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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:04 pm 

Recently, in my country Malaysia a controversial film called "Tanda Putera" or in English, "Mark of The Prince," is about to be released. The film tells the story of our former Prime Minister, Tun Razak (his son, Najib Razak is our current Prime Minister) after the 13th May events. The 13th May riots for those who are not into South East Asian history, is the one of the biggest racial riots the region has ever seen. During those riots, the local Malays, clashed with other Asian sub-groups (mainly immigrants from Mainland China and to a certain extent, from the Indian sub-continent and also quite a number from Hong Kong) who migrated there during the colonial era. The event is a dark spot in our history textbooks. (Though my community never faced most of it's racial impacts as I live in East M'sia.) The story becomes borderline propaganda-ish when it also depicted a prominent opposition member (Lim Kit Siang) peeing in the compound of the Chief Minister's office in the state of Selangor while taking part of the riots. The incident of Lim Kit Siang peeing in the compound had no concrete evidence that is actually happened in history.

A huge number of current Opposition supporters are threatening the production company to not release the film as they claim it's a racist depiction of Malaysia's ethnic Chinese who hate the country and the ethnic Malays were depicted as heroic and patriotic people of the land. Currently the production company is putting the movie production into a hiatus.

I wonder if there are any movies out there that seems to be political propaganda-ish like this with huge backlash from viewers like this. As much as how racist the depictions of the various Asian sub-groups portrayed in the movie (I am part Chinese from my Mother's side), I don't mind this movie being released. I just fear the social backlash from immature idiots and with the race based politics being played around in this country, both sides of the coin can be very racist when they want to.

Here's the movie trailer:
"Accidents happen because of kids in the back sets. Kids happen because of accidents in the back seat."

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