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Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:18 am
Posts: 6
PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:40 am 

ASK FOR PRICES: EMAIL: arckanum@katamail.com

Beatrik - Journey Through The End Of Life

Nargaroth - Raskula part II

V/A - Black Metal Endsieg II
V/A - Black Metal Endsieg III
Grave Desecrator - Cult of Warfare and Darkness
Inferno / Apolokia - split
Kadaverficker - Nekrokore Theater
Mindsnare - Broken Promises
Vinterriket / Manifesto - split

1917 - Genesis & Horror
A Gruesome Find - The Fire That Burns In Hell
AA/VV – All for Nothing compilation (with Machescazo, Disforia, Cruel Face of Life, CxOxSx)
AA/VV - Deathknell
AA/VV - Metal Ostentation II
AA/VV - Nocturnal Symphonies Vol. 3
AA/VV - Southern Warriors Cult Vol. 1
AA/VV - Tributum Morti Compilation
Abigail - Ultimate Unholy Death
Abruptum - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectére Me
Aisling - Trath Na Gaoth
Aivarim - Ardore Mortal Passion
Alocer - By Triumph Of The Eternal Conquest
Ancient - Det Glemte Riket
Andark - Regnant Aura
Angmar - The Razorblade Redemption
Anubi - God's Pantheon
Art Inferno - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
Belphegor - Necrodaemon Terrorsathan
Bilskirnir - Ahnenerbe
Bilskirnir - Furor Teutonicus
Bilskirnir - In Flames of Purification
Bilskirnir/Finsterwald - Totenheer/Rammbock
Blasphemophagher/Bestial Raids - split CD 2x
Blodulv - Blodulv
Calvary - Across The River Of Life
Corpse Grinder - Persistence
Craft - Terror Propaganda
Cryptic Winds - Storms Of The Black Millenium
Daemonlord - Of War and Hate x2
Dark Funeral - The Secrets of the Black Past
Deathspawn Destroyer - The First Bestial Butchery
Decay - Mutilating...Gutting
Detrimentum - A Monument To The Suffering
Devastator - Infernal Devastation 3x
Entirety - In Caelo Omnia Acciderunt
Entirety - The Moth Of Hate
Ewiges Reich - Zeit des Erwachens
Ferro Ignique - World Wide War
Flame - Into The Age Of Fire
Flame/Ghastly - A Morbid Split
Forestdome - Mourningrim
Frostkrieg - Majestätik Eines Kalten Elementes
Frostmoon Eclipse - Gathering The Dark
Frozen Shadows - Empire De Glaces
Funeral Feast - Genocide Ad Nauseam
Funereal Moon - Beneath the Cursed Light of a Spectral Moon
Funeral Winds - Godslayer Xul
Gospel Of The Horns - A Call To Arms
Graveland - Carpathian Wolves
Graveland - In the Glare of Burning Churches
Graveland - The Celtic Winter
Griffar - Of Witches And Celts
Grimness/Holocausto Canibal – Do the Roght Thing/Libido Dispareunia split CD
Haemoth/Ad Noctem - split
Hellkult - the Collection
Hordes of the Lunar Eclipse - Dancing Demons in the Grey-Lit Glade
Hyling - Last Winter
Impious Havoc - At the ruins of the holy kingdom
Infernal Goat - we like the goat...and the goat like us
Insane Assholes - Stralci di Oblio
Insane Assholes/Grunter Screams - split
Leviathan - Far Beyond The Light
Lucifugum - Instinct Prevelance
Malveillance - Que La Mort Vous Emporte
Maniac Butcher - Barbarians
Masokismi - Häpeällinen Siveysoppi
Merciless Crucifixion – ?IPESIS
Moontower - In the shadow of the wolf
Morbius - Sojourns Through The Septiac
Mord - Morde
Murder Rape - ... And Evil Returns
Murder Rape - Evil Shall Burn Inside Me Forever
My Dying Bride - The Dreadful Hours
Necrofrost - Bloodstorms Voktes Over Hytrungas' Dunkle Necrotroner
Nehëmah - Shadows From the Past...
Nigrescent - Palace of the dark Light
Nihil Nocturne - Necrohell
Nocternity - En Oria / Crucify Him
Northstream - Time of Triumphal Cleanliness
Nortt - Graven
Odelegger - The End of Tides
Operation Winter Mist - Winter Warfare II
Oxidised Razor - ...Carne...Sangre...
Pactum - Summa Imperii Satanae 666
Pagan Winter - Cult Of Flash
Pantheon - Jarl Die Freiheit (A Tribute To Hendrik Möbus)
Realm of Carnivora - Verised Relvad
Sammath - Verwoesting Devastation
Sarcofago - Night In Hell
Satanic Warmaster - Black Katharsis
Shroud - Chamber of Suicide
Stutthof - Towards Thy Astral Path
Supremacy - Satanic Reich
Temple of Baal - Servants Of The Beast
Terror Squad - The Wild Stream of Eternal Sin
Terrorist - Collision
Terrorist - Mata O Muere
The Second Coming - Opus II,Prophecy Of An Inverted Inversion
The True Endless/GOat Horns - split
Throne Of Decadence - As Fullmoon Rise
Thy Winter Kingdom - Opus I - Discipline Of The Elements
Tsjuder - Demonic Possession
Tsjuder - Kill for Satan
Unholy Land - The fall of the chosen star
Unholy Matrimony - Love & Death
Urn - 666 Megatons
Urshurark - Architecture of Perfect Damnation
Vargleide - When Only Ashes and Scorched Earth Are Left Behind 2X
Vargsriket - Satanic Execution Commando Vargsriket DCLXVI
Vargulf - Invading the Throne (of God)
Vomit the Soul - Human Insanity
Vordr - I
Weeping Birth - A Painting of Raven and Rape
Wyrd - Wrath & Revenge
Xasthur - To Violate the Oblivious
Xasthur/Acid Enema - split cd
Zorn - Menschenfeind
Zwartketterij - Sodomizer Dirty Sodomizer

Black Flame - logo on front, text on back, size M
Burzum - Coming soon to a church near you size XL-never used
Dark Funeral - bleed for satan long sleeve size XL
Dark Throne - Soulside Journey - size M
Xasthur – front logo, back"suicide in dark serenity" -size L never used

Blasphemophagher - Atomic Infested Carnage (New)
Blasphemy - Blood Upon The Altar (New)

Aa/vv – bottomless pit (compilation with malvento, tenebrae in perpetuum, imago mortis etc…)
Aa/vv – church of flagellation (doom metal compilation with stabat mater, bunkur, malasangre, the sad sun)
Aa/vv – corrosive hate vol.1 (compilation with the true endless, infernal goat, etc…)
Aa/vv – morbid tunes of the black angels (compilation with absu, mutiilation, archgoat, grand belial’s key, etc…)
Aa/vv – morbid tunes of the black angels vol.2 (compilation with graveland, moonblood, lord belial, etc…)
Aa/vv – morbid tunes of the black angels vol.6 (compilation with moonblood, inkisitor, temple of baal, etc…)
AA/VV - Nubilaria - compilation vol.II
Abigail – blasphemy night
Abigail/korihor – alkoholik metal blasphemers
Adragard - tenebrae factae sunt
Annihilatus – unholy mass destruction
Apolokia – frozen evocation
Ara - arcaica 2x
Armageddon – fullmoon night
Armaggedon - Anti Human Life
Atresia/2 Minuta Dreka - split tape
Beherit – live in finland 1991
Berserk bilharzia – no noise no life. No music good life
Black bleeding – the awakening
Black funeral - journeys into horizons lost x2
Caladbolg – cosmic restorer
Calvary – in solitude
Cannibe - Demo 2004
Carcass – flesh ripping sonic torment
Chainsaw - ...Satan I Obey!
Chainsaw dissection/cannibe – split
Chaosbaphomet – temple of the serpent baphomet
Cultus - A Seat in Valhalla
Damage digital/bastardation – split
Darkness – flag of monotheistic destruction
Dead and forgotten – the tempest
Deviser – the blackest love demo 1996
Diabolic force – prisoner of wickedness
Dimhymn – djavulens tid ar kommen
Disgorge - Necrholocaust
Disharmonic - The gates of death
Dodfodd – demo i & ii
Drunkard – alcoholic thrash attack
Dunkelheim - Skulpas Svarte Troner
Fearbringer - Nera chiesa
Fornace – the man who wanted change the world
Fourth monarchy – solstitium
Funeral Blast - compilation, vol.IV (with nefariumsmodee, gorerotten...)
Glorior belli - ô laudate dominvs
Goatpenis – atomic rituals
Goetia – wolfthorn
Gosforth – god failed
Grimfaug – rex draconis
Handful of hate – goetia summa
Harmony Dies - The beginning
Hiems – the reaper
Hills of the sefiroth - of disease and desperation
Holmgang – i vinterens favn
Hypothermia – suicide fixation
Infernal War - Infernal War
Judas Iscariot - Of Great Eternity
Kult - darkness return 4x
La Bad Taste - ST
Legion - Havoc dominates
Lifeless – promo 2001
Lycanthrope – demo
Malleus - the procreation of sin
Matricide - black mass gathering X2
Midhgardh – promo 2001
Morningstar - Inside the circleof pentagram
Morningstar - Promotape 1994
Motivi x litigare – involuzione
Myrk – promo 2002
Mystical fullmoon – through somber passages
Nachtmystium – Demise X2
Necrolith - Black propaganda
Necromancy – into apocalipsis
Necromancy - Satan Crush Useless God!
Necroplasma/darkness – pure necrodarkness
Nocratai - Chaotic Prayer
Noirceur – demo
Noirceur – demo 1996
Nokturnal mortum – to the gates of blasphemous fire
Norace – demo 2001
Nordum/Orthanc - Vengeance humaine/7 ans de Réflexion
Nubilaria - compilation vol.II
Nunslaughter – devil metal
Okkultum magnificentia – aeon
Old pagan – tecknotschtiklan
Orkus - Promo Tape 1997
Polterkrist – the death cell
Primitivum – aryan spirit
Primitivum – imperium vetustum
Pukelization – putridity
Radiation noise - compilation vol.1 (black metal, with dark stormgmen,...) 2x
Rod sacred - sucker of souls
Sargatanas - demo 1995
Sargatanas - demo 1996
Satanic warmaster – bloody ritual
Searing Skull/Eihwaz - United by the Runes
Skeeltron – black clouds
Stake of god – cumshooting inside…the house of christ
Sterbend besungen - des todes wegen...
The black – Black Blood
The Krushers - Megaloi Theoi 2x
The second coming – opus i
The true endless/malvento – the early days of the armageddon
Throneum - bestial antihuman evil
Thy Darkest Empire - Promo 1998
Tod – black vengeance
Tregenda - st 4x
Tunguska - After a Year of Silence
Ugluk – hveralundr
Vassilium - Halalel
Vinterriket – finsternis
Vrolok - Resurgence
Wolfthorn - Spiritual supremacy
Woods of Infinity - Forintelse & Libido

A Gruesome Find - Ravens of the Full Moon Eclipse 2x
AA/VV - Blut Und Eisen Vol.2 (17 tracks Compilation with Tenebrae In Perpetuum, Malvento, The True Endless etc..)
AA/VV - El Grinding Mafiozos (35 tracks grind compilation)
AA/VV - Maxima Tortura - (18 tracks italian black metal)
AA/VV – Metal Mine (Italian Metal compilation with Abiura, Worstenemy, Infernal Goat, Tipheret, etc..)
AA/VV - NIHIL 'zine compilation I (18 tracks with Aeternus, Disgorge, Handful of Hate etc..)
AA/VV - NIHIL 'zine compilation II (16 tracks with Shining, Abhorrance, Spite Extreme Wing etc..)
AA/VV - The Third Allucination (18 tracks black metal compilation)
AA/VV – Wild Compilation vol.3 (with Golem, Necrotorture, Aneurysm, etc..)
Ad Noctem - Demo
Begrime Exemious - Demo 2006
Black Autumn - Cult Of Nihil
Black Terror - Chaos
Cannibe/Bestial Vomit - split cd
Celticthrone - Requiem
Cernunnos - The Forgotten Age of Heathenism
Charon – Demo
Chimera - Nothing But Illusions
Cold Moon - Introspective Vision Of An Eternal Journey
Coldness/Irae - our putrefacted essence split cd 3x
Cryfemal - Raising Deads... Buring Alives
Deforge - Freedom Release
Disguise - Impetus Mali/Mors Fidei
Dolcinian – Penitenthiagite
Draugr - Spirits of the North
entirety - ...to fuck
Ered - Realms of the Scorn
Excarnation - Excarnation
Execratum - Aditus
Exsecratum/Imago Mortis - Brixheim split cd
Frangar - Demo
Grabnebelfürsten - Dynastie oder wie man Herrschaft definiert
Hateseeder/Mincer – Coma split cd
Havok - Summoning The Realm Of Pain
Hesperia – Aeneidos Metalliapotheosis pt.I
Honor Pugnae – Declaration De Guerre
Imago Mortis - Mors triumphalis
Infernal angels - vigilia secunda
Legion of Darkness – Demo 2003
Misanthropy/burning winds/kerberos - where darkness reigns
Moder - Valley of no Light
Mutilated Soul - Promo
Nada – Demo 2003
Necrotorture - Exploring Ways of Flesh
Nervenotfound – Demo#3
Neuroeraser - (with Abiura, Infernal Goat, Worstenemy etc..)
Nordafrost - Dominus Frigoris
Northern Tod - Tribute To Darkness
Nott – The Fall of the Succumbings (italy)
Onirik - As a walking shadow 4x
Orcrist - Primitive Damnation
Paganfuries - Disembowel The Christians
Paganfuries - Flames Of Desecration
Paganfuries - Nuraghic Beasts
Paganfuries - Redeem The Rottenness
Rectal Collapse – Bodily Harm
Reverence - winds of north
Rigor Mortis – Betrayal
Robed in Exile - The Rape of Purity
Sardonic Impious - Flames In Darkness
Shadeworks - Sooty Limbs
Sleeping Village - Mourning Persists
Snowthorn – Catatonic Trances
Soman - N-Stoff
Stake Of God - And You....Still Shall Suck
Sub Noctem - The Dark Beyond the Endless
Svafnir - Let The Ravens Come
The Tombers - Until You Are Dead
The True Endless - Nocturne
The Worst - Terrore Livello I
Tod/Gorath - split cd
Tragoidia - Circlespell
Tunrida - Era 2001 3x
Utopia/Mental Frost - Natural Burella split cd
Vagitarians - Demo
Valak – From The Gloomy Sky
Valpurga – War at Last
Warmonger - Marching On The Warpath
Winterpath - The Wolf Philosophy
Wolfheart – Promo 2003

Mallcore Kid

Joined: Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:18 am
Posts: 6
PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:33 pm 


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