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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:53 pm 

I've noticed something these past few years I've been on the metal archives, and I find it annoying no one's fixed it yet. Anyway, I'm talking about adding new notes on the additional notes section if you're not a veteran. I do understand the point of not being able to edit certain things, like band lineups, of other such stuff. But I'm specifically talking about adding NEW notes to a band's album or demo, not editing the existing ones, like for example, if someone already posted a note on a Metallica album saying "produced by Rick Rubin" or something like that, and then you not being able to add, for example, that one of the songs had, say, Ozzy on vocals just because someone else already posted in the notes. I just find it annoying, and just to be clear, I only want people under the veteran rank to add NEW notes, not to edit the existing ones. That privilege can be reserved for veterans.
Moravian_black_moon wrote:
Lord Dweedle wrote:
Infact, I think I love Madonnas music more than Metal lol

Be gone, troll!

Cum insantientibus furere necesse est.

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Then write a report ...
What you suggest might result in an endless cluttering of the pages.

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