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Atrocious Virgin
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:31 am 

If you thought about Broken Hope fades away from our minds and death metal scene, ladies and gentlemen, Omen of Disease arrived to disturb your menstrual clock. Yes, American brutal death metal messiah returns with crushing and sound better than ever new record “Omen of Disease”.

What a way to end 14 year drought for Broken Hope fans by dropping in such a spectacular record that might also be the one of the most comeback album of 2013. The album opener “Septic Premonitions” enveloped sharp and edgy sounds like in an opening of horror movie and clearly indicated of the harrowing journey unfolds in this new record. Follow up to a creepy opener, “Womb of Horrors” pummeled hard and vibes were unstoppable clearly reminding me of an old era of Broken Hope where splendid records like “Swamped to Gore” and “Repulsive Conception” swathed in. The production is solid with few songs swelling in with much reckless intensity of Jeremy and Chuck on guitars, palpitated drumming from Mike, strong bass from Shaun and tormented growls from Damain campaign clocks up this album of nearly 30 minutes into a total fucking roller coaster.

The momentum took off to different horizon in mid-section of the album where sheer ferocity tripled up and songs like ‘Rendered to Lard’ ‘The Docking Dead’ and ‘Predacious Poltergeist’ start blasting with incessant energy. Especially ‘Rendered to Lard’ which sounded great mashed up of death metal and deathcore elements than an absolute death metal salvage, a huge credit to Trevor ( The Black Dahlia Murder) pitching up his raw-ass vocals and made his presence more eminent.

However, the last half of the album turned out to be monotonous where stylistically it was a bit going overdone with lots of parts sounded totally ripped off from Obituary, Bloodbath or Cannibal Corpse. Lyrically, nothing new as words like ‘infected blood ‘pandemic’ ‘septicemic’ ‘mortal flesh’ were pretty much constant in throughout the album. On the contrary, it has every element of brutal death metal ingredients with topping of raucousness, bestiality, great comeback and powerful album on it.

A great pic for death metal fans, but for a minute if you cast aside the hype of returning of Broken Hope in 14 years span, “Omen of Disease” surely not a record to miss it.

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