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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:59 am
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 7:30 am 

So, before i piss you all i must say this is a great site.Ive been coming here for like year or maybe 2, and its awesome.Lately, i have decide to bookmarks all of my favorite bands (100, but not all i listen to frequently) to keep them in touch.I got FB for feedback, but its kinda messy if you wana know some detail about albums, lyric etc.Since i listen to Metal from mine 16 years (23 now) , mostly Power Metal with some gimmick like symphonic, progressive etc etc.But high clean vocals is priority (Sheepers, he is a Man!).

So, i came across a interesting fact.You guys, deciding, what is metal and what is not.I cant find bands like Rammstein, Disturbed...So i dig trough forums, to find out these bands are not enough ,,metal,,.On my journeys to live shows, in pubs, or just on intenet (this is best example) i discover how hatefull, superficial, supercilious, and just bloody anoying some metalheads can be.Things like my band is better than yours, you are not metal because you listen to some crap band, or term like ,,Posers,, (which completely lacks its old meaning, and its simply using as an isnult).

Look, i get it.When i grew up, and discover Power Metal, its ballads, harmonys, clean vocals...I absolutly despise black or death with its growling, shreaking, thrash for its dirty riffs, and basicly anything what was differend from ,,mine Metal,, ...Then i grew up.I met a bunch of people, talk to them with a good beer, and recognized why they enjoy kind of metal they do.

So...what exactly does bands like Rammstein ... heck, even a Slipknot, not metal?There is a frikin site about Pain! http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Pain/779 .You telling me that this guy suddenly qualify as metal?With his electro-techno something sound?Or is it just about publicity?Do we belive that big band is bad?That if its succesfull, then it must sold its true metal self?That if a Slipknot was here, it would draw little kids with family problem and split personalitys like fly to the sh...

I got bunch of punk friends in power violence/crust with their ,,Make noice, not music,, motto.We got bunch of disagreetment.Vegan, Anarchy, Anti-fascism, sosialism...but this scene will never, NEVER get scorned by listening to some other kind of music.And that makes me sad.Why Metal heads cant have nice community too?

Est un Satananas

Joined: Fri Nov 02, 2007 10:44 am
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Location: Gradec, Austria
PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 8:44 am 

The site judges bands primarily based on the presence and prevalence of metal riffs. It has nothing to do with popularity. What is and is not a metal riff is naturally up for debate and varies from person to person, though the working definition we have among the staff has served the site reasonably well for over ten years. It's really quite pointless to try to explain it in any more detail. If you disagree with any particular in- or exclusion, good for you, nobody is stopping you. This site does not claim to be the one and only source for what the world may dub metal.

About Pain, I assume it is here primarily for being a Peter Tägtgren side-project. As the rules state, we list certain relevant-seeming projects as (comparably rare) non-metal exceptions. Anyway, I haven't listened to Pain in a long time, so I can't be sure about the actual music, i.e. if it's considered metallic enough on its own. I might bring that up with some other mods.

Anyway, if you want to address any bands in particular -as opposed to just vaguely complain about perceived elitism-, use one of these threads:
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