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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:02 am 

I logged in today to find not one, but two messages from BastardHead and Diamhea

BastardHead's message said :"Yo, why did you change Winds of Plague's debut to a demo? Don't go lonewolfing major shit like that without a source."

Well considering that Metal Archives doesnt really have a way to make "a source", i don't see how I'm able to do such a thing by his request. Furthermore, A Cold Day in Hell has ALWAYS been credited as a demo. used to be a huge fan of WoP and i've seen it considered as such several times. There's also other websites such as

1) https://metal.aminoapps.com/page/item/w ... LVZx2NZoPW
2) and also on discogs https://www.discogs.com/Winds-Of-Plague ... se/4719610
that list it as a demo.

It is however, sometimes, listed as a debut full album, so as I said. I don't feel how I'm in the wrong here, as the release has been called both (a album and a demo).

And in response to Diamhea's message "Yeah, some users are complaining about the edits your are making, like deleting/moving tracks for no valid reason.", I'd like to ask where these complaints are coming from... I dont "delete or move tracks for no valid reason", I dont even recall ever doing anything of that sort.

I only make changes on the site for the better of the entries for the bands on here, if somebody can point my in a correct direction of where I can address this accordingly, I'd like to because I really feel like I'm being wrongly accused of my actions. All I ever do is just make repairs which I never feel are an issue.

i just feel like these accusations are unfair on my part, it always seems like if you dont get why im doing something, i feel like i have a finger being pointed at me that im some disruptive fuckhead ONLY because you dont understand why i did it.

Metal Archives doesnt have stuff like a edit summary (such as Wikipedia) where you can explain your edits. if it had one, i'd use it, but it doesn't so the hostility i get for this sort of stuff is kind of overboard. I have no problem if you want to consider the release a full length, but just be aware that I have seen it called BOTH a demo AND a full length, and i've always felt like it's more of a demo, and thats the only reason why i changed it.

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