPV (PIC)

Helloween „Keeper of the keys I” Noise Int. (PIC)

Helloween „Keeper of the keys II” Noise Int. (PIC)

Helloween „Keeper of the keys II” Noise Int. (LP) Gatefold-Sleeve

Helloween „The dark ride” Nuclear Blast 480 (PIC) Limited Edition

Helloween „Live in the U.K.” Maldorar/Wintrup/Fanti (PIC) Limited Edition

Hexx „Quest for sanity” Wild Rags Record 024 (LP) green Vinyl

Holy Moses „Terminal terror” West Virginia Records (LP)

Holy Terror „Terror ans submission” RC Records (LP)

Holy Terror „Mindwars” Under One Flag 102 (LP)

Hypocrisy „Osculum obscenum” Nuclear Blast 080 (LP) yellow Vinyl

Hypocrisy „Penetralia” Nuclear Blast 067 (PIC)

Hypocrisy „The fourth dimension” Nuclear Blast 112 (PIC)

Hypocrisy „Abducted” Nuclear 133 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Iced Earth „The dark saga” Century Media (PIC)

Iced Earth „Alive in Anthems-Box” Century Media (PIC) 5-LP / Limited Edition 2000 / Poster

Immortal „Diabolical fullmoon” Osmose 007/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Immortal „Pure holocaust” Osmose 019/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Immortal „Battle in the north” (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Immortal „Blizzard beasts” Osmose 051/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Immortal „At the heart of winter” Osmose 079/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Immortal „At the heart of winter” Osmose 079/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Immortal „Damned in black” Osmose 095/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Immortal „Damned in black” Osmose 095/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Impaled „The dead shall dead” Deathromit Records (PIC)

Impaled Nazarene „Ugra karma” Osmose 018 (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Impetigo „Faceless” Cursed Prod. (PIC) Limited Edition 7”

Impetigo „Giallo-10” Morbid Records (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Impetigo „Ultimo cannibale” Morbid Records (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

In Flames „Lunar Strain” Regain Records 001 (PIC)

In Flames „Subterrenean” Regain Records 002 (PIC)

In Flames „The jester race” Wrong Again (PIC) Limited Edition

In Flames „Colony” Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition 2000

In Flames „Clayman” Nuclear Blast (PIC)

Incanation „The infernal storm” Morbid Records 072 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Incubus „Beyound the unknown” Nuclear Blast 039 (PIC)

Infestdead „Hellfuck” Invasion (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Intruder „A higher form of killing” Roadrunner (LP)

Intruder „Psycho savant” Zorro 25 (LP)

Isegrim „Isegrim” Last Epsiode (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Jag Panzer „Thane to the throne” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition

Jag Panzer „Death row” Azra Records (SHAPE)

Jesters of Destiny „Fun at the Funeral” Metal Blade/Dimension (LP)

Judas Priest „British steel” CBS/Holland (LP)

Judas Priest „Defenders of the faith” Columbia (LP)

Judas Priest „Turbo” CBS (LP)

Judas Priest „Turbo” Columbia (LP)

Judas Priest „Ram it down” CBS/Diski CBS Aebe (LP)

Judas Priest „Priest... live!” CBS/Gramophone (LP) 2-LP / Gatefold-Sleeve

Judas Priest „Night crawler” Columbia (LP) red Vinyl / Limited Edition Nr. 05269

Judas Priest „Metal works 1973-1993” Columbia (LP) 2-LP / Gatefold-Sleeve

Judas Priest „Leadtemptation” Bladrunner Records 013 (PIC) Live 1989

Judas Priest „A touch of evil” Sony Music (SHAPE) Limited Edition

Kat „Worship me or die” Roadrunner (LP)

Kataklysm „The mystical gate” Nuclear Blast 093 (LP) blue Vinyl

Katatonia „For funeral to come” Avantgard 009 (PIC)

Killer „Fatal attraction” Mausoleum Records (LP)

King Diamond „No presents for christmas”Roadrunner Records (LP) rare

King Diamond „Abigail” Roadrunner Records (LP)

King Diamond „Them” Roadrunner Records (LP)

King Diamond „Conspiracy” Roadrunner (PIC) Limited Edition

King Diamond „The graveyard” Massacre Records 103 (PIC) Limited Edition

King Diamond „The spiders lullabye” Massacre Records 062 (PIC) Limited Edition

King Diamond „Voodoo” (PIC) Limited Edition

King Diamond „House of god” Massacre Records (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Kiss „Destroyer” Casablanca/Phonogram (LP)
Kiss „Love g.u.n.” Casablanca/Bellaphon (LP)
Kiss „Dynastie” Casablanca/Bellaphon (LP)
Kiss „Unmasked” Casablanca/Phonogram (LP) 9
Kiss „Crazy nights” Mercury/Polygram (LP)
Kiss „Revenge” Mercury/Polygram (LP)
Kiss „Kiss my ass” Mercury/Polygram (LP) red Vinyl / Limited Edition
Kiss „The kiss of death” Pax Germanica Records (LP) white Vinyl / Live 01.12.1987
Kiss „Live in Australia 1980” (LP) Live / SOD-Label / With Interviw
Kiss „4x Interview-Set” Zero Music (SHAPE)

Kovenant „Animatronic” Nuclear Blast (PIC) Limited Edition 2000

Krabathor „Orthodox + Bonustrack” Morbid Records (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Kreator „Extreme agression” Noise (PIC)

Krisiun „Conquerors” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition

Lacuna Coil „Unleashed memories” Magic Arts/Century Media (PIC)

Limbonic Art „Epiteme of...” Merciless 005 (PIC) Limited Edition 666

Limbonic Art „Chronicles” Epitome of Illusions (Box) Limited Edition 750 / Poster / 6-LP
6x PIC: Moon in the scorpio / In abhorrence dementic / Ad noctum dynasty of death

Luca Turilli „The ancient forest” Limb Music 012 (PIC) Limited Edition 2000

Luca Turilli „King of the...” Limb Music 013 (PIC) Limited Edition 3000

Luca Turilli „Prophet of the last eclipse” Limb Music/SPV 210 (PIC) 2-PIC + Bonus / Gatefold

M.O.D. „Surfin´ M.O.D.” Roadrunner Records (LP)

M.O.D. „Gross misconduct” Noise International (LP)

M.O.D. „Rhythm of fear” Music For Nations 145 (LP)

M.O.D. „Devolution” Music For Nations 163 (LP)

Macabre „Unabomber” Hammerheart 030 (PIC) Limited Edition 10”

Machine Head „Old” Roadrunner (PIC) Limited Edition 5559 / 10”

Mad Butcher „Metal meat” Metal Enterprises (LP)

Malevolent Creation „The fine art of murder” ZYX Records (PIC) Limited Edition

Mandator „Perfect progeny” Disaster 10010/A.M. (LP)

Marduk „Those of the unlight” Osmose 015/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Marduk „Opus nocturne” Osmose 028/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 500 A

Marduk „Dark endless” Hellspawn Studios (PIC) Limited Edition 1000 + Bonus-Song live 1992

Marduk „Heaven shall burn” (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Marduk „Glorification” Osmose 043/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 300 + Cover Bathory, Venom, Destruction

Marduk „Nigthwing” Osmose 064/Sacem (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Marduk „Here´s no peace” Shadow Records (PIC) Limited Edition 500 + Poster

Marduk „Panzerdivision Marduk” Osmose 080/Sacem (PIC)

Marduk „Obedience” Bloodown Prod. 001 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Marduk „Invernal Live” Regain/Bloodawn 007 (PIC) 2-LP original LP-Cover

Marduk „La grande danse” Regain/Bloodawn 008 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Marduk „Blackcrowned 01” Regain/Bloodawn 011 (PIC) Limited Edition 500, Live, Rehearsal, Cover

Marduk „Blackcrowned 02” Regain/Bloodawn 011 (PIC) Limited Edition 500, Live, Rehearsal, Cover

Marduk „Fuck me/Satanas” (PIC) Split-LP with Rotting Christ

Massacra „Signs of the decline” Shark Records (PIC) ULTRARAR original LP-Cover

Master „Master” Nuclear Blast 040 (LP)

Master „Master” Rock Brigade Records (LP)

Master „On the seventh day” Nuclear Blast 054 (PIC)

Master „On the seventh day” Nuclear Blast 054 (LP)

Master „Collection of souls” Nuclear Blast 076 (LP) yellow Vinyl

Masters Hammer „The filemnice occultist” Osmose 011/SPV (LP)

Masters Hammer „Ritual” Osmose 031/SPV (LP)

Mayhem/Morbid „A tribute to the black” (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Mayhem/Zyklon B „Split” Stemra VC 002 (PIC) 7”

Mayhem „Deathcrush” Posercorpse Rec. Inc. (PIC) Limited Edition 475/1000

Mayhem „De msteriis dom sathanas” Collectors CPD 003 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Mayhem „Wolf´s lair abyss” Collectors CPD 021/M.R. (PIC)

Mayhem „Mediolanum capta” Avantgarde Music 039 (PIC) Live Milan 2.11.1998

Mayhem „Live in Leipzig” Avantgarde Music (PIC) Licensed by Last Epitaph

Mayhem „The dawn live” No fucking Label (PIC) Limited Edition 666 / Live 90 Norway

Mayhem „Pure fucking” (PIC) Limited Edition 1000 / Studio + unmixed Tracks

Mayhem „Grand declaration-Box” Season of Mist 027 (Box) Limited Edition 2000
Limited Digi-CD + PIC-LP + Ti-Shirt (!) + ID-Tags + Badge + Poster + Sticker

Meat Loaf „Deadringer” Epic (LP)

Meat Loaf „Deadringer” Epic/Cleveland (PIC)

Meat Loaf „Bat out of hell” Sony Music (PIC) Limited Edition,

Meat Loaf „Bat out of hell 1” Epic/Cleveland (LP)

Meat Loaf „Bat out of hell 2” Virgin Records (PIC) Limited Edition 4028

Meat Loaf „Rock´ n´ Roll dreams” Virgin (PIC) 7”

Meat Loaf „Blind before i stop” Arista/Ariola (LP) + original Sticker

Meat Loaf „Bad Attitude” Arista Records (LP)

Meat Shits „Ecstasy of death” Moribund Records (PIC) Limited Edition 500 / Ultrarar!

Megadeth „Wake up dead” Capitol Records/EMI (SHAPE)

Megadeth „Hangar 18” Capitol Records (SHAPE)

Megadeth „Killing is my buisness” MFN 46 P (PIC)

Megadeth „Peace sells” Capitol Records (LP)

Megadeth „Peace sells” EMI (PIC)

Megadeth „Holy wars” Capitol PD 588 (PIC)

Megadeth „Rust in peace” Capitol Records (PIC)

Megadeth „So far, so good, so what” Capitol Records (LP)

Megadeth „Sweating bullets” Capitol Records (LP) blue Vinyl

Megadeth „Youthanasia” Capitol Records (LP) blue Vinyl / Gatefold Sleeve

Megadeth „Set the world on fire” Flashback Worldprod. (LP) Live Toronto, 18. April 1988

Mercyful Fate „9” Metal Blade 14242 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Messiah „Psychomorphia” N oise Int./Dark Wings (LP)

Messiah „Choir of horrors” Noise Int./Dark Wings (LP)

Messiah „Rotten perish” Noise Int./Flying Records (LP)

Metallica „Kill` em all” MFN 07 P (PIC)

Metallica „Ride the lightning” MFN 27 P (PIC)

Metallica „Master of puppets” MFN 60 P (PIC)

Metallica „Sad but true” Phonogram Records (PIC)

Metallica „One” Phonogram Records (PIC)

Metallica „No live ´til power” Snake Records (PIC) Demos

Metallica „No Remorse” Snake Records (PIC) Live 1985

Metallica „Final strike” Savage Gladiator (PIC) Live 1988

Metallica „Jump in the fire” Megaforce/MFN (SHAPE)

Mithotyn „In the sign” Invasion 043 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Mithotyn „King of the distant” Invasion (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Monstrosity „Imperial doom” Nuclear Blast 055 (LP)

Monstrosity „Imperial doom” Nuclear Blast 055 (PIC)

Moonspell „The butterly effect” Century Media (LP) yellow Vinyl

Morbid Angel „The kingdom come” (PIC) 7”

Morbid Angel „Altars of madness” Earache Rec./Mosh 011 (LP) white Vinyl / Limited Edition 2000 Splatter Vinyl

Morbid Angel „Blessed are the sick” Earache Rec./Mosh 031 (LP)

Morbid Angel „Remixes with Laibach” Earache Rec./Mosh 112 (LP)

Morbid Angel „Crush jesus christ tour 91” MA 91 Italy (LP) / Live

Mordor „Dark ist the future” Shivadashana Records (PIC) 7” Limited Edition 150 worldwide!!!

Morta Skuld „As humanity fades” Peacville/Deaf 015 (LP)

Mortican „Chainsaw dismember” Morbid Records (PIC)

Mortican „Domain of death” Relapse/Morbid Rec. 086 (PIC) Limited Edition

Mortification „Post momentary affliction” Nuclear Blast 082 (LP) white Vinyl

Mortum „The druid ceremony” Invasion (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Morvar „Blackenend images” Brain Crusher Records (PIC)

Motörhead „Killed by death” Bronze Records (SHAPE)

Motörhead „Deaf forever” Roadrunner (PIC)

Motörhead „Orgasmatron” GWR PD 01 (PIC) Original-Press

Motörhead „Rock´n´roll” Roadrunner/GWR (LP)

Motörhead „Overkill” Ariola/Bronze Records (LP)

Motörhead „Bomber” Arioal/Bronze Records (LP)

Motörhead „March ör die” Epic (LP)

Motörhead „The one to sing the blues” Epic/CBS Records (LP) 7”

Motörhead „From the vaults” Sequel Records/NEX LP (LP) BEST OF With „The Young & Moody Band”

Motörhead „Beer drinkers” Chiswick/Metronome (LP) BEST OF

My Dying Bride „As the flower withers” Peacville/Vile 032 (LP)

Mystic „The plot sickens” Massacre Records 005 (LP) yellow Vinyl

Mystic Circle „Morgenröte” Last Epitaph (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Mystic Circle „Drachenblut” Last Episode 018 (PIC)

Mystic Circle „Infernal gods war” Last Episode (PIC) Fanclub-Edition

Naglfar „Vittra” Wrong Against Records (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Naglfar „Diabolical” Wrong Against Records (PIC)

Napalm „Cruel tranquility” Steamhammer (LP)

Necrodeath „Into the macabre” Scarlet 003 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Necrodeath „Mater of all evil” Scarlet 013 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Necromantia „From the past we summon” Spellbound/Dark Side (LP) 7” / RARE

Necromantia „Crossing the fiery path” Osmose 093/SPV (LP)

Necromantia „Scarlet evil witching black” Osmose 095/SPV (LP) Gatefold-Sleeve

Necromantia „Ancient pride” Osmose 048/SPV (LP) Beiblatt Texte / Limited Editionm 105/1000

Necrophagia „Holocausto la morte” Red Stream 0126 (PIC)

Nevermore „Dead heart” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition

Night in Gales „Towards the twilight” Nuclear Blast (LP)

Night Wing „My kingdom come” Intercord (LP)

Nightfall „Macabre sunsets” Holy Records PD 04 (PIC)

Nightwish „The golden-Box” Hammerheart Records (Box)
4x PIC: Oceanborn / Angels falls first / Wishmaster / Special Tracks

Nightwish „Bless the child” Spinefarm Records (PIC) 7”

Nightwish „Wish i had angel/Nemo” Nuclear Blast 1351 (PIC)

Nigthwish „Once” Nuclear Blast 1291-1 (PIC)

Nightwish „The siren” Nuclear Blast 1398-1 (LP) 10” Gatefold

Nigthwish „Amarath” Nuclear Blast 1925-1 (PIC) Limited Edition Nummer 1720 / Gatefold

Nigthwish „Dark passion play” Nuclear Blast 1923-12 (PIC) Limited Edition Nummer 0129 / Gatefold

Nile „Amongst Catacombs” Morbid Records (PIC)

Nile „Black seeds” Relapse Records (PIC)

Nocturnal Breed „Raping Europe-10” Hammerheart Records (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Nocturnal Rites „Afterlife” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition

Nocturnus „The key” Earache Records/Mosh023 (LP) white Vinyl / Limited 2000 Splatter Vinyl

Non Serviam „Necrotical” Invasion Records (PIC) Limited Edition 500

NoNoYesNo „Deepshit, arkansas” Nuclear Blast 094 (LP) green Vinyl

Nuclear Assault „Survive” Under One Flag 21 (PIC)

Obscenity „Human Barbecue” Morbid Records (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Obsession „Scarred for live” Enigma Records (LP) Cutout

Obsession „Methods of madness” Enigma Records (LP) Cutout

Old Funeral „Join the funeral” Hammerheart (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Old Mans Child „The pagan prosperity” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition 750

Old Mans Child „Natured spiritual III” Century Media (PIC)

Old Mans Child „Revelation 666” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition 1000 With original LP-Cover

Old Mans Child „Split mit Dimmu Borgir” Hammerheart 044 (PIC) Limited Edition 750

Omen „Battle cry” Roadrunner (LP) Megarare Originalpress

Omen „Nightmares” Metal Blade/Enigma (LP) Cutout

Omen „Escape to nowhere” Metal Blade/RR (LP)

Ordo Equilibrio „141” Cold Meat Ind. (PIC) 7” Limited Edition

Overkill „Fuck you!!!” Megaforce/Atlantic (LP) Ultrarar!

Overkill „Feel the fire” Megaforce/Noise (LP)

Overkill „Under the influence” Megaforce/Atlantic (LP)

Ozzy Ozbourne „Bark at the moon” Epic (LP)

Ozzy Osbourne „No rest for the wicked” CBS Records (LP)

Ozzy Ozbourne „The ultimate sin” Epic (PIC)

Pagan „Gehasst” Zorn-Produktions (LP) 180 g Vinyl

Pandemonium „The kill” Metal Blade/RR (LP)

Pantera „Heresey” Cemetary Records 001 (PIC) Live 1991

Paradise Lost „Icon” Peacville (PIC)

Paradise Lost „Gothic” Peacville (PIC)

Paradise Lost „Draconian times” Music For Nations 184 P (PIC) Limited Edition

Paradies Lost „Icon” Music For Nations 152 (LP) 2-Gatefold-LP/ Free-Poster

Paradise Lost „Lost Paradise” Peacville/Vile 017 (LP)

Paragon Beauty „Wundenozean” (PIC) Limited Edition 500 / 7”

Pariah „The kindred” Steamhammer (LP)

Pariah „Blaze of obscurity” Steamhammer (LP)

Pathologist „Putrefective cadaverous” M.A.B. Records 02 (PIC) Limited Edition

Pegazus „Wings of destiny” Nuclear Blast 323 (LP)

Penitent „Melancholia” Prophecy Prod. 003 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Pestilence „Spheres” Roadrunner (LP)

Phantom „Phantom” Shark Records 023 (LP) clear Vinyl / Limited Edition

Pink Floyd „Wish you were here” Amiga Stereo (LP)

Poltergeist „Depression” Century Media/SPV (LP)

Primal Fear „Primal Fear” Nuclear Blast (PIC)

Primal Fear „Jaws of death” Nuclear Blast (PIC)

Primal Fear „Black sun” Nuclear Blast 500-1 (PIC) Original Cover

Prophets of Doom „Access to wisdom” Metalworks/AVM Records (LP)

Psychotic Waltz „Psychotic Waltz” (PIC)

Purgatory „Damage done worms” (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Pungent Stench „Been caught buttering” Nuclear Blast PD 052 (PIC)

Queensryche „Dortmund 27.10.88” Thanks to L. for help (LP) red Vinyl / Live-Bootleg

Queensryche „Promised Lans” Melodisc Ltd./EMI USA (LP) clear Vinyl

Queensryche „Jet city woman/Empire” EMI (SHAPE)

Rage „Reign of fear” Noise Int./SPV (LP)

Rage „Execution guaranteed” Noise Int./SPV (LP)

Rage „Perfect man” Noise Int./SPV (LP)

Rage „Secrets in a weird world” Noise Int./SPV (LP)

Rage „Trapped” Noise Int./Fly Ing. Italy (LP)

Rage „Thirteen” G.U.N. 157 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Rage „End of all days” G.U.N. (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Rage „Welcome to other side” G.U.N 189/BMG (PIC) Edition Drakkar

Raven „Heads up!” Steamhammer (LP)

Raven „Architekt of fear” Steamhammer (LP)

Regurgitate „Carnivorous erectrion” Relapse/Morbid Rec. 084 (PIC) Limited Edition

Resurrected „Raping whores” Perverted Taste (PIC)

Resurrected „Fairless to the flesh” Perverted Taste (PIC)

Resurrection „Empalmed existence” Nuclear Blast 074 (LP) clear Vinyl / orig. Sticker

Rhapsody „Emerald sword” Limb Music 005 (PIC) Limited Edition 5000

Rhapsody „Symphony of lands” Limb Music 007 (PIC) Limited Edition 5000

Rhapsody „Holy thunderforce” Limb Music 022 (PIC) Limited Edition 2000 + Poster

Rhapsody „Dawn of victory” Limb Music 023 (PIC) Limited Edition 4000

Rhapsody „Rain of a thousand” Limb Music 036 (PIC) Limited Edition 3000 + Poster

Rhapsody „The power dragonflame” Limb Music 040 (PIC) Limited Edition 5000 / 2-LP / Gatefold / Bonus / Poster

Rigor Mortis „Rigor Mortis” EMI/Capitol (LP)

Ritual „Trials of torment” Massacre Records 011 (LP) blue Vinyl /Limited Edition 347/1000

Ritual Carnage „The highest law” Osmose 073 (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Root „Hell symphony” Zeras Agency (MC) ORIGINAL - Black Metal!

Rotting Christ „The mystical” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition 10”

Rotting Christ „The contract + Bonus” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition

Rotting Christ „Khronos” Century Media (PIC)

Running Wild „Under jolly roger” Noise Int./SPV (LP) Warning: Loud sounds effects

Running Wild „Port royal” Noise Int./SPV (LP)

Running Wild „Death or glory” Noise Int./EMI (LP)

Runnig Wild „Rivalery” G.U.N. Records 160 (PIC)

Sabbat „Dreamweaver” Noise Int./SPV (LP)

Sabbat „Mourning has broken” Noise Int./Dark Wings (LP)

Sabbat „Evoke” Iron Pegasus 003 (PIC) Limited Edition

Sacramentum „The coming of chaos” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition 750

Sacred Child „Sacred Child” Black Dragon 034 (LP)

Sacred Reich „Surf Nicaragua” (PIC)

Sacrilege „Within the prophecy” Under One Flag 015 (LP)

Sacrilege „Turn back trilobite” Under One Flag 029 (LP) Gatefold-Sleeve

Sacrilege „Lost in beauty” Black Sun 009 (PIC) Limited Edition 500

Sacrilege „The fifth season” Black Sun 009 (PIC) Limited Edition 500
Samael „Blood ritual” Century Media (PIC)

Samael „Ceremony of opposites” Century Media (PIC)

Samael „Rebellion” Century Media (PIC) Limited Edition 750

Satan „Into the future” Steamhammer (LP)

Satan „Suspended sentence” Steamhammer (LP) Cutout

Satans Host „Metal from hell” WEB Records (LP)

Satyricon „Rebel Extravaganza” Nuclear Blast 418 (PIC) Limited Edition 1000

Satyricon „Boxset” (Box) Limited Edition 1000 Nr. 830
3x PIC: The shadowthrone / Dark medival times / Nemesis diviana

Savatage „Poets and Madman” Steamhammer/SPV (PIC) 2-PIC / Gatefold-Sleeve / Bonus-Live-Track

Saxon „Heavy metal thunder” Steamhammer (PIC) Limited Edition / original Cover

Scanner „Terminal earth” Noise Int./Dark Wings (LP)

Sentenced „Amok” Century Media (PIC)

Septic Flesh „Mystic places of dawn” Holy Records PD 05 (PIC)

Seth „The Excellence” Osmose 097 (PIC) Limited Edition 300

Seuche, Die „Pächter des Wahnsinns” SPV/Dark Wings (LP)

Seventh Angel „Lament for the weary” Under One Flag 065 (LP)

Severe Torture „Feasting on blood” Hammerheart/Plague 009 (PIC)

Shadowbreed „The light of shadow” Painkiller Records 006 (PIC) Limited Edition

Sinergy „Beware the heavens” Blast 338 (PIC)

Sinister „Cross the styx” Nuclear Blast 061 (LP)

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