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Back Stabbath

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 12:05 am 

I'm from Melbourne (Au), and am looking for black metal cohorts interested in starting (or already have) a band.
I really don't care if it's just a recorded thing (thus it doesn't matter where you're from really) or a full fledged live unit, thus in that case probably should be based in Helbourne or surrounds. This meaning I'm willing to travel a bit if it is the later.

If I was ridiculously picky (which I'm not really but anyway...), I'd say I'd prefer an atmospheric type band that is willing to even include ambient stylings. A drummer with a good grasp of varied blast beats, mid-paced and even d-beat to a (much) lesser extent. By the latter I don't mean a newer Darkthrone style, just the ability to drop it in there for variation occasionally. Realistically though, I'm just a vocalist (with minimal bass playing abilities), so the musicians really pick the music, and I don't care if it's either tinny, muddy or raw as fark. Even a bit of death, doom, thrash or even DSBM influence would be good.

As a vocalist I've got good range with screaming, and can drop the death growl in for variation as well. The only real twist is my lyrical preference of "anti-cosmic" (kinda overused description these days) themed lyrics. I'd keep it in the Røkkr realm if you know what I mean, but since my own way of thinking includes comparitive mythology I don't mind the occasional reference to Satan and Lucy (those who I simply call Surtr and Loki). Runic references would be in there, and as I'm amateurly studying Old English ideally I'd like to write/"sing" a bit of that as well. I'm not really interested in politics as a vocalist, but don't want to be involved with any racist deadshits. They can go and get inbred far away from me.

I've done the guest thing with Thrall and Hordes of the Black Cross simply 'cause they're mates, but am thinking something vaguely like a Grav, Arckanum, Urkaos, Bekëth Nëhexhmü or Watain styled thing, I don't mind even a bit of the old Dissection influence. I'm mentioning these more as bands using my kind of ideology, I'd rather a band that stands on its own for style ultimately, but a bit of worship doesn't hurt.

Yeah, a bit narrow I guess in that department. Apart from the ideological lyrical influence I'm a fairly chilled person good for a beer and a laugh. If anyone's interested reply or PM. Cheers.

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