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Metal newbie

Joined: Fri Sep 05, 2008 2:00 pm
Posts: 76
Location: Canada
PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 12:16 am 

I am looking for CDs/vinyl of the following bands

PARADISE LOST (pre-1997)
SOLITUDE AETURNUS (Adagio and newest one only)
TROUBLE (90s albums only)

Here's a link to my tradelist:

http://www.metal-archives.com/board/vie ... hp?t=42108

Metal newbie

Joined: Wed Sep 15, 2004 10:48 am
Posts: 142
Location: Russia
PostPosted: Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:05 am 

I have some of your wants for sell (8$).
See below.
ADOLF CASTLE "Really crazy germans"+1 bonus track (Russian power-speed ala Running Wild)
ARCHONTES "Saga of eternity" + 2 bonus tracks (Russian power/speed)
ARCHONTES "The world where shadows come to life" (Russian power/speed)
ARDA "O Skitaniyakh Vechnykh I O Zemle" (melodic heavy/power (ex-singer of Epidemia)
ARIA «Hero of the speedway» (last copy!!! Good offer)
ARIA Megalomania (last copy!!! Good offer)
ARIA «Playing with fire" (last copy!!! Good offer)
ARIA “Blood for blood” (last copy!!! Good offer)
ARIA «Night is shorter than the day»
ARIA «Generator of evil»
ARIA "Chimera" (last copy!!! Good offer)
ARIA "Shtil'" (The calm) (last copy!!! Good offer)
ARIA Bespechniy angel (Easy angel)
ARIA A Tribute to ARIA
ARIA Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) p1(DVD)
ARIA Live Fire (Zhivoy Ogon) p2 (DVD)
ARIA Made in Russia (DVD)
ARIDA VORTEX Evil Sorcery (Russian power/speed ala early Helloween)
AVARIA «Avaria» (ex.- Aria)
BLACK COFFEE "Holy metal" + 1 bonus track (1986, classic heavy metal)
BLACK OBELISK "One more day" + bonus tracks
BLACK OBELISK "The wall"+ bonus tracks
BLACK OBELISK "1986-1988" (last copy!!! Good offer)
C.J.S.S. (feat. David T. Chastain) World gone mad / Praise the loud (1985/1986)
CATHARSIS "Dea" / "Febris erotica"
CATHARSIS Imago (English language version)
CATHARSIS Imago (Russian language version)
CATHARSIS "Prizrachniy svet" + multimedia bonus
CONQUEST The endless power (power-speed ala Gamma Ray)
DAJ (aka DAI) "Vinoven tem chto zhiv" (Russian thrash metal ala early Anthrax, Metallica)
DYSLESIA My Own Revolution+ bonus track (French power metal0
E.S.T. Electro Shock Therapy + 1 bonus track (1989)
E.S.T. Knife attack (Proba pera) + 1 bonus track (1991)
E.S.T. 13 + 1 bonus track
E.S.T. Soul Therapy + 1 bonus video track
E.S.T. Evil rock
EPIDEMIA "Volya k zhizni" (melodic power-speed)
EPIDEMIA "Na krayu vremeni" (melodic power-speed)
EPIDEMIA (feat. Aria, Master members) The Elven Manuscript + 1 bonus track (melodic power-speed)
HOLY DRAGONS "Judgement day" (Power-speed)
HOLY DRAGONS "Gotterdammerung" ("Twilight of Gods") (Power-speed)
HOLY DRAGONS House of the Winds + 1 bonus track (power-speed metal)
HOLY DRAGONS Thunder In the Night (power-speed metal)
HOLY MOSES “Queen Of Siam” 1986 / TARGET Mission executed 1987 (2 in 1)
KRUGER "We rock" (Russian true metal)
KRUGER "Faith and religion" (Russian true metal)
KRUGER "Deti vrazhdy" (Russian true metal)
KRUGER No Compromiss (Russian true metal)
KRUGER “Born by darkness”+ bonus tracks (Russian death metal, 1992)
LEGION "U okna" (aka "Near the window") + 2 bonus tracks (great Russian epic-true metal)
LEGION Prophecy+ bonus tracks (great Russian epic-true metal)
LEGION Stihija ognja (aka Elements of Fire) (great Russian epic-true metal)
LOGAR'S DIARY Book 1: jostros (German epic power-speed)
MASTER 33 lives + bonus track (Rare 1st pressing)
MESMERIZE Vulture paradise (power/speed metal)
MORBID DEATH Secrets (Doom/death)
MOST "Bridge" (Russian 80-s classic metal)
NATISK Sky in the fire (Great Russian true metal ala Aria)
PANTERA "Project in the jungle"/ "I'm the night" (Good offer only)
PARADOX "Heresy"
RETRIEM Lead To Your Destiny (Russian power metal)
SABOTAGE "Copper bull" (Russian 80-s classic heavy metal)
SHADOW HOST Neverland + bonus (Russian power/speed metal)
X - FACTOR X-factor + hidden bonus tracks (Russian True classic metal)
ZATMENIE "Hate" (Russian power-thrash ala Metallica'91)

THY DISEASE Cold skin obsession (Death/Black Metal)
TYRANT Legend (Black Metal)
VANITAS Das leben ein traum (Melodic Dark Metal)
WURDULAK Severed eyes of possession (Black Metal)
BLOOD RED THRONE Monument Of Death (Death)
Exmortem (Dnk) Berzerker Legions (Death)

AVGUST "Absolut ne vse" (NEW ALBUM, 2005, good trade only)
CATHARSIS Wings (Krylja)
EPIDEMIA Life in the twilight (Power Metal)
HOLY DRAGONS "Wolves of Odin"
LEGION Give me name (aka Daj mne imja) (great Russian epic-true metal)
SANGARA "Symphony of evil" (power metal)
split cd - MONOMAKH / RED SQUARE 1989 Monomakh / 1990 The Red Square (Krasnaja ploschad) (No boot! Original Melodia pressing (1990)! Rare as hell! Make your REAL offer only!)
KORROZIA METALLA "Sadism" (Original KTR/Moroz pressing (1992)! Rare as hell! Make your REAL offer only!)
BLACK MARK "Stupivshiy za gran’" (Russian classic epic heavy metal, 2005)
PULSAR Civilization (Russian power-metal)
ADVENT "The dawn" (melodic black/death)
WONDERLAND Wonderland + 3 bonus tracks (Power Metal)
ARTHEMIS The Damned Ship
KRUGER Dusha izuvera (Russian true metal 2005)
ARDA (EX- EPIDEMIA) Exorcist Power Metal
KIPELOV (ex-Aria, Rage) Rivers of time
LEGION 1980-1987 (great russian epic-true metal))
LEGION Majatnyk vremen (aka Pendulum Of Times) (great russian epic-true metal, good trade only))
STAJA Land of ice (russian classic 80-s metal)
ZERO NINE Visions, scenes and dreams (classic 80-s metal, 1982)
ZERO NINE Headline (classic 80-s metal, 1984)
HUNTERS (ex-ARCHONTES) Break the rules +1 karaoke bonus heavy metal
SIEBENBURGEN Grimjaur gothic black metal
SHADOW HOST Curse Of The Angeleye (Russian power/speed metal)
CRADLE OF FILTH Nymphetamine
AMAZONE Victoria leqia gothic ala Within Temptation
ON THORNS I LAY "Sounds of beautiful experience" death/doom
DOPPELGANGER Desire lost forever (gothic)
SAINTS OF EDEN (EX.- NEFILIM) Proteus (Gothic Industrial)
ALEXEY STRIKE (ex. MASTER, EPIDEMIA) Time of the full moon (classic heavy metal)
MAVRIN, SERGEY (ex. Aria, Kipelov) Otkrovenie
DANTON "Ways Of Destiny" (1988)
HOLY DRAGONS Black moon rising (new album, 2006)
LEGION Four Elements (aka Chetyre stihii) (2006)
NATISK "Second breath" (Russian classic 80-s heavy metal ala Aria, 2006)
ABORYM (MAYHEM, EMPEROR) Generator Industrial Black Metal
BLACK OBELISK Zeleniy Albom (aka Green Album) power/thrash
BLACK COUNTESS Blood, desire and dead nenuphars (black)
BLACK COUNTESS Child Of The Demonic Moon (black)
BLACK COUNTESS "Queen of the winter" (black)
BLUTENGEL "Demon kiss" (synth/gothic)
WINDS OF SIRIUS "Beyond all temples and myths" (Doom Gothic)
DEMENTOR "Enslave the weak" (Brutal Death Metal)
RAZA DE ODIO La Nueva Alarma (thrash/death)
SKYMNING Stormchoirs Melodic Power/Death/Black
VIA MISTICA Testamentum (gothic)
MIDNIGHT CONFIGURATION "Sepulchre rose" (gothic)
HATECRAFT Lost Consolation Progressive Melodic Death
DARZAMAT Transkarpatia Dark Gothic Metal
MY INSANITY Scattered Soul Puzzle Gothic Metal
SOLEFALD Red For Fire: An Icelandic Odyssey, Part I Progressive Black Metal
MORGUL All Dead Here… Gothic Black Doom Metal
BLACK COUNTESS The language of flesh (sympho black)
KIUAS Reformation melodic death/power
ARIA “Alien” (3 song mini-cd + video-section) 2006
MASTER “On the other side of evil” (Po tu storonu zla) (Album, 2006)
ARIDA VORTEX Flames Of Sunset (Russian power-speed)
TEATR TENEY (THEATER OF SHADOWS) “The beast” (80-s heavy metal)
HEAVY DAY (aka TYAZHELY DEN) "V polet + 5 bonus track” (Remastered reissue 1987, 80-s heavy metal/power metal)
REANIMATION "Rassvet” (Russian 80-s heavy metal/power metal with pagan lyrics)
CARPATHIAN FOREST Fuck You All!!!! Black Metal
ARTERIA (EX-ARIA, EX-KIPELOV, LEGION) “Searching the new life” ("V poiskah novoy zhizni")
KRUGER Live Steel
KAIRA Volja rocka true 80-s heavy metal with female vocal (ala Aria)
WUMPSCUT "Evoke" LTD 2CD DIGI Industrial
MASTER 1987-2002 (Compilation of re-recorded songs, rare!)
EQUILIBRIUM Turis Fratyr viking/pagan/black metal
MOTHERS ARMY(FEAT.JOE LYNN TURNER) Mothers army hard'nheavy
MOTHERS ARMY(FEAT.JOE LYNN TURNER) Planet earth hard'nheavy
MOTHERS ARMY(FEAT.JOE LYNN TURNER) Fire on the moon hard'nheavy
LUÑA TURILLI'S DREAMQUEST Lost horizons + bonus track epic power
R.D. (Artheria, ex-Mavrin, Catharsis) Carusel epoh (heavy/power)
Aria Armageddon (new album, 2006)
NIGHTWISH Wishsides (B-sides,raries,singles 2CD)
Mundanus Imperium Spectral Spheres Coronation epic power
ALEXEY STRIKE (ex. MASTER, EPIDEMIA) "Anthology in lyrics"
FICTION 8 "CHAOTICA" (electro-gothic)
COURAGE Eternal game (Vechnaya igra) Heavy Metal ala Aria
LOVE LIKE BLOOD "Snakekiller" gothic
VANITAS "Der schatten einer existenz" black metal
LUCA TURILLI "Prophet of the last eclipse"/"Demonheart" + bonus tracks (digipack)
Mayhem Chimera Black Metal
HVANGUR "Krov I pepel" ("Blood and ashes") (Russian pagan black with Satyricon cover)
KRUIZ "Kriuz"+ bonus tracks (1988) (power/speed)
KIPELOV / MAVRIN “Smutnoe vremja” (Dark ages) (rare, good offer only!) (solo-project of ex. Aria members)
SHAH "Terror collection" (Russian 80-s thrash metal, SNC records, 1991, very rare! Very good trade only)
KUPRIJANOV (aka COFFEIN, ex. Black Coffee) “White wind” (1995, 1st pressing, very rare!!!) (Hard'n'heavy)
DREAMLAND Future's calling speed/power
EWIGKEIT Conspiritus Dark Metal
SEVEN WITCHES Xiled to infinity and one true metal
SEVEN WITCHES Year of the witch true metal
TOWNSEND DEVIN Synchestra progressive
YOUNG GODS Xxy industrial
OLVI (Arida Vortex) “T’ma i svet” (Darkness and light) Heavy Power Metal
KIPELOV (ex-Aria, Rage) Moscow '2005
Arrow, The Keeper of the souls Heavy Power Metal
Trilogy Part 1 Heavy Metal ala Aria
NEÔEËIM The gates of creation Prog power (2002)
ALLYJ RASSVET Wings of the angel Melodic Heavy/Power ala Epidemia, Arda
P.O.S.T. ¹1 Heavy metal (2004) ala Black Obelisk
DEADXHEAD "Regressive By Default" speed/thrash ala Megadeth 90-92
PLATITUDE "Silence Speaks" power/prog
To/die/for Wounds Wide Open Melodic Gothic Metal
BLACK OBELISK "Kogda-nibud' (feat. Kipelov (ex- Aria))
SOLEFALD In Harmonia Universali black metal
Bloodflowerz "7 benedictions, 7 maledictions" gothic
ASTAROTH Organic Perpetual Hatework (sympho black)
ANNIHILATOR Never, Neverland
STORMWITCH Walpurgis Night (1984) + Tales Of Terror (1985) boot!
Tribute To Helloween The Keepers Of Jericho
Beautiful Sin (Masterplan) The Unexpected + bonus track
MORK GRYNING "Mork Gryning" black/death
POWERGOD Long Live The Loud trash speed metal
Hacker Vzlom (breakthrough) Russian power
Samhain (ex. Catharsis) Epiphany Russian power
ARMADA (ex- Stormwitch) Rage of the armada
MOBY DICK Ballads of wolf packs (russian epic true metal)
FAIRYLAND The fall of an empire power metal
ATARGATIS Wasteland gothic metal
DRAGONLAND Astronomy power metal
BLUTENGEL Angel dust
EIDOLON Sacred Shine
CHILDREN OF BODOM (DVD-9) Chaos Ridden Years/Stockholm 2006 Digipak+18p./poster
MAVRIN, SERGEY (ex. Aria, Kipelov) Live, part 1
MAVRIN, SERGEY (ex. Aria, Kipelov) Live, part 2
EDU FALASCHI's Almah (Angra, Nightwish, Stratovarius, Kamelot) Almah + 2 bonus tracks power
TEATR TENEY (THEATER OF SHADOWS) Your shadow (80-s heavy metal)
Volnaja stja (Free pack) The pack (feat. Master member, Russian classic 80-s heavy metal)
Griffin Wasteland Serenades power/thrash
Griffin The Sideshow power/thrash
KAIRA Wheel of fortune + video clip Russian true metal
CATHARSIS Ballad of Earth (EP) +video section
Luna Aeterna Mystery (sympho-power with female vocal ala Nightwish etc.)
EXTROVERT Awakening the ocean (power/prog)
MOONLIGHT AGONY Echoes Of A Nightmare
Tankwart Aufgetankt (1994) / Himbeergeist zum Frühstück (1996)
HOLY MOSES "Terminal terror"
MANDATOR "Initial velocity"
EIDOLON The Parallel Othoword
Bastion Of Destiny Life Heavy Metal, sung in Russian (2007)
Korsiêa Play Heavy Metal, sung in Russian (2007) ex-Citadel Vetrov. Slipcase
Callisto Callisto Heavy Metal, sung in Russian (2007). Slipcase
ALIK GRANOVSKIY (MASTER) Big walk (2004) Reissue
LEGION Myths of ancient (2007)
MASTER Master (1987) Reissue
MASTER With lee on the neck (1989) Reissue
MASTER Talk Of The Devil (1991) Reissue
MASTER Maniac Party (1994) Reissue
MASTER Songs of the dead (1996) Reissue
MASTER Labyrinth (2001) Reissue
IVAN TZAREVICH Idu na Vy! (digi) Folk Heavy Metal
KRUGER Embryon (1991) death metal
Squealer A.D. (Squealer, Grip Inc) Confrontation Street + bonus track power/thrash
Paganini It's a long way to the top
Trance Break out/Power Infusion (good offer only))
ASSAILANT "Nemesis Within" power metal
TOK Budu pervym (I'll be the first) Ukrainean heavy
DOMAIN Last Days of Utopia power metal
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ Ludi i stremya (digi) (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
DOMINE "Emperor Of The Black Runes" epic power metal
KRYPTERIA (a-la NIGHTWISH) Bloodangel's Cry
CHARON The dying daylights gothic metal
NORTHER Death unlimited melodic death/power
DIMMU BORGIR IN SORTE DIABOLI +multimedia&video bonus
RUSH In Rio (2 DVD)
WITHIN TEMPTATION The Heart Of Everything
BLACK MAJESTY Tomorrowland (melodic power speed metal)
PARADISE LOST B-Sides & Rarities (2 cd)
KAMELOT Ghost Opera (1 BONUS )
BLIND GUARDIAN Tales from the Twilight World (2 BONUS) (remastering 2007)
BLIND GUARDIAN Somewhere far Beyond (2 BONUS) (remastering 2007)
SLADE In Flames (remastering 2007)
Ozzy Osbourne Ozzmosis + bonus tracks Digitally Remastered
PARADISE LOST In Requiem (2007, with bonus track (SPECIAL EDITION))
WITHIN TEMPTATION The heart of everything + bonus track
AC/DC Highway to Hell (2007) DVD
AC/DC Live ' 77 + BONUS DVD
ARIA Pljaska Ada (Dance of hell) (2007) DVD
ARIA: Live fire + "Made in Russia" / KIPELOV: "Put' naverh"/ KING AND JOKER: Eli myaso muzhiki ( 4 in 1 ) DVD
CRADLE OF FILTH PanDaemonAeon (1999) DVD
HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy World Tour 2005/2006 (dvd 10)
Iced Earth /ex.vocal Judas Priest/ Alive In Athens DVD
IRON MAIDEN Death on the road DVD
Judas Priest Angel of Retribution & Live in concert& HALFORD Live at Rock in Rio 2001 ( 3 in 1 ) DVD
Judas Priest Electric Eye (2003) DVD
MANOWAR The Day The Earth Shook - The Absolute Power DVD
METALLICA Escape From The Studio `06 DVD
METALLICA S & M with the San Francisco Symphony (1999) DVD
METALLICA Show 2003 (Live in Germany - Rock am Ring 2003 (Center Stage). June 8th, 2003) DVD
NIGHTWISH From Wishes To Eternity DVD
RAINBOW Live in Germany 1977 DVD
SLADE (2 in 1) At Granada studios 1972 / At East Germany television 1977 DVD
Slayer War at the Warfield DVD
THERION Celebrators of Becoming DVD
Yngwie Malmsteen Far Beyond The Sun - 2006 DVD
MASTER Master + With lee on the neck (1987/1989) Very rare early pressing, good offer only!
IN FLAMES Come clarity
KAMELOT Dominion
RHAPSODY Symphony of enchanted lands (Vol. 2) / The dark secret (2 cd)
Slayer Reign In Blood
Slayer Seasons In The Abyss
LUCA TURILLI Prophet Of The Last Eclipse / Demonheart
MAGO DE OZ Finisterra (2CD)
Judas Priest Painkiller + 2 bonus
KORROZIA METALLA Live in October 1987 (Good offer only!)
SPACE ODYSSEY The astral episode power metal
PARADISE LOST Symbol Of Life + 2 bonus tracks
KATEDRA III (new album, 2006! Good offer only!) Lithuanean traditional heavy
GAIA EPICUS "Victory" 2007 power
RAIN Temple of the Diablo Heavy metal
REQUIEM Renewed World Heavy metal
Margenta (feat. Kipelov, ex - Aria, ex- Master etc.) Dinastiya Posvjashennyh
MAVRIN, SERGEY (ex. Aria, Kipelov) Fortuna (2CD) Instrumental, 2007
MANOWAR Warriors of the World United (DVD)
CHILDREN OF BODOM Something Wild melodic death
CHILDREN OF BODOM Hatebreeder melodic death
CHILDREN OF BODOM Trashed, Lost & Strungout (cd+dvd) melodic death
Cathedral The Garden Of Unearthly Delights doom metal
Myriads Introspection doom metal
Aesma Daeva The New Athens Ethos gothic
Ajattara (ex- Amorphis) Kuolema Dark metal
FJOERGYN Ernte im herbst viking / black
KIPELOV (ex-Aria, Rage) Rivers of time (remastered version)
MIRIADA (Archontes, Legion) Illusion of love +hidden bonus tracks 2006 melodic metal
MAVRIN, SERGEY (ex. Aria, Kipelov) "Other side of reality" +multimedia 2005 heavy metal
AQUARIA SHAMBALA 2007 sympho power
GOREFEST RISE TO RUIN + 2 bonus tracks 2007 death metal
MEHIDA (ex-Sonata Arctica, Therion, ex-Candlemass voice (Vikstrom)) BLOOD&WATER 2007 power metal
RIDE THE SKY (feat. Gamma Ray, Helloween, Masterpaln ex-members) NEW PROTECTION +1 bonus track 2007 power metal
ON THORNS I LAY Orama 1997 doom metal
PROVENANCE, THE 25TH HOUR: BLEEDING 2001 gothic doom metal
ON THORNS I LAY Angeldust 2002 gothic metal
BLIND GUARDIAN Another Stranger Me (EP'2007+B-SIDES, total 16 tracks) 2007
CRADLE OF FILTH Thornography + bonus track 2007 (Japan Edition)
GRAVE DIGGER Heavy Metal Breakdown + 10 bonus tracks (Japan Edition)
KAMELOT Myth & Legends Of Kamelot (B-Sides) 2007
MADMAX White Sands + In White (EP) (Japan Edition)
ALCATRAZZ (STEVE VAI, G. Bonnet) Disturbing The Peace (Japan Edition)
ALCATRAZZ (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, G. Bonnet) No Parole From Rock'n'Roll (Japan Edition)
My Dying Bride A Line of Deathless Kings doom metal
SOILWORK Stabbing the drama melodic death
FLOWING TEARS Razorbliss gothic
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Chaotic beauty melodic death
FACTOR STRAHA Teatr voennih deistvyi (Act 1) Russian thrash
MONSTERS OF METAL (V/A) Vol. 1 (2 DVD digipack)
IRON MAIDEN A Matter of Life and Death
RHAPSODY Live in Canada 2005 (CD+DVD)
HELLRAISER “We’ll bury you!” (thrash, 1990)
HELLRAISER “No brain, no pain!” (thrash, 1994)
EPIDEMIA The Elven Manuscript part 2 - Skazanie na vse vremena (2007) Power
KRUGER Skaly I stal' (Rocks and steel) 2007
ARDA More ischezauschih vremen (2007) Power
OOMPH Defekt + bonus tracks Industrial
VICIOUS CRUSADE Forbidden tunes gothic metal
ARCTURUS Sideshow symphonies Black
GRAVEWORM (N)utopia + bonus track Gothic black
Iced Earth /ex.vocal Judas Priest/ Framing Armageddon
METALLICA Master of puppets
ASSASSIN The upcoming terror / Interstellar experience (Last copy!)
IRON MAIDEN Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Digitally Remastered + bonus video
IRON MAIDEN Dances of death
IRON MAIDEN The Number Of The Beast Digitally Remastered + bonus video
DIO Holy Diver Live (2006) DVD
Alice Cooper ( 2 in 1 ) Good To See You Again / Ultimate Clip Collection DVD
BLIND GUARDIAN Imaginations Through the Looking Glass (DVD) DVD
Cinderella Rocked? Wired & Bluesed: The Greatest Video Hits DVD
CRADLE OF FILTH Peace Through Superior Firepower (2005) DVD
KREATOR Enemy Of God - Revisited (2006) DVD
MEGADETH That One Night - Live in Buenos Aires (2007) DVD
MONSTERS OF METAL vol.5 (2006) ( 2 in 1 ) The Ultimate Metal Compilation DVD
NIGHTWISH End of innocence DVD
ANNIHILATOR Metal (2 CD) 2007
IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden Digitally Remastered + bonus video
IRON MAIDEN Somewhere in time Digitally Remastered + bonus video
ODROERIR   Gotterlieder viking / black/folk
GRAVEWORM When daylight's gone / Underneath the crescent moon gothic black
LEAVES EYES Lovelorn + video clip gothic
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Join the army (1987)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Suicidal for life (1994)
GRAVE DIGGER The grave digger + 2 bonus tracks
THERION Secret of the runes
MANDRAGORA SCREAM Whisper a dew gothic
Space Odyssey (Majestic, Time Requiem) Tears Of The Sun 2006
Scorngrain Cyberwarmachine Industrial thrash metal
MANTICORA Darkness With Tales To Tell power
KRUIZ "1"+ bonus tracks (1986) 80-s power
PUNGENT STENCH Been caught buttering death
BATTLELORE Sword's song + bonus track epic black
VISION DIVINE "The Perfect Machine"
GODDESS SHIVA (Sinner side project) "Goddess Shiva" classic heavy metal
WINTERBORN "Cold Reality" heavy metal
AMORPHIS Elegy + 4 bonus tracks
BRUTAL TRUTH Sounds of animal kingdom
FELSENREICH "Am ende der zeit" + bonus track gothic
NORTHER Mirror of madness
ZANISTER (feat. Chastain) Symphonica millenia
BEYOND TWILIGHT For love and the art of the making
DREAMTALE Ocean's Heart melodic power-speed
SCANNER “Hypertrace” (Japan Edition)
SCANNER “Terminal earth” (Japan Edition)
TWISTED SISTER The Video Years DVD (digi)
RUNNING WILD Death Or Glory Tour DVD (digi)
KROKUS The Video Blitz DVD (digi)
HALFORD Metal God (Essentials vol. 1) DVD+cd (digi)
ARTILLERY By Inheritance (Remastering 2007,6 BONUS
ARTILLERY Fear Of Tomorrow (Remastering 2007,7 BONUS)
ARTILLERY Terror Squad (Remastering 2007,8 BONUS)
CONCEPTION The Last Sunset (Japan Edition,voc.-KHAN from KAMELOT)
CONCEPTION Parallel Minds (Japan Edition,voc.-KHAN from KAMELOT)
GAMMA RAY Land of the free II 2007
HELLOWEEN Gambling With The Devil (+ 2 BONUS)
HELLOWEEN Gambling With The Devil (+ We Unite - bonus track) (Japan Edition)
PRETTY MAIDS (Japan edition) Jump The Gun
PRETTY MAIDS (Japan edition) Sin-Decade
SODOM The Final Sign Of Evil 2007
MOONSPELL Under Satanae 2007
NIGHTWISH Dark Passion Play 2007
Vital Remains Icons of Evil 2007
TWILIGHT GUARDIANS Ghost reborn heavy
KATATONIA Brave yester days (2 cd digipack) doom metal
DRAGONLAND Holy War power
ON THORNS I LAY Future Narcotic doom metal
White Lion Concert anthology 1987-1991 DVD
METALLICA Cunning stunts DVD
Black sabbath Last supper DVD
Draconian (Spain) To outlive the war power speed
MYSTIC CIRCLE Morgenrote - der schrei nach Finsternis black
YENDRI Dangerous Thought gothic
SABATON Attero Dominatus epic true metal
SABATON Primo Victoria epic true metal
HELLFUELED 'Born to rock" heavy metal -ozzy style
HELLFUELED Volume One heavy metal -ozzy style
MAJESTY "Sword and Sorcery"
MAJESTY "Reign In Glory"
MEDUZA "Now and Forever"
MEDUZA "Upon The World"
PROTOTYPE "Trinity"+ 2 bonus tracs power progressive metal
REDEMPTION The Fulness of Time power progressive metal
STORYTELLER, THE Underworld power
CELESTY Mortal mind creation power/speed
EXCITER Violence & force (1984) speed
CHILDREN OF BODOM Hate crew deathroll + 2 bonus tracks melodic death
ANJ Under an Intent Sight Russian power/thrash
ARCH ENEMY Burning bridges melodic death
AVULSED Stabwound orgasm + 2 bonus tracks Brutal death metal
AVULSED Yearning for the grotesque Brutal death metal
ANATA Dreams of death and dismay death
DARK LUNACY Devoid + bonus video melodic death
DEATH Scream bloody gore + 4 bonus tracks
DESDEMONA Lady of the lore power/speed
DIVINE SOULS The bitter selfcaged man melodic death
DRAGONHEART Throne of the alliance + bonus track power/speed
EINHERJER Blot viking
EVIL MASQUERADE Third act heavy
GRIMFIST Ghouls of grandeur black
ILLNATH Cast into fields of evil pleasure sympho black
KALMAH Swamplord melodic death
LORIEN Secrets of the Elder power/speed
MACBETH Vanitas doom
MANEGARM Dodsfard viking
PENUMBRA The last bewitchment doom
PERSUADER When Eden burns power/speed
POISONBLACK Escapexstacy gothic
RAGE Ten years in rage + 5 bonus tracks Digital Remasters includes bonus tracks
REQUIEM Mask of damnation power/speed
ROLAND GRAPOW The 4 seasons of life + bonus track
SIEBENBURGEN Delictum black
SIGMA Win or lose + video bonus power
STORMLORD At the gates of utopia black
The Duskfall (ex-Gates Of Ishtar) Frality melodic death
THRONE OF CHAOS Menace and prayer melodic death
THRONE OF CHAOS Pervertigo melodic death
HAMMERFALL Crimson thunder + bonus
SOILWORK Natural born chaos
RE-VISION Longevity gothic
LACRIMOSA Echoes (Gold cd, ltd edittion) gothic
THIS VALE OF TEARS Exceed gothic
BLIND GUARDIAN Somewhere far Beyond + Bright eyes (EP)
BLIND GUARDIAN Tales from the Twilight World + Past and future secrets (EP)
DOMINE Stormbringer ruler
THY MAJESTIE "Jeanne D'arc"
EVEN SONG Of Man's First Disobedience doom
ASTRAL DOORS New Revelation (+4 BONUS)
AXEL RUDI PELL Diamonds Unlocked
BONFIRE Point Black 1989 (JAP.EDITION)
5 SEASONS Phenix 2008 Russian Heavy Metal
NATISK Heavy night 2008 Russian Heavy Metal
P.O.S.T. Pain 2008 Russian Heavy Metal
Rob Rock (Impelliteri) Garden Of Chaos 2007 Heavy Power Metal
KOVENANT Seti Industrial Black Metal
NECROSTELLAR Saturating cemetery + 2 bonus tracks gothic
THE HEROES OF GLAM AND HEAVY METAL VOL.1 Brithy Fox + Quiet Riot+ Stryper DVD (digi)
SOLEMNITY Reign in hell True metal
EPIDEMIA Twilight Chronicles - 10 Years' Path (DVD) Power-speed Metal
EPIDEMIA Twilight Chronicles - The Elven Manuscript (DVD) Power-speed Metal. Çäåñü îòìåòèëèñü ãîñòè èç Àðèÿ, Ìàñòåð, ×åðíûé Îáåëèñê, Áîíè 'Íåì
WARHEAD (Belgium) "Speedway"/"The day after" (1984/1986) speed-metal
SCALD Will of the Gods is a great Power Great epic doom metal like Candlemass
PROTECTOR Welcome To Fire unreleased songs of German thrash metal
CHROMING ROSE (Japan Edition) Louis XIV 1990 (Power/speed Metal)
CHROMING ROSE (Japan Edition) Garden Of Eden (1 BONUS) 1991 (Power/speed Metal)
CHROMING ROSE (Japan Edition) Under Pressure 1992 (Power Metal)
METALLICA ...And Justice For All
METALLICA Ride The Lightning
RAGE Sound Chaser includes bonus tracks
MINISTRY The last sucker Industrial
KAIRA Hischnitsa (Predator) power metal
Bassinvaders (Helloween, Rage, Sodom members) HELLBASSBEATERS heavy
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ Patriot (2002) (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ "Vershina idiotizma" / "H-ja Samodejatel'nost'" (1983/84) (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ OBLACHNYJ KRAJ (1991) (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ "Oblachnij kraj II - Selhozrok" (1982) (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
OBLACHNYJ KRAJ "Oblachnij kraj 1" / "Velikaja garmonija" (1982) (Great harmony) (good offer only)) 80-s heavy
FALCONER Northwind
MAGICA Hereafter 2007 Melodic Gothic Power Metal ala Nightwish
MOB RULES Savage Land 1999 Power Metal
MANTUS Fremde Welten gothic
StoneLake "World Entry" 2007/2008 heavy
BRAINSTORM Hungry + bonus tracks 1997 Power Metal
BRAINSTORM Unholy+ bonus tracks 1998 Power Metal
AGONIZER Birth / The End Power Metal
HOLY DRAGONS Labyrinth Of Illusions Power/speed Metal
ANTHRAX Among the living + I'm the man
ANGRA Hunters and pray + Evil Warning + Acoustic …
CEMETERY Black vanity
LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT Psycho magnet gothic
ANDEM Pendulum of life 2008 melodic metal / power
D.I.V.À. Angel of light 2008 heavy power metal
DARK TRANQUILITY Exposures - In Retrospect and Denial (2 cd)
DARK FUNERAL Vobiscum Satanas + Teach Children To Worship Satan (ep) Black Metal
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Have a Nice Trip + bonus track (Master of the Wind (Manowar cover))
BATHORY Blood, fire, death
SKYCLAD Oui Avant-Garde A Chance
BLIND GUARDIAN Follow The Blind / Imaginations From Hamburg Imaginations From Hamburg - áóòëåã, 1995 ãîäà, 8 ïåñåí.
BLIND GUARDIAN Nightfall In Middle-Earth / Unplugged Vasteras Unplugged Vasteras - áóòëåã, 1996 ãîäà, 3 ïåñíè.
BLIND GUARDIAN Battalions Of Fear / Return Of The Elven Kings Return Of The Elven Kings - áóòëåã 1998 ãîäà, 7 ïåñåí.
BULLET Execution + bonus tracks heavy ala AC/DC,ACCEPT, 1982
BULLET No Mercy + bonus tracks heavy ala AC/DC,ACCEPT, 1983
CHILDREN OF BODOM Blooddrunk 2008
DORO Metal Queen/B-Sides and Rarities(+1 Secr.Bonus tr.)
FIGHT K5-The War Of Words Demos
KING KOBRA Thrill Of A Lifetime 1986
ARCTURUS La Masquerade Infernale + bonus tracks
OVERKILL Taking over / Wrecking your neck: vol.2
MORS PRINCIPIUM EST The unborn + 2 bonus tracks melodic death
KALMAH For The Revolution
BLACK OBELISK Pepel (Dust) (2002) + Songs for radio (EP, 2000) Heavy Metal
GRAN-COURAGE (EX- COURAGE) New hope's light 2008 Heavy Power Metal
ODYSS Young gods 2008 Epic Metal
TEATR TENEY (THEATER OF SHADOWS) Capoeira 2008 (80-s heavy metal)
MAGIC KINGDOM Metallic Tragedy + bonus tracks 2004 Heavy Power Metal
Mind Odyssey (Rage) Best Of - 15 Years 2008 Power Progressive Metal
O.D. World without lights 2008 Heavy Metal
Olympos Mons Conquistador 2004 Melodic Power Metal
Eternal Reign Forbidden Path 2005 Progressive Power Metal
INNER WISH Silent faces
DOUBLE ACTION Sokaris (prod. by UDO) heavy
HELLOWEEN Light the universe (digipack)
WINGDOM Reality power
Rhapsody Of Fire Rhapsody Of Fire: Visions From The Enchanted Lands (DVD, 2007)
AC/DC Plug Me In - Collectors Edition (DVD, 2007)
SCORPIONS Live At Wacken (DVD, 2007)
ARIA "All clips" + 4 bonus tracks (DVD, 2007)
TRANS-SIBIRIAN ORCHESTRA The Ghost Of Christmas Eve (DVD, 2007)
AXEL RUDI PELL Live Over Europe (DVD, 2007)
IRON MAIDEN Live After Death (DVD)
SAXON To Hell and Back Again (DVD)
Valkyria (RUS) Mystical Mass (re-relase album "Valkyria" 1991 + bonus tracks) speed/thrash
KIPELOV Put Na Vyerh (The Way Up) DVD
ZATMENIE Zatmenie (Eclipse)
CLINIC ...Nishtyak, Klinika!!! (1990-92) 80-s heavy/thrash
COURAGE Veter v grivah + bonus 1991
TEATR TENEY (THEATER OF SHADOWS) s/t (rare debut album) (80-s heavy metal)
OBITUARY Xecutioner's Return
BENEDICTUM Seasons Of Tragedy
BLITZKRIEG Theatre Of The Damned + bonus tracks
MOONSPELL Night Eternal
GUN BARREL Outlaw Invasion
VENDETTA Hate (new album!)
VENDETTA Go And Live…+ bonus (Remast.2006)
VENDETTA Brain Damage + bonus (Remast.2006)
CHARON Downhearted
SINS OF THY BELOVED Perpetual Desolation
ENSOPH Bleeding Womb Of Ananke - Il sangue e l'inchiostro di Fredegisio + bonus tracks
DREAM THEATER Master of puppets 2005
DREAM THEATER The number of the Beast 2005
KREATOR At The Pulse Of Kapitulation-Live In East Berlin 1990 (dvd-9) 2008 digi
HALLOWEEN (Horror movie) 2 DVD set - 25 anniversary edition Anchor bay, 2003
MERCURY TIDE (ex- Angel Dust) "Why?"
CELTIC FROST Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying
CELTIC FROST To mega therion
CORONER Mental vortex
CORONER No more color
CORONER Puninishment for decadence
D.A.D Scare yourself
DICKINSON BRUCE Tyranny of souls
DRAGONFORCE Inhuman rampage
DRAGONFORCE Sonic firestorm
DRAGONFORCE Valley of the damned
GAMMA RAY Heading for tomorrow
GAMMA RAY Insanity and genius
GAMMA RAY Majestic
GAMMA RAY Sigh no more
GAMMA RAY Somewhere out in space
GOD'S TOWER The eerie + bonus Russian pagan metal
GOD'S TOWER The turns+ bonus
GOD'S TOWER Anthology 2CD
HEAVENLY Coming from the sky
HEAVENLY Dust to dust
HELLOWEEN Keeper of the 7 keys part I Exp. Ed. + bonus tracks
HELLOWEEN Keeper of the 7 keys part II Exp. Ed. 2cd + bonus tracks
HELLOWEEN Walls of jericho Exp. Ed. 2cd + bonus tracks
IRON SAVIOR Battering ram
IRON SAVIOR Condition red
IRON SAVIOR Dark assault
IRON SAVIOR Iron savior
IRON SAVIOR Unification
KAMELOT Eternity
KAMELOT Siege perilous
KAMELOT The expedition
KAMELOT The fourth legacy
KREATOR Terrible certanty
LAKE OF TEARS Blakebrickroad
LORDI The monster show
PENTAGRAM Turn to stone
PERSUADER Evolution purgatory
RAGE 10 years in rage + bonus tracks
RAGE Execution guaranteed + bonus tracks
RAGE Perfect man + bonus tracks
RAGE Reflection of a shadow + bonus tracks
RAGE Reign of fear + bonus tracks
RAGE Secrets in a weird world + bonus tracks
RAGE Trapped + bonus tracks
RUNNING WILD Black hand inn + bonus tracks
RUNNING WILD Blazon stone + bonus tracks
RUNNING WILD Branded and exiled
RUNNING WILD Death or glory + bonus tracks
RUNNING WILD Gates to purgatory
RUNNING WILD Masquerade + bonus tracks
RUNNING WILD Pile of skulls + bonus tracks
RUNNING WILD Ready for boarding
RUNNING WILD Under jolly roger
SABBAT History of time to come
SEVEN WIITCHES Passage to the other side
SILENT FORCE Worlds apart
SKYCLAD Jonah's ark
SKYCLAD Prince of the poverty line
SKYCLAD Wayward sons of moter earth
STRATOVARIUS Live! Visions of Europe 2cd
TANKARD The tankard/Tankwart aufgetankt
VENOM At war with satan + bonus tracks
VENOM Black metal + bonus tracks
VENOM Eine kleine nachtmusik + bonus tracks
VENOM Possesed + bonus tracks
VENOM Welcome to hell + bonus tracks
VIRGIN STEELE I + bonus tracks
VIRGIN STEELE Guardians of the flame + bonus tracks
VIRGIN STEELE Hymns of victory
VIRGIN STEELE Life among the ruins
VIRGIN STEELE Noble savage + bonus tracks
VIRGIN STEELE The book of burning
VIRGIN STEELE The house of atreus act 1
VIRGIN STEELE The marriage of heaven and hell part two
VOIVOD Dimension hatross
VOIVOD Rrroooaaarrr
W.A.S.P. Dying for the world
W.A.S.P. K.F.D
W.A.S.P. Still not black enough
W.A.S.P. The neon god part 1 - the rise
W.A.S.P. The neon god part 2 - the demise
W.A.S.P. Unholy terror
Magistr Niagara Russian heavy/power
Magistr Zazerkalie Russian heavy/power
FALCONER "The sceptre of deception"
FALCONER Grime vs. Grandeur
TOURNIQUET Where moth and rust destroy
PRIMAL FEAR Primal Fear + bonus
VENOM Metal black
SILENT FORCE Worlds apart
VANISHING POINT The fourth season
MENNEN Planet black
LIFEFORM The cold Russian Progressive metal
ASSAILANT Wicked dream power/thrash
Paragon of beauty The spring Doom
METALLICA Bay area trashers
IRON MAIDEN Death on the road (2 CD)
IRON MAIDEN Killers with multimedia section
IRON MAIDEN Live after death (2 CD) with multimedia section
JUDAS PRIEST Nostradamus (2 CD) 2008
METALLICA Kill 'em all
OPETH Watershed 2008
URIAH HEEP Wake the sleeper 2008
WHITESNAKE Good to be bad (+ 3 bonus tracks) 2008
My Dying Bride An Ode to Woe (DVD, digi)
Diamond Head What's In Your Head?
Gloomy Grim Under The Spell Of The Unlight (black metal)
Unleashed Hammer Battalion
Venom HELL
BEHEMOTH The apostasy
PRIMAL FEAR New religion
MANOWAR Gods of war LIVE (2CD)
OPETH Lamentations - Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire DVD
SANTA MARIA Living on the edge (melodic power metal)
EPIDEMIA Zagadka Volshebnoy Strany (Mystery of the Magic Country)
E.S.T. Rise up! (Good offer!)
ARGIR Light of silver (heavy metal, Aria records)
BONEY NEM Victory day thrash
Divercia Modus Operandi gothic
EDGE OF SANITY The Spectral Sorrows
Dark Tranquillity The Gallery
Dark Tranquillity The Mind's I
Eternal Tears of Sorrow A vigin and the whore
STORMLORD The Gorgon cult + video
SIEBENBURGEN Plagued Be Thy Angel
ACCEPT “Breaker”
ACCEPT “Restless & Wild”
ACCEPT “Balls to the wall” + 2 bonus tracks
ACCEPT “Metal heart” + 2 bonus tracks
ACCEPT “Russian roulette” + 2 bonus tracks
ALTARIA "Invitation"
ALTARIA "Divinity" + bonus track
ALTARIA The fallen empire + bonus track
ANGEL DUST Into the dark past (Good offer only!)
ANGEL DUST To dust you will decay (Good offer only!)
ANTHRAX “Fistful of metal”
ANNIHILATOR Alice in hell
ARACHNES "Apocalypse"
ARACHNES Primary fear
ARK STORM Beginning Of The New Legend
AT VANCE "No escape"+ 1 bonus track
AT VANCE "Heart of steel"+ 1 bonus track
AT VANCE "Dragonchaser"+ 1 bonus track
AT VANCE Only Human+ 1 bonus track
AT VANCE "The evil in you" + 3 bonus tracks digi
AT VANCE Chained + 2 bonus tracks
AT VANCE VII + bonus track
BLACK MAJESTY Silent Company + 2 bonus tracks
BLACK STEEL Destructor + bonus video clip
BLOODBOUND "Nosferatu"
BLOODBOUND "Book Of The Dead"
BONFIRE “Don’t touch the light”
BRAINSTORM (Ger.) Soul Temptation
BRAINSTORM (Ger.) Ambiguity
BULLET (Swe) Heading For The Top
CRIMSON GLORY Crimson glory
Crystal Ball Virtual Empire
Crystal Ball HELLvetia
DARK MOOR The hall of the olden dreams
DARK MOOR Beyond The Sea + 1 bonus track
DIONYSUS "Sign of truth" + 1 bonus track
DIONYSUS Anima Mundi + 2 bonus tracks
DREAM EVIL "Dragonslayer"
DYSLESIA Who dares wins
EDGUY “Vain glory opera”
EDGUY "Theatre of salvation" + 3 bonus tracks
EDGUY Mandrake + 2 bonus tracks
EDGUY "Savage poetry"
EVIL MASQUERADE Theatrical madness
EXCALION Primal Exhale + 1 bonus track
FIREWIND The Premonition
FREEDOM CALL Crystal empire
FREEDOM CALL The circle of life
FRETERNIA  A Nightmare Story
FULL STRIKE "We will rise"
GAMMA RAY No world order
GRAVE DIGGER “The ripper”
GRAVE DIGGER “Heart of darkness” + 2 bonus tracks
GRAVE DIGGER “Tunes of war”
GRAVE DIGGER «Knights of the cross» +1 bonus track
GRAVE DIGGER "Excalibur"
GRAVE DIGGER "The grave digger"+1 bonus track
GRAVE DIGGER "Rheingold" + 2 bonus tracks
GRAVE DIGGER The last supper +2 bonus tracks
GRAVE DIGGER Liberty or death
GRAVE DIGGER “Symphony of death” + "The dark of the sun"(EP)
GRIM REAPER Rock you to hell
GUN BARREL Battle tested + bonus tracks
HAMMERFALL “Glory to the brave”+3 bonus tracks
HAMMERFALL «Legacy of kings»+5 bonus tracks
HAMMERFALL "Renegade"+1 bonus track
HEAVENLY Sign Of The Winner
HEAVENLY Virus + 2 bonus tracks
HELLOWEEN “Master of the rings” + bonus tracks
HELLOWEEN “Time of the oath” + bonus tracks
HELLOWEEN "Better than raw"+ bonus tracks
HELLOWEEN Rabbit Don't Come Easy +1 bonus track
HIBRIA Defying the rules
HIGHLAND GLORY "From the cradle to the brave"
HOLY KNIGHTS "Gate through the past"
ICED EARTH “Iced earth”
INSANIA (Sweden) Sunrise in riverland
INSANIA (Sweden) Fantasy a new dimension
INSANIA (Sweden) Agony - gift of life
IRON MASK Hordes of the brave
IRON MASK Revenge is my name
LORDI Get heavy
M.A.R.S. "Project: Driver"
MAGIC KINGDOM Metallic tragedy + bonus track
MAJESTY (Ger.) "Hellforces"
MANIAC "Maniac"/"Look out" (Good offer only!)
METALIUM State Of Triumph - Chapter Two
METALIUM "Hero nation - Chapter three"
MOB RULES Among the gods
NIGHTMARE (Fr) Cosmovision
NIGHTMARE (Fr) Silent room + multimedia bonus
NIGHTMARE (Fr) "The dominion gate"
ODYSSEA Tears In Floods
PANTERA / VILLAIN "Power metal"/ Only Time Will Tell (Good offer only!)
PARAGON Law of the blade + 2 bonus track
PARAGON “The dark legacy” +1 bonus track
PARAGON Revenge+ bonus track
Praying Mantis Nowhere To Hide
Praying Mantis The Journey Goes On
PRIMAL FEAR Jaws of death
PRIMAL FEAR "Nuclear fire"
PRIMAL FEAR "Black sun"+ 2 bonus tracks
RACER X Street lethal
RACER X Second heat
RAGE "Soundchaser"+ bonus track
REBELLION Shakespears Macbeth: A tragedy in steel
REBELLION "Born a rebel"
REIGN OF TERROR, THE Conquer & Divide
REQUIEM "The arrival"
RIOT "Nightbreaker" (european issue)
ROB ROCK "Eyes of eternity" + bonus track
ROB ROCK Holy Hell
SCANNER “Ball of the damned”
SEVENTH ONE "Sacrifice"
SINNER «The nature of evil» + 2 bonus tracks
SIX MAGICS Dead Kings of the unholy valley
SKANNERS Flagellum Dei
SODOM “Better of dead”
SPACE ODYSSEY Embrace The Galaxy
STAINLESS STEEL (Hungary) Wigant
STEEL ATTACK Where mankind fails
STEEL ATTACK Fall into madness
STORMWARRIOR Stormwarrior+ bonus track
STORMWARRIOR Northern rage
STORMWARRIOR Heading northe
STORMWITCH Stronger than heaven + The beauty and the beast
STORMWITCH "Witchcraft" + bonus track
TIERRA SANTA Tierras de leyenda
TIERRA SANTA Sangre de reyes
TIERRA SANTA Mejor Morir En Pie + bonus track
Time Requiem (Majestic, Space Odyssey) Time Requiem Power Progressive
Time Requiem (Majestic, Space Odyssey) The Inner Circle Of Reality Power Progressive
TRIBUZY Execution
TYRANT EYES The darkest hour
UNREST "Watch out" + 1 bonus track
VHALDEMAR "Fight to the end"
VHALDEMAR I Made My Own Hell
VIRTUOCITY "Secret visions"
VIRTUOCITY Northern twilight symphony"
SILENT FORCE Infatuator + video
ARTILLERY       B.A.C.K.    (Remastering 2007,2 BONUS) 
RHAPSODY «Symphony of enchanted lands»
RHAPSODY Legendary tales
RHAPSODY Dawn of victory
RHAPSODY Power of the dragonflame + bonus track
RHAPSODY Power of the dragonflame
BLIND GUARDIAN “Somewhere far beyond”
BLIND GUARDIAN Tales From The Twilight World / A Past And Future Secret
BLIND GUARDIAN “Batallions of fear”+Mirror Mirror
BLIND GUARDIAN “Follow the blind”+Bright Eyes
U.D.O. “Animal house”
U.D.O. “Mean machine”
U.D.O. “Timebomb”
MAJESTIC Abstract symphony
MAJESTIC Trinity overture
HELLOWEEN Keeper of the seven keys I
HELLOWEEN Keeper of the seven keys II
HELLOWEEN “Walls of Jericho”/“Helloween”/“Judas”
VANIZE High proof
WIZARD (Germany) Head of the deceiver
WIZARD (Germany) "Odin" + 2 bonus tracks
VIPER “Soldiers of sunrise”+“Theatre of fate” Agat pressing
GAMMA RAY “Land of the free”
GAMMA RAY “Somewhere out in space”+ bonus track
GAMMA RAY "Powerplant"+ bonus track
LANFEAR "The art effect"
LANFEAR Another Golden Rage
JUDAS PRIEST "British steel" + 2 bonus tracks
JUDAS PRIEST "Defenders of the faith" + 2 bonus tracks
JUDAS PRIEST "Ram it down" + 2 bonus tracks
LORDI The Apocalypse
NECROMASS Abyss calls life
SEPULTURA Beneath the remains + 3 bonus tracks
DEMON Taking the World by Storm
ADAGIO "Sanctus Ignis"
ADAGIO "Under world"
ADAGIO Dominate + bonus track
LUCA TURILLI King Of The Nordic Twilight
LUCA TURILLI "Prophet of the last eclipse" + 2 bonus tracks
MANOWAR “Triumph of steel”
MANOWAR “Louder than hell”
STRATOVARIUS “Visions” + 2 bonus tracks
STRATOVARIUS Fourth dimenson
STRATOVARIUS «Destiny» + bonus track
ROYAL HUNT "Land Of Broken Hearts"+ bonus track
ROYAL HUNT “Clown in the mirror”
CADACROSS Corona Borealis + bonus track
EDGUY Hellfire club + 2 bonus tracks
RAINBOW Bent out of shape
NOSTRADAMEUS The third prophecy + 1 bonus track
KAMELOT Epica+ bonus track
DAWNRIDER Fate is calling (part 1)
KROKUS Heart attack
ARMADA, THE (ex- Stormwitch) "Rage of the armada"
VII GATES Fire, walk with me
KUWALDA Delykatesy + bonus tracks Russian Thrash/Hardcore Metal

BEHEMOTH Satanica black
CASKETGARDEN This corroded soul of mine death
CENTINEX Hellbrigade death
CITADEL "Transition" power
DARK MOOR Shadowland power metal
DYSLESIA Years of secret power metal
FAR NORTH What?! hard'n'heavy
GOTHMINISTER Gothic electronic anthems gothic
KOROZY From the cradle to the grave (sympho black)
MACTATUS The complex bewitchment sympho black metal
MANTICORA Hyperion power
MISTWEAVER The aftermath Melodic Death
MOURNING CARESS Imbalance melodic death
POWERQUEST Wings of forever power metal
REPTILIAN Castle of yesterday power
STORMWIND Reflections power
THIRDMOON Bloodforsaken Melodic Death/Black Metal
TO / DIE / FOR All eternity gothic
TO / DIE / FOR Jaded gothic
TO / DIE / FOR EPILOGUE +1 bonus track gothic
TWILIGHT OPHERA The end of halcyon age black
VRATA TMY Voiny severnoy zemly pagan black
WONDERLAND Wonderland + 3 bonus tracks power metal

KARELIA "Usual tragedy"

DARK MOOR "Shadowland" (B.O. Records, rare first pressing) B.O. Records
DEMENTAL Mental ed (Power metal)
DENIAL PRICE "Farewell within remains" (Progressive Metal)
ELVENPATH Gateways (German power metal)
EMBARGO The Red Tide (German power-speed metal)
EVIDENCE Truth From A Lie (Melodic Power)
HELLIZER Tales From A Damaged Mind (Progressive Metal from Argentina, Japan pressing)
INFINITE DREAMS "Tears in the rain" (demo) (symphonic-progressive metal) self-release
INFINITE DREAMS “The four elements” (symphonic-progressive metal)
KATARI Katari ( melodic power/progressive metal; signed cd!)
LEPRYCORN Leprycorn (Sympho power-speed metal)
LOITS "Vere kutse kohustab" (black)
LOST INNOCENCE A tale never told (progressive metal) Underground Symphony
MANOWAR "Hell of steel"
MANTICORE (aka MANTICORA) Dead end solution (Danish power-speed metal, rare debut cd)
MASQUERADE “Surface of pain” (hard’n’heavy)
OVERLIFE Last millenium? (Progressive Metal)
SALAMANDRA Twilight Of Legends (Power/speed metal) Leviathan records
SALAMANDRA Skarremar (Power/speed metal) Leviathan records
SOMNIAE STATUS Cassandra (Italian power/progressive metal)
SOUND OF SILENCE Spiritual journey (Progressive metal)
HEAVENLY Coming from the Sky (power-speed) Noise records
ARENA Caught in the act (DVD) Metal Mind
DANZIG Archive de la morte live (DVD)
DEEP PURPLE In concert with London symphonic orchestra (DVD- digipack)
CADAVEROUS CONDITION The Lesser Travelled Seas (Death) Perverted Taste
CHRIST AGONY Trilogy (Black) Pagan Records
IN FLAMES Clayman (Limited Shaped Cd) Nuclear Blast
HADES Live on location Rising sun
Blood Thirsty Demons Let the war begin (dark epic horror metal ala early Death SS)
SACROSANCTUM "Fragments" (gothic doom)
MALEFICIA "Songs of the nightbird" (black)
CRYSTAL ROXX Pass the buck (Glam, 1992, cut out, used)

Cock And Ball Torture Egoleech Grind
Cradle Of Filth Nymphetamine Black
Dispatched Motherwar Death
Fleshless Sensual Death Immitation / Grindgod Death
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost + 2 bonus tracks Gothic
Ulver Bergtatt / Kveldsjanger Black
Ulver Perdition City / Bargnatt Black
Within Temptation The Silent Force Gothic
Ambehr Spider's Web 2005 CD Taiga Sound Heavy Metal
Ambivalence The Splinters 2003 CD MAGik ART Death
Ambrazura Storm In Your Brains 2003 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Brutal Death Metal
Atheist Unquestionable Presence 1991 CD Irond Death
Atheist Elements 1993 CD Irond Death
Atra Mustum Black Autumn 2004 CD CD-Maximum symphonic black/death metal
Avulsed Gorespattered Suicide 2005 CD Irond Death
Azeroth Live in Polygon 2004 CD Taiga Sound Black
Barbarity Enough Grave For Everybody 2005 CD Blacksmith Prods Death Metal
Bertha Light And Shadows 2003 CD Valiant Gothic/Doom Metal
Black Countess Carnivorous Romance 2004 CD MetalAgen Black
Black Shadow Death's call (Zov smerty) 2005 CD More Hate Black
Bolt Thrower The IVth Crusade 1992 CD Soyuz Death
Borknagar The Older Domain 1997 CD Fono Black Metal / Progressive Viking / Folk Metal
Borknagar Quintessence 2000 CD Fono Black Metal / Progressive Viking / Folk Metal
Borknagar Empiricism 2001 CD Fono Black Metal / Progressive Viking / Folk Metal
Borknagar Epic 2004 CD Fono Black Metal / Progressive Viking / Folk Metal
Capitollium Seraphim's Liar 2004 CD Sound Age Symphonic Black Metal
Carbonized Screaming Machines 1996 CD Irond Progressive Rock/Metal
Cerber Hatred, Death, Intolerance… 2005 CD Sound Age Black/Death Metal
Control Denied The Fragile Art Of Existence 1999 CD Irond Technical Progressive Power Metal
Cradle Of Filth Bitter Suites To Succubi 2001 CD Fono Black
Dark Tranquillity Damage Down 2002 CD Fono Death
Dark Tranquillity Character 2005 CD Fono Death
Darkside Cognitive Dissonance 2001 CD CD-Maximum Melodic Death Metal
Deimos Never Be Awaken 2004 CD Wroth Emitter Doom
Demiurg Bastinado 2005 CD Serpent's Lair Progressive Thrash/Death Metal
Der Gerwelt Human Breed 2003 CD More Hate Black Metal
Der Gerwelt / Nargathrond Split 2000 CD More Hate Black
Devil-May-Care Awe 2003 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Melodic Black Metal
Diablerie Seraphyde 2001 CD Irond Industrial/Electronic Black
Diabolicum The Dark Blood Rising 2001 CD Irond Industrial Black Metal
Diathra Wistful Autumn Dance 2003 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Doom / Death Metal
Dispatched Terrorizer 2005 CD ART Music Melodic Death Metal
Dissection The Somberlain 1993 CD Irond Melodic Black/Death Metal
Dissection Storm Of The Light's Bane / Where Dead Angels Lie 1995 CD Irond Melodic Black/Death Metal
Divine Enema Under phoenix phenomenon 2003 CD More Hate Doom
Divine Enema To Wight Shalt Never Shine 2004 CD More Hate Doom
Dryados L'amour n'enleve pas vraiment la depression… 2004 CD Musica Prod Symphonic Black Metal
Dusk Chapel Almost Forgotten Experience 2004 CD MAGik ART Black/Thrash Metal
Edenbeast Shortcuts Of Erotic Violence 2005 CD Metalism Melodic Death Metal
Emperor IX Equilibrium 1999 CD Irond Black
Emperor Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire And Demise 2001 CD Irond Black
Enemy Is Us …And The Enemy Is Us 2005 CD Nordic Music Death/Thrash Metal
Ewigkeit Land Of Fog 2002 CD CD-Maximum Electronic Experimental Dark Metal
Fatal Portrait Adventum 2005 CD More Hate Black, incl. Is That You, Melissa (Mercyful Fate Cover)
Fleshcrawl Soulskinner 2002 CD Fono Death
Forefather The Fighting Man 2000 CD Irond Black
Garrota Reincarnation 2006 CD Irond Technical Death Metal
Goliard Artissimae Tenebrae 2004 CD Griffin Black
Goregrind Cafe V/A 2004 CD Mystery of sound Grind
Hatecraft Finally Free 2004 CD CD-Maximum Melodic Death Metal
Holy Blood Volny tanzujut (The waves are dancing) 2005 CD Musica Prod Folk / Death / 'Black' metal
Immolation Failures for Gods 1999 CD Fono Death
Inexist Am I Senseless 2004 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Melodic Death
Infestum Last Day Before The Endless Night 2003 CD More Hate Pagan Black Metal
Intestine Baalism An Anatomy Of The Beast 2003 CD CD-Maximum Death
Intestine Baalism Banquet In The Darkness 2003 CD CD-Maximum Death
Into Eternity Into Eternity 2000 CD CD-Maximum Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Izakaron Chaoschrist 2000 CD MetalAgen Symphonic Black Metal
Katar Paradigma Digitized 2001 CD CD-Maximum Industrial Black Metal
Kilhumanity Killing 2005 CD Coyote Records Death
Kimaera Ebony Veiled 2005 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal
Korozy From The Cradle To The Grave 2000 CD Irond Symphonic Black Metal
L.I.G.O. No One Safe 2004 CD More Hate Death
Legion Of The Damned Malevolent Rapture 2006 CD Mystic Empire Death/Thrash Metal
Light? Mirrors 2005 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Progressive Doom Metal/Death Metal
Little Dead Bertha Two Sides… 2004 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Gothic/Doom Metal
Little Dead Bertha Way Of Blind 2005 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Gothic/Doom Metal
Mactatus The Complex Bewitchment 2000 CD Irond Black
Mactatus Suicide 2002 CD Irond Black
Meshuggah Nothing 2002 CD Irond Technical post-thrash/death
Meshuggah Catch Thirtythree 2005 CD Irond Technical post-thrash/death
Midnight Configuration Sepulchre Rose 2004 CD Shadowplay Gothic
Mind Eclipse Chaos Chronicles 2002 CD Wroth Emitter Black/Death Metal
Mind Eclipse Utopia: Formula Of God 2005 CD CD-Maximum Black/Death Metal
Miscreant Oppressive 2002 CD Blacksmith Prods thrash/death
Mixomatosis Bienvenidos Al Mundo Del Terror 2003 CD Coyote Records Grind
Mourning Beloveth A Murderous Circus 2006 CD CD-Maximum Doom/Death Metal
My Fate Happiness Is Fiction 2004 CD CD-Maximum Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Mystical Gate In Sadness Gloom 1996 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Doom/Progressive Metal
Nar Mattaru Awaikening (Probuzhdenie) 2005 CD (DVD case) Tower Pagan Death/Black Metal
Neuraxis Truth beyond … 2003 CD CD-Maximum Technical Melodic Death Metal
Neuraxis Trilateral Progression 2005 CD Soyuz Technical Melodic Death Metal
Ninnuam Process Of Life Separation 2004 CD CD-Maximum Black/Death Metal
Nosferatos Ventum Inferum de Tenebrae… 1998 CD Blacksmith Prods Brutal Death/Black Metal
Opeth Orchid+ bonus track 1995 CD Irond Progressive Death Doom
Opeth Morningrise+ bonus track 2000 CD Irond Progressive Death Doom
Pagan Reign Udely very biloy 2004 CD Sound Age Melodic Folk Metal
Paths of Possession Promises In Blood 2005 CD Fono Death Metal
Peccatum Strangling From Within 1998 CD Irond Avant-Garde Black
Peccatum Amor Fati & Oh My Regrets 2000 CD Irond Avant-Garde Black
Postmortem The Call Of The Sea 2002 CD More Hate Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Pozilga/O.B.N.I./Malignant Tumour Crudo Pero Real 2004 used CD Coyote Records Grind
Psypheria Embrace The Mutation 2005 CD CD-Maximum Death
Pungent Stench Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats 1993 CD Irond Death
Pungent Stench Masters Of Moral - Servants Of Sin 2001 CD Irond Death
Rakoth Planetshift 2001 CD Soyuz Epic Black/Doom/Folk Metal
Regnator/Northdark When the Plague Reigns 2006 CD Oskorei Music Black
Rigorism Human Fear 2004 CD More Hate Death
Rossomahaar Imperium Tenebraum 2000 CD Sound Age Black
Rossomahaar Quaerite Lux In Tenebris 2002 CD Sound Age Black
Rossomahaar Live And Die In Moscow 2003 CD Sound Age Black
Rossomahaar A Divinity For The Worthless 2004 CD Soyuz Black
Rossomahaar Regnum Somni 2005 CD Sound Age Black
Saints Everlasting Rest The Dusk Of Millennium 2000 CD Wroth Emitter Doom/Death Metal
Salacious Gods Askengris 2001 CD Irond Black
Salacious Gods Sunnevot 2002 CD CD-Maximum Black
Sear Begin the Celebrations of Sin 2005 CD CD-Maximum Death/Black Metal
Seducer's embrace Sinnocence 2002 Fono Melodic Death Metal
Semargl Attack on god 2005 CD More Hate Black
Shambless Apkas Itulia 2004 CD Stygian Crypt Prods Atmospheric/Folk Death/Black Metal
Solution 13 Solution 13 2002 CD CD-Maximum Gothic Groove Metal
Symbiosis Crisis 2005 CD CD-Maximum Death
Tales Of Darknord Stalingrad: War Episodes 2004 CD More Hate Death
Thalarion Tunes Of Despondency 2002 CD Irond Doom/Gothic Metal with melodic death elements
Tidfall Instinct Gate 2001 CD Irond Industrial Black Metal
Tidfall Nucleus 2003 CD Irond Industrial Black Metal
Trivium The Crusade 2005 CD Irond Melodic Metalcore / Death
Tu Carna … Me Quedo Con Tu Dolor ! 2002 CD Coyote Records Grind
Twilight Ophera Shadows Embrace The Dark 1998 CD Irond Melodic Black Metal
Twilight Ophera The End Of Halcyon Age 2003 CD CD-Maximum Melodic Black Metal
Tyrant Legend 2002 CD CD-Maximum Melodic Black Metal
Vintersorg Till Fjalls & Hedniskhjartag 1998 CD Irond Viking / Folk metal
Vintersorg Odemarkens Son 1999 CD Irond Viking / Folk metal
Vintersorg Cosmic Genesis 2000 CD Irond Viking / Folk metal
Vintersorg Visions From The Spiral Generator 2002 CD Irond Viking / Folk metal
Wayd Decadance 2003 CD CD-Maximum Technical / Experimental Death with jazz influence
Weeds In Vogue Buried Until Now 2004 CD CD-Maximum Melodic Death Metal
Winds Reflections Of The I 2002 CD Irond Gothic/Progressive Metal
Xysma Yeah / First & Magical 2005 CD Fono Death/Grind
Yakuza Way Of The Dead 2002 CD Fono Alternative
Vrata t'my Voiny severnyh zemel' 2004 CD More Hate Black/Pagan Metal
Necromantia Cults Of The Shadow 2002 digi 2CD Black Metal
Hellfire 6.66 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (V/A) 2004 2CD Sound Age Black
Kamaedzitca Äçåöi Ëåñà 2004 CD Strong Music Prod Pagan Folk Black Metal
Apocryphal / Dialectic Soul The Labyrinth of Time / Dialectic Soul 2003 CD Paradise Recs Melodic death/Symphonic Black Metal
Capitollium Symphony of Possession 2004 CD Oupiric Prods Symphonic Black Metal
Exventer Procederum Finic 2004 CD Self-Released Brutal death
Karna Diabolic 2004 CD Possession Black Metal/Ambient
Akercocke The Goat Of Mendes 2001 CD Ñîþç
Amorphis Am Universum 2001 CD Irond
Anata The Infernal Depths of Hatred 1998 CD CD-Maximum
Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine 2005 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Arcturus Aspera Hiemns Symfonia / Constellation / My angel 1996 CD Irond
Arcturus Sideshow Symphonies 2005 CD CD-Maximum
At The Gates Slaughter Of The Soul + 6 bonus tracks 1995 CD Ñîþç
Borknagar The Archaic Course 1997 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Cryptopsy Once Was Not 2005 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Death Leprosy 1988 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Death Human  1991 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Dimmu Borgir For All Tid 1994 CD Irond
Dimmu Borgir Stormblast 1996 CD+DVD Irond
Dimmu Borgir Godless Savage Garden 1998 CD Irond
Dimmu Borgir Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia 2001 CD Irond
Dimmu Borgir Death Cult Armageddon 2003 CD Irond
Dying Fetus Killing on Adrenaline 1998 CD CD-Maximum
Dying Fetus Destroy The Opposition 2001 CD Irond
Emperor Emperor & Wrath Of The Tyrant 2005 CD Irond
Falkenbach ...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri... 1998 CD Irond
Graveworm (N)Utopia 2005 CD Irond
Helheim The Journeys And The Experiences Of Death 2006 CD Mystic Empire
Hypocrisy The Fourth Dimension 1994 CD Irond
Hypocrisy Catch 22 2002 CD Irond
Hypocrisy Virus 2005 CD+DVD Irond
IN FLAMES Whoracle + 2 bonus tracks 1997 CD Irond
IN FLAMES Soundtrack To Your Escape 2004 CD Irond
Kataklysm Temple Of Knowledge 1996 CD Irond
Kataklysm Epic (The Poetry Of War) 2001 CD Irond
Kataklysm Shadows And Dust 2002 CD Irond
Kataklysm In The Arms Of Devastation 2006 CD+DVD Irond
KREATOR Endless Pain 1985 CD Ñîþç
KREATOR Coma Of Souls 1990 CD Ñîþç
KREATOR Enemy Of God 2005 CD Ñîþç
Mercenary 11 Dreams 2004 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Mercenary Everblack  2004 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Misanthrope Misanthrope Immortel 2001 CD Irond
Misanthrope Sadistic Sex Daemon 2003 CD Irond
Moonspell Memorial 2006 CD Ñîþç
Nightingale The Breathing Shadow 1995 CD Irond
Nightingale The Closing Chronicles 1996 CD Irond
Nightingale I 2000 CD Irond
Nightingale Alive Again 2003 CD Irond
Obituary Frozen In Time 2005 CD Universal Music RUS
Old Man's Child Vermin 2005 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Sceptic Pathetic Being 2001 CD CD-Maximum
Septic Flesh Sumerian Daemons 2002 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Tears Of Mankind To solitude … 2006 CD Bad Mood Man
Thyrfing Vansinnesvisor 2002 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Unleashed Warrior 1997 digiCD ÔÎÍÎ
Windir Valfar, Ein Windir 2004 digiCD ÔÎÍÎ
Cryptic Wintermoon Of Shadows...And The Dark Things You Fear 2005 CD ART Music
Cryptopsy None So Live 2003 CD ÔÎÍÎ
IN FLAMES Reroute To Remain 2002 CD Irond
IN FLAMES Come clarity 2006 CD+DVD Irond
Mork Gryning Pieces Of Primal Expressionism 2003 CD Irond
Rotting Christ Khronos 2000 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Negura Bunget N Crugu Bradului 2003 CD CD-Maximum
MOONSORROW Voimasta Ja Kunniasta - Of Strength And Honour 2002 CD ÔÎÍÎ
MOONSORROW Kivenkantaja - Stonebearer 2003 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Vreid Kraft 2004 digiCD ÔÎÍÎ
Swallow The Sun The Morning Never Came 2003 CD CD-Maximum
Ewigkeit Radio Ixtan 2004 CD Ñîþç
Ewigkeit Conspiritus 2005 CD Ñîþç
Amoral Wound Creations  2004 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Amoral Decrowning 2005 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Falkenbach Ok Netna Tysvar Ty 2003 CD Irond
Falkenbach Heralding The Fireblade 2005 CD Irond
My Dying Bride The Dreadful Hours 2001 CD Ñîþç
Rotting Christ Thy Mighty Contract 1993 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Rotting Christ Sleep Of The Angels 1999 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Rotting Christ Sanctus Diavolos 2004 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Rotting Christ A Dead Poem 1997 CD ÔÎÍÎ
Disbelief Worst Enemy 2001 CD ART Music
Disbelief Shine 2002 CD ART Music
Disbelief Spreading The Rage 2003 CD ART Music
Disbelief Navigator 2007 CD Irond
Avulsed Cybergore 1998 CD Coyote Records
Avulsed Stabwound Orgasm 1999 CD Irond

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To clarify, I am looking for trades, not to purchase right now.

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