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Mallcore Kid

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:12 am 

“Hosanna Hosanna
Tribe ov Judah decimate
Hosanna Hosanna
Root ov David eradicate”

Few months ago, Behemoth released their first promo video for their new album “The Satanist”. And one more promo video later, they released the video for the album track “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” which definitely got my motor going. I dropped everything else I was listening to and blasted the YouTube video about 10 times that day. Then I was even more satiated by their next track release “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”. I(like any other black death fan) couldn't wait to get my hands on Behemoth’s “magnum opus”- which we were led to think it was, by the extensive publicity campaign by Behemoth, quite uncommon for a black/blackened death metal album .When I did manage to get my hands on it, I expected it to sucker-punch me into oblivion,-to be a monster of an album and to better its predecessors by a mile. But few hours after I got the album, which I started blasting immediately, I didn't get what I expected.

This album is truly spellbinding and a treat to the senses but it doesn't tower over Behemoth’s previous records-which a true masterpiece would have done and we expected one. Sure, the instrumentation is top-notch, as always and we can also see hints of evolution, “The Satanist” delivers an almighty body slam, but it doesn't knock us out, which it should have.

The Poland superpower releases an exceptionally done album- brilliant in the way it delivers the message of God-hate to us, lesser mortals and almost perfect in every aspect –just like “Demigod”, “The Apostasy”, ”Evangelion” and Behemoth’s other creations.

But the new album isn't the “same old wine in new bottle” type of a record. Behemoth has gone off the well-trodden track which they usually follow- a devastating mix of death metal & ideals of their black metal roots. They've opted for a more melodic & technical route (probably, to increase their fanbase) but this too, is as powerful as their previous modus operandi, dispatching their supreme message through the album’s amazing lyrics and the music itself has not lost its sting which other “black metal purists” claim it to have all around the internet these days. These guys are narrow-minded pricks who have their heads stuck so far up their arse that when they fart, it’s a sneeze (Borrowed it form a comic I saw the other day, had to use it!). These guys just grind my gears with their rubbish they post on the net now.

Behemoth has now turned to a more philosophical ideal of anti-religion as evident by the German/Polish (?) excerpts in “In The Absence Ov Light” – indicating Nietzschean/misanthropic ideals (that’s my best guess).

And to all supposed purists who have been booing this release, I say – FUCK YOU! According to them, Behemoth has lost its BM origins and is becoming a sellout just like Ghost B.C. is now. Though I despise Ghost B.C., I’m pretty sure Behemoth will never screw up in the same way. No- one can imagine them sounding like a satanic version of early Linkin Park (Ghost B.C. sounds just like that) in the near future. Just because Behemoth has taken a more melodic route, it isn't the end of the road for Behemoth’s credibility. The main objective of black metal was and has remained the same since it’s inception- rebellion against the established convention – be it religion, politics, even society and humanity itself. This genre revolves around this pivotal ideal, unlike death and thrash, which are more versatile- a DM/TM band can make music regarding any topic. This exclusivity of BM and the freedom it gives the vocalist to voice his own feelings about his environment has led to the rise of Varg Vikernes and other such assholes but that is another story for another time. The point I’m trying to make these pea-brained purists is, BM doesn't have to be the rough-produced almost unmelodic medley of Christ-denouncing tracks like the yesteryears Norwegian BM albums which these idiots worship. Just look at “dauði baldrs ”and” sôl austan mâni vestan” –favorites of all those “trve” BM lovers around the internet.
So Mr. /Ms “fuckgodcunt666”(or “VargBurzumforever” or any other generic BM username) get up from your Carpathian Forest altar, wipe the corpse-paint off your arse and grow a fucking conscience.

Also I would like to congratulate Mr. Nergal for his ultra-awesome performance on the mike defiling our eardrums with his unearthly growls and kicking leukemia’s ass at the same time.

Chaos Breed

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:35 am 

If you're looking for feedback on the review before submitting it to the site, please post here.
Nolan_B wrote:
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