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Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:33 am
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:06 am 

Looking for old Death/Black/Thrash Metal Stuff.

Looking for CDs,Shirts,Sweatshirts from old Death/Black /Thrash Metal Bands.

Stuff from old Nuclear Blast Bands!!!!!!

Bands like Hypocrisy,Sinister,Morbid Angel,Benediction,Napalm Death,Unleashed,GHrave,Asphyx,Slayer,Possessed,Marduk,Immortal....

Please offer all you have.

Paypal is prefered!!!!

Best Regards

Metal newbie

Joined: Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:37 pm
Posts: 180
PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:28 am 

Selling these for immediate purchase. Paypal. Offer:
Or ask for my want list...

Here's the list of vinyls offered, some rare, some not:
Disharmonic Orchestra - Expositionsprophylaxe (Nuclear Blast 1990)
Hellwitch - Syzygial Miscreancy (Wild Rags Records 1990)
Vital Remains - Let Us Pray (Deaf Records 1992)
Pestilence - Consuming impulse (Original Roadrunner 1989)
Defecation - Purity Dilution (Original Nuclear Blast 1989)
Delirium - Zhooouu (Original Prophecy Records)
Bolt Thrower - Realms of chaos (original Earache)
Bolt Thrower - War Master (Original Earache)
Disharmonic Orchestra/Pungent Stench Split LP (Nuclear Blast 1989)
Deicide - Legion (Roadrunner 1992)
Demigod - Slumber of Sullen Eyes (Drowned Productions 1992)
Incubus - Beyond the unknown (Nuclear Blast Records 1990)
Kreator - Extreme Aggression (Original LP)
Xasthur - Suicide in dark serenity (original)
Xasthur - Nocturnal Poisoning (Gatefold)
Dismember - Like an ever flowing stream (Nuclear Blast 1991)
Impaled Nazarene - Ugra Karma (original Osmose version) ON HOLD
Impaled Nazarene - Suomi Finland Perkele (original) ON HOLD
Sepultura - Arise
Terrorizer - World Downfall
Tangorodrim - Justus Ex Fide Vivit (DOOMENTIA RECORDS, ltd. 500
Black Goat - S/T (Lyderhorn records)
Megiddo - The devil and the whore (Pic. Disc vinyl, Black Ace)
Assorted Heap - Mindwaves (1MF 1992)
Warlock - Hellbound (Vertigo 1985) ON HOLD
Warlock - Triumph and Agony (Vertigo 1987) ON HOLD
Cerebral Fix - Tower of Spite (RoadRacer 1990)
Theater Of The Absurd - S/T (Self release of 500)
Funbre - Children of the Scorn (Spinefarm, 1991)
Shining - The Darkroom Sessions (Perverted Taste)
Naer Mataron - River at Dash Scalding (2LP, limited to 500, never played) black wax, heavy vinyl
Dark Funeral - De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine (2LP, picture disc in regular gatefold sleeve, heavy vinyl, played once...)
Holy Terror - Mindwars (Under One Flag 1988)
Death Strike - Fuckin' Death (Nuclear Blast 1991)
Axis Of Advance - Strike (Death to mankind reocrds, 2001)

To cancel any doubt, all original first pressings...

*Serious buyers/traders will receive a RIPPING CORPSE - Dreaming with the dead original vinyl LP that's horribly warped on one side, so either listen to the other side or put on the wall as decoration...

Plus, I have vinyls of the following:
The Smiths
The Cure
Toy Dolls

Just ask for details.

CDs for trade/Sell:
Root - Revelation (Sheer records 1991)
Sarcofago - Laws of scourge (original Cugamelo records)
Beatrik - Journey to the end of life (Original THR release)
Morta Skuld - Surface (original M.S. Recordings 1997)
Ancient Rites - Blasfemia Eternal (Original Mascot Records release)
Necromantia - Scarlet Evil Witching Black (Osmose, 1995)
Evoken - Embrace the emptiness (Original Elegy Records release)
Asunder - Works Will Come Undone (digi)
Diapsiquir - Virus s.t.n.
Cannibal Corpse - Eaten back to life (original Metal Blade release)
Necrodeath - Mater of all evil (Original Scarlet records release)
Evoken - Shades of night descending (original black and white band's own pressing, NOT the Adipocere Records colored re-issue)
Ved Buens Ende - Written In Waters (Misanthropy original pressing)
Wolfmangler - Cooking with wolves
Thergothon - Streams from the heavens
The Gault - Even as all before us...
Beyond The Ninth Wave - S/T
Lurker Of Chalice - S/T (original pressing)
Morbid Angel - Altars of madness (original pressing)
Atrocity - Hallucinations (original pressing plus the 7" blue blood)
The Prophecy - Revelation
Defaced & Split - 4-way split of: Exhumation/Narsil/Warface/Reptilian (19 tracks plus bonus trax)
Your Kingdom is doomed/Arcatera - Split
Step On It - Street folklore
The Dead - The Dead
Limb From Limb - Rip him from his fucking throne
'Neath - The spiders sleep
Century - Black Ocean
My Shameful - Of all the wrong things (Firebox)
Until Death Overtakes Me - Prelude to monolith (Firebox)
Pantheist - O Solitude (Firebox)
Rakoth - Jabberworks (digi, code666)
Bloodshed - Skullcrusher (digi, code666)
Abortus - Process of elimination (digi, code666)
Warface - Insanity of the obsessed
Gojira - From mars to sirius

Free CD's and Promos with the purchase:
Eclectika - The last blue bird
Heritech - Prophecy:The apocalypse enigma
Curimus - Under my skin
Artisian - Seargte Le Reothadh
ThanatoSchizo - zoom code
Despairation - a requiem in winter's hue
Dperd - rwgalero il mio tempo
Fear fall burning/Birchvillr cat motel
Meethook Seed - embedded
Demetrasinedie - Council from kaos
The Void - Visions of the truth
Jex Thoth - Jex Thoth
Kampfar - Fra underverdenen


Joined: Sun Aug 12, 2007 6:00 am
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Location: Spain
PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 11:33 am 

hi, i have quite few old and rare shirts for sale or trade, here is the link, make an offer ok

http://s232.photobucket.com/albums/ee24 ... re_photos/

Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:33 am
Posts: 78
PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:17 pm 


Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:33 am
Posts: 78
PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 8:36 am 



Joined: Thu Jun 28, 2007 11:42 am
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:02 pm 


CDS- http://www.metal-archives.com/board/vie ... 692#795692
TSHIRTS http://www.metal-archives.com/board/vie ... hp?t=60441
REFERENCES http://www.metal-archives.com/board/vie ... 78&start=0

Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:33 am
Posts: 78
PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 6:17 am 


Metal newbie

Joined: Tue Jul 20, 2004 11:20 am
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Location: Germany
PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:16 pm 

http://www.oldschoolmetalshirts.com/OSM ... 1-2008.pdf [5MB]

Metal newbie

Joined: Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:33 am
Posts: 78
PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:48 pm 


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