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PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:40 am 

Ok, so basically my girlfriend broke up with me and this basically killed me. She's dating some other guy now and they love each other and stuff. She said I never cared for her and that he's more loving to her blah blah blah. Honestly, my heart was broken. My heart was broken because I lost my best friend. But surpisingly enough she messaged me and said she was sorry that this had to happen but it just does. We talked for a while, and she showed then that we still mean a lot to each other. I thought that she was going to leave me and stuff...but it turns out that she still wants to be friends. She said yes we can surely be friends. I said that was the most important thing. I asked her "What's the difference between friends and serious relationships other than sex"...and she was like "well we're not having sex"...and all of a sudden I felt a huge relief and am now happy again.

Because I realize something now. Love doesn't exist in the way that people think it does. Cause, that girl and I, we still love each other. As friends. And the only thing that's different between friendship and serious dating is sex as far as I can see. So basically...I understand now. I never "loved" her by one definition but I always loved her by a different defintion. We still do love each other, so I'm confused as to what other people see when they think of relationships. I see no connection between love and sex. I love all my friends but I don't want to fuck them. I love my mother but I don't want to fuck her. I love this girl of mine, and I DO want to fuck her. So what's the connection between love and sex? There is none. I want to fuck her because she's sexy. Anyone who tells you differently I feel is deluded however I'm open to learn new things and if you can tell me I'm wrong please give it your best shot

Digital Dictator

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2008 4:42 am 

Livejournal is


MorbidBlood wrote:
So the winner is Destruction and Infernal Overkill is the motherfucking skullcrushing poserkilling satan-worshiping 666 FUCK YOU greatest german thrash record.

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