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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:22 am 

Ok, this vinyl seems to be the only one I can"t find anywhere at the moment and really want it.
I am aware of the price it went last time on some websites and can pay a good price, just not an insane amount for it like on websites like discogs for example. Contact at paul.fabien@gmail.com

If you have this item, please drop me a line with your price!

What I can offer for it (can combine multiple stuff depending on what though):

C'EST LA GUERRE (Jpn/Fr) Satanic Doom Death Tape
DEMONIC WAR (Spa) Die in the Pentagram Tape
DRUNKEN BASTARD (Ger) LIDL-Masters 2010 Tape
FEURSTURM (Ger) Wenn der Tag sich dem Ende neigt (Division BM -/400) Tape
GRAVE DESECRATION (Per) Triumphant March of War (42/300) Tape
HEXECUTOR (Fr) First HexecutionTape
WEAPON (Can) Drakonian Paradigm (In Coffin Prods) comes without patch Tape
WHIPSTRIKER (Bra) A Porta A Guerra Civil (Heavy Steel Records 131/300) Tape
BONE AWL (US) Bowing Heads (band versions only available NWN 2) white Tape
CREMATION (Can) Black Death Cult (SSP lim. 100) comes in A5 format case and ashes bag Tape
GRAVEYARD (Spa) Into the Mausoleum (Ars Funebris 015/100) without button Tape
LOSS (US) Life without Hope...Death without reason (Weird truth Prods) pro Tape
REPUKED (Swe) Repukalypse Now! (Psycho Records) Tape
SEXTRASH (Bra) Rehearsal 1989 Tape incl. Sarcofago & Bathory covers
WEAPON (Bng) Within the Flesh of the Satanist (band version 058/101) Tape

LUCIFERA (Col) Legiones de Metal (LOD 077/300) EP
NUCLEAR MAGICK (Ger) Mutual Retaliation EP
ZEMIAL (Gre) I am the Dark (Temple of Darkness) Gatefold Black EP
GLORIA DIBOLI S/T (Can) (Painiac) EP offer
KORIHOR (Phi) Warmageddon (003/300 LOD 005) EP
REPULSION (US) Excruciation EP
REVENGE (Can) Superion.Command.Destroy (Warhammer) EP

ASCENSION (Ger) Fire and Faith (WTC) Red MLP
MORTUARY DRAPE (Ita) Secret Sudaria (Iron Tyrant) DLP 17
SHADOWBREED (NL) The Light of the Shadow PicLP
WARMARCH (Can) The Declaration (Dissident Records) LP
CONQUEROR (Can) War Cult Supremacy (Death to Mankind 1st press) LP without poster
FLAMES OF HELL (Ice) Fire and Steel purple LP (Bootleg from the UK)
GEHENNAH (Swe) No fucking Christmas MLP lim. 035/1000
METALUCIFER (Jpn) Heavy Metal Hunter (High Roller Records) White LP with OBI
NUCLEAR DEATH (US) ...For our dead...All creatures great and eaten (From Beyond) 639/666 LP
PROFANATICA (US) Profanatita de Domonatia (HHR) Die Hard 033/111 LP
REVENGE (Can) Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist PicLP 2004
TEITANBLOOD (Spa) Seven Chalices DLP offer

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