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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri May 02, 2008 1:28 pm
Posts: 8
Location: Belgium
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2013 1:13 pm 

I'm selling these,place a (decent) bid and i will contact you as soon as possible!
All items are in very good to ''as new'' condition!!!!!
Any questions=please ask!

devil:the noble savage / blood is boiling (7'')
devil:magister mundi xum (10'')
bombs of hades:chambers of abominations (lp)


banished from inferno:banished from inferno
bone gnawer:feast of flesh
barren earth:our twilight
barren earth:curse of the red river
blood tsunami:grand feast for vultures
beyond belief:towards the diabolical experiment (first press 1993)
ceremonium:into the autumn shade (first press 1995)
corpus mortale:a new species of deviant
cianide:hell's rebirth
cianide:death, doom and destruction
demiurg:slakthus gamleby
demiurg:breath of the demiurg
demiurg:the hate chamber
denial:catacombs of the grotesque
darkified:a dance on the grave (first press 1995)
dehumanized:prophecies foretold
divine eve:vengeful and obstinate
edge of sanity:crimson
extreme noise terror:phonophobia
exmortem:funeral phantoms
facebreaker:bloodred hell
fungus inc.:rott & roll
funebrarum / interment:conjuration of the sepulchral
god dethroned:passiondale
god dethroned:under the sign of the iron cross
gardens of gehenna:mortem saluta
gardens of gehenna:mechanism masochism
godless rising:battle lords
godless rising:rising hatred
grave:burial ground
grave:dominion viii
grave:as rapture comes
god among insects:zombienomicon
general surgery:left hand pathology
heathen:the evolution of chaos
impaled:the last gasp
impaled:death after life
incapacity:9th order extinct
in solitude:in solitude
immolation:hope&horror (cd+dvd)
immolation:shadows in the light
incantation:onward to golgotha (cd+dvd)
interment:into the crypts of blasphemy
lie in ruins:swallowed by the void
lay down rotten:gospel of the wretched
laaz rockit:left for dead
morbider:when darkness returns
maim:from the womb to the tomb
massive assault:conflict ep
massive assault:dystopian prophecies
meshuggah:contradictions collapse & none
mourning beloveth:the sullen sulcus
monstrosity:spiritual apocalypse
mandatory:adrift beyond
mr.death:detached from life
necrotic flesh:postmortem pleasures
novembers doom:the knowing
opeth:blackwater park
phlebotomized:preach eternal gospels (first press 1992)
paganizer:carnage junkie
paganizer:scandinavian warmachine
paganizer:basic instructions for dying
paganizer:born to be buried alive
ribspreader:rotten rhythms and rancid rants
ribspreader:opus ribcage
runemagick:requiem of the apocalypse
runemagick:darkness death doom
six feet under:bringer of blood (cd+dvd)
six feet under:commandment
spearhead:decrowning the irenarch
sanctification:misanthropic salvation
sinners burn:pre-mortal autopsy
sinners burn:mortuary rendezvous
swallow the sun:hope
swallow the sun:ghosts of loss (cd+dvd)
substance for god:assembly of flowers (first press 1994)
severe torture:sworn vengeance
severe torture:fall of the despised
torture killer:sewers
total devastation:wreck
the drowning:this bleak descent + withered (demo)
the drowning:when the light was taken from us
taedeat:we bring the fourth + quademortis (demo)
torture division:with endless wrath we bring upon thee our infernal torture
to separate the flesh from the bones:utopia sadistica
the county medical examiners:olidous operettas
those who bring the torture:those who bring the torture
those who bring the torture:tank gasmask ammo
tardy brothers:bloodline
the ugly:slaves to the decay
vesania:distractive killusions
vile:stench of the deceased

emere vendere cambire

Joined: Sat Oct 04, 2008 4:50 am
Posts: 7885
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
PostPosted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:10 am 

Hi, are you still trading? you haven't logged in for a while.
collection for sale, contact Ross at Headless Horseman http://headhorsenz.com/index.html

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