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PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2011 1:49 pm 

Greetings, I'm looking fot some feedback for my review. It's about To/Die/For's "Epilogue", an album that has no reviews at all. I got some criticism about bad grammar and oddball sentence structuring, so I rewrote the whole review and post it here first, do you think it's good enough now? Is the grammar that bad? What should I change? Thanks

It's always easy to think that "gothmetal" is a fussion between goth-rock and metal, but not this time, for To/Die/For is a unique band that sounds like "80's rock-pop with distorted guitars". However, the band will always be labeled as commercial gothic metal because of the similarities with bands like Sentenced, Charon, Entwine, and even HIM. So prepare yourself for catchy depressive songs, low ranged singing and plenty of palm-muted guitar riffs.

First thing you'll notice in the sound would be the awesome electro-synth work, this is a dominant element of the entire album. Since the beginning, “Crimson Twins” as an opening track starts with ambient synth, setting a calm mood when suddenly the drums enter panned in a great way, showing the quality of the recording, sounds blasting. The rest of the song is all about electro-synth and palm-muted guitar riffs, and so does most of the album.

“Frail without you”, in my opinion the best song of Epilogue, it starts with a mix of electro-synth, distorted guitars and classical orientated piano; good headbanging riff. The chorus here is an important part for the catchiness of the song, with the detail that there’s some vocal shift in the range, they switched between medium range and low; sounds quite catchy. There’s also a good “maidenish” twin guitar riff in the middle of the song.

“In Solitude”, now this is a song only for the sensitive and the depressed, it gives an ambience of being under the rain with a feeling of ending your life. “Veiled” and “In Solitude” are the most depressive songs I’ve ever heard from this band, all about melody and feeling.

BEST TRACKS: “Frail without you”, “The Unknown”, “Immortal Love”, “Crimson Twins”, “Chains”, "In Solitude".

WORST TRACKS - I must warn that the album is not bad at all, this is an amazing commercial album, but it has some songs that are just not as good as the others, such as the acoustic "Veiled", and "Hollow Heart, which also came out in single and video.

I would add that the best albums of this band seem to be the first ones (All Eternity, Epilogue, Jaded), but What made those albums better than the rest? Let’s go to the lineup, I notice 2 important musicians that left the band after “Jaded”: Guitarist Joonas "Jope" Koto and Drummer Tonmi Lillman, it may not look like a huge difference, but judging by the credits of “Epilogue”, Tonmi Lillman didn’t only play drums, he was also producer, and did bass, keyboards, violin arrangements, programming and backing vocals. And talking specifically about this album, I would point out that Marco Hietala (currently bassist and male singer of Nightwish) did some backing vocals. I definitely recommend this album to fans of the genre.

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PostPosted: Mon May 23, 2011 2:55 pm 

Please use this thread.
The bizarre lattices were all around. Sticks and bits of board nailed together in fantastic array. It should've been ridiculous. Instead it seemed oddly sinister--these inexplicable lattices spread through a wilderness bearing little evidence that man had ever passed through...

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